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  • Address: 756 MA-106, West Bridgewater, MA 02379, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 508-897-8866
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1860
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Paul D. Gossett, (President)

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Paul D. Gossett


Scott W. Ramsay

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

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About Shaw's, History and Headquarters Information


Shaw's was founded in the year 1860. The company has been active for almost 159 years now. The founder of the company was George C Shaw. Shaw’s is one of the oldest markets in England, UK. The company had been sold several times over the years and currently operates as a subsidiary of Albertson’s. In the year 1919, Davis had purchased the George C Shaw Company and made it a subsidiary of Brockton Public Market or commonly known as BPM. As the company continued to grow, it was decided that a central warehouse would be very much needed for the two companies, without a doubt. In the year 1961, a warehouse in Brockton was therefore purchased as well.

In the year 1965, the company founder had begun to expand northward, into New Hampshire as well. This expansion was combined with BPM's growth as well, in southern Massachusetts, USA, had moved the companies to build a distribution centre in the year 1972 in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA. During the year 1980s, a warehouse was made in Wells, Maine, USA and in the year 1991, Shaw's had opened a new distribution facility for perishable food items as well in Methuen, Massachusetts, USA. In the year 1978, BPM stores in Massachusetts had become Shaw's Supermarkets as well, in order to maximize advertising. It was the very first step towards merging the two companies together. Then in the year 1983, J Sainsbury PLC - the UK's largest supermarket group, had purchased 21 per cent of the company's outstanding stock. Again in the year 1987, Sainsbury's had acquired the controlling interest in the company too. In the year 1995, the company had entered the Connecticut market, by opening almost five stores. The next year, Sainsbury had purchased 12 former Edwards supermarkets and two future sites from Royal Ahold as well. During the year 1999, the company had made its most significant take over by acquiring the Star Market chain. Star Market had always been owned by Investcorp, which in turn had purchased the chain from American Stores in the year 1994. American Stores had acquired Star Market through its hostile takeover of the Jewel Companies as well. As of the year 2004, J Sainsbury had sold the company to Albertsons for about $2.4 billion. Finally, as of the year 2009, Shaw's closed its Bristol and Shelton, Connecticut stores. The company had also closed stores in Gorham, New Hampshire, and Bangor, Maine, USA. The most significant round of closings was in the year 2010. There was also a recent series of closings was in the year 2011. After the closures, the company was left with just 169 stores. As of the year 2012, Shaw's and its then-parent company, SuperValu, announced that Shaw's would sack 700 employees as well. In the year 2013, Cerberus Capital Management had announced to acquire 877 stores in the Albertsons, ACME, Jewel-Osco, and Shaw's and Star Market chains from the company, SuperValu for almost $100 million and also taking over of $3.2 billion on SuperValu debt as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 750 West Center Street. The name of the place is West Bridgewater, while the name of the state is Massachusetts, USA. The pin code of the area is 02379.


Shaw’s is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of consumer and household products, with the help of its supermarket chains, all over the USA. As of the current date, the company has 133 stores operating under it. The current CEO of the company is Paul D Gossett. As of the current date, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 265,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of products that are sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include bakery, snacks, sushi, grocery, frozen foods, liquor, meat, etcetera.

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  • Mary says:

    It’s pretty sad when a big corporation like Shaws does not have a means for emails. The last 2 times I have purchased the Signature 20oz white bread,it had a middle swirl of what looks to be wheat bread. It appears to me whatever company they have making the bread is not cleaning out the machines they use. This is not a store issue. However I am taking this to the store so they are aware,and perhaps they can show you what I am talking about.

  • Carol says:

    I shop at the Shaws, Dartmouth MA and this is not the first complaint I’ve had with them and had stopped going there but then decided to return. Well, I guess things have not changed much. I went to the deli to get sliced cheese and the gentleman got a fresh package and opened it up, sliced the cheese for me and when he had it on the scale, I could see some red on the cheese, I inquired what it was and he said it was ham.( I thought they had just a cheese slicer). I informed him I didn’t want it, so he asked if I wanted him to slice more on another machine and I said yes. Well, I opened the package to use some cheese and there was something else on the cheese (I guess the other machine was still dirty from something else). I did not go back because I will throw it away. Again, today I went to open a package of Special K red berries cereal and then I noticed that the box had cuts on it and when I opened the box the inside package had also been sliced, of course I will throw this away also. Your employees should be checking when opening boxes with a box cutter to be sure it did not damage the box. I don’t have the time to keep going back because of all the issues at Shaws. I spend more time returning to the store because of things like this and getting overcharged for different things. Also, lately every time I go the shelves are not stocked, so I have to still go to another store for what need I will have to find another store to shop at then I will only need one store. Something has to change at this store.

  • Anna Dye says:

    The other day while I was shopping at Shaw’s in Middletown, Rhode Island, a woman was holding her small dog and shopping in the produce section touching produce while holding her dirty looking dog. It was disturbing to think that she’s handling produce with her dirty hands that people buy. The store has a sign posted that only service dogs are allowed. I spoke to a manager and expressed my shock and disgust that no one said anything to her and allowed her to shop. His comment was that she always comes in with her dog and the manager did absolutely NOTHING! I spoke to the cashier and apparently other incidences like this have happened there. She said once a young man came in with three dogs in a shopping cart. Imagine that their dirty bottoms were rubbing all over the inside of a cart that customers use to shop with. I am going to report this incident to the RI Department of Health. What they’re allowing in that store is totally unacceptable!!!!

  • Nancy Wiggs says:

    I was shopping at the Mansfield store and while I was passing through the organic section, I witnessed one employee getting verbally assaulted by another employee. After she walked away, I asked the employee if they were okay and what the name of said employee was so that I may report said incident. The employee stated that the woman yelling at them was their store manager. The tone and the verbiage of this manager was appalling. Employees should not be subject to such condescending and unprofessional behavior.

  • Peter Smith says:

    What are you trying to do to the Sudbury Shaw’s location. More and more items in the are not available in this store. W/E 4/30 buy 5 special did not have a number of items that sold in this store recently. They are being replaced by more “Signature brand items”.

  • Trina says:

    HR took all are names and a count of how many people down for who wanted to get the COVID shot .They made sound like they were give us them first before customers.Many of us put off getting them because of this ,many are mad the way this when down feel like not important because,all the shots are now going to customer.Where is the integrity in that?

  • Nancy larsen says:

    I work for Shaws Augusta Maine was slated for the DUG program I also work deli, seafood, produce, front end pretty much work 2nd shift 2-9 pm gathering orders ready for pick up during evening hours an associate and I would deliver the order feeling safe in 2’s I was informed that only 1 person could preform that I spoke with John McKensie and said that was confirmed by management I really voiced my concerns about saftey as there is no cameras in the parking lot and after dark was a safety concern I was taken off the DUG program as a result

  • Sarah says:

    No masks were required, despite city ordinance, in the Nashua Shaw’s. Manager didn’t care. We are in the middle of a pandemic.

  • Ed Ortiz says:

    I’m tired of going to different shaws to buy ice creams or frozen Iceies and it melted and refroze again u need to fix this issue

  • Bernadette Toth says:

    Today, 05/03/2020, I specifically went to Shaws which I don’t usually but was really looking forward to the Monopoly tickets. Didnmy purchase and was waiting for my tickets when I was told they were out. OUT!? Really?

    I just saw on facebook for Shaw’s savings that a women received 1000s of Monopoly tickets for free but there was none at our Shaw’s! So disappointed in Shaws!

  • CJ says:

    Shaw’s on Belmont st in Brockton is an amazing store. My husband has been doing the shopping during quarantine and we haven’t had decent food. Other stores around us have nothing. I have been telling him how amazing this store is and he finally listened and now we have plenty of great food! This store is always clean, the set up is terrific and the shelves are always stocked and fronted. Terrific meats and produce too! And it might sound silly but I even love the shopping carts lol
    We have 3 other grocery stores within a mile or less of our home but I’ll always drive the 15-20 minutes to shop this Shaw’s. Kudos to management and to corporate for hiring them!

  • Roger says:

    I just read an article about your store in Barrington, RI. I was a resident of RI for many years an still return to the state from time to time. I always found SHAWS to have good product. That is why I’m so appalled at what I just read. It is awful in the way that cashier treated her bagger that has a physical handicap. It also was appalling that the manager did not take the appropriate action. There are laws against this type of behavior. As the corporate office action must be taken to remedy your problem moving the bagger to a different line doesn’t fix the problem. This could lead to legal action if the individual talks to the right person and your stores reputation is a stake

  • Bonnie says:

    I shop at the Weymouth Shaw’s there are no hand wipes or anyone there to wipe down carts!! WHY?? Other stores have protection for customer and employees.

    • Gary brown says:

      Hey Bonnie I can one-up you on that one down here in Gloucester Mass I have had two different encounters with moron workers so the first time I was walking down the Nile and I asked a kid that was working there if you could move and give me my space he refused I said it a second time he says I’m working finally I told him to get out of the way before I punch him in the f****** head guess that got their attention by the time I walk out the front doors after I was done shopping there was two cops cars there to meet me and give me a hard time and then I had another incident tonight I went to the Shaw’s on Railroad Ave in Gloucester Mass first I am counted to younger people in the late twenties without mask also not to sound racist but they were not American I said something they look at me like I had three heads and then I walked away from there and I walked into two other people they must have all been together and I said time pay them and then I go on my way from the meat department to the produce and there is a man working there put away vegetables non package look like okra at is macdon around his neck I said something the manager came over after I requested and I said something to him about it he said well you said something to him right he’s wearing it now how long did he go without wearing it until I seen him kind of manager was a little wiseass the same one that called the cops on me a few days before and then I said well I’ll just call the freaking health department and his response was oh I would like to see you try so I’m going to try and I’m going to go to the corporate offices I actually hope this gets to the corporate offices I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way bunch of assholes taking other people’s life into their hand and they said they couldn’t do nothing about the no mask on the people tonight spend a loss and Wednesday no match no service

  • Jean says:

    took advantage of Shaws 7-9 thursday for the elderly…what a joke that was..nothing left in the store worth purchasing..and what was left was a week old..why you don’t allow the elderly to do a Friday morning when the shelves are stocked and able to take advantage of the weekend sales is beyond me..we are on a fixed income and the sales prices do help immensely..instead we are faced with nothing on the shelves and purchases so old that within a day you will be throwing most of it out….I just don’t understand it..are we to thank you for your inconsideration and quite obviously not much thought to this…this is the only grocery store in this town so alot of people depend on it..

    • Moca66 says:

      I did the same, the stockers was stocking some food, but i noticed the prices are much higher. Why take advantage of this bad situation were in has a nation and use that. We should all come together not take advantage. I went in on Tuesday early morning that doesnt make sense because i still see people shopping at all ages.

  • Carol Constantino says:

    I wanted to comment on the fact that you are not protecting your employees. No gloves no N-95 masks . You won’t have them long as they will show up with the virus. We need food so I hope you take this seriously.

    • Moca66 says:

      I called the store manager about this because i was concerned when i was cashing out. She told me its up to the cashiers if they want to wear gloves or mask, they cant bag our items but they can scan our items with no protection and give our receipts doesnt make sense.

  • CHARLENE says:

    Hello Shaws,
    Would you consider during this crisis to open up at 6 am to allow anybody 60 years or older to shop for 1 hour? People over 60 are more susceptible to the coronavirus. Stop & Shop are starting on Thursday from 6am-7:30am for people over 60 years old.

    • Carol Constantino says:

      Stop and shop did it and I went. It was packed . Only one cashier on duty and four non supervised self check out . Wall to wall old people and no distancing ?

  • Karen says:

    Shaw’s in Milford, MA
    Store Manager Jim Burns extremely rude. I was buying 6 cases of water. A set for myself, and a set for my friend who is disabled in assisted living. He immediately comes up to me and advises there is a 3 case limit. I advised him that I have bought this quite a few times before, and the cashier rings in 3 cases, I pay and then she/he rings in 3 more and I pay. He rudely said “Apparently you can’t read.” I was appalled at such a disgraceful and disrespectful comment. I then asked his name and told him I would be calling corporate, which he said, “Go for it.” Upon following me to the register line, continuing to berate me, I told him that my mother worked there for nearly 30 years, back when Iandoli’s first was there and Shaw’s took over, and this was NOT the Shaw’s it once was if they have people like him managing a store. The people in nearby lines were watching as he continued to humiliate me, saying “You are greedy taking 6 cases and not leaving any for others.” I should note they created a 10ftx10ft mountain of water. I told him I felt bad for the employees who work for him. His last words to me was “Get out of here.” The man behind me happened to be someone from my town I went to school with. He couldn’t believe how rude and unprofessional this guy was. When I checked out, there was no problem with the cashier. But I did say something to the employee who appeared to be supervising the checkouts. I said, “You have my sympathy working for that jerk.” I was met with “Who Jim?” Guess he has a reputation among employees.

  • Dartmouth MA customer says:

    Shaw’s in Dartmouth..
    Why do I have to bagged my groceries when there is 2 or more managers talking? Maybe only have one manager and have an extra bagger.. getting tired of spending a lot of money and have to their JOB!!! Nice that Shaw’s pays the managers just to stand and talk.. ( most of the time they are talking about their lives or an employee that didn’t show up) very unprofessional., Shaw’s corporate please do something about this!!!

  • Robert S Smith, MD says:

    Marie’s and Marzetti salad dressings. They can’t get low fat varieties in the E Providence store! can you help? People want low fat options! when I lived in NY I always bought low fat caesar, ranch, etc.

  • Sue says:

    EVERY time I have bought bacon from the Shaw’s in Derby VT, it is borderline rancid. I will NOT try to buy anything out of that meat cooler again!

  • Kathy says:

    I too am writing here as I have apparently no other outlet to get your store to take action. Are you aware you have a store in Colchester, VT which is mishandling food? That is violating policy and procedure for appropriate cold food storage control? In the past three weeks I have encountered yogurt at this location which is beyond expired, as in Nov and early Dec! I pull them out, place them on the floor, report this issue to your store manager, however the same, yes I said the same yogurt mysteriously re-appears in the same cooler! Yes, I know its the same EXPIRED container as I have begun to mark them! Today was the third time I have encountered this. Again I reported it to the store manager who was fairly dismissive. It appears that your store is working hard to intentionally make customers SICK!! I have filed a complaint with the VT Department of Health now since your store does not seem eager to address the issue!

  • Josie says:

    Bought a beef tenderloin the day after Xmas. Really looking forward to having it the next day. The smell when I removed the wrapping was pure bad. Drove my eight miles to return it, did not have the receipt, but it had the Shaw’s wrapping and price, which was not cheap. Could not receive my money only a Shaw’s gift card. Don’t ever plan on returning to the store, as it’s not the first time I’ve got bad meat. Glad I was able to get half my money from someone for it.

  • Fed Up Customer says:

    Your Just For U emails are broken and so is the website. A drop down window appears and you have to choose which store you use. That window brings up a page that states the website can’t be reached. It prevents you from visiting the site at all. I tried to get into your other website and the same thing happened. Just for U is on big PIA. Bring back the cards to scan at the register. Having to click on coupons to get the deal at the register is a massive time waster. Now that I can’t click on the coupons, I will go shop at Stop and Shop right across the street. They still scan a card and they don’t waste my time.

  • Anonymous says:

    SHAWS at 320 WARWICK AVENUE Warwick RI has a big guy who refused to give me a refund for contaminated wafers and rice can you have him fired immediately ask a lady employee to eat the vanilla wafers in a yellow pack their disgusting

  • Sheila Anthony says:

    I am writing this into the comments section because I seem to have NO other outlet. On February first I injured my Index finger on my right hand (I am right handed) on a grocery cart trying to unhook one from the others. I went to customer service to make a complaint about this and the woman behind the counter called the manager of the store so I could tell him what happened. I showed him my finger and he apologized to me for this accident, telling me the boy who was supposed to do the carts did not show up for work and he had to hire someone new. At that time he went and spoke to the new hire. The girl at the counter said if my finger did not get better to come back and fill out an accident report, which I did on February fifth. An Asst Mgr filled it out (did not give me a copy) and said someone would call me. I had been to quick care to have my finger looked at and x-rayed given medication and a split was put on my finger, since then I have been back to the Dr. because of the pain and swelling, gone to an orthopedic Dr. and sent for therapy to try to get my range of motion back. I am working on this. The woman who handles accident reports called me asked a few questions and said she would get back to me within 30 to 45 days. I called her last week because I remembered what the Manager of Nashua NH (Royal Ridge) said to me when I spoke to him. Her comment before this conversation was do you want $100? I am without the use of my finger at this time and have not heard from her since. Doesn’t anyone there care. I have ALL the paperwork about my treatments, etc. If anyone would like to see them, evidently the claims woman doesn’t.

  • Kelly Pike says:

    Never visit north Dartmouth ma location! Rude cashier’s and actually robbered since cashier took my coupons bit didn’t scan. Cost me over $80

  • Nicole says:

    Many of the employees at Shaw’s Royal Ridge in Nashua, NH are incredibly rude and/or lazy. (On top of that, the place is none too clean–particularly the seafood section.) Since I have not experienced these problems at any other Shaws, I think that the problem at this location starts at the top, with the store manager (who is also rather rude).

  • Jason says:

    Once again Peterborough nh shaws has expired food on the shelves. This has happened so many times at this location. This time it’s Alfredo sauce and year expired, brownie mix before this 2 years expired, box of slim jims before that a year expired. I paid $45.00 for a $2.99 loaf of mislabeled garlic bread, it’s a good thing I looked before I put it in the oven. This location is horrible.

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