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  • Address: 5700 6th Ave, Altoona, PA 16602, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 814-946-3611
  • Fax Number: 814-941-5105
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 20,000+
  • Established: 1952
  • Founder: Bob Sheetz
  • Key People: Joseph S. Sheetz, (President & CEO)

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Joseph S. Sheetz

Chief Executive Officer and President

Travis Sheetz

Executive Vice President of Operations

Stephen G. Sheetz

Family Council Chairman and Director

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  • Vickie says:

    I went to the Sheetz on Flowing Springs Road in Charles Town, WV and was appalled at the fact that many customers were not wearing masks. It is required in the state of WV like most states that if you are out in public you MUST wear a mask. There were signs on every door stating that customers must wear a mask when entering the store and that if a customer did not have one then one would be provided for them. Not one of the employees said a word to any of the customers who were not wearing a mask about putting one on or telling them to leave the store. I don’t know if there was a manager there or not but this is completely unacceptable. I love Sheetz, it is my go to food establishment, especially when I am traveling but I might have to reconsider if Sheetz is not going to enforce the rules that have been put in place to keep people safe and healthy.

  • Steve says:

    Not even sure that this is a real Sheetz site. I visit your Murrysville Pennsylvania store on Old William Penn Hwy often on my way to and from work. Every time that I have been there over the past month, many customers are not wearing masks. We are not talking an occasional customer but several. I can not continue to patronize an establishment that risks my life and my son Who is at home with cancer. Masks and face coverings are mandatory in Pennsylvania. Why are state and your company’s policies not being enforced? Do you not value lives?

  • Michael Robertson says:

    God bless you and good afternoon I own a small family own parking lot cleaning service we are located in Harrisburg pa
    I visit your store offern Your Paxton Street location I noticed the trash that built up in that location I offer you the service of my business to clean your parking lots to help keep our community clean
    Robertson parking lot cleaning service 717 645-6568

  • Bill Fortuna says:

    Sir, You are in the process in changing the way you offering coffee. I always looked forward to getting a fresh brewed cup of coffee when I would stop at your stores. My last stop in a NC store I found that you went to the fresh ground per cup coffee. THIS COFFEE TASTE LIKE BATH WATER. WHO EVER MADE THIS DECISION NEEDS TO RECONSIDER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. PLEASE GO BACK TO FRESH BREW.

  • Russell King says:

    Altoona, pa.

  • Russell King says:

    I know that in these difficult times policies can be tough, but I really wish that Sheetz would be diligent regarding patrons wearing masks. Money is one thing, but customer and staff safety is another. I patronize the Sheetz Store on Beale Avenue quite a bit, it is only 3 blocks from my house. To many people are not masking up and I have had a few words to them. Please do something, remember when it was “No shoes, no shirt, no service. This is worse. I mask up everywhere and care about others, plus a Veteran from 1971-1977.

  • Diana Barker says:

    Morgantown Pa store No gas at pump and wouldn’t take my credit card and them told me to come inside they told me to put my credit card in their machine for twenty dollars so they told me it was pumped and I said who pumped it I don’t know but I didn’t get gas and I was charge

  • Dave ramsey says:

    Do we need a Sheetz at every corner and town. Take your billions and go fuck off.

  • Barbara says:

    Since you have chosen not to respond to me comment, I will no longer patronize any Sheetz store. Just yesterday, an entire car load of workers went into Sheetz with no masks. These were men in about their 20’s with no apparent medical issues.

  • Denise says:

    Wynngate,pa store does not enforce masks even though signs posted inside state masks be worn. Customers that have to be xtra careful go In b/c of posted signs & can be compromised with “no mask wearers.

  • B says:

    I occassionaly go to sheetz in walkertown, nc. I went in the store this past week and was appalled at how many customers were not wearing masks, and sheetz was doing nothing about it. Yes, there are signs posted on the doors, but no associate said or did anything. There were more people not wearing masks than those that were. And we have a statewide mandate! Why doesn’t sheetz refuse service to those not wearing masks? We’re in the middle of a pandemic that is surging out of control for God’s sake!!! Just for your info, I will not be doing ANY business with sheetz any longer. Even if it is less convenient, more expensive, or out of my way, I will take my business elsewhere from now on. Shame on Sheetz. And I will warn everyone I know that is in any way concerned about this pandemic to stay away from Sheetz because your life may depend upon it. It is painfully obvious Sheetz is more concerned about the almighty dollar than public health. Shame, Shame

  • Barbara says:

    What does “This comment is awaiting moderation” mean. Are you expecting me to modify my comment?

  • Barbara says:

    PA mandates wearing of masks in stores. Today I went to Sheetz, Goucher st, Johnstown PA 15905 and several people were not wearing one. While I don’t expect the young employees to confront these people but the sign on the door says to wear a mask but has the caveat that if you are not wearing a mask, it is assumed you have a medical problem. Do I have to quit patronizing your stores in order to protect myself???

  • Janice voellinger says:

    Your brockway store has masks are required on the door but I saw at least 10 people with no masks in the store in the time it took to get a hoagie employees need to tell them masks must be worn per gov Wolfe’s order

  • Kelli says:

    Sheetz in Follansbee WV sucks!!!! Check your Facebook page to see my post. I will spread the word not to spend any money in that establishment!!!! Your employees at that store are incompetent!!!!

  • Andi says:

    I went to Sheetz in Ford City yesterday. Overcrowded in the store and several people without masks. The check out person was Diane the Supervisor. I complained about the lack of masks and no social distancing. She said there was nothing she can do. There are no “rights’ saying you don’t have to wear a mask, however there is a right I have to be safe and secure in your store. You need to have a sign on your door… No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask…. No Service…. You need to do better and take responsibility during a pandemic. Maybe consult medical specialists for input???? Maybe separate check out lines??? Maybe not letting them inside???

  • William M Pugh Jr says:

    I thought wearing a mask again was mandatory in a business . I was in the Sheetz in Somerset, Pa this morning for my regular coffee and paper. I was amazed I was the only one wearing a mask. On both doors there must be 2 or 3 signs saying ” Mask required “. I stood back and counted 20 people in the building with no face protection. They still got service. I thought the managers and employees were to tell them they needed face masks. I have breathing problems and heart problems but wear a mask to protect myself and others around me. Like I said I thought it was made mandatory because the Covid-19 cases were increasing again in Pennsylvania.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Was just in Sheetz 06/26/2020, on Erford Road, Camp Hill, PA, at 10:00 pm. The place was like a frat party. 90% of the customers were not wearing masks. One girl (customer), no mask or gloves was getting some type of ice cream out of the machine, breathing all over the thing. The soda/ice cream area was filthy with product all over the counter top. There were probably more people than currently allowed. Then came the best part, as I am leaving the store – a guy comes in with a dog, about the size of a beagle, yanking and pulling on the leash. This animal was obviously not a service animal.

    I called and spoke to the manager, she stated that the sign on the door “masks required” has small print stating, that if you are not wearing a mask, they will assume you have a health condition. My comment to the manger was, “do you really think that 90% of the people in your store right now have a health condition.” I then told her about the dog, her comment, “do you know that it was not a service dog?” I told her yes, I know that it was not a service dog, it had no vest, it was not wearing any of the appropriate gear of a service dog, and by the way it acted, it definitely was not a service dog. (We have all seen service dogs, don’t insult my intelligence, we know a service dog when we see one.) My question to her, do you know that it was a service dog?

    I guess, since Sheetz assumes people who don’t wear face masks have health conditions, they probably assume that every dog that walks in the door is a service dog.

    Apparently Sheetz is not that concerned about the health of the staff or the public. If the CEO of Sheetz thinks that Sheetz store is safe, I suggest he/she take the oldest member of their family in that store for 10 minutes, and see how safe they feel it is then.

    This is inacceptable, and I will be contacting the board of health.

  • Michael R. says:

    Beware all Sheetz Card holders! Sheetz a “family owned business” has sold out to the big bank cards! They recently decreased my available credit by $700 despite an 821 Credit rating and annual income >$200K. I have never missed a payment and actually have overpaid my current account. So how can I keep my four cars fueled with this limit? Sheetz’s answer get one of our new VISA cards so we can charge you more interest and gradually phase out our Sheetz cards and probably next will be the “My card” which gives you points and credit. You have forgotten your PA roots and what the company was founded upon! Fortunately WaWa and others have not forgotten so I will take my business elsewhere as there is now no reason to maintain loyalty to Sheetz! As you lose customers see if your extra profits on the National Bank card can offset your loss of revenue and perhaps you will become part of a corporate merger and lose your identity all together!

  • Wilma says:

    I would like to know why the tax amount on cigarettes are different in different stores???? Both are from Johnstown, Pa. I purchased 2 packs, had a discount and a coupon, tax was .74 cents, I purchased same things at different store and tax was .83 cents. This has happened more than once and I just let it go. I know it’s not a big amount but I just don’t understand why the difference. Let’s see if I get an answer.!

  • foozydnkle says:

    I went to the Sheetz store in Windber PA.. there was a woman in there with no mask on . She had a mask but was wearing it under her chin.. rather than up over her mouth and nose. I feel the cashier or the manager should have told her to pull her mask up.

  • Zach says:

    I am a State Corrections Officer, On my way to the institution, I visited a Sheetz location to get a cup coffee. I rarely take my wallet with me to work, not even in my vehicle, so I did not have money on my person. I was denied a complimentarily cup off coffee from the new generous promotion because I was quote ” Not a first responder.” My state credentials, which I showed the employee, clearly read ‘EMERGENCY RESPONCE’ highlighted largely in red across the center of the identification. I was also in full state uniform.

  • Jim says:

    Oh my God the Sheetz in Silver Spring Pennsylvania next to the Giant Food Store the bathrooms have not been cleaned in days. I took pictures it was so bad. And when I brought it to their attention and I said the bathrooms are so dirty for days they said we just cleaned them and I said no I have pictures from 24 hours ago and it is the same crap all over the toilets. They gave me a dirty look and blew me off. I wish I could post the pictures here.

  • Susanne says:

    I went into the Sheetz in Morgantown, PA on Wednesday, April 15 to order food to go. I ordered a sandwich. After I ordered and paid, I went to the food counter to pick it up. I was horrified to see that the two people filling food orders – HAD NO MASK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was appalled with the deadly coronaviris being contagious and everyone being asked to wear masks – that these people were breathing on our food!!!!! When I got home – I threw out my food – afraid to eat it!!!! I’d like to know what Sheetz plans to do about this. Berks County is experiencing a surge in the virus and has asked EVERYONE TO WEAR MASKS – not just people working in stores.

  • Michael E Workman says:

    Went into your sheetz at mt hope wv store 457 yesterday eve. nov.16th at around 4:00 pm and the bathrooms were so nasty you would think the manager would keep up on this and the one on Robert C Byrd store #561 really needs something done seen so much go on at that one I just don’t like to go there you need a manager like you have at Eisenhower dr. store #482 been going there for a long time and it is always neat and clean and so friendly had 1 problem there with a guy hanging out in the dining area once when we were eating but let management know and belive me he took care of it you have on great store here and this is were I try to go

  • Samisue says:

    The new ordering system at our local Sheetz is not user friendly, not this user, anyway. All we wanted was cups of coffee. There was nowhere to specify we wanted creamer. When we got to the window to pay, the woman had to cancel our order and get plain coffee for us. Good grief! Keep It Simple, Stupid! We won’t be going back to Sheetz. We don’t patronize vendors that find ways to eliminate jobs.

  • Mary Grow says:

    Although I was raised in PA with Sheetz everywhere, when I moved to Cincinnati Ohio over 25 years ago, I was in for a big shock, No sheetz, even now the closest is 2 hours away, Suggestion check out the Cincinnati area, we don’t have this type of gas station/food , you would make a killing here….And yes I have drove 2 hours one way just to get chilli dogs…Lol

  • tim quigley says:

    Sheetz is the best business in the USA! Please be a leader and refuse to sell tobacco. thanks.

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