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Serta is an American company which is in Hoffman Estate, Illinois and has branches all over to qualify it to be an international company. It was established in 1931, a time when it was referred to as Serta sleeper Product Inc. but later on, in 1940, changed its name to Serta Inc. It sells its products through several retailers in the USA, internationally, and online. Its parent organization is Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC, with Serta Montreal, Five Star Mattress Company and Serta Inc. being its subsidiaries. It was founded by 13 Mattress Manufacturer., It has been a pioneer in comfort since they first introduced the Perfect Sleeper Mattress in the market in 1931. From that time, they have been behind bringing so many other firsts in the market making them the number one mattress manufacturer in the USA and command the mattress market in the world. With every Serta Mattress, comes exceptional comfort.,

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  • Anis says:

    We ordered Glenmoor Serta Mattresses from Sam’s in Nov 28, 2021 with White Glove Delivery for Dec 13, 2021. The deliveries were scheduled, we were asked to block out 6 hour window (almost an entire work day), received confirmation text the day before and then on the day off, XPO was a no show. This happened 6 times. When we tried reaching Serta, we didn’t getting any response and XPO claimed that Serta hasn’t sent the mattress which changed to Serta sent damaged mattress which changed to we (XPO) have received the mattress but XPO can’t locate the mattress in the warehouse or the mattress was loaded on the truck but the drivers can’t locate it.

    All these excuses came in on the day the delivery was scheduled and the drivers were a no-show. How do you schedule the delivery appointment if ‘serta hasn’t sent the mattress’. How do you schedule delivery when ‘Serta send damaged mattress’.

    Serta kept saying the mattress were sent to XPO and to coordinate with XPO. The fact that my credit card was charged back in December 2021 as soon as Serta shipped out the mattress to XPO wasn’t bothering anyone at XPO or Serta. After months of going back and forth, I told XPO that I need the mattresses or i’m filling a complaint with BBB. I FINALLY received delivery of our two Glenmoor mattresses on March 26th, 2022. Yes, 4 months later.

    On May 4th, I reached out to Serta as the mattress was caving/sinking in and the coils were pinching on the back. I talked to Angel @ Serta and he said that they can do even exchange for another mattress as the Glenmoor is not working out. He recommended two alternate mattress and said he will email me the information so I can make my selection. His emails didn’t make any sense. For example, he started giving me definitions “(back sleepers) said that they are people who sleep on face up with back down”. Really!
    So, after going back and forth and things getting lost in translation via email, I requested that he transfer my case to the supervisor and ask for a supervisor call back. That was May 9th and today is August 12th. I haven’t heard back from him or a supervisor @ Serta.

    I tried many times to reach a supervisor and every time Serta agents will state that the supervisors are busy and they will call back. That never happens.

    So I called again this morning and spoke to Nisaac. First he couldn’t find any case attached to my order. I gave him the case from the email created by Angel on May 4 2022, Nisaac said that the order number attached to it was different. Angel has mistyped the order number in the case. When I asked to speak to the supervisor, I was again told ‘supervisors are not avilable and they’re busy’. What are the supervisors busy with? If they are assisting customers then (1) I too am a customer and (2) I have been waiting for a supervisor call back since May 2022. After insisting to wait to speak to a supervisor, Nisaac says, let me have your number in case we get disconnected. LOL! that is a new way to get the customer off the call. So, I gave him the number and said, no this call is not getting disconnected and you will find a supervisor available to speak to me. Guess what, Jasso (supervisor) was available within a few minutes.

    In all honesty, speaking to Jasso (Supervisor) was not worth the time or the headache either as he didn’t resolve any issues but rather added to the problem.

    First Jasso tells me that they cannot do a replacement as promised by Angel. It seems that Angel misinformed me about replacing the Glenmoor mattresses with Oakbridge. Then Jasso tells me that in order to get an “EARLY REFUND” he will need to get approval from the corporate office and that the refund will arrive in 20-25 days in the form of an electronic gift card???? So, I explained to him that I paid with the credit card and I want my money back to my credit card. And how is waiting a month to get a refund early refund. His explanation was customers ask for early refund and Serta charges fees for refund.

    What is an early refund?
    Is it how long I try out or sleep on the mattress? Am I suppose to sleep on a defective mattress till my health deteriorates even further? Will Serta pay for my medical bills.
    Is it getting the refund sooner that 20-25 days? Because Serta had no problem charging my Credit Card in December 2021 and not delivery the mattress until March 2022 and the conversation about refund has been going on since May. So, obviously it’s been more that 20-25 days.

    Again I asked Jasso what he meant by “early refund” and he was like a robot reading a scripts. I finally requested to speak with corporate office his response he can’t transfer but gave me the number (479)277-7630. I verified the number 2x before dropping off the call with him to call corporate office.
    Guess what, “that is number that has been disconnected”.

    Worst service from Serta. I want Serta corporate team to reach out to me asap!!!

  • Stan says:

    I am very, very disappointed with Serta. Their warranty is like junk mail – just throw it in the garbage. I’ve talked to a couple of reps and even have a case number but now I can’t contact anyone and someone was supposed to call me about a month ago – I think I can give up. I will never get another Serta mattress and would NEVER EVER recommend anyone else to get one. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you.

  • Ralonda Dabney says:

    I received the worst customer service experience. I even requested to speak with a supervisor or manager and the representative refused. I will never purchase a mattress from them again!

  • Cassandra Wright says:

    I ordered a Serta king mattress from Sam’s Club on October 26th. According to Sam’s when I contacted them today after XPO arrived with the wrong size, a queen, it was reported that I had received my mattress on November 17th. That was a lie. So, after attempts to contact Serta, I called Sam’s and they told me I had to talk to their Serta contact. I ended up speaking to “Charlie” who said that it would be another 2 – 5 weeks before they could possibly ship my mattress. I asked to speak to a manager and at 1st he said I couldn’t, then after I insisted, he said she was not available and would call me back in 1 1/2 hours. It’s been over 4 hours and still no call. I tried calling Serta’s corporate office, but the only number that’s listed is disconnected!! This is unacceptable…..terrible customer service!!!!!

    • Anthony J Garrett says:

      Hello Ms.Wright My name is Liz I’ve been having issues with Setra as well here is the Corporate Number They are in Georgia the number is 404-534-5000 Maya is the one that helped me.
      Good Luck to you

    • Brenda says:

      I can’t believe this!!! I’m going through the same thing! I ordered a mattress through Sam’s Club and we hate it! I’ve been trying to get it picked up and have my refunded since Feb 7th. This is the worst experience I have ever had. Not only is Serta to blame but also Sam’s club for continuing to let this happen!!

  • Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    This has been the absolute worst experience of buying a mattress my husband and I have ever had. I would not recommend ordering from them. We certainly won’t be doing future business with this company. We are still waiting for our mattress, but we were reassured that others have been and still are waiting on their orders since March. We ordered ours July 11th, so, we have only been waiting almost 2months. The shipping date has been changed 4 times. We are told this time, it should be shipped on September 7th, then, take another 5 days to get to the delivery company and then, we will schedule a delivery date. Whenever that might be. However, we were initially told we would have the mattress delivered to our house by August 14th, then, the 17th, then, the 18th, then told, it would not be shipped until August 24th, then told, August 31st, and then, today, now it is projected to be shipped September 7th, it’s supposedly still in production. I have zero faith in what I am being told. Meanwhile, I am sleeping on an uncomfortable air mattress. If people are still waiting since March, am I really to believe this time my mattress will actually be shipped on September 7th? I tried to get a direct number to the corporate office and was told there isn’t one and I can email them. What a joke.

  • My back hurts when I sit in this crooked chair. says:

    I just came here to find the corporate address to send this junk Serta chair to the head office so they can see the horrible quality of junk that their manufacturing facilities are producing. I was pleased to find a comment section so others might see this and avoid the horrible back pain that this junk piece of junk has caused me.

  • kimberly Sponberg says:

    I ordered a mattress set from Serta Hotel back on May 11th (special order) and was suppose to be delivered on June 11th. 2 hours before the scheduled delivery time, the shipping company XPO calls and says they can’t locate our mattress and give them 24 hrs to find it. We are 5 days pass the delivery day and no ones will take my calls at the shipping company or serta hotel. Please help me out. My order # is 48802. My phone number is 818-823-0479

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