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SimpliSafe Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 294 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 617-336-0100

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 000

  • Established: 2006

  • Founder: Chad Laurans & Eleanor Laurans

  • Key People: Will Deines, Ian Drummond

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SimpliSafe Headquarters Executive Team



Chad Laurans

CEO & Founder

Eleanor Laurans


Ian Drummond

Chief Financial Officer

Will Deines

Vice President of Operations

Melina Engel

Vice President of Marketing

About SimpliSafe, History and Headquarters Information

Home safety is of vital importance so that a family can rest in peace every day. To help you with this task is the company Simplisafe. This is a company that specializes in the manufacture of security systems that can be installed quickly and easily by anyone.

This company was founded in 2006 by Chad Laurans and Eleanor Laurans in Boston, Massachusetts. Its main objective is to guarantee its clients’ security at all times, so they do not have to worry about these situations ever again. The special feature of Simplisafe is that it sells self-installable security systems, that is to say, you do not need help from professionals.

The security system of this company is very simple, since it detects if someone breaks into your home automatically and informs a monitoring center that automatically calls the authorities. The speed of Simplisafe security systems is the main reason for its popularity.

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  • HJB says:

    I have had unwanted visitors for 2 years. I bought a simpli safe system. I activate it when I leave my home. Every time I return, I see foot prints and my things are messed with or taken! How do they get past the system? Also, when I turn my television on it says not connected. If I’m home for a few days I never lose connection .
    People have told me that the intruders are using a jammer that turns off my WiFi. Is that possible? Why hasn’t Simpli Safe designed a way to stop that! I wasted my money! The objective was to stop or catch the intruders!

  • William Baker says:

    After receiving a return authorization for one of your products why must I call to begin the refund process? why must I be on hold 23 minutes while the refund process is executed? This process is ridiculous and it must be assumed your mission is to keep any refunds not followed through then outwait the customer that attempts to follow the process.

  • See you in court says:

    Fraudulent company. Have replaced every item three or more times. My cameras keep getting hacked as they will turn on and record when I see they are on. I check the app and there not connected to my system anymore. There customer service is just like Comcast. Thrid world people ths don’t listen, don’t speak English and argue with you. Will be filing a lawsuit against Simplisafe.

  • Laureen Worsham says:

    I have had simply safe installed in my home since 2018. In November my husband passed away, I am trying to put the system in my name, I do not know his password, only have his e-mail I am due to pay for my monthly service but cannot get it changed into my name. One of your service reps suggested I write to you to see if this can be be resolved. I am alone now in a house with simply safe but can’t use any of my cameras.

  • Nolan Seidel says:

    The shittiest company I have ever dealt with..

  • Dustin says:

    We have not had simplisafe services for over five years now… I just spoke to an agent who was able to verify that for me. We have been billed approximately $1500 unintentionally by simplisafe. The agent I spoke to was only able to offer a $75 credit and refused to escalate my call to her supervisor. I would appreciate a call from someone who has the authority to speak on and help resolve our issue as soon as possible please.

  • Kamilah says:

    My solar panel isn’t charging my camera battery. I called tech support and was told to contact on tech support, and that there was nothing they could do about it. I’ve been looking for ways to get in contact with someone at the corporate office but there’s nothing listed online except for the physical address, and a phone number that puts you in the same queue as the 1-800 number. I’m very disappointed with my system and the customer service.

  • Larry Worthy says:

    Been trying to talk to some about my account. Been a client since 2015. I ll I get is the run around. I ve spent hours trying to get my issue resolve. Different answer every time . This is one step closer to a scam. Started my service in 2015 told my monthly bill would $25.00 but I found out , since I don’t have camera the bill should have been $17.90. I ve paid for service I ve never had. Only monitor service only . I’ve tried to just ask for a little assistance and get the run around . Most customer service can barely speak English much resolve a simple issue. I was not to be charged the correct $17.90 till October I charged in my credit card $29.95 on Aug 11 and told I would get a refund on my card . 1 person I talk to says it s set up the next person I don t see anything I ve spent hours getting incompetent service reps I only want very little Can t call corporate. ! Number not valid I am extremely upset the ( near scam ) customer service


    I resigned from a remote sales position today In which I was only nesting. I left feeling disrespected and quite frankly set up for failure by management and training staff. There is blatant and obvious tweaking of the computer system going on that will assure those who are not liked or took a little longer to learn the system, fail. The system training is to say the least inadequate. The only people that are not struggling have worked there before or worked the said system before. There are other new hires at this moment who have voiced their suspicion about “being messed with”. For me it’s not a suspicion. It’s a fact. I heard it with my own ears and saw it with my own eyes. Some of which was from a manager that did not know she was not on Mic. Your training supervisor Vanesa Roach is immature and an inadequate trainer. She may know her sales job well, but there’s much more to being a positive asset to a company when training and on-boarding. I don’t want anything from you nor do I need anything from you. I have money in the bank. I wanted a job that’s all. I like to help people, simple as that. What you do with this information that’s on you. I would be careful though because one of these times someone might file a discrimination claim with the
    EEOC and they will be justified. It’s all happening right now if you read this soon after I send it. But if you do speak to Vanesa be sure to let her know she should have learned not to judge a book by its cover in grade school. She might cost you a lot of money with her lack of and inclusion diversity knowledge. They should all be ashamed of themselves. If you’re too pretty or you’re not smart enough or both you don’t have a chance with those people. She had me pegged so wrong it is pathetic. She has no clue. I could go on and on about how she lacks the most important principles of a training supervisor. Let’s not forget the behind the scenes system tweaking that’s going on. I think that might be illegal quite frankly disgusting!

    • David Hernandez says:

      I totally agree.
      Of 5 call about what I purchased 4 were to buy something I needed, the 5th was an extendor which advides that there service was 55.00 a month. And the app killed the software in my phone.
      Bought a new router with 2.4g Cameras needed that.
      Second order incomplete, once complete 4 hours late. Their app doesn’t have their tower not listed, no wifi, . The reps need training bad.

  • Tim Conde says:

    Had a system since 2015. Out of 5 stars, maybe I’d give them 3 stars. So, we are doing some home renovations and I wanted new everything so I called in and ordered at a 50% discount. Very nice. Then I read that Simpli no longer sells CO detectors. Everybody else has them as part of the smoke detector but not Simpli. I still see them advertised on Simpli but when I ask about them, I am told they were abruptly pulled from shelves and are permanently out of stock. Just like that. Now I have no facts, but that is something you do when your product does not work and you need to immediately limit your legal exposure. You just want to get rid of whatever it is ASAP. Again, no facts at all, but you don’t suddenly stop selling a good product unless there is a serious problem and/or you are scared.

  • Ripped off customer says:

    Returned this rediculous non working g system to simplysafe ! I have not received my $40@.00 refund yet and the unit was sent back ! This company is criminal and customer sett fry vice is a lie they just do not help you in anyway I have sheriff charges for false calls I never knew happened I’m in debt and this company will not refund my hard earned money I want to sue them blind

  • Ripped off customer says:

    Don’t buy it is a rip off

  • Erik says:

    I cannot begin to express the disappointment I have had with this company. I am actually glad that I have NOT installed my system. This all started last week when I went to Best Buy and purchased about $900 worth of their equipment, for a new home my wife and I purchased in Orlando. And believe it or not, I was still short. I needed 3 more cameras and about a dozen more sensors, as I practically bought what little Best Buy had. That same day, driving down from Orlando, back to Miami where we still live, I called customer service and placed an order for the 3 cameras and the rest of the sensors. Which came out to another $500+. About an hour after speaking with them, I received an email stating that the there was an issue with the order, it was being canceled and I had to contact customer support. So I called and was told that the order was rejected by my bank and that I would be receiving a refund. I placed the Simplisafe representative on speaker with the customer service representative from Chase because I wanted an explanation from my bank. Chase told us that the order was NOT rejected by them whilst the representative from Simplisafe kept insisting that the order was rejected by Chase on their end. So here I am caught in the middle of two companies basically pointing fingers at one another and I have $500+ in the balance. I decided to tell them since it was a Friday night, I would wait the business day and follow up with both.
    Enter today, Monday. I call Simplisafe in the afternoon and explain everything I just wrote above, to the rep. She ‘looked into it’ and came back stating that I was to receive a refund, and it would be credited to my account in 5-10 business days. 5-10?!?! That’s practically 1-2 weeks?!?! And then they wanted me to place the order again with a different card. What for?? So I can be out ANOTHER $500+, totaling over $1K out of pocket while I wait a week or two to be refunded?? No. And when I insisted that they just NOT send me the refund and just send me the equipment, that apparently was not an option. When I asked what they could do (I mean this IS customer service) the rep stated there was nothing she could do and apologized. I know it’s not her problem or fault, but there was zero effort in trying to find a solution or a common ground. I wasn’t even given the option of being transferred to a supervisor or anything. Then I said I was going to return everything I bought, to Best Buy and I was just going to go search for another company and her only was response was, “Ok, sir.”

    Again, zero effort. And again, honestly if Simplisafe doesn’t care about losing clients, I’m starting to believe and ask myself, “why would they even care about my home”? I’m just another source of income for them. And so that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking my business elsewhere and I had better get my money back because if not that will just open another can of worms.

    Thanks for nothing Simplisafe

  • Michael Factor says:

    The worst company I ever dealt with, I am trying to get my safe word from them and I’ve been told they can’t give it to me because they don’t know who they are talking to, even though they have my phone number on file, I supplied them with the seral number on my base station. I was sent a code on my cell phone. I even have sent them a letter by snail mail and have not received a response. I will now speak to my American Express Card.

  • JAY says:


  • michelle d males says:

    i recently purchased a simplisafe system thru an aarp offer. when my system came one of the inner boxes stated that it contained the SECOND door entry pad. there was not a FIRST entry door pad. I also thought i had received an email with a random number i had to remember.
    fyi…for the last 3-4 months we have had/are having significant medical issues in our family which is why i have not been able to do things on a timely basis. then my computer crashed.
    i subsequently called your customer service for 4 issues:
    -to ask about the number i thought i had to remember which was now gone due to computer crashing
    (there is none!)
    -to advise/question the door entry pad issue
    -to get a certificate for my insurance company (sent almost immediately)
    -to place an order
    the customer service women i spoke to, while nice, was completely clueless regarding what i felt she should be knowledgeable about. she put me on hold several times, including 5 ->10 minutes twice; after the first extended hold she finally came back on the line to ask me to continue holding, again for 5 ->10 minutes.
    regarding the entry pad, she finally stated that the box was mislabeled but would sell me one with a 30% discount since my system was less than 60 days old. i said no thank you.
    i was going to place an order for a video doorbell, 3 window sensors, a panic button and a key fob; because of the poor service i received, i did/will not be ordering anything.
    i sincerely hope my call was the exception and not the rule.
    additionally, two things:
    -the bottom part of one door sensor fell off already
    -unfortunately, i did not save the email i received from aarp, but it appeared that your company was
    making a more economical offer to aarp members shortly after the offer i responded to.
    michelle d males

  • Cale McLouth says:

    SimpliSafe fraudulently charged me for two accounts for 2 years on a credit card that was automatically paid. I did not catch the issue until yesterday and now I am told SimpliSafe policy is “Sorry, our system can’t reimburse you. Is there anything else I can help with?” After talking on the phone for an hour and a half with four people I also discovered SimpliSafe likely was not even monitoring my system. They had no detection of any alarms going off, although the alarm was triggered on multiple occasions. Thankfully, it was not a burglar in each instance.

    I have been a SimpliSafe customer for over 7 years. Seems as though the company has grown to a point where money is more important than doing business the right way. Time to find a new security company and I suggest anyone reading this do the same.

  • Ed Kelleher says:

    Today, after having tried to reach Customer Service for over 2 WEEKS (daily calls and waiting 10+ minutes on hold each time) I was finally able to get through. I have Simplisafe at 2 properties and am thinking that it might not have been the right choice!


    You cannot reach service. It could cause me to return the system.

  • Anthony says:

    Service is horrendous

  • Brett says:

    June 8, 2021

    Douglas Woodard
    Chief Customer Experience Officer
    294 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02108

    Dear Mr. Woodard:

    I am writing this letter because of the wonderful and patient help I just received you’re your employee, Althea. My problem stemmed from having two SimpliSafe systems at two different locations. Of course, since I am in the technology world, I didn’t need any help.

    After screwing things up I dialed your support line. My expectations were low based no my experience from so many other manufacturers.

    Althea is remarkable. She remained calm and focused on getting things back to where they should have been had I not tried to do it my way.

    Althea will help your company grow and your customers love your products. There are not that many people like her in the world.

    Thank her again for me. Keep doing what you guys are doing. But you need to expect that more people will want to install multiple systems: home, office, and more.

    Sincerely yours,


  • Mike H. says:

    I purchased a complete system and was referred to Hellotech to install it for me and after many days of back and forth they could not find anyone to install it. So I have to go to BestBuy Geek Squad and it will cost me at least $30 more to have it installed. I would like corporate hq to let them know it reflects badly on Simpli safe for them not following thru.

  • Leo says:

    Bought a new system on Tuesday and paid for next day delivery. Today is Thursday and when I called they said I was in “fulfillment” and I should see my system by Saturday. I asked for a reimbursement for my $68 next day delivery and they said they couldn’t do it but would consider a free months monitoring. Not a good start to a partnership, especially for a security company. I’m going to cancel and order with ADT Blue.

  • April Pugh says:

    I have been without my security system for 1 month and 2 days!!! I have called your technical service number numerous times and on hold for hours! When I do finally talk to someone they always promise that my issue will be resolved! I was told that because of the holidays the order is backlogged. Maybe you need to hire more people. The holidays should not be your excuse for poor service! A security company should have 24/7 service! All I want at this point is my replacement system! I was told that it would be sent overnight, that didn’t happen! Still waiting and currently on hold for 1 hour as I type this comment! You all have got to do better!

    • angie says:

      Was/have your issues been addressed? I am also having a terrible issue with their customer service and having someone call me back as they have money that belongs to me and will not send me my refund. Been trying to have someone contact me since FEBRUARY.

  • Doug says:

    Very very poor customer service. They do not return phone calls or when asked to have a manage call, it is ignored. Would you trust someone like this to protect you home. They just want the money!!!

  • No name says:

    The Simplisafe warehouse you have in Braintree Ma has employees that sell marijuana inside the warehouse it smells of a lot of it when I went to vistit the place and I also seen a supervisor that work there I have names of the people pictures and a lot of evidence to make a case that warehouse should be under investigation Also employees tried to sell me pills and offered to sell me drugs , and others that smelled of alcohol and doesn’t do what they are suppose to be doing I’ve met with the owner Chad of the company also that location is not in any condition to continue to ship packages out of that warehouse I’m just letting you know what I’ve seen inside the warehouse

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