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  • Address: 924 E Avenue J, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 972-595-5000

  • Fax Number: 405-475-2555

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 50,000

  • Established: 1961

  • Founder: Angus G. Wynne

  • Key People: Jim Reid-Anderson; (Chairman, president, & CEO)

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About Six Flags, History and Headquarters Information


Six Flags was founded in the year 1961. The company has been operational for almost 57 years now. The founder of the company was Angus G Wynne. The Six Flags Theme Parks originated in the year 1957 after the founder of the company created The Great Southwest Corporation. The construction of the theme park started in the year 1960 and was opened the following year, but only for a short period of 45 days. The theme park was initially sold to the subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad, in the year 1966. Later on, the New York Central Railroad had amalgamated with the Railroad, and therefore the new company helped in expanding the amusement park with two new parks as well. These two parks were located one over Georgia, USA, and the other one over middle America.

As time grew by, the company started taking over independent parks and thus expanded its own presence as well. Then in the year 1998, the company was acquired by Premier Parks, for about $1.86 billion. In the year 2000, Premier Parks had assumed the Six Flags Theme Parks Incorporated name and continued using the name in most of its own parks as well. Then in the year 2001, the company had taken over SeaWorld Ohio. But due to the company’s growing debts, the company started to close and also sell its properties, in a way to help the company repay back its loans, as of the year 2004. The sales of various properties had amounted to almost $345 million, which the company then used to repay back the loans. In the year 2005, due to Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags New Orleans was very much damaged. In the year 2009, the company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. A year later, in the year 2010, the company had emerged itself again from bankruptcy. During the next few years, the company started to collaborate with other companies as well, in order to expand its presence and for the construction of new projects as well. In the year 2017, the company had taken over Waterworld California. The headquarters of the company is based in 924 Avenue J East. The name of the place is Grand Prairie, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code of the area is 75050.


Six Flags is an American company that focuses on the designing and development of various types of regional theme parks, all around the USA and other countries as well. The current CEO, president and chairman of the company is Jim Reid Anderson. The total sales revenue generated by the company, as of the year 2017, is more than $1.3 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company full-time is 1,900, while seasonal workers are around 27,000. In the year 217, the company had hosted 30.4 million guests.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy and experience theme parks and amusement parks, designed and developed by the company itself. The company has about 25 properties in North America, which includes water parks, theme parks, amusement parks and family entertainment centres.

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  • Helper says:

    I read through these stories of Guests and poor communication by Six Flags Supervisors. I will tell you I have witnessed Team-Members (including low level Supervisors(Area Supers)) experience the same lack of communication from upper “Management/Supervisors”.
    For those in need… Perhaps going directly to the Park’s Owners will help. :/ Good Luck to all. Stay safe.
    Six Flags was purchase in 1998 by: Premier Parks
    Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City, OK United States
    Email: contactus@premierparks.com

  • Nicole says:

    My son’s roller coaster stopped working trapping him and others at the top in the hot sun- getting no answers I call the park number to get assistance and frantically explain the situation and get hung up on! Jackson, NJ Aug 13

  • Eliezer says:

    I been calling for 2 week straight numerous time a day left mess and they don’t return ur call I’m going too get a lawyer

  • Chris says:

    This is BS. This company is taking advantage of people for money. I have been trying to cancel my account for 6 months. I went as far as changing my bank card and there still taking money out. They need to be held accountable for this and a law suit from everyone should take place. Contact me to get it going 2096376029

  • Project Help says:

    Does anyone know how to get a list of all the park locations and operating hours? The website only offers the calendar option for a couple of months. Very difficult to get a hold of a live person.

  • Lindsey Mcgee says:

    I am trying to speak with someone regarding a cancelation purchase….from phone numbers 773 440 5526 Loren Ford My contact number is 312 200 9211….can someone Please call Me ?

  • Kaitlynn Ropp says:

    Why can you never talk to a live person and then you go to the park and they tell you to call a number or go online and no one ever talks to you super irritating!!!!

  • Unhappy customer! says:

    Cannot reach corporate or any person on any phone number listed online!!!!

    • Shelby cappel says:

      Can’t reach anybody and memebership is BS, u pay and don’t get any other benefits unless u pay more for what U already paid for. Very unhappy and will not do another nor go back and customer service well I can reach Biden faster then your customer service

    • Lindsey Mcgee says:

      My name is Loren Ford..I made a purchase online in error …I tried to cancel the purchase on line but couldn’t….I then contacted my bank and explained….Chase Said that they would cancel my card and credit the money spent and resend me a card…..Six Flags In Gurney Illinois says that I made A Fraudulent claim therefore there not refunding me….What’s Going on with that….seems like they just Took My Money …Even after The Fraudulent Part was closed…can some one please verify the purchase under 773 440 5526…And Contact me at 312 200 9211.

  • Marissa Serve says:

    On a post that read saying that six flags wants more affluent customers, and going to raise prices to eliminate teens from going as much is discriminatory and disgusting. Teenagers should be able to have fun at a theme park. Hope you lose all your customers.

  • Shirley Wade says:

    I had major issues at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California and would like to speak with someone. There was not a supervisor at the park (or so I was told) that I could speak with. It was the most horrible experience for me and my grandchildren from Louisiana. Only half of the kiddie rides were operating d/t “staffing shortage”, but there were people there standing around conversing and on their cell phones. We should have been advised of this as I had choices of other parks to visit. Waited in line over 30 minutes (dippin dots – big sign on display pointing you to the stand) for items only to be told when you get to the counter that they don’t have it and to go to the other side of the park. Get there and at most concessions only one worker doing everything. The wait for the rides were atrocious as well.

  • Kelly Rando says:

    I bought passes but 2, get 1 free and never received my free pass! I need someone to contact me immediately; before we visit darien lake six flags.

  • Shawndalyn Lee says:

    Wow just reading all the messages and it’s really sad and so unprofessional that we as customers spend all this money and we can’t even get a representative on the phone mind you six flags is closed in Georgia from January to April and they still take payment like why when we not able to go because they closed smh ?????

  • Michael Patrick Marley says:

    trying to get in touch with accounts payable for Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

  • Kris says:

    I would love to know how to speak to someone regarding tickets the automatic system doesn’t work and dis connect. Love to take my family but not of nobody can pick up a phone and answer a question

  • Barbara Ramirez says:

    It is very difficult to get a supervisor to assist with an issue. The six flags over Texas customer representative team does not respond in a timely manner and are not customer friendly. I have an issue that I would like assistance with.

  • Diana Mayfield says:

    Six Flags over Texas is absolutely not what it used to be for family entertainment. Bring back more family rides and less thrill rides that are focused only a small portion of people. Also go back to being open 10am to 10pm every day. I worked there in the 60s and 70s for three years and loved it but the park is not what it once was. If changes are not made it isn’t going to be there very much longer. Thank you for bringing back the new cave ride one of the best rides there.

  • Victor vigil says:

    Can you help me I was banned for some one thinking I was doing something inappropriate at the water park all I was doing was pulling up my swimming trunks thank you

  • Richard Couder says:

    Good evening

    My name is Richard Couder. Who can I complain about the worst experience I had today at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

    I very upset that I spend over $240 to take my family with my disable daughter to see that her favorite rides and show were not open or cancel. I feel that we were ripoff of our hard earn money and deserve a full refund for the tickets, parking and locker fee

    How can a large amusement park charge the public the rates you charge and some of your major attractions are close. Some of your employees told me that during the week your park shuts down certain rides due to it is slow or lack of help.
    I told them that closing attractions is not the way to attract clients. Service should be your first priority and build your business on that. If you are closing attractions you should inform the community these attractions are not open and reduce the price. This will allow the community know what they are paying for.

    In my 40 plus years of customer service we were taught the customer is right and we would ask the customer how can we make it right not what your park offered. The park offered another day and the tickets are valid for a year. I informed them I travel over 560 miles from El Paso to San Antonio to go to this park. I also told the supervisor that it is usually every five years the family goes to a theme park. I ask for the corporate number.

    Your corporate office did the same no refund and tickets that expire in a year. I told them you are ripping off the public because you do not inform them of close attractions and charging regular prices. This is not right . I wish your officers of your company knows what is going on.

    I hope that someone from your company would call me at (915) 443-3703 or email me at rcoudersr@yahoo.com to resolve my concerns.

  • Terence says:

    This is horrible can get a live person to discuss problems in park this is ridiculous

  • Jon Roland says:

    Still waiting on a call about vip and concierge service available at your park this is been going on for a week I won’t even tell you how many messages I left because you’ll never believe me if anyone works at this park will someone please contact me 512-850-8780 been asking for a phone call for over a week have made phone calls but we know y’all hide your phone number and no one answers please call me of course at your convenience it doesn’t have anything to do about the customer anymore we understand that

  • Helena pfeifer says:

    My dinning pass has been canceled and I payed for it back on December 4 for two deluxe dining‘s one for my child MaryAnna pfeifer and one for me helena pfeifer and they only canceled mine but not my child’s so I would like to know why and also I’m a type one diabetic so unless you guys want a lawsuit because I can’t eat while I’m out in the sun all day and please get back to me

  • Jennifer says:

    I wanted to let you know that you should bring back the option to buy a membership mine was deactivated during Covid and can not be reactivated…..I feel you being such a big cooperation that you would be able to reactivate it so I can use it

  • Torrilynn Walton says:

    This is the response I received when chatting with a supervisor about a previous conversation regarding….Your Six Flags Membership cancellation request has been received. Your membership passes will be deactivated on the requested cancellation date. You will receive a final confirmation message when your account is officially cancelled

  • joanna g says:

    try to get a supervisor from six flags corporate to contact me regarding an issue i’ve been trying to get resolved

  • >