Where is Shoprite Corporate office Headquarters

Shoprite Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 775 US-1, Edison, NJ 08817, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 732-819-0140
  • Fax Number: 732-906-5275
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: December 5, 1946
  • Founder: Independent Grocers
  • Key People: Brett Wing, Kevin C. Mannix

Shoprite Headquarters Location & Directions

Shoprite Headquarters Executive Team



Brett Wing


Kevin C. Mannix

Owner of ShopRite of Staten Island

Lynn Logg

Head of Culinary Workshop and Corporate Executive Chef

About Shoprite, History and Headquarters Information

Based in Keasbey, New Jersey, United States, ShopRite, formerly known as Wakefern Foods was incorporated in 1946. In 1951, the company was renamed to ShopRite. A few years later in 1958, they applied a strategy by reducing the costs by 10%; which leveled up the number of customers. By 1996, they introduced a new line of products that consisted of deli meats, cheeses and, Black Bear of the Black Forest; which increased their sales. In 1999, ShopRite started offering an online grocery shopping service on its website, under the name ShopRite from Home.

ShopRite Supermarkets operates the chain of supermarkets in the northeastern United States. They have a variety of products like bakery, beverages, canned and packed, cleaning, dairy, floral, frozen, health and beauty, ingredients, meat, and seafood, office, and pet products. They offer services to more than 6 million customers via more than 250 ShopRite locations. It all started with a small cooperative with eight Members, which has grown leaps and bounds and become the largest retailer of food in New Jersey for almost 70 years and is also acknowledged as number one in the entire New York metropolitan area.  

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  • annie fox says:

    Today when I arrived at the college point store there were carts sticking out from the overhang 2nd from right and about 45 minutes later still as is. I don’t know if there is a cart collector there but there should be one.

  • Charles Cameron Mary Cameron says:

    I received an Email on March 6th giving information about St Patty’s day foods. The celebration is St. Patrick’s day. Patty is a form of Patricia, not of Patrick. I would appreciate it if you could give the day its proper title. Thanks for the attention. Mary C.

  • crystal says:

    aproximately how long will a response to my question take. I have already spent 3 days trying to get an answer to this important issue!

  • crystal says:

    Shoprite in Howell NJ…re: chop meat purchased and just found out via new article that the meat I purchased 2 packages potentially has toxic components. Label says Product of US and Canada. Mad by JBS Food Canada ULC. I need some info. on this. That Shoprite for two days now has not answered phones in any department.

  • Valerie Miller says:

    I emailed a few weeks ago about employees at the Shop Rite, RT 70, Manchester NJ, not wearing masks. Replied to promptly, which I appreciated. But a few weeks later same issues.

    This afternoon I was shopping at the store. Very busy. When I went to the checkout lines, there was no effort on the part of management to organize the waiting customers. There were stickers on the floor, but customers were not observing them. I have been to Whole Foods and Trader Joes in this area, both of them taking measures to organize and enforce 6 ft and mask rule.

    Today as I was in the narrow checkout passage, an employee who was organizing the cashier breaks stood right next to me. Her mask was pulled below her nose. I asked her to pull it up, she said “thank you” and continued on ignoring me. When I finished paying, I walked over to the kiosk she was standing behind and asked her again. She refused. Her name is Melissa B., from her badge. She was not rude, but defiant and uncooperative.

    I went to the courtesy desk and asked to see the store manager. He came, had no name badge. I told him what happened. His answer was “we say something if we see it”. I told him that this was not the first time I had seen employees with masks down for extended periods. He listened, then turned and walked away. Not very satisfactory.

    I have worked for organizations, and when there were rules we all knew them. People who didn’t follow weren’t just reminded “when we see it”. This store needs to inform employees regularly, and make sure policy is followed without exception..

    This area has many senior citizens who are high risk. If customers see employees flouting the mandatory mask rule set by the governor, then how can you expect the public to?

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    Valerie Miller

  • nail fungus cure says:

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  • JS says:

    I went into Shoprite of New Paltz, Ny today which is senior citizen day. People were not adhering to the mask wearing or social distancing. Masks under their chins, under their noses. Even the management had his mask under his nose. How shellfish of these people. How hard is it to just comply with wearing a mask?

  • Katrina says:

    This website is not for Shoprite Corporate Office. The number listed as corporate is actually for the Shoprite of Edison which is just a local grocery store. The number for corporate is:
    1 800 746 7748

  • Regina Marsh says:

    July 2, 2020–bought digital thermometer at ShopRite in Slingerlands NY. Paid $ 14.03 cash. When I got home and took the digital thermometer out of the box, the low battery signal was flashing. ShopRite Central Ave at Everett Rd Albany NY did not have batteries and neither did ShopRite in Slingerlands NY. Could not locate replacement batteries at Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar to name a few. I visited the ShopRite in Slingerlands NY again today and customer service rep told me I’m not even supposed to bring the item I bought last Thursday into the store. How come you don’t refund for defective merchandise? How come you don’t have replacement batteries at your store for an item you sell? How come I am germ-free enough to purchase something in your store but not to return it? This makes it a wrong to shop at ShopRite.

  • Mary says:

    I used to shop at the Shoprite in Covington Township PA. Here are the reasons I stopped shopping there: 1. They don’t make everyone wear a mask. 2. They don’t make everyone do the 6ft apart. 3. The cashiers don’t clean their stations after everyone shopper. I don’t understand why they aren’t following the CDC Guidelines. Ever since the people coming back to Eagle Lake, Big Bass Lake and the Hideaway for the summer they stopped caring about the guidelines and the local people that support them during the winter times. Sorry but this local person will shop else where. I shop somewhere that cares about the people that shop at their store. They wipe down after every customer, they them wear mask and stand 6ft apart. They even make people only go in one direction. Sorry I’m shopping where its safe and feel welcomed.

  • Fred says:

    Why are ShopRite customers all morons?

  • John says:

    I went to the college point store to look for blue beery round snails again. Both yesterday and today there were none. How is this woman who just does more taking it easy and walking around socializing and get away with this. That is just not right despite finding out that she and the previous manager had a friend removed for no reason whom both should also be removed for their own actions.

  • Nancy Byron says:

    I understand that Shop Rite will be discontinuing hazard pay for employees even though the pandemic is continuing. Please reconsider. I shop at the Shop rites in Shrewsbury and Neptune and I’ve been so grateful to the employees working out in the open and exposed to customers, taking risks. They deserve hazard pay.

  • Shirley Avery says:

    I was in Ellenville last week their new practice of line us up and calling us to a register is CRAZY!!!! I had about 10/15 items waited behind a man with a cart over full who was sent to the EXPRESS line while I waited for a very long time because it was busy and others had BIG orders. Only 2 cashiers and It is still recommended to go shopping and get it done speedily and get out to avoid spreading the COVID—I find that being lined up like cattle is a horrible thing and Shop Rite has lost a customer that was in there at least 3 times a week. I will be shopping out of town for the rest of the time this is being done. Walmart is not where I’d ever buy meat so OUT OF TOWN I GO. Sorry thing for Senior Citizens or anybody to have to deal with close to home. Thank heavens Peter’s Market is opening soon. Thank you for reading this complaint.

    • Honest Samuel says:

      If I was you, I would asked the people in front of me if I can cut in front of them. It woulds for me most of the time. Also, in Connecticut, we have self service rooms for customers with less items.

  • Chris says:

    I go to store 204 in college point looking for peach pies in which was not there. Getting a little tired of going there to see such a thing and that manager just walk around leaving everything for everyone else. And to see a friend who was there in baker but not now due to the current manager and the former whom I overheard told him to put crossiant on a tray so she could have a reason to complain to corporate and have him removed to by a guy with a beard. THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT THERE MUST STOP.

  • Frank says:

    I go to shop rite 204 bakery looking for blueberry muffin tops which comes in a 6 pack and surprisingly
    enough there were none.What type of bakery manager or ant manager lets that happen. I know who she is. You cannot not miss her since she walks the store alll day and I will say does little to nothing. And you can tell her I know all about her twisting the knife in a long time friends back by having him removed like the previous manager did and I know her too.

  • Meryl Rehaut says:

    No thanks. I just need an answer from ShopRite.

  • Meryl Rehaut says:

    I bought the wrong batteries on 6/21/20 in store # 245, greater morristown nj, and could not return them. They were $12.99. When will I be able to return them.

  • Bill says:

    I walked in the College point store looking for the 4 pack blueberry muffins.
    I could not find it. It is a shame that that department is always out of stuff or always still on racks.
    What does that manager do besides walk around and do very little to nothing. I see why a friend of mine
    was removed from that area because of this manager and even the previous manager whom my wife
    had a disagreement over a cake order and also did not like him either. I hope there will be changes there
    will be made.

  • laura says:

    During the past couple of months I have been using shoprite app, and picking up my groceries.. tonight, I opened a container of shoprite Chicken Broth, and notice that the foil seal was tampered with….I would not use that contain, and then opened another., that also had a broken seal……I am not sure who packages your product, but I broken seal is not something to take lightly. Please investigate this issue, so no one gets hurt. Something like that is not to be taken lightly. this product was bought at either the Bay Shore or Patchogue , NY location….

  • Barbara. Breidenback says:

    I entered my complaint 3 times you didn’t do a damn thing about it. Never responded. So why enter again. Do I will just keep bad mouthing your store. Letting everyone I know. You sell bad meats. Have rude manager. Name ileene. Who works there she is not good for your business. You don’t seem to care so I will do things my way. Never shop there again. Will tell everyone too

  • Paul says:

    rules are meant to be followed not changed or broken by anyone even management. A female employ left bakery in store 204 in college point especially due to the former manager who was not a manager. I myself was an employee there myself and had to deal with a corporate person myself since I was told to put croissants all on a tray but I was forced to pay the price since the manager at the time of opening wanted me to do so. I have known this person for 15 yrs and always try to cause me problems since she wanted to do what she wanted to do and not follow rules. I too left and still get compliant from friends about most of the managers there but some are still very good.

  • William says:

    Bought something and it was expired. Was told I couldnt return it. They got lost a customer

  • roger says:

    shop rite –southington, ct. queen st. I shopped at 7:44 am today 5/21/20 I requested ms. Annmarie to place the groceries in the cart at the check out. she refused and the mgr. Dan Mccioce came over and stated they do not put groceries you have to do that. I have shopped at shoprite stores about 50 years and never was told I had to load my groceries in the cart. what happened to customer service at this store ? please reply to this message. valued customer #47036722049

  • Janet Tolhurst says:

    I just visited your East Windsor NJ store. I observed a customer walking around without a mask and reported this to several employees.It was approximately 15 minutes later before I approached another manager and the situation was finally rectified. This man was allowed to wander through your store for at least 30 minutes and potentially coughing and sneezing as he shopped. Your store manager was dismissive and condescending when I asked what measures would be taken to insure customer safety. He told me the man forgot his mask and was now wearing one!! I am a long time customer of Shoprite and will not be returning anytime soon. This incident has convinced me that safety is not taken seriously at Shoprite and I will advise my friends and family to think twice before shopping there as well.

  • Marie Grasso says:

    Hi my name is Marie Grasso I’m shopping in your store on veterans rd Staten Island since the first day you opened it’s been a few years now and I also use your delivery service do to my handicap I’m a senior and for the first time in your store I experience an unlawful problem with your employee and a week later I went in to shop and I was in the handicap scooter and the Steve came over to me and told me I can’t shop there anymore because of the problem the week before and told me to get out of the handicap scooter leave the groceries in the basket and walk out of the store got to my car and had an asthmas attack I’m now just feeling better after 10 days and I need to meet with upper management to view the cameras of that day and you would see how rude your workers was to me and the person I shop with twice week in that Shoprite I called the 800 number three times and Mr. Mannix never responded the manager of that store was Steve and the girl that caused the problem should be fired from your company for treating your Senior customers or any customers like that
    The problem was all about bleach there was a sign up on the shelf 2 limit per person I agreed with the limits at this time we are all in this Pandemic together
    I took two 1/2 gallons and my neighbor took one 1/2 gallon there weren’t any more left so I purchased a quart of Ajax mixed bleach I took two my neighbor took one after all my shopping was done we went to check out I had my purchase and the cashier said only two bleaches Per person I said I’m only buying two the other one is my neighbors she right there with her groceries and she said no because you came together I said call your supervisor the young girl came over I was still in the handicap scooter and she said no she can’t buy them because your buying them she grab them and started to leave I called her and telling her it’s not mine there’s hers I couldn’t get out of the handicap scooter as fast as I needed to I pulled on the grocery jacket but she still went running with the two gallons of beach I got out of the scooter went up to where she went too and asked for a manager and Steve came over I explain to him what happened and he told the cashier it’s okay for the other buyer this is why I want to see the camera video and you would see how wrong your supervisor was not only to a handicap senior but to any of your customers
    I called your corporate office three times and still nobody contracted me
    Thank Marie

  • Sally says:

    Your store in Bedford Hills is not monitoring the amount of people allowed in to shop. There are long lines which make social distancing almost impossible, and no one seems to be in charge. It’s a very bad situation. Until this pandemic is over I will not be shopping in the Bedford Hills store again.

  • Barbara says:


  • Barbara says:

    I bought a roasting chicken and 2 packs of beef veal pork also large pack opf hamburger and a small one looked good on top all brown inside that means old meat setting around The chicken OMG was so bad opened it 2 day later the smell was terrible cut the skin around leg it was slimmy you know that was bad I Call the manager WILLIAMSTOWN NJ Black Horse pike name was Patty she was very nice said cant bring it back but come in with receite will give money back OK no problem –I go back next day stood there about 10 minutes at office desk waiting for who thought she was a Queen said to the young lady who first looked up all my info in computer how much was it The so called Queen or do I say a B____ was very nasty saying I am the manager here I am not giving you -your money back told her how bad it was said all our meats are fresh Which is a LIE I have gotten a few things bad from the Shop rite store— told her I will be contacting channel 10 and also channel 3 her responds was Do what you want she was nasty rude and should be fired her name was ILEEN think thats how you spell it— I am rather say WAS a shopper in that store oo forgot to say my bill for that day was 349.00 yes thats right —-I spend a lot of money always I will never shop any Zallies shoprite again not the kind of nasty like to say what I want but cant I will let as many people I can know about that store I also will be calling comsumers report Better BB— as as many places as I can non caring people or her Hope you do something about her you really need to FIRE HER ————-



  • Darnese J says:

    Hello I am writing regarding my experience at your store. As you know many stores are allowing Essential/Front-line employees preference to be allowed to go to the front of the line. As an MTA worker of the subway system I was very disappointed to find that Shoprite does not consider MTA essential. We couldn’t be more essential in New York. Our buses and trains MOVE the city and the city would be at a stand still if we didn’t show up to work as we do. MTA has lost more employees due to COVID-19 than any other city agency in New York. It would be greatly appreciated if we were extended the same courtesy as we are just as essential as Police, Fire Dept. and Healthcare workers.

  • FedUp and Frustrated says:

    What purpose is there to block the public from viewing your website without setting up a user ID and password? You won’t even allow me to see your circular online? Why?? If I can’t see the specials that you have to entice me to your store, then I’ll assume there aren’t any. I’ll shop your competitors who allow simple website viewing to anyone. Also means that my family members can’t make a grocery list for me. We’re not all going to have separate accounts. What about children? They shouldn’t need a userID and password, but are now blocked from looking at recipes or anything informative at all. Get real ShopRite. Make it too difficult for your customers to get an enjoyable shopping experience, and you can blame yourselves for driving them elsewhere.

  • Edie Patroni says:

    This is about your property in Galloway NJ 08205 We own the property behind the store and wondering if you are interested 10 acres and goes street to street

  • paul says:

    My last comment did not mention that this was in College Point store

  • Paul says:

    I have 2 late complains about a manager Tom who pointed his fingers at his eyes and then at me while first on line with this situation. 2 other people saw it and was upset at this action.
    Also I had a coughing attack and was not asked it I was okay or if I needed medical attention. He was more interested in other customers. It is a shame this is how this store is runned.

  • John Mcguinness says:

    Why is Shop Rite against providing a dedicated date & time for healthcare,police, firefighters to shop your stores. They are working in a HIGH risk environment and have no desire to expose the community outside of their work…Florida has no problem doing this!!!

  • Sandy says:

    my daughter went to the Shoprite in Derby,Ct. They had a sign that there was a limit on meat but it was confusing. She put some in the cart with a half a dozen packages of frozen vegetables. When she got the register the cashier called a manager and she came and took meat back and some of the vegetables. She told my daughter there was a sign with a limit. She then proceeded to the back of the store and took a picture of the sign. When she came back she put it right into my daughters face and rudely said see? She did not practice social distancing and my daughter was embarrassed at the way she was treated. I know she had short hair but I don’t know her name. we shop in that store several days a week and always have. Now you lost good customers. Someone needs to do something about her as many people will stop shopping there because of her attitude and rude personality. I have already posted this incident to facebook and people are appalled. No one should be treated like this in any store.

  • Thomas says:

    WHY hasn’t shop rite taken steps to protect there customers? I have noticed there are NO arrows for direction for each isle. As we all know the isles aren’t wide enough to keep social distancing so therefore each isle should have a one way direction to keep everyone safe.

  • guest says:


  • George Benzola says:

    Joan the cashier of the hazlett nj store had a nasty attitude and 4got to give me 1 of the bags so I called to ask if I can have a refund and the manager said I have to go back there and pick up the bag I tried to explain to him I live in ny about an hour away and the tools alone will cost me $18 and he said I was shit out of luck he cant help me.Its a $30.66 order

  • Mel says:

    Very dissatisfied no people in the Department’s I wish to ask questions about hanging up phones no people to help me very rude.

  • Tem says:

    Used curbside pick up today. Received a rotten eggplant , also received a 12 pack of seltzer when I ordered 24 cans, yet i was charged double. Same with my 24 pack of water. I called and spoke to a manager who stated during a pandemic, you are allowed to basically substitute for another item and change the same. Also, when I stated I won’t be using the curbside pick up anymore, she stated she did not see a reason to refund me then. What??? I am out at least $15. How is this possible??? I have used curbside pick up multiple times with multiple stores, never have I had this experience. So basically refusing to refund me and telling me she can do what she wants because its a pandemic. I need to speak to someone higher up ASAP.

  • John Ramee says:

    I went on line to check my local Shop Rite weekly circular. Then up popped a sign-in page asking for my e-mail address and password. What is this nonsense. Your a super market not the Pentagon. But, I decided to request a new password and the response was that it would be e-mailed momentarily. That was 3 hours ago. I’m still waiting. I’ll shop at Acme or the A&P. I can check their websites without a “password”.

  • Paul says:

    Today a manager at the College Point Shop Rte pulled his mask down to talk to another manager. This is unexeceptable. He wore a blue bandana. this co manager should really know better.

  • Terry P says:

    I was
    So disappointed with costumers service at Port Jefferson, New Your location I got the last King Arthur flour bag witch was ripped open and I ask the young man at costumers service if he could kindly take something of and he looked at me if I was asking him to give Me the flour for free? There where 4 juveniles working at costumers service very rude and Unpolished I ask for his name and sadly he declined to give me his name, then I ask for the manger he appears just as rude his name was Anthony? Not even wearing a mask to protect the costumers and comply with the Covid 19 very disappointed, I worked a very long career with clients and I know what you have to do for your clients to be in business ,How is this allowed by management Very Sad😢

  • Dan B. says:

    I deal with the new Shoprite at Stroudsburg PA. About ten days ago I shopped there and noticed a number of employees not properly wearing face masks. One person had the whole mask under her chin while stocking. Others had their noses sticking out over the top of the mask. I contacted the store and asked to speak to a manager about safety concerning the virus problem. I got a man on the phone and explained what I observed. He seemed unconcerned saying all employees are trained on proper safety procedures, etc. like there’s no problem.

    Today, 4/22 I shopped there again and the first thing I saw was a woman stocking fruit and vegetables with her mask under her nose. I got my items and went to checkout. The woman on the register had her mask under her nose. I told her about it and her answer was that if she covers her nose her glasses fog up. I told her that the metal strip across the top was there to be pinched and formed to fit tight around the nose to seal it. She was oblivious to the fact that she was breathing in and out at the open top of the mask and not through it, causing the glasses fogging. She also was dismissive, saying have a nice day to me a few times, get going in other words.

    I spent a long career in construction jobs and regularly wore protective equipment of all kinds. Proper procedure in the use of required masks is obviously not being followed or enforced. I suggest having a responsible HR person or manager go to the Stroudsburg store as a secret shopper and observe what’s going on there. I don’t want to end up sick or worse just because some Shoprite employees refuse to wear masks properly and store management does not enforce it.

  • ken says:

    The people in Linden, NJ are not following covid-19 regulations. I spotted 4 employees and at least a half dozen customers wearing no face coverings. HOW IS THIS ALLOWED? #Lawsuitwaitingtohappen

  • Seth says:

    I visit the Chester, NY ShopRite weekly to do my food shopping. I’m curious if the store is ever visited by Corporate? I have been complaining about several areas in the store. I work in Healthcare, so I have high standards of cleanliness. I get that most customers and even employees care more about clean and shiny floors, but does anyone look at the vents throughout the store (there’s one over the Produce area that hasn’t been cleaned in over a year). When I asked a store Manager when it was going to be cleaned, he said it’s done monthly (that’s a lie). The vents that are by the registers are all in need of cleaning too, I’m not sure how often this is supposed to be done but it’s not often enough.

  • Thomas Mangone says:

    Hello my name is Thomas Mangone JR I am having Trouble Apllying for a Job at the Brookfield Connecticut Shop Right I want to Work Part time in The Meat Department as a Meat Clean up Clerk Thank you 👍

  • Jerome Cunningham says:

    Me and a friend bought some chicken from ShopRite store 585 this evening and didnt notice it was spoiled before we left the store. Upon arriving home I started to unpack my bags and was trying to figure out what the hell is that smell. I came upon the bag with chicken in it and smelled it oh my goodness. I only live 10 minutes from the store. I called and spoke to the manager on duty and he said due to the corporate policy they are unable to refund me the money for the spoiled chicken they sold me. I said so I am out of my money and you still have spoiled chicken in the store you are selling. I spoke to my friend and he said his chicken was spoiled as well. So we could have eaten the spoiled chicken and gotten just as sick from that. This policy is crazy. I work in the healthcare field and some things are just common sense when it comes to customers on a case by case bases. I spent over $200 dollars in the store because we just moved to New Brunswick area, so it definitely would not be to get over on the store for some spoiled chicken. My last time shopping at this establishment.

  • steph says:

    I shop at the Shoprite in Marlboro, NJ…..I am so surprised for the last several visits during this pandemic we are all living thru, the safety and well being for customers should be handled more cautiously … entrance NO WIPES, NOT ALL EMPLOYESS WEAR MASKS, I UNDERSTAND PRODUCTS RUN OUT, then the store shoud have replacements from products you sell. I would like to see action taken for all. thank u

  • Faith says:

    I was in the West Long Branch, NJ Shop Rite today. I was in the store for 30 minutes tops. I passed 5 employees that had theirs masks on below their noses. This defeats the purpose of wearing a face mask. I told the manager. His response was, “Well, it’s hard to breath with these on.” Seriously? I am a nurse. I am outraged by this response. Yes, it is hard to breath wearing a face mask. Ask any of the health care providers on the front lines of this pandemic. It is harder to breath with Corona Virus. Ask any of the infected patients. Again, I am outraged by his response. People go to your grocery Store expecting that you are doing your very best to provide a safe environment to shop. You are not doing that by allowing employees to wear face masks below their noses and speak to customers as they bag their groceries, as they stock shelves, as they cut meat, as they walk around the store too close to customers.

    I will note this on my face book and alert my neighbors. Your store is not doing everything it should/can be doing.

    Please re-educate your employees. This is about public health.

  • Penny says:

    I understand the concept behind the no-return policy, HOWEVER, I purchased a cellphone charger at my local Shoprite back in March when this all started. There were no signs regarding no returns, nor was I looking for any. The charger does not fit in my phone despite the package stating it should work on most smartphones. Two days after purchase I took it back only to be told no items can be returned. This is not a perishable item and it is one that I CAN NOT use at all. I spent $12 on this charger, and the thought of Shoprite being able to pocket my $12 for an item I can’t use, refund or get a credit for doesn’t settle well at all. So the no-return policy should not apply to all items. There should be an exception for certain types of items.

  • seething guest says:

    I visited your store yesterday, finding myself in need of groceries after not going out for 2 weeks. I guess the owners don’t seem to listen to our Governor who had mandated wearing masks in stores as of yesterday as well as limiting the number of customers into the store. I found the store to be as crowded as it is the day before a holiday, with no social distancing, and almost half of the customers had no masks on. You couldn’t avoid someone if you tried your hardest. Each isle had about 15 people and to get past them require being in very close proximity of them. I called the store manager to complain and he told me to call corporate to file a complaint as YOU are the ones telling them that there is no need to limit the number of people in your stores. BUSINESS AS USUAL for your Freehold NJ location. Seems the owner could care less about his employees and well being of his community!! I will not shop at any SAKER shoprite again.

  • Just Plain Disgusted says:

    I am disgusted with your performance during this pandemic. I made the mistake of shopping at ShopRite (Scarsdale, NY) this morning. Customers themselves were polite, patient, and respecting social distance as they waited on a line that wrapped to the back of the store. A good 90% or more of shoppers wore masks. The staff was rude and NOT observing basic safety precautions. For example, the employee first intercepting customers at the dairy/Hostess display end was loudly talking and joking with a vendor (spewing respiratory vapor), and neither was wearing a mask (nor gloves). Ironically, the ShopRite employee seemed to be boasting about what a great job he has, not that he was taking it seriously. They touched (something like a high five) as the vendor departed. I was ordered to stand and wait within 2-3′ of them both. Most of the employees were not wearing any form of mask as they barked and bellowed at customers. I was addressed as “sir,” although I am a female cancer survivor (who was wearing a mask). No one was observed to be wiping anything down with disinfectant. As far as I could tell, there was none available for the cashiers, even if they wanted to use it to sanitize something like the credit card reader (or their hands). When I got to a register, against my better judgment I had brought and used 4 large, reusable grocery bags. Nonetheless, I couldn’t fit the last few items in them. I asked the cashier if she would bag the remaining items. She put them in two paper bags and charged me 10 cents. Are you kidding? It’s a pandemic. Every other store bags things, under the circumstances, for free. I purchased something like $157 in groceries, and you’re going to nickel and dime me for another 10 cents? They aren’t even standard grocery bags – sturdier paper with handles. These were undersized, flimsy bags. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Management of this store is failing on so many levels. All of this is inexcusable. Don’t even try to tell me that your staff is short-handed and long-suffering. I actually work in a grocery store myself, and I know this behavior is way beyond the pale of acceptability. Both Trader Joe’s and DiCicco’s/Ardsley are within a few miles of this ShopRite, and both observe vastly more responsible safety protocols.

  • Stuart Wolk says:

    I wish to advise ShopRite Corp. that your manager (Mark Furey), in your Garnerville N. Y. Store has been very supportive of shoppers like myself on numerous occasions. I will not get into specifics.

  • BP says:

    Wow… I wanted to comment and ask a question but not one of these questions from previous customers has been answered. What’s the point? Not sure why you would offer a comment section at all. Very disappointing.

  • Dk says:

    Are you abiding by the executive order signed today by Gov. Murphy that requires all customers entering your stores need to be wearing a face mask or covering? If not, they are not allowed in the store. All employees also need to be wearing masks or face coverings. Also, at one time you cannot have customers numbering more than 50% of your store’s capacity. If these are not being followed, I’m sure they will be reported and maybe a fine administered.

  • Michael Chromiak says:

    My wife and I have been customers for 13 years and the shape our store is in is disgusting. I just went shopping , I am 67 so I got in at 7am, sale items were not there, Kraft and Shoprite cheese cases were empty, yogurt was empty I could go on and on. Majority of sale items gone, why? I see other Shoprite stores in the area Like Marlton etc and they are stocked with almost all items people are looking for. My store is Medford on Rt. 70. While in the store today I heard the associates say that they are missing shipments or the truck didn’t show up, why are trucks showing up at other stores but mine? You need to get this fixed I understand about this virus and some people panic but why doesn’t the store limit items like sale items . I hope you get this resolved or I will start going to Acme right up the road. Someone from corporate needs to visit store and see what I am talking about.

  • Mary O'Mara says:

    During these times, wouldn’t it be great if people could access a floor plan for their local Shoprite, so they can create a list based on floor plan and get in and out quickly!

  • Bridget says:

    Why are you letting people wait to get on line when they have no openings for pick up or delivery. This happened twice. Don’t waste others time unnecessarily. Just put up something saying no availability at this time.

  • Michael McGuire says:

    Shoprite has the worst website around. They list the headquarters for a local supermarket in Edison. They never reply to complaints via email. Now the website takes you to home delivery and doesn’t allow customers to view online circulars. Come on Shoprite in this day and age you should do better

  • Patrick Marino says:

    I normally would not post but I think that people should be aware of supermarkets cheating the people on prices. Shop Rite Hylan Blvd. Today I was shopping there and picked up paper towels that were clearly marked under the three boxes $7.99. I went to the checkout and they scanned $11.99. I went to customer service and they told me I cannot return it. I would not buy it if it was marked $11.99. I called for the store Mgr and there were two of them and here is what they told me”We are just putting items anywhere on the shelf. I told him he is deceiving the people by doing that. It didn’t matter and he also would not return it for me. How many other products is this being done to. A sly way to price gouge the public. Be aware of Shop Rite Hylan Blvd.

  • Greg Battochi says:


  • Greg Battochi says:

    you are doing a sad job of keeping frontline employees safe! you are doing a poor job of stocking the stores. I don’t think from what I see you give a crap! I hope you go bellie up. You will probably screw me for this comment. At least you will be doing something.

  • Nicole Berglas says:

    I am disgusted at the lack of a corporate mandate for all employees to use pre-cautions in all of your stores. Seeing many employees not using masks and gloves because of the”I don’t have to” mentality is simply putting themselves, their families, as well as the consumers and their families at enormous risk. How do you sleep at night? You are literally committing MURDER.

  • Diane L Solice says:

    Good Evening the service is unsatisfactory in regards to long lines and lack of cashiers. The self check booths were all down. There no system in place to protect the cashiers and customers. The lines were long. The average was 45 minutes.This store was located at 52nd Street, West Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

  • John Mazziotti says:

    Just a suggestion, why not utilize the app purchase power and convert the stores at this time to online ordering for pick up only. Staff and customers will be protected if you close the store and only accept orders on line for pickup. The entire staff will dedicate itself to online shopping, you can control stock and introduce the service to customers that never used it. It will be safer, time efficient and controlled. For those that can not use online, allow a drop off, printed shopping list to be filled 48 hours after drop off, allowing disinfecting time or sooner if you have a UVlite for disinfecting.

  • Susan says:

    I am disappointed with Shoprite in Neptune NJ. During this Covid19 pandemic, it is highly disturbing, and disgusting that ShopRite is still allowing any amount of people to be in the store at one time. Wegman’s isn’t. 2) I did not witness a wiping down of carts. Wegman’s does. 3) there was NO disinfectant of the conveyer belt AND, employees standing by to remind customers to stand back. Wegman’s does.
    All the shoppers in this store didn’t stay far apart.

  • Matt says:

    Thank you for remaining open especially during this pandemic. With that said my concern is I have 2 family members who work for you and they both work with the public but they have no face mask to protect themselves. I understand that it is difficult to get them now but please get on this ASAP and o protect them and their families.

  • jg says:

    I am very surprised Shoprite has NOT taken precautions for both the workers and the customers at check out lines!! WHY DON’T YOU HAVE THE PROTECTIVE SHIELDS UP LIKE STOP N SHOP DOES WITH THEIR STORES?? Have long been a Shoprite customer (decades) but your lack of responsibility where protection is key is very disappointing. Here on Long Island all Stop n Shop stores care about keeping both their employees as well as customers as safe as possible. Yet I have yet to see any protection plastic shields placed on check out lines at your stores. Is this a lack of caring ? Or just irresponsible leadership?

    • Susan Daidone says:

      Plastic shields….please…the store in Neptune is allowing any amount of people to shop, (they should be counting and limiting the amount in the store at one time)…no sanitation of carts OR the belts…the plexiglass is a nothing item…the spread of germs can still get around it.

  • Ed says:

    Where are products with Wakefern label manufactured and/or imported from?

  • Pamela says:

    Shoprite, this is disgusting. I am under quarantine. I placed my order, Sunday 3/21/2020 online. AT CHECKOUT. MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WAS NOT ASKED FOR. BUT I received confirmation, ORDER # 24225332. I found it strange that I was not Billed, So I called to find out why. Spoke with someone from Customer Service. Same day, order was placed. And was reassured by staff member, that it was not problem, (that when we call you to confirm delivery we will take card information). I said oh ok fine, no problem. This morning I received a phone call from manager at Wallkill location, and she goes on to tell me order cannot be filled!!!. I ask her why she said because, credit card was not charged. I Explained steps I took prior. Explained to her, That I CALLED SAME DAY, To DISPUTE ERROR, (which went No Where). explain that this is not my FAULT, AND this is why I called THE same day to dispute error. To NO avail, FOOD WILL NOT BE DELIVERED. ORDER WAS CANCELED. I Pleaded with her, EXPLAINING TO HER MY situation, UNDER QUARANTINE, NO ONE TO PICK FOOD UP FOR ME, and The FACT THAT, I’m in the category with all those dealing with underlying illness, and a Senior, NONE OF THAT MATTERED, I EXPLAINED TO HER ONCE AGAIN, MY SITUATION, WHICH MEANT NOTHING. THANK YOU SHOPRITE FOR HIRING SOMEONE WITH NO COMPASSION. I HAVE MANY challenges I’m DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW. THIS ADDED TO MY STRESS!!!!!
    Would like Corporate office to contact me.

  • Nan Conrey says:

    Today at 6 am I was leaving the Rockaway, NJ Shop Rite Site. There were 3 gentlemen (Shop Rite Employees) were congregating at the time check-in machine which is located in the store’s main egress. I asked the gentlemen to move so I could exit and they told me no. One of the gentlemen (the older one) mocked me and asked me if I thought he had the plague. I answered ‘yes.’ Your employees mocked me in front of other customers and employees and refused to move so I had to walk in close proximity to them in order to exit the store as they continued to mock me.

    I consider this an assault and demand a response.

  • Paul Belas says:

    Dear Sir,
    I just came back from the Shop Rite in Little Falls where I took my 84 year old mother for senior hour at 6am, I was shocked to see the amount of people packed in the place with no social distancing whatsoever, people where definitely sick and on top of each other, this is only going to spread this disease and horrible display of abiding by the state rules.

    Paul Belas

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Kristie says:

    I am an immune compromised and disabled senior who has had to use ShopRite From Home delivery services for years. During this pandemic it is now not possible to order for delivery or even pick up as there are no available spots in schedule ever, even weeks in advance. I have sent multiple emails and made numerous calls, but have not received any response. This is putting many of us auto immune compromised and at risk seniors in a position of having to go to stores frequently (for those able to walk) or to go without food, for those unable to ambulate and venture out. There must be some way to increase delivery or pickup for this at risk community. I realize that many healthy individuals are fearful and are choosing delivery and pickup to avoid exposure, but for seniors and those with compromised health, trips to the store can be deadly! Hoping to get a response from ShopRite! This is an URGENT need for many.

  • FLorence Gorsky says:

    I understand from Adirondack products that you have discontinued their enhanced flavored water. I am 79 years young and would really appreciate if you could reinstate this product since it’s the only water I can drink. They do not sell directly to the consumer, Help!

  • Bill Rivera says:

    no shopping hours during corona virus pandemic for Senior citizens?…….how narrow is your thinking?

  • Precious says:

    Recently shoprite in Union NJ has put an end to returns and exchanges once the customer leaves the store due to Covid 19 and I applaud and agree 100%. I’ve heard customers say that they would just hold on and return once this is over and I think it’s really sad that they would still want to return. I’ve seen customers take advantage of the whole return process by bringing back perishables that they’ve had for weeks and are able to get store credit (repeat customers) or their money back and I feel it’s pretty sad. Seeing customers hoard shop over these past few weeks, I’m 100% certain that customers will be lined up wanting to return once this is over and they should not be able to!

    • Penny says:

      Hello Precious. I understand the concept behind the no-return policy, HOWEVER, I purchased a cellphone charger at my local Shoprite. There were no signs regarding no returns, nor was I looking for any. The charger does not fit in my phone despite the package stating it should work on most smartphones. Two days after purchase I took it back only to be told no items can be returned. This is not a perishable item and it is one that I can not use at all. I spent $12 on this charger, and the thought of Shoprite being able to pocket my $12 for an item I can’t use, refund or get a credit for doesn’t settle well at all. So the no-return policy should not apply to all items. There should be an exception for certain types of items.

  • Pete - Plymouth Meeting, PA says:

    As a senior with my 80th birthday in this year, I would appreciate Shoprite dedicating an early time slot for seniors-only shopping, similar to measures taken by Giant, Target, Walmart, and other retailers. With the coronavirus known to be affecting younger folks who can be unknowing carriers, I feel especially vulnerable, especially with not as robust an immune system as I had 30 years ago.

    If Shoprite could dedicate an hour or 2 weekly to such practice for at least the next 6 months, I think that many seniors would take advantage of the policy and shop for their groceries with much less trepidation. The upward curve of contagion spread only makes the risk factor that much higher, and even at current levels both my wife (in her early 70’s) and I having been shopping as infrequently as necessary, but have no desire for home delivery, nor wish to impose on our children who are not living that near us.

  • BILL says:


  • Ann Myers says:

    Hello. We are very concerned. The store is Letting in 100 people or more at a time. Maybe get a security guard and limit the amount of people at a time. You workers are going to suffer from this if you don’t put something in place. And it’s not being enforced for the elderly. The one hour in the am they are letting anyone in at a time. Let the elderly know you are there for them. Enforce this. I have heard from a lot of your workers that your company doesn’t care. I know you do care but please enforce this. Give your workers mask. Please help make it safer
    Mullica Hill NJ

  • Linda L Kolbek says:

    Is there any way a customer can reserve hard to get items like hand sanitizer, or Lysol wipes ? Everytime I hear places saying, “Don’t worry folks, we have a full stock of these items”…. by the time I get there, they are wiped out. Just for now, why can’t people call and reserve a bottle or two of hand sanitizer ? You could have the person go online and list their price plus card number to hold the item, and they would have a limited time to pick them up. If they don’t pick them up, I am sure the store will have no problem selling them the next day. While I know Shop Rite has a first come, first serve rule, maybe they could just change things temporarily because of these extraordinary times.

  • Rowland says:

    Hello, I was in your West Chester store yesterday and I have some helpful suggestions that might help in terms of the corona virus. They are things I have seen in smaller stores. It would be good to have a meet and greet person just outside the entrance. People would wait briefly in line with cones and the meet and greet person would remind people to maintain a 6 ft distance between other customers and staff. They could also invite them to take a hand sanitizer napkin and suggest that they use it to wipe down the handle on the shopping cart and to keep it through there purchases and clean off the screen at the self check out. The person should be personable who does this job. They would also control the flow of customers to ensure that the check out lines do no exceed one at a time. This way the line forms in a managed fashion outside in the fresh air instead of inside blocking all the check out area. This person should also remind customers to keep their distance from the cashier.
    To go further a person could be washing down the shopping carts between each use with a mild bleach solution.
    Where I have seen this practice in place, customers were very grateful.

    When I was in the Shop rite I could barely find the hand sanitizer. I eventually found one but it was in the store beyond the shopping carts, it was difficult to find. People are making huge efforts to contain themselves at home but yesterday I realized the one week link that will cause the spread is the grocery stores unless preventative measures are put in place. While I appreciate finding the hand sanitizer I feel much more needs to be done.

    Thank you for considering these suggestions. If you would like more suggestions or help with this you may contact me.

    I do have some qualifications in this area.

  • Susan says:

    I would like to know why so many other grocery stores in my area are giving its seniors (60+) an hour early in the morning to shop before the store opens to the general public and Shoprite is not! That speaks volumes to its seniors and I will now be taking my business elsewhere….permanently!

  • Cheryl Ruhle says:

    I visited the Store in Moorestown NJ and had a very disturbing experience. There were many customers including myself that had 2 cases of water in their carts that were at the current price of 2 for $5.00. When checking out I was told I could only purchase one due to the state of emergency with the Coronavirus which the cost was $5.99. I advised the manager then if it is 2 for $5.00 then I should be charged $2.50 as this would be the fair thing to do. She disagreed and was rude about it. In my opinion this is price gouging as I was charged $5.99 and should have been charged $2.50 that is double the price. I have already contacted the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and reported this. This incident took place yesterday and was handled very poorly. The manager of the store should have had signs posted regarding this situation and this would have never happened.

  • Kevin Slattery says:

    Can you tell me why the store in gateway mall in Brooklyn still has the chinese buffet still open with the current corona virus still present? Customers are allowed to use the prongs to get the specifics food items and these prongs are passed from one customer to the next customer, to the next customer, etc… This method is spreading the virus by having the customer use these prongs from customer to customer. What is wrong with management and not protecting their customers from getting the virus. Disturbing

  • joann says:

    I would love to complement one of your employees of your Shop Rite store in Chester New York. He works in the fish department he is always friendly and polite. He always will let you know he will be right with you if he is busy. His name is Nicomedes (Nick) Maldonado. Most people write or call in negative things so I feel he needs something nice to be said for his kindness.

  • James says:

    I’m not sure what is happening at this location Norwalk, CT — I have NO objection to assisting the cashier in bagging my own groceries BUT when the cashier is done ringing up my items and I’ve finished the credit card transaction BUT she continues to stand there and watch me bag my own items it’s gone too far! This has happened to me several times but today she didn’t bag ANY item until I actually had to ask her to assist me. I was at Terminal 6; Operator 105, My three (3) receipts are timed 12:28; 12:29 and 12:31. The amounts are respectfully $16.24, $17.87 & $86.38. My cashier today is listed as Krystyna G. I’m sure if you visit your CC you can see what I’m talking about! PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP AND EITHER HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE OR GET MORE STAFF. You aren’t the only store in this area!

  • Reneé hessel says:

    I would like to see you restock CLEAR SPARKLING seltzer in your east windsor store
    Also, during my last 2 visits to my local store, I was not able to get CAMPARI tomatoes although there was a price sign up

  • pearl simpson says:

    do you have 2020 black history literature in NJ stores

  • Datl says:

    The new corporate ShopRite ad showing 2 children pouring flour on the floor and making snow angels is not cute. It is totally irresponsible on behalf of the company. It will give child of that age a great idea to do the same since they have seen it on TV. Is that what the ShopRite brand stands for…..teaching children bad habits. Please put someone in marketing that understands building a solid brand instead of immature ads.

  • Patti A. says:

    I would like to know why Shop-Rite is one of the only supermarkets that start the sale circular on Sundays? For many years the other stores sales start Friday or Saturday. Now that I shop at Shop-Rite, it’s very annoying that I shop on Saturday and the sales start Sunday.

  • C C Corenti says:

    Port Jefferson NY store
    I went there this morning and the person working self checkout (Diana, older woman with brown hair and blonde streaks) and manager of the store (name unknown but brown hair and blue polo shirt) were so rude and disrespectful. The manager did not care that I was treated like I was unintelligent by the woman working self checkout. I was spoken down to and treated in a very condescending manner after asking a simple question regarding a coupon and my final amount owed. I left the store very upset and am not one to complain but I do not deserve leaving a grocery store trip feeling useless and disrespected.

  • Tawanda Brooks says:

    i need to get in touch with shoprite head quarter for jersey city new jersey can you please point me in that direction thank you so much

  • Judy Craven Bristol PA says:

    I would like to commend an employee of the Fairless Hills Pa store named Will. I order groceries at Shoprite from home and many times Will is the delivery person. He calls ahead of the delivery as I requested so I can get to the door as I use a walker and need a little time. He is polite and professional. He is patient also because I like to verify the items delivered against the order I placed on line. I love my Shoprite store but cannot walk around too long anymore so is is great convenience to shop this way and a pleasure to have good service provided by the employee delivering my order.

  • >