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  • Address: 3790 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 450

  • Established: 2001

  • Founder: Steve Siegel


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  • Tiara says:

    Hello my name is Tiara Hughes I resided at Siegel select okc for a little over a year didn’t cause any problems paid my rent I can say that ms V was a good property manager but when it came time to move out and get my deposit back I felt like they didn’t care and I was denied getting my deposit back after cleaning that Apt and making sure that everything was in the same condition it was in when I first moved in I made a complaint but no one has reached out to me I still need my $85 deposit that’s owed to me and I’m disappointed that they have not even reached out to try and compensate me I didn’t use a card idk what the attendant did when I moved in but I don’t have access to the card they have on file so I guess they felt like it wasn’t nothing they can do but I feel they could have done something and for no one to even try to contact me about my money is absurd and unprofessional

  • Terry dunmore says:

    They want her to stop text about now they have call tropical service only and my kids after they threw us out at the bus stop and took me and my kids picture at the bus up without furniture over some guy who took out his side pocket building E unit number 929 upstairs we geten kick out for doing the right for my kids to be safe out there in the old couples in unit 162 building E and them kids have put b**** on their door and I told her office having to clean that off because they don’t have some kids passed by my door recording me wear glasses in. They have the maintenance woman son passed by my door with the old lady next door yelling about my Facebook page I don’t know how they doing my favorite page but the old lady recorded me reading my Bible their property is disrespectful and after that I move on a property they got involved with child protective service trying to have someone take pictures of my daughter hand and leg at my child’s school that far away lawsuit

  • Terry Myecha Dunmore says:

    My name Ms
    Terry Myecha Dunmore
    They have treating me very bad and dangerously they took pictures of me to pictures me doing my shower card to the trash can doctor they have mold in a bathroom I just wish the two different apartment units the maintenance guy knew the people out there their family to him that came out with a gun on the left hand side pocket my kids are special needs didn’t get treated respectfully I had went to the front desk and told him so many times that I needed them to take care of the situation out there on the property and did not take care of it I didn’t call corporate office to get a hold of the owner of the property to let the property know what they are doing the lady and the old man in front of the building units building 162 had yelled out call me a b**** to tell this b**** to stop then the other man’s out there with so despair for calling me a bitching everything else in my apartment unit after they kicking the family out with three little girls who cried and answer somebody to help them they’ll do to coronavirus that did not get care when I’m going in my unit when everybody at the single hotel was Johnny and crying for me to take care and help them I help the property not to catch on fire and I gave to the property manager there’s a man who had pretty nails done indeed and I said that your office treating me disrespect me there’s all in my unit little teenager boys who went in my apartment unit and cuz I lost my key and I asked can y’all help me find my key in the meanest guys did not go out there trying to help loop on my key and all they could do is yell and point that the old man and apartment 162 building E have but a voodoo Devil witchcraft spell on me to where people can hear me and people can see what I can see and there’s another girl who said that she’s going to sue that property for letting them nasty old man take pictures of her and her friend at the bus stop while I was showing up them only do two with me for Valentine’s Day my tattoo cuz they said they brother have passed away they were lovely black woman there’s other Nasty mail running up and behind my bathroom saying that they can hear a girl splashing water and making music sound they have little black boys who are saying that they can hear somebody or see somebody daughter on their period on their panties being funny and being nastyand looking at being respected for Lee and they said the maintenance to picture my apartment unit there’s people very disrespectful that been out for 8 years there are other women crying and suffering trying to tell the office if they can have the refund back for the units that they are in because the kids are complaining and cleaning of trash out there saying that they want a event like the one in Las Vegas because there are helping cleaning the property out there and there was a black man this guy seeing me clean the property with the trees out into the front because the tenants in front of my unit that was there that was all once 192 and building e they keep reporting to the tenant to the maintenance guy what people on that property is doing but they’re not reporting how they call the police on the tenant and then going to tell a lot and got the maintenance guy security guard evicted off the property that was living there so whoever try to live out that be very careful because they only 1,700 and only got $300 back and refund

  • Amy Long says:

    Has anyone that has posted a comment received help due to them seeing the comment??

  • Amy Long says:

    Who sees these comments?

  • Lisa Harris says:

    By the way, I did share this with the local news since Knoxville is facing some of the nation’s highest homeless rates as well as unaffordable housing. My fingers are crossed to become a part of one of their segments, I’m sure they’ll be interested in the voicemails from your corporate team who was kind enough to make sure that I was still coming. It does show the true nature of your business.

  • Lisa Harris says:

    After corporate was helpful enough to walk the location manager in Knoxville through accept a payment from an organization that was helping me with funds for my initial week, they decided to to not allow me to renew the next week (leading into the Thanksgiving holiday) because they are going to begin renovations.

    That was really kind of you. Siegel Group specifically Stephen, Judith, and Ross to give me light at the end of a dark tunnel to then seal the tunnel off right as I arrive at the end. I find you just as abusive as a partner that I was fleeing from.

    Why would someone from your corporate team call me over a 2-day numerous times to ensure that I was still coming to stay? Did they know I would be asking to leave the following week? Why would I have to pay the deposit for a week’s day and a hotel that doesn’t offer towels, bed linens, pillows, microwaves, dishes, or utensils?

    I don’t believe that I’m the weak of thanksgiving you have found a crew to begin renovations. I find it disgusting that you gave me less than 24 hours to vacate. I guess I’ll take your roaches with me. It hasn’t been a pleasure sleeping with them or seeing them in my food.

    I wonder how many people you’re displacing? Are you going to enjoy your warm Thanksgiving meal while the rest of us are now on the street? It makes me sick to think that you have anything to be thankful for when you can do this to people.


    Hopeless for the Holiday

  • Shontavia Hooks says:

    Hello to all and whom this may concern. My name is Shontavia Hooks. I recently was evicted from the property at 4055 south university center drive Las Vegas 89119. Unit D207. I was homeless when I came to property. It was paid for 30 days through a state agency called HOPELINK. Unfortunately the agency wasn’t able to continue to provide services for me and my son and it caused me to immediately look for other resources to fund my stay. I was not able to pay personally due to me receiving limited funds from unemployment. I was able to finally secure a great job opportunity that will ensure all my rent, utilities and food will be paid for with no issues. I promise there were many things that lead me to become homeless but I’m trying my very hardest to get out of it. When I was provided with the eviction notice I was able to complete a rental assistance application with a program called CHAP on September 12th. What I did not know is that I needed to also go to the courthouse to file a answer. That has gotten me a Eviction completed and placed on my rental history of course. I’m am asking is there anyway I can make some type of payment plan with company to pay what is owed??? As stated before I was able to secure a position with a great company and I wanna do what I can to get this taken care of immediately. I’m providing some documents for my financial situation for the month of September and my job offer letter for financial status moving forward. Thank you for reading this and I’m praying there’s something that be done to help me not stay homeless due to eviction and the company get what is owed to them. God bless. Have a wonderful day. Please reach out as soon as possible 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • Sandra Walker says:

    My name Sandra Walker and I reside at 6860 Lee Highway ste118 Chattanooga TN. My reason for this letter is about pest control. I have been here for 5yrs in October and pest control has only been done once. The reason is the spray triggers my asthma and I was out of work for 2 my weeks. Today pest control and the new manager came by and I refused. I am now being threatened with a $25 fine. I’ve had no problem with past managers and things been going smooth. I am 65yrs of age and the older I get the worse my asthma is. I am not a trouble maker I keep to myself I pay my rent on time and my place is clean. I suggested that if they had another kind of spray we could try it I also said if they came in and sprayed and I ended back in ER she would get bill..I have no problem with them spraying Im concern with my health. I’m writing to you to ask if anyway you could help me with this situation because I don’t want to have to go through this every month. I am not a guest this is my resident

  • Patricia Jones says:

    Your manager is hassessing and threating me after I was served with a 7 days on Friday today is Saturday from Siegel suites checkmate I have by law the right to live here until I pay up rent go to court or leave I had planned to catch everything up next week until she threatened me better fix this before your manager gets herself in trouble she stepping away over the line

  • Frances montoys says:

    Hi my name is Frances montoya n I live at 600east bonanza rd. Apt 212. I am sending this comment in regards to my rent. The manager tells me she got a email stating that the jfs were not gonna renew my stay. But the lady from jfs Laura Peterson told my sister ni that she was gonna help me until the 19th.the manager received that msg from corporate on Friday n they didn’t tell me today until 10:30am.the jfs is closed today but I email Laura. But their is nothing I can do until tomorrow. I am asking if u could gv me until tomorrow to get this straightened out. I know that they pay every 2 weeks. I believe things will be taking care of.thank you n hv a nice day.

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve been living in my unit for over 2 years now. But for the last 2 or 3 months I have been putting in ticket after ticket to get maintenance to my unit. My toilet is ALWAYS backed up. We spend hours plunging and clearing it And the next day it’s back clogged up again. I was without a shower for over a month because it took them forever to come replace the knobs so that I could even turn the water in the shower on and since they replaced them now I can’t shut the water off. We are in a WATER CRISIS in Nevada and my shower is just constantly pouring hundreds of gallons of water a day straight down the drain. For the last month or so water has been coming up the drain in my sink to the point that the sink is overflowing and waterfalling this nasty water all over my back room. Now in the last week or so my kitchen sink won’t drain either so I can’t do dishes or cook or do anything. I’m tired of going to the office almost every day asking for someone to come fix it but nobody ever comes. It’s unsanitary and disgusting and I’m at the point where I don’t believe I should even be paying rent if I’m living in a broken unit. I need EVERYTHING fixed ike yesterday and either comped rental time or a discounted rate before things get really ugly and lawyers have to get involve because this is absolutely ridiculous

  • Kelly Hoffman says:

    Is it normal to NOT furnish basic essentials- utensils, toilet paper, towels, etc…

  • Kelly Hoffman says:

    Is it normal to now furnish and toiletries, towels, waste baskets, utensils, bedding, etc? Seems odd for a traveler or someone in need of a seasonal extended stay…

  • Arthur Bouyer says:

    My unit was broke into and when manager found it she called me not the police. I believe it was someone in the building and I think it was more than just one person

  • Wade watson says:

    We have lived here over a year we always paid our rent on time, we recently bought a car that had a low tire and they had it towed! The registration is current and fluid leaks are in every stall, and obviously if you pay cash matters not cause all the ghetto acting people here on the chap program are allowed unregistered vehicles and are not warned at all about their noisy congregating the property manager Tim keeps dodging us and the office lady are rude and unprofessional and 0 customer service skill. I am also a senior on a fixed income and my daughter and I need this vehicle for doctors appointments what to do?

  • Mississippi says:

    I’m here in Jackson Ms were there nothing but favor they letting guest pu to out cones to save parking spot housekeeper breaking in room security you don’t see at night time

  • Nicole Summers says:

    I have been here 6 months a gentleman u was dating lied to me ride me he was single well I found out he lied he is married his wife came to me we talked Zhe ended up hanging out with my upstairs neighbor and they hit it off she decided to get rid of his vehicle she was scared.anyways make long story short her and the gentleman she hit it off with gave the vehicle to someone or sold it what ever they did I was blamed by word if mouth I’m now getting kicked out of My living quarters I have no family here or no where to go I pat Mt rent every week never no problems out of me now I’m going to be homeless someone please help me out this is insane

  • Marce Walker says:

    Hi I have a problem I’m getting kicked out of my apartment cause my 15year old son pulled out his pocket knife cause he was defending himself from 3boys that was not supposed to be on property an my son was on property they was trying to jump him an the manager here said that we have too move now cause my son was defending himself from people that don’t live here I’ve been here for 6months now. I work walking distance which is very manageable for me and my kids catches the school bus from here which is very manageable for us I don’t have a car too move my things nor any other place to go please help me an don’t kick me an my family out cause my son was protecting himself an we have witnesses.. please and thank you for your help and time..

  • S M britt says:

    I stay at the select in Oklahoma City. It has been horrible I have been harassed by staff I’ve been made fun of by staff I’ve had staff coming in and out of my room without my permission I I really feel that this is one of the worst places that I have ever experienced I’ve been so depressed that I have not even really been able to be motivated to do much of anything Kevin just hearted by so many hurtful words that have been said to me and I don’t understand what it was that I had done with the people that work at this place are very very very very prejudice they automatically just assume things and they’re not as they look I’ve been called a hooker I’ve been called a thief and in both cases they were wrong and nothing was done about it and I was not going to apologize to and I was kicked out and not allowed to rent there anymore not because of anything that I have done but because of their mistakes I don’t feel that this is fair

  • Anonymous says:

    The Siegel select in Montgomery is all lies nothing on website is true. They are roach infested and the staff doesn’t care. They don’t listen to there guest and are rarely in office. The pool hasn’t been open all summer. Key doors don’t work to come in and out so random people can just come and go. When you ask for staff the fix something it never gets done. If something happens their answer is they are not responsible. The halls are dirty and stink.

  • Louis Clark says:

    Louis Clark apt 1096
    I’ve been living here and this place is infested severe PROMBLEMs bad pest control also been several occasions where I’ve found dead pigeons are found outside of my door and that’s unsatanatary and it’s getting on my damn nerves also these damn people come in here and call they self fixing the bathroom and now it’s leaking again and it’s molding and that’s going to get me sick and im paying rent to get nothing fix the fridge is been leaking water since I moved in it’s just a lot of stuff I need someone to see this

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