Where is Simple Mobile Corporate office Headquarters

Simple Mobile Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 8714 E Ave T, Littlerock, CA 93543, USA

  • Phone Number: +1 661-441-4814

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 2009

  • Founder: John W. Stanton

  • Key People: Carlos Slim Helú, Daniel Hajj Aboumrad

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Simple Mobile Headquarters Executive Team



Carlos Slim Helú


Daniel Hajj Aboumrad


About Simple Mobile, History and Headquarters Information

In need of a new phone? Or maybe you just want to keep your phone and just get a new sim? You can check Simple Mobile as they can help you in that aspect. This company has been here since 2009 and they are already trusted by millions of people. They have their headquarters at Miami, Florida, United States.

Aside from phones and sims, Simple Mobile also offer different attractive plans. Each plan comes with interesting inclusions like unlimited texts and talk and more. They even offer discounted international calls and high-speed data. And the good news is, they will not bind you. They offer no-contract service plans to their customers.

What are the winning deals of Simple Mobile? You don’t have to deal with scary contracts that most of the time, come with hidden fees. You will be constantly connected, and you can also give their customer service care 24/7. And lastly, you can get your hands to their latest phones and you don’t even need to shell out the entire amount right away. They offer a low monthly payment to their clients.

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  • Avoid this Company says:

    I have been without service for 6 days now after Simple Mobile told me I had to switch to a Verizon compatible sim from a T-Mobile sim. I have spent 19 hours on the phone so far with support, which just reads scripts. No one at the company has technical trouble shooting skills, nor seem to care. Avoid this company at all costs.

  • Charles Tilley says:

    Have no help from simple mobile on transferring phone then trying to cancel service and stopping my monthly charges on phone number 9515800286. Charles Tilley littlemutt57@aol.com. 7603967508 thank you God bless

  • Your Mom Lover says:

    This company is fully sheet do not trust this mother fuckers. They are really a Bastards.

  • Larry R says:

    Simple Mobile locked an unlocked phone that I bought from T-Mobile and gave to Grandson won’t unlock it. Even with there service.

  • Jimmy Hutto says:

    My boyfriend has simple mobile. Well, his phone got broken. We have purchased a new phone in the box from a dollar store. It’s been close to 3 weeks that we are given run around by every costumer service representative, due to can’t transfer the phone number to a new device because we can’t get a security code through a text message. His bill is paid till a middle of next month. No one would help us. Just hanging up the phone on us. We are so frustrated. I had never experienced worse consumer service than simple mobile. We thinking about suing.

    • Steven Phillips says:

      Yeah I hear you I’m having the same problems with simple mobile they won’t fix my phone I topped up yesterday with the top up card $40 and I’ve been on the phone with him ever since it doesn’t recognize my phone number people can’t call me to get a busy signal I can call out and my email is wrong and if there’s a class action lawsuit I’m in my email is swp 420-2425@gmail.com and my phone number if it ever works again is 775-244-3020 thank you God bless have a nice day

  • Carmen says:

    Simple mobile really sucks my dad been waiting 2 months f or a Verizon SIM card and every representative says 24 hour or 72 hours and look two months has gone by but they take your money smh this is unprofessional

  • Mulugeta Adera says:

    I need transfer my number but my phone is asking PQK code I don’t know how to set up a username and password is locked I called the customer service didn’t help me I need my phone number

  • Daniel Sicardi says:

    All we tried to do is to get a “Transfer pin” to have our old number from Simple Mobile transferred to Verizon. Why should that Process end up taking six Hours to accomplish. Are the Trac-Phone Support staff, REALLY that poorly trained?

  • Daniel Sicardi says:

    I had been using Simple Mobile for fifteen Years. Due to the migration of Your Phone service to the Volte Network, My Wife’s Phone Stopped Working. We tried to get her Phone “Back up” (reconnected to the previous Network. SIMPLE Mobile Did not Warn Her of the fact that her Phone would be Pulled from the Network that was working. She could not even Pay her bill! The other two phones, on the account? They are still operational! (Including an Iphone 6. The wife’s phone is the Iphone 7Plus We were ALLOWED to pay those bills. So? We went to Verizon. Now? After spending over 24 Hours with Simple Mobile?TracPhone Customer service? I still have not been able to successfully get a Transfer Pin!

  • Anthony Burton says:

    I can’t reach anyone but the overseas people they read from scripts and now won’t even allow u to speak to a supervisor I was with them many years but they are going down and since the switch and no support to fix anything this really is Terrible company 💔

  • Michelle davis says:

    I wouldn’t use this service if it was the last one on earth.i called to pay my son’s bill ..they applied it to mine I called them back they changed my number and I had no service I called them back she said the number I had for 2 years wasn’t a number I need my number she put me on hold for an hour then they closed!!!poorest customer service I ever seen….do not use their service…

    • Anthony Burton says:

      That is definitely main problem I have now that they made the switch to Verizon there is no support to get anything fixed and then the ones u do get on phone read from scripts and now messed my phone up more plus my other lines with them same problems

    • Daniel Sicardi says:

      Contact the FCC and file a formal Complaint. That’s the only way anything will ever get better!

  • Donald Blank says:

    Sometimes my simple mobile phone works, sometimes it doesn’t and after waiting an hour to talk to someone at Simple Mobile, I was cut off. Adios Simple Mobile!

  • Brian says:

    Company is a joke. They say u have coverage in your area so u get a plan to find out that u don’t. Then they say your brand new phone is to blame not there service.

  • Lisa Hopkins says:

    I have an unlocked phone. I “attempted” porting my number to yalk. J say attemped cause if says it ported but today is day 3 i have been unable to use the service. Cannot make or rec calls or text messages. No one wants to listen or help. I paid for the service tk work. I should nof have to be treated this way. If my issue can’t be resolved then i want a full refund back to my card.

  • shelby moore says:

    Purchased two samsung galaxy j7 crown phones and when i got home to set them up the sim was expired ordered a new sim that doesn’t expire until 5/19/2024 and they say something is wrong with it and asked if i wanted another sim delivered to me i said no for what for yall to tell me that one doesn’t work asked for a refund for the sim I purchased, two phones, and the phone card then she tells me i need the receipt that is long gone when i tell you i cursed them out because these people will scam you out of every penny ut ima charge this one to the game ever will get ay money from me again.

  • Dora Cantu says:

    This has been the by far the worst experience I’ve ever encountered with a cell phone company!!! The customer service is absolutely HORRIFIC!!! #1 You can never understand the people you are speaking to, there is a MAJOR LANGUAGE BARRIER FIRST AND FOR MOST. #2 I purchased a phone via their website that I paid for and unable to use. I took the phone to Apple to see what needed to be done & Apple told me that they could not verify that I purchased the phone. It could not be tracked in other words, possibly somehow bought on the black market & the company sold it to me!!! #3 I could never use the phone. #4 I paid with monthly autopay for months on end trying desperately to resolve the issue to no avail!! I tried to get reimbursed & was told that they never had any record of me paying at all!! #5 I told them I could submit my bank statements to prove it and they said they could not accept them!!! #6 All they did was continue to transfer me over and over again & I would have to explain each time over & over. Half the time the representatives could not understand what I was even saying!!! I have spent HUNDREDS. #6 When I finally cancelled they continued to charge me monthly until I had to put a stop to it with my bank!!! *****TOTAL SCAM***** DON’T USE THEM EXTREME CAUTION!!!!

    • Rachid says:

      Bad unexpected costumer service I have been with locked SIM card for 2 weeks many t mobile costumer representative couldn’t solve this issue

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