Where is Shari's Berries Corporate office Headquarters

Shari's Berries Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4830 Eastgate Mall
    San Diego, CA 92121
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 877-237-7437
  • Fax Number: 916-435-8720
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: Shari Fitzpatrick
  • Key People: Kevin Beresford

Shari's Berries Headquarters Location & Directions

Shari's Berries Headquarters Executive Team



Kevin Beresford

Chief Executive Officer and President

Shari Fitzpatrick


About Shari's Berries, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Jeff Graves says:

    This for Sharis Berries Corp Office ! I can’t believe how you guy’s run your bussiness. I have done bussiness with alot of companies in my day but you guy’s take the cake. Your customers service is one of the worst in the business. I placed a order for 12 berries to be delivered to my mother for Mother day ! I paid for them on my cash card after I order I never got my email showing my order like they said ! I called back the next day ! And 2 hours they found my order and it was for some cookies ! I told them that is not what I order that I order the berries ! So I said just change them to berries and ship them. They said no I went around and around with because it was there mistake now my mother want get anything for Mother day because they have my money and everything ! I going to call Hannity , all the radios station and tell them about how you guys have treated a very hard-working person out of this money. This is no way to do bussiness want even stand up and do the wright thing. I would do bussiness with them because if your like me dont have alot of money these companies will roll you up and dont care about a thing so watch it or you will be like me.. With out both money and berries . what a disappoint !

  • Kathleen Ball says:

    terrible terrible customer service. Over 2 hours on the phone with customer service to place 2 orders. Those answering the phone are not in the USA. They do not understand English or speak English well enough to understand. I only placed 2 orders because of a gift card we were given by a company. I will NEVER EVER order from Sherri’s Berries, EVER. Then I was charged double on the charge card for the amount over the gift card. Funny of 3 people I talked to NO ONE knows the corporate phone number for Sherri’s Berries. This is no way to run a company

    • Pat M says:

      Kathleen, I had same problem as you. Placing order was extremely difficult. Could not understand customer service reps. I found out that Shari’s is owned by FTD Flowers Corp # is 630-719-7800. Shari’s # is 858-729-2800.

  • Susan Arcuri says:

    I bought a box of chocolates not to long ago. I got them in the mail and I opened the box and the chocolates were melted on the paper. I would like a refund. I paid a lot for this box of candy. Plus, I had to pay shipping and handling for this also. I would like a check for $ 36.45. That is what I paid for them and shipping. Please e-mail me and let me know when I will get my check. Thankyou. Susan Arcuri.

    • Kathleen Ball says:

      Susan – curiously did you ever get a response from Sherri’s Berries. I spent over 2 hours trying to place 2 orders. I will never ever order from them again. Only did it this time because my husband was given a $50 gift card and thought I’d send our daughter and daughter-in-law some gourmet berries for Mother’s Day. No one in customer services seems to have a phone number for the corporate office, which seems very strange to me.

  • Cliff Ellison says:

    Mr, Kevin Beresford & Shari Fitzpatrick

    When placing orders on special occasions I have always received very large and succulent strawberries. Rush Limbaugh highly recommends Sheri’s Berries but after what my wife has just received for Valentines Day was a big-big disappointment. I am sending photos so you can see first hand what the quality of your fabulous berries looked like. I sure hope all of the other orders that were sent out do not look like this. Other wise your customer base will shrink very quickly. I hope this complaint doesn’t get swept under the carpet like a lot of complaint do.

    I have been instructed to send photos to

  • Kathy Levengood says:

    Mr Kevin Beresford CEO, My txt us regarding a over 120.00 delivery fee was on end if my order. Thank goodness I then called before I confirm ask call center person that was very hard to understand my issue. He cont. repeating why delivery prices may vary . Hello I order your special on tv 6 berries add roses for 19.99 . 40.00 , taxes and delivery 5.10 taxes, 14.99 delivery. I did the math. But bill to confirm was 159.00 . Tried to ask him multiple times didn’t ever get it. Work in a hospital hard to use phone. Hung up called again. Same . Then I txt. Heard from someone assured me would find out anything on Monday. Later I (left my home number) While Work I a person I called for seemed excessive repeating I DID NOT CONFIRM NO ORDER NUMBER. After speaking with this person she said the total with all fees was 59.00 I told her I know. I’ve ordered many in past &! Always great. Again told her not point . 14.99 4.99 times, you get amt. I gave her name and address to deliver to then my info. I said no not ordering now, had to go with plan B. Then this rude person ask my why I was even calling if I didn’t confirm transaction it pay . I explained this was COUSTMER SERVICE TO MAKE IT RIGHT in some sorta satisfaction that would order again. She said don’t order . I explain she was not being even courteous. And I’d ask my coworkers, family, and friends if this happened to any of them . And my hospital CEO, CNO, said yes and they were never ordering again. My concerns were it’s for my granddaughter since her 1st til 4th. VALENTINE! This is it MY PRECIOUS LIL GIRL. This rude female said go somewhere else if I wasn’t ordering now! I work for one of America’s largest corporations with all sorts of different dept. our mission is THE CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT AND TREATED WITH DIGNITY. I was not . Has been disappointing. Now my lil grand gets cupcakes! I could care less if it were for any other person except Audrey’. I’d appreciate your attention in this matter. I hated this happening And disappointed a 5 year old grand baby. Thx Kathy Levengood 7275424310

  • Donna Smithberger says:

    First, let me start by telling you that your product is delicious and I’ve always been satisfied when I have received Sheri’s Berries as a gift. Unfortunately, this morning, January 22, 2019, I proceeded to call the 877-318-2195 number to place an order for my mother’s 83rd birthday and was extremely disappointed with the ordering process. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to place an order that should have taken no longer than 10 minutes. I spoke with Jessa (I believe that was her name), her English was less than average. She had an extremely hard time taking the order, proper spelling, and understanding simple address format. I requested to speak to her supervisor at least 5 times, she told me that the supervisor was on another call and she could handle the order. After one hour of frustration, I finally insisted that I speak with her supervisor, at which time Paul came on the line and was able to correct the order, which by the way was being shipped to me and not my mother who lives in Tennessee. At this point, Paul revised the order and I believe it will be on its way to her.

    I’m in the hospitality industry and understand that excellent customer service is a key component to having guest return to our hotel, just as I’m sure you would want to know about how your customers are being treated so they continue to order your products.

    Thank you in advance for hearing my frustrations with placing my order and the customer service that I received today.


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