Where is SharkNinja Corporate office Headquarters

Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 89 A St #100, Needham, MA 02494, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 617 243 0235
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 400
  • Established: 1993
  • Founder: Mark Rosenzweig
  • Key People: Mark Barrocas

Headquarters Location & Directions

Headquarters Executive Team



Mark Rosenzweig


Mark Barrocas


Tom Brown

President, UK & Europe

Neil Shah

Chief Commercial Officer, EVP

Pedro J. Lopez-Baldrich

Chief Legal Officer, EVP

David Stevenson

Chief Financial Officer, EVP

Sanjeev Sobti

Chief Information Officer, SVP

Christine Kinahan

Chief People Officer, EVP

About History and Headquarters Information

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  • Barry Brice says:

    I live in Hawaii and have called customer service for over 30 days with help with a broken product. IT broke the first time it was used following the included instructions. I have 3 different service tickets that supposedly were all escalated to a more serious issue due to living in Hawaii. I have not once received a promised return phone call to handle this issue. I have asked for a supervisor with my most recent call today, and I was told there were none on duty at 2pm (EST) by an operator that only gave me his first name “Alex” and said that was enough, he did not need to give me an employee number or anything else. I was told last week that all supervisors go home at 6pm (EST). My advice is if you live in Hawaii or any other place that Ninja doesn’t ship to, do not buy Ninja products. I’ve wasted $335.00 and now due to these delays I can’t even return it to the Amazon seller. My next call will be to the Hawaii AG’s office.

  • wayne hibbard says:

    I bought a ninja vortex vacuum with a promo code for$150.00 they wont apply it to my purchase what a rip off

  • ZEHRA MANDAN says:

    For all our consumers, we’re in pursuit of extreme delight, inspired personal achievement and unwavering trust. Your statement. Yet the above is woefully incorrect as your customer service is the worst I’ve encountered. Your products, your reputation as a global leader is diminished by the very people in your mission statement. Is there adequate training provided. The calls are recorded but does anyone monitor the interactions. How on earth are these people even employed by a company such as yours. I’m not expecting a response as per my experience lately and I’m very sure neither your stocks/shares will be affected but please read the reviews and implement changes

  • DR. C says:

    I purchased Foodi Ninja pots. They are supposed to be nonstick. However, the pots do not stick, they chipped as well. I contacted the company and they refuse to honor their 10-year warranty. They attempted to say that I have an account with them in collections. However, I do not have an account. I never received the item that I ordered approximately 6 years ago. They are supposed to honor their warranty. I filed a formal complaint with the FTC.

  • James R Fahs says:

    The ninja woodfire grill is a totally deceiving name. I cook with wood and this product does not ,it only flavors with wood pellets. Therefore the name is a lie. Why do you try and fool people with the name. I watched the infomercial for it thinking you cooked with wood only to find out it uses electricity to cook with . A total lie .please let me know why

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