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  • Address: 801 Industrial Blvd, Gallatin, TN 37066, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 615-451-0200

  • Fax Number: 615-451-0291

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,000

  • Established: 1967

  • Founder: Ted and Doris Isaacson

  • Key People: Susan Steen, (CEO)

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Susan Steen

Chief Executive Officer

Randall Isaacson

President & Director

Rick Forster


About Servpro, History and Headquarters Information

Servpro was incorporated as a painting business by Ted and Doris Isaacson in 1967. As they had a background in cleaning and restoration, they changed the company and started selling their franchise of cleanup and restoration specialists. It sold its first franchise back in 1969 after which its growth continued and shifted the corporate headquarters to Gallatin, Tennessee in 1988. In 2019, this company was acquired by the Blackstone Group for an amount exceeding $1 billion USD. It is headquartered in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Servpro offers cleaning and restoration services to commercial and residential customers whose property is harmed by fire or water. Along with these services, it also offers biohazard cleanup, document restoration, electronics restoration, dry cleaning, and reconstruction. It helps homeowners, businesses and insurance providers

It has more than 1,600 franchises spread worldwide with 24 hours/7 days week availability. With all the training, experience, and equipment, the professionals make sure that the clients feel as if nothing happened.

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  • Stephen Finch says:

    I’ve been working with Surf Pro for a while now it was in my insurance advised me to go with but now that the insurance company says I’m out of money and that it’s taking too much time to finish my house they’re pointing the finger at one another but neither one of them are outside living in their car I’m the only one doing that but I talked to one of the guys he’s supposed to win the head guys that’s who they put me in touch with when I told him I needed to talk to somebody that could scare me in the right direction of what’s going on which I’ll talk to him before it’s kind of like they go around a little circle when people don’t do or when they got a complaint but he’s like tells me that it took two months for them to get the money situation all done but they’re the only company that I’ve ever done any business with that has to have the money up front I’ve been going through this for over a year year and a half my house is still not done and when it first happened I was in the cold now I’m in the cold again I don’t understand why I paid my bill I’ve done what I was supposed to do and now I need somebody to help me they’re supposed to be there for me to help me and I’m in the cold again and freezing weather living in my truck of the driveway of my burnt-up house that they haven’t finished I don’t understand this I wish somebody could steer me in the right direction so I could get this worked out it would be very appreciated

  • Danita Jo says:

    July 4th of 2021 our water heater broke flooding our downstairs. Our insurance told Us to contact Servpro.
    The team was amazing!!
    The Management was HORRIBLE! The person I worked with left the company and took our files. How did I know this? After leaving several Voicemails and emails mails with no return I called them(I had waited for 3 months figuring someone would reach out)
    They had Absolutely no idea who I was!!! I had to explain everything and then was told by this guy he would call back…Nothing!!! I waited a week and called again, He also left the company once again leaving our case to no one. Waited a week and was called back by Rob. After over a year they located our property. Minus 6 85 gallon bags of our clothing, linens, bedding etc. So more investigation. So 14 months later they bring back all of the boxes. Mold!!! So now have to contact house insurance. Another Month of working with Rob, finally coming to the conclusion that we were to receive a compensation for our lost items. Again 2 weeks of voicemail and emails nothing!!! Finally someone answered his phone a woman named Dawn who informed me that Rob left the company with no notes!!
    This was October 17th once again I have had no return calls from the managers!!!
    So after this I am calling Corporate Office!
    This is Beyond being Unacceptable!!!
    So Tired

  • Robin Andrews says:

    We hired Servpro (Alachua County West – Gainesville, Florida) after we found mold in my, 86 year old, Mothers home. What a disappointment this experience has been.

    We requested that the Pod be placed on gravel drive, but no, it was plopped right in the front yard on the grass. Which now needs to be sodden.

    We cleaned and placed some things in our own tubs, good thing they only use maybe 6 of their small boxes. Everything else was thrown in black plastic garbage bags and taped shut, no labels, no packing. This included pictures with glass. Of course, glass was broken and pictures were scratched.

    We were told everything would be cleaned before placed in the pod. Not so, my Mothers night stand still had mold on it, the bookcase that is in her room was just covered in plastic, nothing was take off and cleaned, the shelves were not even wiped off.

    Several of the tubs that we supplied were crushed from having heavier tubs placed on top, one lid even had a puncture hole in it.

    The list goes on but here is the most dissatisfying thing. When I called Servpro to speak to someone about this, the manager called me back 48 hrs later and laughed at my complaints, I told him several times that I did not find any humor in any of this. Then he pretty much told me that I was lying about things not being cleaned. After getting nowhere with speaking to him , I asked to speak with the owner, he said I would get the same response. I asked again for the owner call me, he said he have him to call, well it’s been a week and still have not heard a word.

    It has been very stressful on my Mother and the entire family.
    It was a very expensive, dissatisfying and disappointing experience.

  • Single mom in chicago. says:

    I have a complaint about your employees in the Chicago area. Specifically near the Elston and Concord place. I am a single mother of two and am always watchful of.my surrounding. On 3 occasions I have seen a couple of your men in there vans starring in my direction and doing things that make me uncomfortable. On one occasion one of your employees pull up his van next to.my car and opened his door. I pretended not to notice and drove away. As I drove away the man in one of your clearly marked surprise vans drove away. I saw them again today. He and his Co driver stared at.me as I parked my vehicle in front of my job. And another member of your team likes to blast loud music infront of our business. I will add I do not know anyone from your organization but for some reason they seam to be targeting me. Once again as a single woman I find this threatening my next step will be to go to the aurhorities.

  • R says:

    We are in the middle of an emergency. Servpro of west pasco in Florida. We had a house fire 10 months ago and we can’t get any answers from the people there. Our homeowners insurance company can’t even get the documentation they need to finish our claim. All they do is want your money and send an invoice with what they want but no backup. We are ready to talk to an attorney. Our time is running out on our temporary rental the we will be homeless. Is this how you train your company to do business. Yes I plan to call the corporate office tomorrow. Something will get done

  • Arnetta Moore says:

    I’ll try again-all of what I typed went away! I sent a request of “CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS DILEMMA? ” 1-30-22 and have heard nothing from fax #877-389-4684, Tennessee. Since then it has only become worst. When the guys threw lime to prevent mold nothing was covered EVERYTHING in my basement had to be cleaned, they didn’t dry out the other side which created mold in redoing that they unplugged my freezer all my food was floating when I noticed the plug laying on the floor.this was 1-14-22 no one has paid me for my food. I took pictures! Tim Quinn the Operation Manager said his crew of 2 ‘said’ didn’t unplugged the freezer (cord). He was looking for a plug for the other side wondering around the basement instead of asking me! This has been an experience. I’ve asked my Insurance Co not to use this Company ever again.

  • Doreen Sirois says:

    I had a flood in my cellar about 1in and half the water went away but there dirt and so I called servpro ask how much it would be he said it wouldn’t cost nothing they were going to get from my insurance so I said ok so within and hour they were at my house so after 4 days they picked up there there fans about a week later they I owe 8000 dollars because insurance was only paying 1500 they charged me for cleaning they didn’t do now there suing me taking me to court do not hire them and they did terrible job also I have a small house this is in Connecticut

  • Mike says:

    Add me to the victim list.

    I have been using Servpro for a few years for water restoration. Two floods in the same area, affecting the carpet only. The first time we paid for 5 fans for 3 days and had significant carpet damage. They removed the carpet and hauled it away. Our bill was $300.

    The second flood, in the same area was not as bad. They didn’t haul away any carpet and we needed 1 fan for 2 days. Our bill was $850.

    I cannot get anyone from the local office to talk to me about it.

    • Arnetta Moore says:

      Report them to the BBB, try writing Susan Steen CEO, Servpro Industries
      801 Industrial Blvd
      Gallatin. TN 37066
      Fax 615-451-0291

  • Nancy Whitaker says:

    Another unhappy customer. I used your branch in Powder Springs, Ga. At the initial meeting, your man Justin was top-notch in every way. But the troubles began after I signed the electronic agreement for them to do the mitigation of cleaning up after my kitchen flooded. Once they came in and ripped everything out, etc. then came the packing & moving everything out. All of which I thought was included in the ONLY price that I was given for the said job in about the amount of approx $4500. All of which I was told they’d come in and move everything out to storage until the job was finished and then bring it back and unpack it all. NO other amount was mentioned. At least not until the job was finished. Or at least so-called finished. Nothing could have prepared me for the forthcoming bill of approx $7500 just for packing and storage. It all became a living nightmare with one misunderstanding to yet another. Hence, I’ve been trying to figure it all out before I paid the final part that got all screwed up with the loss of several of my items. That has yet to be found. IF ever!! The worst part came today when the bookkeeper sent me a nasty letter telling me that they would only pay me $60+ dollars for items that held no price as they are items of my moms that held over a thousand memories. (In which I ask for $2100 to cover those precious items). Yet they want to tell me they were returned. BS is all I can say. It’s been one nightmare after another in all this and I can assure you that I will NEVER use your company again and certainly will not recommend it to anyone. Even worse. I now plan on reporting you to the BBB as I’ve been threatened to have a lien put on my house just because I have not responded to their emails nor calls for the reason I am dealing with a dying member of my family and have not had time to reach out to them. I would at least appreciate a call from one of the top managers; if not the owners asap. Your immediate response would be greatly appreciated.

    Nancy Whitaker (unhappy customer)

  • Gordon Simpson says:

    we are having alot of problems with your Knoxville Tn. location. we had water damage about a month ago. your company came on a monday and started vacuuming up water, left some fans and de-humidifiers then left them running , next day 2 guys came , ripped up the brand new , 1 week old , carpet, set up a few more fans heaters and de-humidifiers, after about 4 hrs , they left without saying a word to us. finally after calling several times, they came back , 4 days later , leaving all these fans , flopping the new carpet, for all this time . now all the edges of the carpet are frayed, there were 2 rust stains left in carpet. they sent their carpet man here to look at carpet, and he said he could not fix it, due to all the fraying. now the owners will not talk to us , and we have no choice but to talk to their insurance company or our lawyer. please reply, as we live in a high end community, and servpro will be slammed on our group emails, and will not be allowed to do any work here. please look into this. Gordon Simpson, 111 Ganega Trail, Vonore Tn.

  • Terry Brus says:

    Your service is TERRIBLE!! I have been trying to get someone to come out since July- they finally get here and were here two days, collected a check for $3500.00 for half payment yesterday. Came today and spent 1-2 hours and were called for an emergency water damage. Can someone PLEASE call me. I’ve tried to be patient but they are pulling my final string!

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