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  • Address: 10400 Fernwood Pl, Bethesda, MD 20817, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 1937

  • Founder: Ernest Henderson, Robert Moore

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Sheraton company is an international semi-luxury hotel chain that Marriott internationals own. The corporate started in 1937 in Springfield Massachusetts in the US. Robert Moore and Ernest Henderson started the company 84 years ago and now it has 145000 employees in 463 locations. The company website is and the phone number is + 1 800 325 3535. The headquarters address is at 10400 Fernwood Pl, Bethesda, MD 20817, United States. William R Ziegler is a board member of the company committee. The company has 446 hotels that have 155,617 rooms worldwide including Africa, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, the middle east, and Europe.

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  • Rodney Montgomery Sr says:

    Day one when I arrived front desk clerk was very pleasant, I asked to see the room before I purchase which was on 5/17/24-5/22/24. I saw the room went online and paid. The first night I tried to use my safe, front desk said they will have maintenance fix it when I arrived back to my room safe was still not working front desk said that it was fixed again and they will send maintenance back again in the morning. I asked if they could come between 9-9:30. No one never came I called 10:00 front desk said that the safe is broken, I replied I need a new room with a working safe. I went to the front desk asked how long would it be before I would have my new room reason why I have an event to attend and I cannot sit around all day. At the time when talking with from desk clerk when I was explaining the situation the conversation changed to a dispute conversation. After I sat waiting for a luggage carrier and searching for corporate information. The front desk clerk came and apologized to me and said let’s make this right. By then my room was changed 3 times less than 24hrs. The second room needed to be cleaned again. Water pressure was low really no hot water. I asked for my room to be cleaned 2 times my room never been cleaned throughout my entire stay. I didn’t receive a wash clothe for my face until 5/21/24. I had to go to the front desk every day for towels. On 5/21/24 & 5/22/24 cable service was not working properly for the channels that my mother wanted to see. The side door was broken that anyone could come in. I had to deal with so many attitudes from guests services. When looked at the value of my stay I like to pay with no issues or problems. I come from another state I don’t know this state. Also when they changed my room the new room didn’t have a microwave nor a refrigerator. Maintenance brought the refrigerator and microwave from the room I checked in the beginning of my stay for some reason the microwave got to room it was broken, they did replace it. I will be reaching out to corporate and as well as Expedia and that city/county.. My stay was very draining never experienced anything like this ever and I’m 51 years old

  • Shirley S says:

    I tried to check in at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel after 4PM. My reservation couldn’t be found. After waiting on the phone for 20 minutes for;I decided to try again with another hotel customer service representative; thank God she found it. Than I received a large amount alert on my credit card. More than expected on hold for incidentals; got to the room with a broken down cart and than the light bulb blew in the lamp, went to dinner in the hotel lobby, they were short staffed. It took a while to get our food. Finally, we went back to the room to use the iron, it partially worked. The tv wasn’t working at all! Horrible experience!

  • James says:

    2024 feb 25 through March 1st stayed at the four-point Sheridan Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA this place is a mess house keeping does not exist I had to go to front desk to get towels and toiletries etc and house keeping did not show up at all the room needs deep cleaning it’s just dirty bathroom sink doesn’t drain shower fixtures are coming off shower curtain is barely hanging on at close to 200 dollars a night this is a horrible place I will not recommend this place avoid it the only reason I stayed is it’s close to Temple Fox Chase Hospital consumer beware

  • William Shackelford says:

    Dissatisfied guest:
    I left my hat with stag and Feather pin in my room at your Sheraton Berlin Hotel on December 9, 2023. Housekeeping found my hat and advised that I needed to work with the reception team to get it shipped to me. I have been trying to work with a Johannes Bannert who advised it would cost between 80 and 90 EUROS to get my hat back, inclusive of shipping, insurance, VAT and customs charges. I’ve asked for a breakdown of these charges and why the latter 2 charges are included as I did not purchase the hat and pin during my trip but brought it with me. Mr. Bannert will not respond to my inquiries about the charges and breakdown of same and appears to be in a position of forcing me to pay his estimate, with no definite amount stated, or just forget about my hat. I would appreciate any assistance you can lend to this matter. Thank you.

  • Lisa says:

    Please let the public know if the Sheraton Mesa Hotel has cancelled the CAIR event on November 18, 2023. Nobody at the hotel will acknowledge the truth. Have you been to the AZ CAIR website? Do you know what they stand for? Free speech is one thing. HATE speech is another! It does not matter if you vote as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian or anything in between. HATE is HATE. What we are seeing in our very own country is beyond disturbing. Marriott, Westin and Hilton have done the right thing. Please, do the right thing!

  • A.L. says:

    Sheraton Stonebriar: Frisco, Texas

    We had a horrendous experience with the front desk manager on Monday, October 23. It was extremely upsetting to watch her mockingly smirk at our complaints and refuse to believe us.

    We checked into the hotel on Thursday, October 21th, 2023 and checked out on Tuesday, October 24th, 2023. In that whole time, our room was cleaned once, on Monday, October 23rd, while we were still in the room.
    On Saturday I called down to the front desk to ask that our room be cleaned while we were out touring Dallas (from Noon – 6pm). When we got back, the room had not been cleaned. I called down again to report that our room had not been cleaned as we requested and he said that the housekeeping director told him the “privacy please” sign was left on the door. It was not on the door when we left, and it was not on the door when we returned. We made sure that it was not. It was where we left it, on the closet door inside the room.

    On Sunday, I called again to ensure that the room would be cleaned after 1:30pm while we’d be at a wedding until around 8pm. This time we again made certain that there was no sign on our door. We both checked it and verified that there was no sign on the door so that we would come home after a long day, to a clean room. However, when we got back to our room, it again had not been cleaned! I called down again and the man at the front desk apologized and said some sort of compensation would be warranted in the form of points, or possibly a credit. The cleaning director claimed that again, the privacy sign was on the door. It was absolutely, categorically not on the door. We both double checked. We were told to make sure to talk to someone about it the next day as it was late in the evening when I called.

    On Monday, before we went on another tour of the city we waited in the room to make sure they could not claim the privacy placard was on the door, because I was holding it in my hand. We awkwardly waited in the room until she had completed it. So, finally, after 4 nights, and two requests, our room was cleaned and restocked while we were in the room. 

    We went to the front desk as told and reported that our room had been cleaned, finally, but that we were told we would be given some sort of apology compensation for the service we requested twice and did not receive twice. The front office manager asked me what kind of compensation I was seeking… I said I didn’t know. She said something like, well, just think of anything. So I said, dinner at the hotel, or a discount on a future stay, or a free night for our next stay? She said she needed to check with her General Manager. We went about our day and when we returned we had a nice soak in the Jacuzzi. On our way back to our room, I checked back with the front office manager and she said in a very flippant and smug manner, “you’re not getting your free night”, “the director of housekeeping said you left the privacy sign on, so you won’t be getting anything for free.”

    I was shocked both by her smug attitude and the blatant lie that the housekeeping director was telling. The front office manager went on to smirk at me the entire time, intentionally trying to upset me. And said to me again, “you don’t get a free night”. Let me be clear, we were not looking for a “free night”; we were looking for compensation for a service we paid for and did not receive twice after having requested it twice. 

    The “privacy please” sign was off the door before we left for the day on both Saturday and Sunday, and we even gave specific times that we would be gone for the day (Saturday Noon-6pm; Sunday 1:30pm-8:00pm) that were both reasonable times to expect such a service and more than ample time to receive it.
    The director of housekeeping is incorrect that the privacy sign was on the door Saturday Noon-6pm; Sunday 1:30pm-8:00pm. It was not. We both checked it. The first time may have been an error on housekeeping’s part, but the second time was an overt lie to cover for her oversight. This is unacceptable. 

    We have paid for the house cleaning service and you did not provide that service until the very last day we stayed. You have failed to live up to the very basic expectation of hotel guests, that of a clean room. Your front office manager smirking at me and implying that I’m lying, insisting that the privacy sign was on the door over and over to me, when as I have outlined above, it was not. She made sure to smugly smirk at me when she said “You’re not getting a free night.”

    At that point you couldn’t have paid me to stay at another Sheraton hotel. To be insulted, ridiculed and called a liar publicly by your manager, Sydney, is shocking, unprofessional and unforgivable.

    It makes me question, what would’ve happened had I been a victim of a crime at your hotel? Such as theft. Or what if I had been injured by something in the room or on the premises? Would they work to help me or work to discredit me? Judging by my interaction with Sydney, I suspect, and moreover fear, that your hotel staff would call me a liar and make no effort to help. If they are incapable of or unwilling to correct a most basic service, such as cleaning a room, how could I trust that the hotel staff would behave any differently were there to be a more serious issue.

    We were there at a time when loud construction was being performed; cardboard and plaster in the halls; and an extremely unpleasant atmosphere as a result. We didn’t complain about that. All we wanted was our room to be cleaned as we had paid for in the daily hotel fee. It was not.  And that is unacceptable. 
    Your front office manager demonstrated a lack of maturity, smirking at me and laughing under her breath. Expecting respect as a hotel guest is not unreasonable. Your hotel failed at this basic skill also. 
    We have a terrible view of Sheraton Stonebriar: Frisco, Texas as a result.

  • Claire Hirschhorn says:

    I am deeply disturbed by the upcoming event scheduled at Sheraton Mesa at Wrigleyville West. Your hotel is set to host the 2023 Council on American-Islamic Relations Conference on November 18th, featuring Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib as a speaker. Ms. Tlaib’s history of antisemitic remarks and her response to attacks on our ally, Israel, are disgraceful and cannot go unchecked.
    This event is a clear indication of support of Hamas, a terrorist organization. Thousands of Jews have been slaughtered, murdered, raped, burned alive, babies decapitated and hundreds are being held as hostages! Jews living in America – including many of in Arizona are scared to leave the house, go to Jewish gatherings, or even send our children to school! By hosting this event, Marriott Sheraton shows us that we do not have your support while Jews are being targeted just because they are Jewish.
    This event features Rashida Tlaib who has regularly shown her blatant antisemitism and support of Hamas. Including just the last few days when she continued PUSHING THE LIE that Israel killed 500 civilians at a hospital even after ALL THE INTELLIGENCE and OUR OWN PRESIDENT said this was not true and in fact it was the terrorist in Gaza that did it. 
    Hamas does not only call for the destruction of  Israel they call for the elimination of all Jews. We ask that you not partake in this gathering and cancel this event altogether. There are no two sides to a story when dealing with terrorists! You can only choose to be on the side of humanity or the side of pure evil.  
    It is crucial that we stand against hate speech and any form of support for terrorism. Hosting this conference would be an implicit endorsement of such harmful rhetoric. Tlaib’s longstanding history of antisemitic and racist rhetoric toward Israel must not be ignored.

    Sheraton Mesa at Wrigleyville West has an opportunity here to take a stand against hate speech by cancelling this event. By doing so, you would send a powerful message that antisemitism will not be tolerated in Arizona or anywhere else.

    I urge Sheraton Mesa at Wrigleyville West management and all relevant stakeholders to reconsider their decision about hosting this conference in light of these concerns.

  • Monica Delgado says:

    I have been billed for an extra day beyond my check out day at the Sheraton Four Points in saginaw Michigan. As I paid with a debit card the bank transferred money from my savings to cover the cost. This led me to incur a overdraft fee. I contacted the hotel and I was told there was nothing they could do. Front dest staff admitted it was their mistake but they could not fix it. I find it hard to believe that a hotel of your status does not have access to higher ups to fix the problem. Not only was I charged charged with an extra night. I was also punished for it. Incidentally the front desk staff person would rather chat to her coworkers then to check in her guest. During check in as I stood in front of them they ignored me for 5 minutes while the talked about their vacation plans. What on training do they have for these Morons don’t they know that good customer service is the key to any business success.

  • Tom says:

    What would the reception does if the customer showed in his hotel dirty water

  • Zaid says:

    Unfortunately, facing bad experience with some of employee who’s working in this hotel. People who works at the main door does not respect the privacy of your customer and ask where to go ? Also, other guys ask about my shopping bags and look at with not respect to my privacy . Please inform them to not ask customers about anything. Bad experience bad hotel and evaluating your hotel 1 out of 5 in booking and other channels. As well inform my follower about this bad experience to advise them to not come to your hotel as they will face the same bad experience.
    With no pleasure for my staying at this hotel “ Your Thursday, Jul 27, 2023 – Tuesday, Aug 01, 2023 Stay at Sheraton Imper KULSI( bad experience for some of the ppl in this hotel) never try it.


    Sheraton have lost all respect for their guests… I am unable to make my reservation on the day I booked because there is a hurricane coming through – they don’t give a shit and won’t cancel the reservation charging the whole amount… WILL NEVER BOOK WITH THEM AGAIN AND WILL BLAST THEM ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA THAT HAS OVER 175,000 FOLLOWERS!!!

  • Mary Dickinson says:

    I gather after reading these comments you really dont care about your customers. I just stayed at the sheraton in Fairview Heights Illinois. It was horrible! No soap in the entire building. When we complained we were told soap with their name on tbe soap was more important than the customer. We could have stayed at a much cheaper hotel and gotten much better service and a much cleaner hotel. I fell you should remburse at least 1/2 of my payment. I will remember how customers are secondary to your brand.

  • Ingrid Budd says:

    This is the fourth time we’ve been to Hawaii, this trip being the first to the island of Kauai. We were so looking forward to staying at the Sheraton again as we had previously stayed there on the Big Island and it was great! I’d like to mention that the following staff were wonderful and kind: Emree, Chance and Cedric. The accommodations, restaurants, activities and pool were also great. Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the roaches! The first couple of nights, 1-2 tiny roaches were found in the bathroom. On day 5, we found a huge roach on the bed. I spoke to Micah at the front desk and he took a picture of the picture that I took and offered to spray the room. Unfortunately, one of our family members is very sensitive to pest control sprays so we declined, hoping that the the daily cleaning of the room would help. Unfortunately it didn’t. On day 7, we noticed more and larger roaches in the bathroom (4 total). Again, I went to the front desk and spoke with Cedric. He offered a $100 dollar credit to our account. It was our last night there and when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I turned on the light and stopped counting at 6 roaches on the counter, floor and tub. I was able to step on one that was heading out of the bathroom. I decided to leave the light on there in the hopes of making them go away. Because the light was on, we couldn’t sleep well. I also was worried that a roach would crawl onto the bed and across my face while sleeping. When we checked out the next morning, I informed Micah at the front desk that the roaches were “out of control” the night before and to please spray the room so the next guest wouldn’t have to deal with this. I then asked him if they had to notify the Health Department and Micah replied no, they spray weekly and have a pest control employee. Not once were we offered to switch rooms. I’ve posted this review on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google and the Sheraton Coconut Beach Resort Kauai.

  • Jermaine Castillo says:

    Visited the Sheraton in Framingham on Worcester and we had the worst experience. Old, nasty, unclean pillow cases. We deserve a partial refund and an apology. When you complain, nobody cares. Go to goggle review and read all the negative comments. One of the worst hotel experiences ever. We arrived on June 23,2023. Under Jermaine Castillo

  • Guest, Parsippany says:

    Alert: Expect boilerplate responses to bad survey results, and no follow-up. Read from bottom.

    Dear [Front End Manager]

    Gotta say, it seems awfully sexist of you to address your email (below) to Tom. My husband had nothing to do with making the reservation, paying for the room, or answering the survey. Another reason the Sheraton seems behind the times and not remotely appealing.

    That our experience was “below” your standard goes without saying, and your apology does not resonate. This is not a question of “meeting guidelines.” When a hotel charges too much for rooms that are more like those you’d find in a cheap motel, it’s a question of value. Actually, a question of corporate values!

    The invitation to try you again is rather a slap in the face. Unless you lower your prices, or do a complete overhaul — or maybe if there are secretly some nice rooms in the building somewhere? — we’d never consider staying again. What would be different the next time?

    Refunding part of our stay is the only thing that would make me feel Sheraton understands what it would take to make us even try your franchise again.

    Thank you,

    On Jun 21, 2023, at 10:44 AM, [Front End Manager, Parsippany] wrote:

    Dear Tom,

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience while staying with us. Your experience is below our standard.

    Providing the highest level of hospitality is our number one priority and I sincerely apologize for failing to meet your expectations. I have shared your feedback with the entire leadership team to ensure the necessary guidelines are in place and reviewed to prevent from occurring in the future.

    I hope you choose to stay with us again when your travels bring you back to the area.


  • Szidonia Izsak-Dragushan says:

    I wish to submit a complaint concerning Hotel Sheraton at 123 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON M3H 2M9, 416-361-1000, which is also a tip for FBI related to June 16-17-18, 2023 when guests running in and out of the hotel vandalized the park (amphitheater) and the Peace chapel with the Eternal Flame built by Queen Elizabeth the Second, the Pope (Pope Francis of Vatican, Rome) and the mayor of Toronto in 1984! They were loud after 11.00 PM while riding their bikes and chanting Satanistic songs and poems with no regards to those who were meditating and praying In Arabic, Hebrew or Russian/Ukrainian language! Furthermore, these people entered, broke into the buildings at 130 Queen street West, Toronto, ON, M5H 2N5 to steal property of clients associated with the Law Society, the Courts of Appeal and the Law Library at 361 University Ave., Toronto, ON. M5G 1T3! TESL certified ESL teacher, Szidonia Izsak visiting the St. Felix center and Russian/Greek Orthodox church at 25 Augusta street, Toronto, M5T 2K7, 416-203-1624

  • Helen Schwarz says:

    Horrible experience at Sheraton Charlotte weekend of Feb. 13-16, 2023. Cannot get management to call me back regarding my issues. Don’t go to this place as all staff in hallways say “No English”, valet people are disrespectful and unwilling to help. Don’t go here if you have mobility issues….handicap parking is far away from lobby and the 4 spaces in front of lobby are used by valet service and other front spots have been designated for the black transportation cars for hire. What a joke.

  • Jarisch says:

    First we must wait more then 4,5 hours for 3 Rooms till 15:30 because the say for cleaning the rooms on the same floor. Then after 4,5 hour every Room was in an other floor and they give a one Room in the same floor but they where not able to clean the Room till 22 o’clock. What is this service and Hotel, every small Pension can clean the Room faster and have a better Service. Forget Sheraton Grand Rio they have no Service. Never Sheraton again!!!

  • Jayachandran chandrasekharan says:

    My confirmed reservation 99585839 was cancelled by Sheraton Whitefield hotel in Bangalore. Credit card declined. The bank had temporary backend issue. Without trying after some time or call me they cancelled. This unfair practice is a black mark on the group itself.

  • Eric Williams says:

    Soo their housekeepers came in our room while we where out for the day and stole our daughters clothes from the Niagara Falls location! Sept 29th!

  • Elaina Evans says:

    I’m quite perturbed in regards to how we have been handled concerning getting our pet training monitor back from your Augusta, GA location on Stevens Creek Rd.
    I was given two tracking numbers for FedEx 8GSA3146
    813947496296 neither are in fedex’s system. I don’t quite understand this, as FedEx will scan the package?? They told me they had the monitor and it was packaged and waiting to be shipped. The next time I spoke with someone, they said the package was shipped and we still have nothing??? This isn’t rocket science, it is just giving a damn and for once extending hospitality!!!! The guest services department at this location is not connecting the dots here.


    Elaina Evans / Joe Carey

  • Elaina Evans says:

    I stayed at your Augusta Georgia location on Stevens Creek Rd on 9/1/2022. I mistakenly left my pet training monitor in Rm. #301

    I called the hotel in question and I was informed I had to fill out a form to have it FedEx’d back to me. I did and it’s been over 3 weeks, still no monitor. I was given a tracking number #813947496296, it doesn’t appear in FedEx’s system??? I was told the package was there and a gentleman confirmed seeing it right in front of him. I still have nothing. I’m quite disappointed as the pet monitor isn’t cheap!!


    Elaina Evans

  • Roxanne says:

    It is very frustrating trying to book through your reservation service. Your call centre does not know the different locations. When I called the hotel I wanted to stay at they put me through to the main number and they nearly booked me into two wrong locations. I had to phone 3 times after calling ; finally the hotel to get the address and calling back to make sure I was booked in properly.

  • kim appleton says:

    Sheraton Waikiki security and staff is in dire need of education with regard to inclusivity of humans with disabilities + service animals. I pray no one experiences the discrimination and harassment we endured.

  • Belinda says:

    I canceled the one night reservation on 7/28/22 for 8/1-8/2 stay through a third party and got confirmation the cancelation is confirmed. But my card was charged a full night amount on 7/29 by the hotel and an email on 7/30 claiming hotel cancelation policy is within 72 hours of the stay by their front desk manager after I called and talked to staffs on 7/29.
    I sent an emailed and also called the Frisco TX front desk manager again if canceled on 7/28…..7/29, 7/30, 7/31…it is over 72 hours prior to stay (though booking says can cancel by 7/30). She confirmed a full refund will be issued but it never happened. I sent a follow up email to Frisco TX Sheraton Front desk manager on 8/3 and got her confirmation on 8/4 of the full refund again. But in fact Hotel immediately charge my card again on 8/4 instead of refund!! I file a dispute with the bank and got the refund of the first charge and now need to dispute on the second charge! How can a hotel charge any amount they want without my consent especially after the communication and confirmation from hotel manager. Horrible horrible experience! I stayed at this hotel 3 times this year for business without any complaint….but after this experience, my colleague and I should reconsider future booking!!!

  • Karis mathis says:

    I stayed at the Sheraton in Denver Colorado on July 22 2022 and they said they refunded my deposit when they know that they did not this hotel chain sucks ass

  • Linda Block says:

    We stayed at the Sheriton in West Des Moines. I have never paid for a suite and had it so filthy and unacceptable. Blood on the coffee table and chair. Stain splatter on lamp shades, uncleaned trash and recycle bins. Frig had someone else’s belongings in it. This is not acceptable and all I got was nothing they can do about it. Complained at checkout and only removed $100.00. This is a disgrace!! When you get a suite it should be spotless and treated like a suite! All hotel rooms should be cleaned. The pillows I think were left overs from the 1800’s. Nothing left in them. I will not recommend this hotel!! Filthy lamps, blood specs….. and taking a shower water took forever to drain! Water past ur ankles while showering. These room need much work!! Gross

  • Lou Giacalone says:

    We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii e entry. Our 3 partial ocean view rooms faced a commercial complex with an industrial sized mechanical equipment. The noise was horrendous. With the balcony doors closed, a light sleeper would lay awake. Sitting on the balcony was impossible for more than 5 minutes before being overwhelmed by th the high pitched and low frequency noise. This is not an exaggeration , you have to hear it to believe it. The entire side of the building is unusable. For over $500 a night per room this is an insult.

  • Kim says:

    Sheraton Denver West- here for a softball tournament. Half of the hotels AC is out and all they can say is to offer a refund and go find somewhere else! Not even assisting in the relocation or anything. Here for a week, stayed one night & they shut everyone’s keys off saying they didn’t know how long we were staying!! Our contract included breakfast, we were told upon check in that we didn’t pay the right rate to get breakfast… umm it’s a group contract that includes it. Now today are saying it is included. This is horrible and VERY poor customer service!

  • Meredith Smith says:

    Hello, I want to say firstly that the Sheraton hotel in Brookfield, Wisconsin has been my favorite hotel since the first time I stayed there. When I say it’s my favorite, I mean, really I would take a vacation just to stay at that hotel. Aside from the Starbucks in the lobby and the nice bar, the employees over the years have been friendly, helpful and always on point. Unfortunately my visit last week was nothing like that. Aside from a few inconveniences I could understand, I went to get a coffee from the Starbucks one morning and the employee walked by me, said nothing and kept walking. I waited a bit more and left. My fiancé tried to get one as well and was told it was closed. The next day the same thing happened. It would be different if there was coffee offered in the lobby, but there was not. This was only one example of a disappointing stay. I told myself that this would be the last time I stay. If it were not for two of your employees who went above and beyond to help me, I would not be returning. Patrice, a front desk agent, and Steve Carson, who restored my faith in the company with their kindness and professionalism, you would have lost me as a customer. I wanted to tell you that you need more employees like them. They are shining stars.

  • uwe meyer says:

    Stayed at sheraton dusseldorf on 27th may for 1 night. Room was already paid but when we arrived I was told i had to leave a 50euro on my credit card as deposit for if we used the mini bar etc. Well we didnt use the bar, I am still waiting for the 50Euro to be returned, I have emailed twice now and nobody bothers to reply. Funny tho I keep getting invited to be a regular client. Um ,noway if this is the way you treat your clients. I would like my 50 euro refunded asap or will take other matters.

  • Jacqueline Hammonds Bell says:

    I recently stayed at the Sheraton riverwalk in Tampa, Florida and the hotel is horrible. My room smelled horrible, the furniture had stains on it the bathtub was dirty,the floor was dirty,and I almost fell in the pool because there are broken bricks around the pool.And for the price I paid for 3 nights I was restricted to certain areas.I paid $821 and left after 1 night and still $239 for one night.

  • Dane Berry says:

    Hello, I had a very negative encounter with one of your managers at the Austin TX location on 11th Street. I was waiting for a minute before I could check my bag in as I usually do online and sat in the lobby for a few minutes charging my phone before checking in, as I usually do. You director came over to me and told me I that only hotel guests could sit in the lobby and that I had to go. I told him I was waiting for a couple of minutes as they had always let me, and were kind and respectful to me and appreciated my business and that I frequently used the hotel to store my baggage with bounce, and that no one had ever said anything to me at all before and respectfully noted that he was being forward and rude with me and that I didn’t need him to tell me again and that I was leaving. He rudely interrupted me and said I had to leave and called the cops, and I had been nothing but kind to him and respectful in every way. And then he told me that Bounce luggage storage was no longer there at the hotel. I asked him how I was supposed to know that and told him that he was only trying to cause trouble, that the cops were my friends, and that he knew who I was. I was just recently in there the last couple of days storing my bag with bounce. I told him I would have him fired. I guess that was as good of a reason as any to be there this morning! This guy was a total dick. I was super offended. His hateful attitude toward me was so sudden and unexpected! I asked him to let me speak to his superior and he refused, instantly calling the cops and lying to them, telling them that he had told me several times toleave and I was refusing. I told him he was wrong and only being a troublemaker and that today I pulled his his card. Please! I would never let such a disrespectful punk work with my guest, especially as a director, bit I personally would never let such a one work for me but that’s your choice! Fire him! 🔥 PLEASE! He deserves it so bad!!!!!!! I used that place for a couple of years and the people before him were super nice and respectful to me. I always enjoyed coming in. I had no idea that Bounce luggage storage was no longer there! I couldn’t believe he just automatically called the cops. I know it’s all on camera. It’s easy to see how he’s so out if line with me, and just plain rude. I hope you can him! That’s all I can say. He’s a rotten snob! I was just as much of a guest there as any other, this guy attacked me and instantly called the cops and and top if that began to lie to them! I was completely outraged! I consider it my duty to write this to you today. People like him shouldn’t work with the public. I have to find a different place to store my bag now, which is difficult because the only ones left close too early, and I used the one at the Sheraton because of the location and the hours. It was 24 hours. I’ll miss that place. I need a good place to store my things while I work. Please have some decency and fire this kid. I know you won’t regret it! If nothing else at least demote him! He should learn a lesson from this. Just speaking from experience! Thanks for your time! Hope you have a happy day! 🙂

  • Nicholas besette says:

    I stayed here for an event this past weekend everything started off great until 11pm rolled around we had a few friends hanging out in the room and we got a noise complaint and we accepted that one then no one was talking and we started watching tv (wasn’t even loud was normal volume) then I said something and not even a minute later we received another noise complaint at this point I asked the older gentleman how we are being loud and he starts yelling at me and my boyfriend and then the next day we were heading down to the event and the house keeping was calling us freak in another language thinking that we couldn’t understand them it was extremely hurtful then later that night I saw the security guard leaning I to doors listening in and when he heard something he gave that room a noise complaint this hotel is extremely unwelcoming to furries and is very discriminating

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