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  • Address: 150 Peabody Pl, Memphis, TN 38103, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 901-597-3000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 15,000

  • Established: 1929

  • Founder: Marion E. Wade

  • Key People: Nikhil (Nik) Varty, (Chief Executive Officer)

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Servicemaster Headquarters Executive Team



Alan J. M. Haughie

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance

Mary Kay Wegner

Senior Vice President of Supply Management and President of Servicemaster Franchise Services Group

James T. Lucke

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

About Servicemaster, History and Headquarters Information

ServiceMaster was incorporated by Marion E. Wade, in Chicago, Illinois in 1947. It has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. It started as a moth-proofing and was later expanded to franchised carpet cleaning in 1952. This company’s shares started trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014 under the ticker symbol SERV.

The ServiceMaster Company is a provider of residential and commercial services. It operates a number of brands such as Furniture Medic, Terminix, AmeriSpec, ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Restore, Merry Maids, and Terminix Commercial. This company provides a number of services such as home inspections, home warranties, janitorial service, furniture repair, professional home cleaning, disaster response and restoration, and termite and pest control. ServiceMaster owns and operates more than 7,000 company-owned and franchise locations across the globe. It has more than 13,000 employees working for it who serve over 5 million residential and commercial customers. ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. is the parent of The ServiceMaster Company, LLC.

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  • Thomas McClendon says:

    Had a very bad experience with Matthew Russell’s Service Masters Franchise located 101W.Main St. Landisville Pa. 17538..They left my frontroom area with sutt on walls and window and vents untouched.

  • R. says:

    Had the displeasure of having them come into my home due to water damage. They called in a pod to store things. The owner of the pod company bullzosed a tree and broke the pod. They keep saying they’re coming out to move my stuff to their wear house. Now after reading these things, I’m thinking it’s a steal house.

    Filed a complaint with the BBB against them. Rather than calling me up to see what the problem is, the owner of this nasty place sends me a threatening text not to libel or slander them, or contact any employee.
    Other companies do water mitigration and restore the drywall if taken out. They leave you the pieces and act offended when you complain.

  • Daniel Carattini Sr says:

    Why is it, when you need to complain about one of your franchises,we can’t find a phone number nor an email of any of the executive branch? You have a serious problem with your service master franchise in Merced (Central Valley) California that requires some one from HQ to look into!!! They are a worthless franchise that has given your company a very BAD name. I for one will never use SM ever again and if I can stop others from using you, I’ll do my best to discredit SM.

    • john Whitley says:

      The Merced branch is part of a group including Fresno, Visalia, . The Fresno/Visalia branch stored my stuff in june 2020 after i had a fire and after 10 months they returned my items by dumping everything i own in a mishmosh pile that took a month + to go through. Seeing many of my high dollar items missing, I have made 12 attempts to get an response to where my items are, with no satisfaction. I have still to receive 11 guitars a dresser hand made custom pocket knifes, over $2000.00 in tattoo equipment and more, not only all of my investment items but many my work tools as well, missing. Apparently the charge for storing your items above and beyond the $10,000.00 fee ($1000.00 month storage) paid is to cherry pick through your stuff while you are going through a disaster. I am missing in excess of $12000.00 and counting in items not returned from servicemaster and their trusted safe storage facility with no response other than “hmm maybe in another locker will look into it and call you tommarrow”. I have yet to receive one return call in 3 months. I guess my next move is to make a police report and contact the local tv news station. The news was here at the start during the fire, they may be interested in a follow up piece, “the rest of the story a year later” how the restoration is going and How these first responder company’s are making life during the restoration while being displaced from my home during the covid pandemic so much easier. (“hmmm maby shoot a note over to john oliver at last week tonight and vice news, why not, couldent hurt.”) Due to the help of the three companies involved other than Farmers Insurance
      (which has been above and beyond great in their dealings with me during this misfortune,
      I highly recommend Farmers ).
      servicemaster, p.w. stephens and the garment cleaning company have each in turn,
      1)not returned items,
      2)damaged property further, and
      3) invoiced work not completed during my misfortune and lastly
      4)wasted untold hours in me having to attempt to get them to just return my stuff let alone do their job.
      This time would have been better spent restoring the damage to my house which would be completed if not for this nusiance.

      This is the game. Misplace or invoice medium to large amount $$$$ Drag it out until your off balance from trumatic accident customer dosent have time to deal with it or gets frustrated and gives up. Then sends it as a loss to insurance co. to pay off.
      This formula isnt effective when items are of a sentimental nature such as the last connection to my passed away wife and father.

      You would think a $5 billion dollar company wouldent have to steal all of my late fathers guitars along with my first guitar that he gave me when I was 12 .

      Go figure, Oh well, I almost lucked out after they had miraculously survived the fire an all.
      Guess not.

      Well i have to go back to roofing my house now, then scrambling to get some insulation in the ceiling before another bone freezing winter.
      See this is the time in which i would be taking a break but i am not afforded that luxury, as i have to deal with this mess during my every off moment the restoration allows.
      Thanks for nothing,
      service yourself to my items and charge me double for it master.
      enjoy the guitars i restored and the custom knifes i made and the tattoo equipment i use to make a living and my furniture and what ever else is missing from my property something new every day in this jumble pile you left me, an thanks for returning those 2 guitar cases with no guitars in them at least it was thought full to leave the reicept of $1400.00 in my dads empty guitar case you returned. oh and thanks for returning that box of kitchen garbage from the trashcan you boxed up an stored and charged me for. None of the trashcan garbage items from a year ago were missing, yep all accounted for, just letting you know so you can get that worry off your mind.

      • Beth Swift says:

        Go after their Bond. All Companies have to have a license to operate plus have insurance and a bond. Call your local Labor and Industry and let them know what they did. They will give you their license number and bond number along with who to contact to put a claim against them. Farmers is connected to Service Masters, Farmers gets a discount by using their service. Each Service Master is a franchise, you will find this info from Labor and Industry. They tore my Utility room apart, they took their crowbars and hit my washer and dryer with it , along with the walls that did not need to be taken out. They hit the electric socket that caused my fan to catch fire and have the Fire department out to my house. Had to replace my fan, they destroyed my cabinet into pieces, they also broke the water line for my washer hookup. Due to the extra damage they did, it took almost 3 months to get my utility room put back together. Also, they got a fine for doing work they did not have a license to do. I’m going after their insurance and bond. I bad mouth them every chance I get. Call your local Labor and Industry for your state, they will help you.
        Also look at the contract you signed and see if you see their companies license number on it. If not they are in trouble and will be fined. My contract had no license, plus the company was under another name. They will be fined for not going by the law.

        • John M. says:

          Hi Beth, I am a local attorney dealing with this company on a separate claim. Could you please give me a call to assist my client? 559-472-9906.

  • jon hulme says:

    you offer a web site , but non show up, your phone # goes to one of your other Company and no where else, you are showing that you are a very dishonest company, and so far my dealing with a francize that is all from the top -down the bottom

  • a working poor employee terminx says:

    the working poor.employee . ( what does walmart , service master, and amazon all have in common?).we all need to strike. are you working a full time job and cant pay for food… my god why is this happening? Ceo”s of these companys do not care about You… we need at least 15.00 an hr.

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