Where is Sedano’s Corporate office Headquarters

Sedano’s Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3140 W 76th St, Hialeah, FL 33018, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 305-364-2303

  • Fax Number: 305-556-6981

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1961

  • Founder: Rene Sedano

  • Key People: Agustín Herrán

Sedano’s Headquarters Location & Directions

Sedano’s Headquarters Executive Team



Agustín Herrán

Chief Executive Officer and President

Armando J. Guerra Jr.

President of Sedano’s Pharmacies and Discount

Javier Herrán

Chief Marketing Officer

About Sedano’s History and Headquarters Information

If you need to fill your fridge but you are too busy to do so, you need not worry as Sedanos can help. That is right as Sedanos is an online supermarket where you can just order, and they will deliver your goods at your doorstep. They have everything you need in their midst and it will just be the same if you are the one doing the actual shopping.

Sedanos started operating way back 1961, which means they have been in this business for 58 years now. You can find their headquarters at Miami, Florida, United States. Right now, they have about 30 locations thus, when you feel like doing the actual shopping, you will be sure to find one near you.

Sedanos is just perfect for the busybodies. They make things easier for them as they can also just choose the place and time where they can pick their goods. Another good news is, you can also order ready to eat dishes from them!

Sedano’s Headquarters Photos

  • yanet says:

    Sedanos located in 3925 palm avenue is the worst one, the word disgrace stays small. the employee always giving attituded toward the customer for everything. On top of that they expect you to put your own merchandise on the slide, put the cart where they tell you, pack your own products and pay fast because they have more people waiting and put your own product into the cart. I mean if I have to do all that better just put self-pay and fire all the unnecessary cashiers. And not only the cashier giving bad attitude but also the supervisor the manager. They don’t even ask politely they tell you like if that’s your job. This Sedanos location should be renovated within management wise. Hopefully this gets read and something changes.

  • Liber Vargas says:

    Sedanos in west Hialeah is a complete embarrassment. I have been racially discriminated more than once and the customer service is practically non-existent. I will walk to corporate to complain in person, and if nothing changes for the better, I will take action with local government officials in order to stop the prejudice, disrespect and violation of policies and procedures established by local US law.

  • Jorge Dagnesses says:

    The Sedanos at Country Walk Plaza is a disgrace. This place should be torn down and it is an embarrassment to our neighborhood. Thsi problem has persisted for years and has actually become worse.

  • Tonna. Ruhr says:

    your advertising to order on line sucks and i don’t understand why you are unable to accept my friends emai address. she is a senior citizen at winter park, fl
    and does not drive

  • Lourdes says:

    I believe that Sedano’s staff needs a training on CUSTOMER SERVICE!
    the person at the Dely told me that he was attending another customer, I looked around me and I don’t see a living soul, so I waited until he finished cutting some cheese, I looked around me again and there was no one, and the person at the Dely left without even looking at me!!!
    I requested to speak to the Manager and he seems like he was the cleaning the bathroom his appearance was horrible, the way he conducted himself and how he was dressed, half of the shirt was hanging out and all wrinkle, missing front teeth etc., it seems like he didn’t understand what I was telling him.

    also the vegetable were old & stale!
    I am never going back to Sedano’s unless there are some major changes.

  • Lauren Fernandez says:

    I often buy the chicken soup at the hot counter and I so often get it it’s never consistent. The last time was last week I got a quart or the biggest suit in a Styrofoam container and all I tasted was salt.
    I would really like compensation for it because I threw it out, they would not except without receipt

  • Oliveira says:

    YOU DONT HAVE FOTO TÔ SARDOLIVA OLIVE OIL – extra virgin only 0.4 % acidity .
    I want make shire is the same SARDOLIVA in Whole Foods

  • Noris Rodriguez says:

    Es una falta de respeto a los clientes que las señoras que atienden el Deli donde se despacha el jamon, esten sin las mascaras puestas, hablando constantemente dejando salir la saliva y las que por casuslidad se ponen la mascara, dejan al descubierto la nariz y constsntemente se estan tocando la mascara con los guantes que sirven el jsmon y queso, las he visto rascarse la nariz con la parte de arriba de la mano con el guante que despachan, ademas no deben de estarse tocando la mascara pues estas son para recojer bacterias y todo eso se lo esta pasando al producto. Nositros los clientes llegamos a ellas cubiertos como debe ser y ellas sin cubrebocas o con la nariz fuera mal puestas, esto es una falta de respeto, los Sedanos de la 87 Avenida del SW y Bird Rd. Y la 97 y Coral Way son los peores, el unico donde mas o menos gusrdan las reglas es el de la 147 y la 8 del SW.
    Deben de ponerle tambien Sanitizer a las cajeras y exigirles que despues de tocar el dinero (foco de bacteria) tienen que pinerse sanitizer en las manos o los guantes. Espero que tomen en cuenta este comentario y exijan respeto y cuidado para no contagiar a los clientes con ningun virus.

  • Wendy Gonzalez says:

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  • Martin peña says:

    I do wanted to file a complaint about a bad moment that I went through yesterday in the little Havana location with the manager and a police officer.

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