Where is Sirius XM Corporate office Headquarters

Sirius XM Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor, New York, NY 10020, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 212-584-5200

  • Email: press@siriusxm.com

  • Number of Employees: 2323

  • Established: May 17, 1990

  • Founder: Martine Rothblatt, David Margolese & Robert Briskman

  • Key People: James E. Meyer

Sirius XM Headquarters Location & Directions

Sirius XM Headquarters Executive Team



James E. Meyer

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Scott A. Greenstein

President and Chief Content Officer

David J. Frear

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

James Arthur Cady

Executive Vice President of Operations, Products and Connected Vehicle

Dara F. Altman

Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President

Thomas D. Barry

Principal Accounting Officer, Senior Vice President and Controller

Sam Benrubi

Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales

Patrick L. Donnelly

Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Ruth A. Ziegler

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

About Sirius XM, History and Headquarters Information

Based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, Sirius XM was formed in 2008, after the merger between two satellite radio providers, Sirius and XM. By 2010, Sirius XM was spread all over the USA in all 50 states.

 Sirius XM is an American company that broadcasts various channels of audio from its satellites. The services in the United States can be accessed by paying a monthly subscription fee. Sirius offers commercial-free music in mostly all the genres. In addition to these, it also offers streams of premier sports and live events; news and comedy; exclusive talk and entertainment; and a wide variety of Latin commercial-free music, sports, and talk programming. Sirius XM is popular as the world’s largest audio entertainment company. After purchasing Pandora Radio, the largest streaming music provider in the U.S., SiriusXM is serving over 100 million people with its products and services. SiriusXM is accessible in most of the vehicles in the U.S., smartphones and other devices, plus online at siriusxm.com. There is an option where subscribers can customize SiriusXM’s commercial-free music channels using MySXM application and enjoy thousands of hours of programming on demand using SiriusXM on Demand.

Sirius XM Headquarters Photos

  • JAMES J FOSTER says:

    I called customer support and asked for an email address so I could send a complaint in writing. After checking with her “back office,” the representative refused to give an email address. I then asked for a postal address. After similar checking, the representative also refused to give a postal address.

    She said I could start a chat to send a complaint in writing. I told her I had tried that, but the bot started hallucinating, simply making up ostensibly factual information, which, sadly, is what AI currently sometimes does.

    Of course, I can locate, through my own resources, an address for the corporate headquarters. But I am appalled at the company’s indifference.

  • Paul Edwin Kelly says:

    Your China, India employees treat us AMERICANS like sh_t !!!!
    No one can let Corporate know, we the CUSTOMERS ARE IN AMERICA!!!!! I’ve never been treated so in humainly as a CUSTOMER which WE the customers pay your salaries!

  • SO says:

    Bad customer service I wouldn’t recommend anyone too SXM..None of ur operators speak proper English and are rude..There is no number too call to express my concerns.SXM owes me money and won’t give me a refund like they stated several times in several calls..Poor customer service.Hire American people who can do the job properly!!!!!

  • DB says:

    Why is there no way to contact your stations directly except through social media? I hate social media. I’m trying to get the name of a song I heard, but your server will not allow any audio files though. It’s ridiculous.

  • Kim says:

    Received an email to order a Vehicle kit. Its states order by 12/21 midnight EST and chose next day air to receive by 12/23. I ordered as a Christmas gift on 12/20. 12/22 I still had not received a tracking number for the order. Called 4 times on 12/22, each time I was flat out lied to and told it shipped but no one could seem to give me a tracking number. They went so far as to tell me I had to call UPS to get the tracking number! At 6:06 pm I received an email telling me my item wouldn’t ship until 1/22/23. I called to cancel the order since it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, AGAIN I was told it had shipped so I demanded a tracking number or a refund. The worker in the Philippines kept saying it shipped, lies, lies and more lies, still couldn’t give me a tracking number but said it has shipped. I demanded a refund, come to find out this dumb worker in the Philippines just cancelled the order (no problem) but didn’t refund the money(huge problem). I have been a customer for at least 15 years and will never activate another service with them. No Christmas gift and no refund. Sirius needs to hire workers that understand english and have at least a high school education, they aren’t saving any money when these people are causing them to lose good customers! Thanks for screwing up my kids Christmas and for consistently lying to your customers!

  • DW says:

    I am part of a petition team to try to get an exclusive Journey channel featuring the solo work of Steve Perry. We have sent numerous letters to the corporate officers. I am looking for the phone number to get in touch with the administrative assistants and I can not find a single thing. Just a general 212-584-5100 and you can leave a message. LOL! Who is going to pick up the messages and distribute them??? NO ONE!

  • Glenn Forde says:

    I was contacted after I bought a 2020 vehicle and offered a $5 per month subscription for 2 years. After giving them my credit card information they never activated the plan. Talking to costumer service personnel is like speaking a different language. They are indifferent and don’t care, SIRRUS XM HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM OF NOT ADDRESSING ITS CUSTOMERS CONCERNS. JUST A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL THIS COMPANY FINALLY FOLDS. REMEMBER THIS, HAPPY CUSTOMERS BRING BUSINESS TO YOUR BUSINESS

  • Rocco says:


  • Dr Hansford says:

    Please reinstate Jim Ladd to 5 days a week on Deep Tracks.
    Thank you.
    Dr. Hansford

  • Dr. Janet Hansford says:

    Please give Jim Ladd on Deep Tracks back his regular times;
    m-f 2:00 to 6:00pm.
    He has hundreds of listeners that are broken hearted because your business has cut his hours.
    Please listen to us. I am an account holder:
    Thank you in advance.
    Dr. Janet Hizar Hansford

  • SS says:

    Dont understand how this got 2 stars. For my time with tech support I would go negative 2 stars. I guess if you are the only satellite radio company you can be just as bad as you want to be and still charge large amounts of money for a subscription.What a joke of a company!

  • Chris Walker Sr says:

    I just finished a horrible experience with the Northern India service center. I had to wait over an hour to cancel my free subscription to your ‘service’. This has led me to the conclusion that you are not a company I want to deal with. Karan Asortra was the agent.

  • Richard Winiker says:

    Easier to get ahold of the President than to get through to someone at Sirius. No phone number anywhere on their sight

  • Ralph F says:

    I agree with all of the negative comments that have been made. Your attitude toward customer service is the worst, and has been for years. You think because you have a viable service you can treat customers with disdain. I just canceled my service and I hope others due as well to send you a message you don’t seem to want to hear!

  • Kevin thomas says:

    I told ya month ago to cancel my subscription instead u didn’t and try to charge my account when I dont have money in it so I want it cancel now my phone number 7577594353my name kevin thoas why ya been charging ke 28 dollor a month when its surpose to been 100 every six month so ya owe me back money to my account for months period

  • Larry James Smith says:

    Just cancelled my service first because you are not able to speak to a US representatives when you call for customer service, the off shore representative DO NOT SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, second your pricing has gotten too expensive and third your customer service is HORRIBLE.




    Please take her off the air, her voice from smoking is terrible, She DOES NOT have that broadcasting voice. It is gross and disgusting to hear..I can not listen to the 80’s because she is on too much. Perhaps the midnight to 4 am shift.

    PS, all my business associates echo my thoughts and will not listen to the 80’s channel.

  • Pete S says:

    Well, judging from the comments below I’m not the only person that thinks the customer service at XM is terrible. It’s such a shame because the satellite radio product is great. I’ve been a customer on and off for over 10 years and whenever my account comes up for renewal or I get a new vehicle it’s a disaster and I swear I’ll never go back. This time was no different. They even sent a survey that I completed documenting the issues and never heard a peep! Oh well, good luck and if you ever decide to change your business model and move the customer service back to the US, you might keep your customers!!!

  • lolita butterfield says:

    stop taking channel 146off air with recording go listen on pc or cell i want my radio left alone. call me this a.m. 2 times this week i pay for my radio. call me 573 336 5611 a month ago i talked to a very nicelady she said this should not happen and she would fix it well that only worked for a few weeks 3or so.. iwant to ltalk to a live person i’m not a robot and i don’t want to talk to one.

  • Gary L. says:

    I have never been able to speak to some one in the United States, and the foreigners I have spoken with, are polite, but if you get off script with them, they are lost! Then, after I requested to be deleted from their database, they charged my account for activation fees, and I don’t even have an account!! The last “agent” I spoke with, was supposed to transfer me to a “Manager”, but instead sent me to some lady’s private number!!! I will NEVER deal with Sirius again!

  • John C says:

    Terrible customer service…….It seems Corporate is oblivious……….Contacting the FCC, may Corporate will wake up. The FCC was a great help when it came to Comcast.

  • Carole Kurilla says:

    Worst customer service ever.
    All calls get outsourced to the Philippines and no one understands English, they will not transfer calls to a supervisor at any time. They don’t know who their CEO is. HORRIFIC

  • RoseAnne says:

    Worst customer service, in this time of pandemic not understanding of need to cancel and then was trying to change me 14.91 for what don’t know…and then try to sell me a lower price, your a big rip off….


    These are hard times for everyone in the world, and I must agree, the customer service is terrible and just made my day feel worse. I have been on the phone trying to speak with a supervisor or just the right person who knows what they are doing for over an hour. have spoken to two people who both made incorrect transactions on my account. I am considering discontinue my services.

  • DB says:

    Horrible customer service. And the employee did not give me truthful information when I asked to speak with SRVP customer relations. I cancelled the service.

  • Jerry Rounds says:

    This company has the worst customer service on the planet.

  • Todd Martin says:

    Can’t deal with an issue on the phone in less than an hour. Who has that time especially when they made the mistake that caused my problem. I at one time had 6 radios, I was down to 3 but due to a mistake on their end I am down to 2 and am considering making it 0 because customer service is the worst. Phone call was 43 minutes and i was on hold for 19 of them.

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