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  • Address: 89 A Street Suite 100, Needham, MA 02494, United States
  • Phone Number: (617) 243-0235
  • Fax Number: (617) 243-0778
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  5000
  • Established: 2003
  • Founder: Mark Rosenweig
  • Key People: Mark Rosenweig, CEO)

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  • Sheryn Panfil says:

    My name is Sheryn Panfil, and I wanted to thank you for continuing the production of the Shark Navigator UV440!
    I’m the proud owner of (WOB) of AZ&Z Cleaning Services LLC, in Chicago Il and wanted to let you know, one of the main reasons of our success, is because of the UV440! We’ve advertised our 4x purchase of the model recently on our business FB page.
    The reasonable price of the UV440, allows a small woman owned business to continue to be successful!
    Thank you again,
    Sheryn Panfil
    AZ&Z Cleaning Services, LLC

  • Tom Hagle says:

    I tryed to get have a warranty issue taking care off, I paid for shipping for the new vacuum to be sent out due to them finding it needed to be replaced though a video chat, I was told 3 to 5 business days it would be shipped, now it’s been 4 weeks and still haven’t been shipped!! I reached back out and they admitted it was a error on there end, but they said it would be other 5 days before it will be shipped, I’m not happy what so ever about the customer service I have had, stuff happens but this in unacceptable i have family coming in for the holidays and my floors have been dirty for a month!!! Its not worth dealing with this I won’t buy other shark product after this

    • Malcolm Rooke-Burdon says:

      I am having a similar problem. The unit was replaced under warranty, I received emails giving a FedEx tracking number – FedEx has not received it. I received an email stating that they I had registered the new unit and the warranty was active, I never registered the unit or received it. Shark support are kicking it down the road and somehow the supervisor was not available for a discussion and I had to insist that I would hold until “George” came on the line and told me the system was down.. Maybe a call to the COO Mark Barrocas, Phone Number: (617) 243-0235 and notify him about the problem. The appeasement emails I received from Shark were unhelpful.

  • Tammy & William Bean says:

    I bought the Shark IQ Robot (model # UR1100SRUS) less than two years ago. We have been experiencing problems for a few weeks in which one customer support agent was trying hard to work with us. Once the error 2 (blue flashing clean light, red flashing Dock light and red flashing ! mark). This error means the wheel motor encoder failure has occurred. We did the normal troubleshooting (press each wheel see if it bounces up, turn each wheel, look for anything in the wheel area that may be causing the error). We started it back up and because it took too long before the error occurred then the call was disconnected and I was instructed to call back when it happened again.

    I called back and the next Customer Service person said your warranty is out so we wouldn’t be able to help you with that anyway and to go buy a new one. This didn’t set too well with me that I paid $400 for a product that doesn’t even last 2 years and now you are telling me to go buy another one. Why in the world would I give the company more money for a product that doesn’t even last 2 years. I would appreciate someone helping us make this right. Thank you!

  • Brittany says:

    I received a product to review. The customer service was horrible. I had to call 7 times and was in tears by the time I finally got some to help. I would have returned it if I had bought it. The first person made me sit there for five minutes and listen to them type without being greeted. I asked if they were going to help me and they kept saying one moment they refused to transfer me or give me a supervisor they told me to just hang up then. The second was very rude to me. They asked if I refreshed the website I said I am using the app but have reset my phone. He Interrupted me to say very rudely, can I speak now? When I was answering their question. He then said oh my God in Spanish with attitude. Your call center customer service is the absolute worst I have had to deal with. I am not being dramatic. They will cost you customers. Twice I was muted and never helped. Once the automated system got stuck. All because my email got hung in the system when trying to create an account. If I had not received it for free I would have returned it. I feel you should know because I love your products. I have two vacuums and a robot vacuum. Plus, I love ninja kitchen ware. But you will lose customers based on your customer services reps. The call center you have used is not up to the standards I expected from Shark. I am still in shock over how I was spoken too. One person helped me and was kind. But only because I selected product support vs app support and I told him I received a promotional products to review.

  • Sandra Smith says:

    I bought 2 shark professionals one for me & one for my daughter. They do work well. The biggest flaw is the hose. Where the hose connects to the handle seems to rip/tear which obviously is a problem for suction. I had to resort to duct tape as others have because first I shouldn’t have to spend $80-100 for the handle & hose to replace a defect in design & I wouldn’t be able to get the handle apart to replace just the hose. I wish Shark would fix the hose quality or replace at their cost. Live & learn.

  • Deb says:

    Purchased a Navigator Lift Away. Overall, a good vacuum. Except for the hose. It is too stiff and you can’t go more than 3′ before it pulls the unit over. Who ever designed this model never cleaned a house or the hose would have been better designed.

  • Henrietta Borden says:

    Your handbag is not a
    good buy.

    Does not work

  • Kathy Peel says:

    Hello, my name is Kathy Peel, I commented here on March 24, 2022. I was wandering if you decided if there is something I could do about my Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum. I would appreciate you letting me know if there is a solution. Thank you.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hello, love your vacuums. I’m buying another one online now. It would be nice to have pictures of the bottom of the all the vacuums. The side view of the rollers is ok, but still would like to see the bottoms before buying.

  • Kathy Peel says:

    I purchased the shark rocket corded stick vacuum on April 3rd, 2021. I have used many shark vacuums before. This vacuum didn’t seem to clean or even suck the dirt off the floor. I paid $149.00 for it. After trying many times I decided to take it back to Walmart. I was over the time limit of taking it back, and they could not help me because I could not find my receipt. I was doing spring cleaning and found my receipt. My question , is there any way to get my money back with the receipt I found. I haven’t used it all this time. Please let me know what can be done? Thanks.

  • Susan says:

    I bought a, shark lift away because ofcthe reviews, Loved it! Well made much better than my previous well known brand! For reasons I won’t go into here, my daughter got me another shark a lighter one, because she had just got herself one after using mine (which she loved) she said I needed a lighter one, so got me the one I have now, well its definitely lighter, but I could not be more disappointed if I tried, the light on the front only shines one two sides so misses the middle part, its construction is, in my opinion cheaply made compared to my other one… And when you are hoovering up anything like catlitter or little bit that might be dragged in on your shoes ie mud leaves, it just pushes it around the floor, doesn’t matter if its on lino or carpet… All in all very disappointed with the shark, probably won’t buy another one…

  • Johnny Miller says:

    It would be nice to see an email or phone number where you could talk to a person about your products. Needing a new beater bar for my shark and apparently no onw cares at shark to post a number. What kind of business are you guys running?

  • Al W. says:

    Al W.


    Shark Vacuums
    89 A Street Suite 100
    Needham, Massachusetts 02494

    Dear Shark,
    My name is Al. I am 64 years old and have been married for 45 Years. One of the many reasons my wife and I have been married this long is because from day one, I’ve helped with the housework. We have nearly always had “Fur babies” in and around our home and have lived in all parts of the country. So, you can understand why I have always been particular about the vacuuming and generally do it myself. I have used lots of different vacuums in my time, most of the different brands, present and past I’d say. Certainly, too many to list in this letter.

    NOTHING I have used has ever cleaned like a Shark!

    We currently use the Professional model. It works wonderfully. Admittingly, I go slow enough to allow the vacuum to do it’s work. Of course, I have vacuumed slow with all of the others in the past as well. I really like the headlights, (it helps old farts like me see the floor better).

    It may sound crazy, but, I like to vacuum barefoot. I just like the feel of a clean carpet under my bare feet. Today, while cleaning the carpet with our Shark Professional and feeling the nice clean carpet under my feet, I had a thought…. If folks could feel the nice clean carpet under THEIR feet… they would all be using a Shark.

    Hence the challenge. I personally challenge everyone who uses a vacuum to try it barefoot. If you cannot feel the difference in the carpet as and after you vacuum… YOU NEED A SHARK VACUUM.
    Thank you for making such a great product, (that is hard to find these days).


  • Brandi Fuentes says:

    I am getting ready to contact corporate, this is complete B.S! I own 6 shark vacuums. 1 navigator, 2 Rotators, 2 lift away due clean and the Apex. I also own the shark steam mop. Up until today I obviously have been quite pleased with shark and when I had my cleaning business I actually convinced 90% of my clients to purchase shark vacuums, the quality was amazing and the customer service was even better! I would often get responses such as “I am not spending that much money on a vacuum cleaner” as to which I would reply “You get what you pay for! On top of that Shark 100% stands behind their products!” BOOM sold! In the past yes I have had problems with my vacuums, just like anything else nothing is perfect. Would take 1 phone call to Shark and just as I mentioned above they stood behind their product! You may be asking yourself why I own so many vacuum cleaners, well please let me explain. I have Spina Bifida and live in a 3 story home. My first vacuum was the Rotater my second was the navigator. Having spinal problems means I cannot lift or push anything real heavy so I kept a vacuum on each level of my previous home. We bought our new home and as a housewarming gift my mother bought me the duo clean. I seen the difference in weight and purchased my second duo clean. 2 years ago I bought the apex as a birthday gift to myself. I gifted one of my rotators to my sister. Now here’s where the problem begins. The clip that attaches to the handle of my navigator broke, didn’t worry to much because I had several others. Then my apex started making random noises when the brush turns. Again I wasn’t in a hurry to call because I still was able to have a vacuum on each level. Now anyone that has owned a duo clean can testify that yes it’s a great vacuum however the hose above the head until tends to melt. Shark has replaced both head units no problem. However now both of my duo’s have melted hoses I just got off the phone with customer service which by the way took them 4 days to call me back. And I was told that the noise coming from my head unit is “normal wear and tear” and I can purchase another one uuummmm what? So you mean to tell me that I spent close to $500.00 on a vacuum and there is a problem with the motor (yes I can take apart any shark vacuum and usually fix them within a matter of seconds! So yes I already knew it was the motor) so again please explain to me 1 when exactly did Shark stop standing behind their products? 2 when did customer service became such a hassle? 3 how exactly is a “motor problem” normal wear and tear? This is absolutely unacceptable! And what ever lady I spoke to must be out side her dam mind if she thinks that I am going to pay for another head unit after I already paid close to $500.00 for my vacuum! Now I will say this, I told the customer service lady this and I will say it here because I do actually stand by my word, if this company does not stand behind their products any longer I will purchase absolutely nothing else from them! As well as I will be calling all 287 of my clients and letting them know that this company no longer backs their products.

  • Anna J. King says:

    I have a Shark Professional Rotator and need it repaired. I like it, but lately it is working on and off, while completely plugged in it stops working the motor goes in and out . No one repairs it. How can I know if this is under warranty yet ?Please get back to me, maybe someone in bergen county can take a look at it ?

  • Shelby Rena Torres says:

    I have a cleaning company. I sword by this product because the first one I used was amazing. I started off with the blue rocket shark vac. It worked great but the head broke after 8 months . I replaced it with the red rocket vac I had it for a month and the clip that holds the head broke. I bought the purple vac I’ve had it for 2 weeks and it stopped working out of no where today 😳
    What the heck ! Each one cost more then the one before? Now Im just sad with not only the quality of the product but with how each one just went from bad to worse the more expansive the vac got, and died or broke quicker then the first one I bought.

  • Patti Motter says:

    I within the last week have purchased a model LZ602 and it is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent! I went from Dyson to Shark and loved them not anymore this one is HORRIBLE I have to keep going over the same area because it throws everything back behind it! I am going on social media and SCREAMING a warning Not to buy this product!!!!!!

  • Lu Ann Martincic says:

    HORRIBLE customer service sucked vacuum sucks I owned it for 2 months the power head froze up I was informed it was not covered under warranty so I would have to pay for a new one. This vacuum was used maybe 10 times I suggest No one purchase the Shark rocket pro vacuum waste of 200 bucks!!!

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