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  • Address: Geometrivägen 3, 141 75 Stockholm, Sweden

  • Phone Number:
    +46 10 470 10 00

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 3,50,000

  • Established: 1934

  • Founder: Erik Philip-Sörensen

  • Key People: Melker Schörling (Chairman); Magnus Ahlqvist (President & CEO)

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Magnus Ahlqvist

President, CEO & Divisional President of Security Services Europe

Bart Adam

Chief Financial Officer

Santiago Galaz

Divisional President of Security Services North America

About Securitas, History and Headquarters Information


Securitas was founded in the year 1934. The company has been operational for almost 34 years now. The founder of the company was Erik Philip-Sorensen. The former name of the company was AB Halsingborgs Nattvakt, which was later changed to Forenade Svenska Vakt AB. The company started expanding itself by taking over various small companies dealing with security, in Sweden.

In the year 1949, the AB Securitas Alarm was founded as one of the company’s subsidiary, and the company started expanding internationally as well. Then in the year 1972, the company was rebranded to Securitas. In the year 1983, the company was sold off to Skrinet, and by the year 1985, the company was acquired by Investment AB Labour. The company then made various acquisitions in Portugal, Denmark, Norway, etcetera. In 1991, the company became a limited public entity. Due to multiple acquisitions during the 1990s, the company had become one of the largest security companies in the world. In the year 2010, the company had taken over Reliance Security Group in the UK. The headquarters of the company is based in Lindhagensplan 70. The name of the town is Stockholm, while the country name is Sweden. The pin code of the area is 10228.


Securitas is a Swedish company that focuses on the designing and development of various kinds of security systems. The current president and CEO of the company are Magnus Ahlqvist. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the company is more than 88 billion Swedish Krona. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company is more than 335,000. The company now has its presence in over 53 countries worldwide.


The primary services provided by the company include aiding customers and clients in security systems and services – which includes both mobile patrolling and security guarding. The company also involves itself in monitoring, investigation and also consultation as well. The company offers its security services from small stores to even places like airports too.

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  • China says:

    Securitas is the worst company. My son was wrongfully terminated this week .. and his character was defamed. He was called a thief and a liar by some witch named Sherrie in the chantilly va office …… it needs to be a full investigation into racial related termination!!!!!!!

  • Bedjynie Rene says:

    This stupid ass company is the worst company to work for; please save your time. And don’t work for them; I work with securitas In Orlando, Florida, I worked there for three months, and it has been the worst 3 months of my life. They don’t care about anyone but themselves, and none of the people at the office knew how to do their job; I had a supervisor named Ernie Rohrabaugh, but whenever I texted him, he never texted me back, and he never picked up my phone call. They put me at the post they told me that I would be working 5 days a week, and they told me the office would be closed on the holiday, but I could pick shifts if I wanted to, but that was a fucking lied; whenever I call them regarding me picking a shift they never picked up my phone calls let’s say the office was closed for 3days I would be out of a job for 3 days, I hope securities run out of business by the treat people. Whenever I asked Ernie Rohrabaugh to put me in a different location, he was more focused on finding my replacement than changing my post, they never transferred me to a new post, but instead, they hired my replacement before they found me a new post for me; they made me train my replacement after I trained my replacement Ernie Rohrabaugh texted me saying that.

    “We are still working to find you something else, but please do not go back to career source.

    We will call you again tomorrow to discuss all possible assignments” when I texted him saying that I don’t mind staying at career source” instead of texting me back, he created a group chat with the other supervisor saying that.


    “We can discuss the on the phone tomorrow anytime after 9 am.
    You requested that we transfer you from Career Source due to the constant closing of the officer. Part of this is finding your replacement.

    Your replacement is now in place, and we need you not to go back there. We have and will continue to offer you other sites to try and fit your needs.
    But again, do not return to career source and call the office in the morning.

    Thank you“

    They made me stay home I’ll find a new post for me. I did one day with work; they didn’t care if I had rent to pay, the next day, they called saying they found a new post for me, and I went to the office to pick up my uniform for the new post and the location to my new post, they only trained me for two days the General Manager name Ricardo Acosta called me at 6:33 pm saying that the owner of the new location doesn’t like me so he’s going to move me to a new post and I was doing my job right but just because the owner doesn’t like me I lots the new post, I just find it crazy because I spoke the owner twice and for a reason, she does like me, I never knew basic on like someone can get fired # this company is discriminated against my race they care more about who they have business with then the employee they hired and when they have no employees to do the work how they are going to keeps they are going to run out of business running. I know that Kramer will hit them back.

  • jason bonner says:

    Have worked for the company of Securitas since May 17, 2022 and have been threatened by my supervisor and HR and DM did nothing until I requested to be moved to another site. At the present site, I have been told personal information about other officers. I was read to by the supervisor an officer’s false statement to push another officer out and I have watched officers get written up for the exact thing the supervisor does. In the five months with this company I have seen so many laws broken and the DM and HR are fully aware of these things and allow them to go on, emails have been sent and over looked. When incidents have occurred to me neither supervisor, DM nor HR have asked for a statement from me. I have no idea if the people employed by this company knows the meaning of security???

  • Terrance Williams Sr. says:

    Hi my name is Terrance Williams, I work for Securitas USA Dallas and Fort Worth Texas, I work patrol and I had a horrible thing happened to me while I was on duty… While I was patrolling Fort Worth CCI building right next to the Coca-Cola company, a young man for no reason at all put a gun on me police were called and the gentleman was apprehended but after the fact the only thing that my district manager and supervisor wanted to know was am I able to finish my duties, they were not concerned about my well-being at all… There’s this thing called Open Door that we have to respond to vacant houses without any weapon no bulletproof vest or anything of any kind, unarmed going to these homes putting our lives in danger for $15 an hour… I quit my job because they did not care about my well-being and a gun being pulled in my face I would not recommend this company for anybody to work for.

  • Tanweer Hussain says:



    I worked for Securitas for nine months before I was pushed out of my job. District Manager and HR are very rude and unpleasant to work for. I loved my job and was needing time off to help my father as he just had a stroke. I asked for one week out unpaid to help my father get set-up with his in- home nurses and things and was told if I do that one week unpaid it would be self termination. I had no other choice but, to quit cold turkey. I was always treated unfairly and when, I tried to go up in command as a supervisor. I was told by HR I would make a great fit and District Manager decided to hire someone else with no security guard work history. The district manager always being mean, rude and not wanting to do his job. He would single me out and tell me that I was causing a problem when I was only asking to have our clients’ equipment repaired. The district Manager would also tell me to stop clocking in one minute early or four minutes early and use the same phone call which I was doing. Glad I am not with the HIGH DESERT VICTORVILLE OFFICE ANY LONGER!


    I started working for Securitas USA in 2019, here in Virginia, they have absolutely no contingency plan for employees not reporting to work. I was on a leave of absense and I broke my ankle when I was out of the country and could not fly back and they “coded me out” because I was not able to return to the US or able to perform job duties at all. They stated to unemployment that I quit for personal reasons, when it was a medical condition….. I recently spoke to the woman that said to unemployment that I just quit when I did not and she told me it does not matter what happened to me, if I could not return to work that I quit…..

  • James Freudenstein says:

    I have worked with Securitas for almost 18 years, in Houston, Texas. I have worked with seven different branch managers. All of them knew their jobs and did it well. I have never been short-changed any money. I think three times my check was wrong. Within four days they cut a check and made it right. I did hear of one branch manager who was not quite up to snuff. He lost his job pretty quickly. If you want to work with a company that exemplifies integrity, Securitas is it. I am certain that my story is repeatable millions of times. Have a great day!

  • John says:

    Securitas can not get a paycheck correct no matter what, they cheat me from money every week.I have also applied for direct deposit multiple times and still wait on a paper check twice now my check has been lost, and I have to wait till the following pay week before they issue a replacement. I have bills to pay and can’t be waiting for another week, I have a family to feed, it’s not like we make millions, We live paycheck to paycheck like 90% of the people in America.
    Avoid this company if you can!!

  • Gail Hess says:

    It took 3 months to find out how unethical, untruthful, this company is. The Wilmington branch is operated by thugs. They owe me money, never got it. What else can you say when you’ve worked for liars, and crooks. Pitiful. Better to be on WELFARE.

  • Robert Vardiman says:

    I worked as a Securitas Site Supervisor for 29 months, until 30/07/2019. The Site did not want me any longer, and they had my local Securitas Office create a phony write up. After 10 years in US Military and 25 years in Law Enforcement, I resigned, and refused to even look at the write up. Business relationships between Securitas and Clients are so biased, as I had done nothing wrong. In my area, Securitas has serious Employee/Human Resource bias. I am blessed to have a solid personal value system.

  • Jonathan Dawson says:

    Securitas review

    Avoid this company at all costs.
    Review regards Tampa area operations
    These people do not communicate with field employees or one another.
    Three of my first fourteen shifts I was relieved late with no notice twice and 25 minutes notice once.
    Not one paycheck was correct. Email the manager, no response, no correction made on the next check, and they make yet another mistake on that check. EVERY check was wrong.
    I was never paid for all hours worked. This company has some of the lowest pay in the industry and still does not pay you what you are owed.

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