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  • Address: #301, 225 Varick St, New York, NY 10014, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 646-747-7200

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 2004

  • Founder: Daniel Meyer

  • Key People: Randy Garutti (CEO)

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Randall J. Garutti

CEO & Director

Daniel Harris Meyer

Founder & Chairman

Tara M. Comonte

Chief Financial Officer

About Shake Shack, History and Headquarters Information


Shake Shack was founded in the year 2004. The company has been operational for over 15 years now. The founder of the company was Danny Meyer. During the year 2000, Medison Square Park was getting rebuilt by New York City, which had been experiencing a state of misuse and disrepair. Therefore, as a part of the redevelopment of the park, Danny Meyer had led the creation of the Madison Square Park Conservancy, for its reconstruction. In the year 2004, the city started taking bids for opening a new restaurant in the park with style like a Kiosk. Therefore, Shake Shack was opened in the year 2004, by Danny Meyer. The company was not designed to be a chain of shops from the beginning, as it was only intended to be a single shop. But, since the opening of the store, the idea had proved to be successful and the revenue of the company, on an annual average basis was more than $4 million.

Then in the year 2010, the company had opened its first restaurant outside of the New York City, at Miami Beach, USA. The same year, more restaurants had opened in the Theater District and also the Upper East Side of the New York City. The following year, the company had collaborated with MTA in order to open a new restaurant location in the lower level area of the Grand Central Terminal. The restaurant was opened by the year 2013. The same year, the company had opened its first airport restaurant, located at the JFK Airport Terminal. By the year 2014, the company had its stores operating in places like California, Florida, Washington, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, etcetera. The company had filed for its first IPO or Initial Public Offering in the year 2015. The next year, the company planned to start room service at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. The same year, the company had opened its first restaurant in Texas, USA, inside the Galleria. This was followed by more stores in the next couple of years, including Detroit, North Carolina, San Diego, etcetera. As of the year 2018, the company was reportedly opening a new store in Singapore, by the year 2019. The company also has its presence in various international markets as well, such as Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Cardiff, Singapore and Manila, Riyadh, Istanbul and other countries as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 24 Union Square East 5th Floor. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code of the area is 10003.


Shake Shack is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes to its customers. The company currently has its presence in over 130 locations domestically and more than 70 locations internationally. The current CEO of the company is Randy Garutti. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $358.8 million. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 4,440.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food recipes and dishes, that are prepared by the restaurants operating under the company. The products of the company include hamburgers, french fries, custards, milkshakes, hot dogs, beer, wine, etcetera.

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  • G F says:

    The Shake Shack store at Westbury Plaza(Gallery), does not follow their own opening and closing policy because the managers and crew always in a rush to get off work, hence disappointing customers that arrive a few minutes before closing.On July 22, 2023 I entered the store at 10:53 PM, attempted to purchase food but was told that I could not order because they were closed.I observed workers cleaning the store, while customers were still inside, including myself, they should seriously abide by their opening and closing policy.

  • Su Wong says:

    Recently, at the JFK airport, I ordered burgers and cheese fries, but I got a plain fries.
    As I brought to the server’s attention, the server didn’t even bother to correct the order but instead, she handed me with a tiny container of warm cheese that wasn’t even melted. This shows a poor practice of the company that makes such a good burger.

  • Never again am I going to Shake Shack says:

    Shake Shack on Fulton Street, downtown Brooklyn is by far the worst I have visited. I am sorry to stereotype but the entire staff is ghetto. There was excessive talking, laughter and playing over people’s food. It sounded like a fish market. To top it off all the guys the crack of their butts were visible, very unsanitary and disgusting. I asked a guy who was the manager and he said he was, I told him there is too much talking over people’s food and they were not wearing any covering. He went back and told the two girls what I said, they both were giving me dirty looks and talking about me. It is obvious he had no control over his staff. Corporate can’t be reached.

  • Adrienne Idibouo says:

    Trying to get a contact with the home office for about a week

  • Ann says:

    I have received over 5 emails today someone has logged onto my account. I have not used in over 2 years please delete my account asap. Your data base has been hacked. Ann

  • ARW says:

    Just recently introduced to the shake shack… Without out the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t fucking believe that it’s that good. Your milkshakes of course are amazing. Your french fries suck. And when I asked them to cut my sandwich in half, they don’t have knives in back for the chefs to be able to do that. What’s wrong with you people??. And no relish for the hotdogs. You need to fire your managers and start over again. But don’t you dare change anything about those chicken sandwiches.

  • Philip says:

    The French fries suck , if you guys had better French fries you would triple your business. If you wanna hire me / nino405@icloud.com !!!!! Great ideas 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • TL says:

    You need to discontinue your support of Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls because of that company’s support of the whack job, far right conspiracy theorist State Sen. Doug Mastriano. He’s a dangerous far-right Republican who built a large following seeking to overturn President Joe Biden’s win in Pennsylvania, an is now the GOP nominee for governor. My family will no longer patronize your restaurants until you support Martin’s Potato Rolls.

  • Evalice says:

    First time visiting shake shack at MGM at the National Harbor and had bad and discriminating experience. My husband tried to order and i think that the cashier couldnt hear him, instead of asking to repeat the order, he asked us if we are spanish or chinese. I feel that question is so unnecessary for someone that is in customer service.

  • Teresa Musselman says:

    I am writing to complain about your use of Martin’s potato rolls. I am sure you are aware of Mr. Martin’s support of Doug Mastriano for governor of Pennsylvania. I would urge you to find a new supplier, as this company’s support for Mastriano’s blatant denial of separation of church and state, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and ending the peaceful transfer of power and denying the right of Americans to vote for the candidate of their choice is totally unacceptable. I am among many who will no longer eat at Shake Shack.

  • Mary Barnes says:

    PLEASE stop serving Martin’s potato rolls. The company is anti-American in supporting Mastriano in Pennsylvania. Yes, the money he receives comes from your company selling their products.

  • Ken Moffatt says:

    Saw the feed back from woke mob.im so tired of the slime on the left demanding a boycott of Martin buns.
    Tell them to go to hell

  • Lance Benson says:

    The Manager Gwen addressed our concerns and went way above and beyond to make our situation and meal outstanding!!! Turned out to be awesome burger and best customer service I have seen in a while. Thank you Gwen.

  • Guest says:

    The Maple Grove MN location is a joke!! Manager chatting with the girls, the other staff moving as slow as possible and we have waited 35 minutes inside and still no food.

  • YM says:

    Just had a racist encounter at a shake shack location in NY. 2 employees refused to take my order because of my ethnicity. The first employee commented the minute I walked in the door shouting out to her co workers that she does not serve ……..people crossed her arms and then turned her back on me and shouted out if any one serves ……..peoples, to come take my order. 2nd one walked by me and said same thing. Nope i don’t serve ….. people and kept on walking. They had to call someone that was doing something else to leave what they were doing , to come take my order. Wish Corporate would contact me…… but they wont.

  • A pissed of parent says:

    Shake shack boca raton is the worst it’s sad how they allow managers to nik pick with the employees then when they stand up for themselves they are punished I didn’t know what or who to report to because it’s pointless to contact them they don’t do anything but my child has been harassed and nobody has done anything about it so I’ll be going to any and everyone who wants to hear our story she will not be silenced Marcus has always targeted her and he will be handled accordingly

  • Chris Whithorn says:

    I was an employee of the West Hollywood ca original crew. So my friend got me the interview to get the job and I didn’t want to make him feel disappointed in me for having some issues at work, the issues being sexually assaulted by a co-worker Kshawn, which was witnessed by another co-worker, Anthony. Kshawn grabbed me and reached down in my pants and groped me. All three of us were part of the original staff there. I’m pretty sure you can get the last names of the other two employees. I was talking to the new general manager at West Hollywood about this but she went MIA after a few phone calls back and fourth. I’d like compensation of some sort as this incident still haunts me to this day. It isn’t acceptable, I have a legal team that will pursue in my favor and start the proceedings to file for a claim in court if this email does not receive a response in the next 7 business days.
    Thank you
    Christopher Martin Whithorn

  • Paddric says:

    I just visited the location in San mateo CA, and was told that they were not accepting cash as payment. I can’t believe it, what restaurant doesn’t take cash. I asked the Manger for his mangers number and he just disappeared in to the back and didn’t return.

  • Sonya Farley says:

    Shake shack as not paid my granddaughter who’s African American. But she took pictures of her counterparts check stubs. And clearly they have been paid. Missing check for 4 weeks. And they have told her, her check was on its way.

  • Christopher copping says:

    Horrible experience yesterday at your Boca Raton Florida location. Worker brings food to us. Tips over drink does not offer to refill. Hair in fries. No manager cared or offered to replace. Are you kidding me ????

  • Mike says:

    I was at your store at Pinecrest in Woodmere, OH at 9:00pm on Friday, Jan 28. I am appalled at the staff and lack of management I experienced. There was a line of 8 people waiting to place orders. Nobody was working the cashier/taking orders. We waited over 13 minutes while we watched about 5-6 employees just standing around the back. I demanded to see the manager. They attempted to get the manager but nobody ever appeared. After another 7 minutes of waiting for the manager, I finally left the store and went to Five Guys Burgers. Everyone else in line also left without placing orders. I’m embarrassed for your company. You lost several customers tonight. The entire staff working there tonight deserves to be fired.

  • Brad says:

    Had a terrible experience today the staff was beyond rude … thought it was important for you to know pga mall in Palm beach gardens

  • No name just pay my son says:

    My son works for this company and they are failing to compensate him for his work. I cant find no numbers or email addresses to help my son get compensated. I need help on how and when will my son get his pay check.

  • Ray Short says:

    While in Las Vegas I stopped at the Summerlin, while standing in line waiting to order with my two teenaged children I observed 3 employees preparing food with their face masked down not covering their noses.
    I was asked to order outside because I refuse to wear a mask.

    While sitting outside waiting for our food, the wait proceeded to dump the entire drink tray allover the table, the same waiter who asked me to step outside to take our order.

    I absolutely feel this was deliberate, I then went back inside and kindly asked for my money back and left.

    It’s sad when a business finds it okay to violate my freedom when not practicing the very policy their are trying to enforce.

    Do to this, I will “NEVER” spend another dime at Shake Shack

  • Vincent Carty says:

    Yes my name is Vincent Carty and I have been trying to get in chat touch with Shake shack about a complaint about my food order and no one has gotten back to me it’s really sad that I have to go to a corporate to try to resolve this problem I’ve been a big customer of Shake shack for a very long time and I’m seriously considering not buying your burgers anymore I’m hoping somebody will contact me via phone my number is 917-692-1820

  • Linda Claire Hoechst says:

    I am distressed that your company is not requiring your workers to be vaccinated against COVID19. In establishment that handles food and has close contact with customers vaccination should be paramount. So disappointed. Now that I know this I will no longer be patronizing The Shack.

  • Daniel Foxworth says:

    Working at shake shack was hell no pay check for weeks after waiting a week in the hole sad story I got children and got to eat, I had to quit!

  • Mary Randall says:

    I am applauded at the fact that you have not come out and made a strong statement condemning the heinous act by your employees putting poison, probably bleach in the 3 police officers drinks. By you not standing up and saying how wrong this act of violence was and the employees were not fired or put on leave till you have finished your investigation you are saying to everyone right now who is going along with this Defund the Police nonsense it’s ok to hurt, sicken or kill a law enforcement officer! You and your employees should think about the fact that say 5 minutes after those officers left your restaurant and a robber came in with a gun, who are they going to call for help, Clorox? I think your lack of action in this situation should be addressed immediately and they should be fired. What if one of those officers were your brother, I bet you would have done something already….

    • Michael says:

      First of all, three grown men getting sick from drinking a shake is normal, its not uncommon for an adult to be lactose intolerant. Secondly, they got cleared of the charges, the machine had just been cleaned and hadn’t been wiped away enough before making the shakes. There wasn’t any ill will or intention behind this act. This only made news because it happened to three officers that immediately took it as a personal attack, and jumped to believing the innocent employee who did this was some kind of criminal or deviant. It could’ve happened to anyone.

  • Biteme says:

    You have better deal with this appalling act of poisoning at your shake shack location in manhattan. I will not be doing business with an unsafe establishment that will poison people that they do not agree with.

  • Carleen says:

    Will the corporate office be responding to the story going around that officer’s food was tampered with by putting bleach in their drinks in Manhattan.

  • Elizabeth Charles says:

    Heard about employees from shake shack poisoned NYPD Cops
    Hope they sue the crap out of you.
    Pretty disgusting that you have unethical Idiots working at your establishment. Customers beware this time a cop but it could be you if one decides you looked at him or her funny. Shame on them because this too shall pass and Hopefully you don’t need help from a police officer one day
    Boycott shake shack

  • Laura Zeaman says:

    I commend you for trying to be fair with the money you will be getting from the government. I am worried, however, that those funds will go nowhere. Please, please, please keep the money and, in whatever town/city you have a location, DONATE THOSE FUNDS to a food kitchen, hospital, or any other organization that sorely needs funds and support.

  • Jessalyn Starr says:

    To Mr.Randy Garutti,
    Greetings from Oregon!
    Thank you and your company for returning the money so other small companies might have a chance to survive.That was a pretty big-hearted and generous show of American spirit!
    Oregon has it’s first and only Shake Shack opening soon in Portland I just read. We will for sure drive the distance and enjoy a few meals and remember what this company did, when our state opens up for business again. Thanks again.
    Jessalyn Starr
    Gleneden Beach, OR

  • Melanie Soloman says:

    The apology is worthless. A huge company such as yourself should have been forbidden from seeking taxpayers money through the PPP and your company should have left the funds for the true “small business” owner who needs the money to support him/herself and their small staff. Three large restaurant conglomerates, including Shake Shack, were quickly approved for these loans evidencing their preparedness in completing the application well in advance of opening date to file and depleting the funds quickly. Hundreds, if not thousands, of small business owners who timely applied were unable to secure the funds needed because of greedy big businesses established as corporate entities. After preparing the loan application in advance and then rushing to file it immediately upon the application platform opening makes the apology worthless. The apology does nothing to the bad taste in my mouth from knowing that Shake Shack had the nerve to apply and the nerve to take such a huge sum of money. The apology does not make me or any other small business owner “proud” of Shake Shack returning the money. Your company is not the definition of small business by any means. Returning the money after receiving funding elsewhere simply means that Shake Shack avoided a fraud charge.

    Signed: A True Small Business Owner whose application could not be funded.

    • Joe Bruno says:

      Bravo Melanie. Right on! Danny & Co were like as not primed by their cohorts at Chase Bank so at the sound of the bell their large application was at the front of the line, while mine, and many many others, yours perhaps ?, languished. But as regards the “bad taste” in the mouth you mention, that’s nothing new. The Shack has been serving trumped up crap of questionable quality and dubious nutritional value from the very beginning.

  • Maria V. says:

    Let’s hear it for doing the right thing!!! I will spread the word that you are returning the money you were given. I’ve never tried your product. Now I will. We should all look to those who need more than we do and help if we can.

    • Joe Bruno says:

      You are taking the bait Maria. As Melanie Soloman points out, there was no “right thing” there at all. It’s just that Danny got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and his handlers advised him it would cost too much in bad PR to keep the dough, while so many genuinely small businesses, for whom that money was intended, were going without.

  • Debbie D says:

    I have read on MSN about you giving back your 10 million from the Federal Government. Job well done!! This story needs to go viral. So many restaurants possibly closing for good because of lack of funding. As a former educator, I am impressed….very impressed. Thank you. I know you must get hundreds of notes of gratitude, but one more letter can not hurt. Again, thank you for helping the “little” guy out there.
    When you can be anything at all…be kind!!! That was on my wall at school for a LONG time!!! You are doing this!!!!!

  • Doug Conklin says:

    Hi Just read an article regarding your position on the PPP during the coronavirus 19 situation
    You have made my day. You may not get much ink for your actions by returning the money back to the government stating other companies may need it more than you but I definitely will go out of my way from now on to support your organization and have my friends do likewise
    Again thank you for such a uplifting story
    Daniel Meyer and the individuals he surrounds himself make an incredible team
    I hope great experience s and fortunes come your way 10 fold…

  • Zoar Sikaneta says:

    Hello. I am trying to find a way to contact Human Resources. I am a former employee and I cannot reach my former store for whatever reason. I need to get my w-2. Please get back to me this is urgent!

  • oh says:

    Trying to reach a human person at this company is frustrating. Is there anyone taking calls. Cant leave a message since the message log is full. smh

  • Christian V Bardo says:

    I’am one angry older diabetic, I’ve lived for 15 years as a type 2 diabetic, I have the restuarant’s continued hatred and disdain of the diabetic. you have (8) fountains for soda and only (1) for diabetics. You have 10 buckets of regular sugar ice cream and maybe vanilla sugar free. You have evidently have also written us of as an viable spending group. You must not realize how big a spending group we are. As an example of this is since 2011, 1.5 million retirees leave the workforce every month until 2029. Of these it is estimated 500,000 are or will contract diabetics. that’s 10 million possible customers you are writing off. How many are their out here who are juvenile diabetics that would probably love to come in with their parents and grandparents who may also be diabetic. But your experts tell you to write off these many p0ssible repeat customers. Really!!

  • >