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  • Barbara higginbotham says:

    I went to the rainsville al .I live only 5 min away from this store iv live here now over a yr. And that’s were I was shopping at but due to the nasty attitudes and poor management this store has I will never shopping that store again this is not the first time that I went in the store and experienced this with these people they are some of the rudest nastiest ugliest attitude people I’ve ever met in my life I spent $106 today and I would not have went in there but it was raining and it was quick and closer to my house for me to get in and out but I promise you this I will never go back in that store and shop again till you do something make some changes in that store I had rather spend my money at a higher family food store which is right up the road also from my house with better attitudes and employees who are more caring and conservative people I’d rather spend more money than to go back into your store it is about the nastiest sorriest lowest place I’ve ever been with the with the employees when their attitudes all I done was ask the girl to double back my groceries for me because it’s raining and nasty and I have to walk up steps and she wanted to get an attitude about it this is where y’all need to come in and start checking your employees cuz I’m telling you they have some nasty ass attitudes

  • Michele Johnston says:

    I fell in front of your Bolivar, NY store. There was ice in the walkway by their canopy. I reported it immediately to clerk at service desk. I am seeking compensation for medical expenses(visit to ER, X-rays MRI Of my head. I suffered some lacerations on leg, bruised and very sore body. Soft tissue head and neck injury. I am open to a quiet settlement out of the legal system. I can back this up with documentation. A response at your earliest convenience is appreciated.

  • Blaine Stanziana says:

    I’ve tried to get essentials margarine 4 pack for over a month what is the problem with this item ?

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