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Yoshikazu Maruyama

Interim Executive Chairman, SeaWorld Board of Directors

John Reilly

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Marc Swanson

Chief Financial Officer

G. Anthony (Tony) Taylor

Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Chris Dold

Chief Zoological Officer

Elizabeth Gulacsy

Chief Accounting Officer

Walter Bogumil

Chief Strategy Officer

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55 years ago, Sea World is launched. Obviously, this is an entertainment company and it is quite obvious how they entertain their customers. Yes, they will entertain their customers with the marine life. You can bring your family and let them experience the world under the water. Let them see some of God’s spectacular creations in the water world.

Sea world has their headquarters at Orlando, Florida, United States and they have about 47 parks in total. The good thing with this company is they extend their passion to protect the lived in the sea to their customers. They inspire them to also be mindful while they are having a great time witnessing the living animals under the sea.

You won’t just witness the life under the sea, but you also get to enjoy incredible rides in Sea World. Indeed, this is a perfect place to bond with your entire family.

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  • Dominique Boykins says:

    Went to seaworld on Friday April 12th with my 2 kids both under the age of 7. We went to get on a ride called Rio Loco which we figured out my son was to small for, but my daughter and my wife still was able to ride. As me and my son is walking out of the line i noticed atleast 4 different kids which was all a different race (hispanic) mainly was getting off the ride and which i asked atleast two of the parents could i size my son next to there kids because my son was denied access to ride. i then asked a young hispanic worker why was some of those kids getting off the same ride my son was denied on and there the same height his responds was they height probably wasnt checked and he walked off. At this point i asked to speak to a manager in which i was waiting for 30 mins plus after being told from one of the workers that a manager would be there soon. after the 30 plus mins i then asked again for a manager in which the same (caucasian) man was able to assist me by calling her via phone while she sat in the house outside and told him to ask me the problem, i told him to i have a complaint and she told him to tell me to go to customer services with it. Cool, so as we walking to customer service we were able to locate another manager along the way to assist with this manner, also after talking to security about it. He also didnt even seem to care while i was talking he was just saying ok. i feel like this matter is unfair for kids seeing other kids able to ride and they get turned away for the same reasons this is a form of discrimination, unfair treatment. How can you pick and chose by race when little innocent kids are involved i will never look at San Antonio Sea world the Same.

  • Monique Smith says:

    Hi, I am writing to request a refund for tickets purchased that were not able to be used in their entirety. I paid extra for tickets that inclusive meal option and was not able to get any meals for myself, my 3 children (one of whom is special needs) and my 73 year old diabetic mother. I attempted to get meals from several establishments on the premises multiple times and waited for hours to no avail. My family was unable to get a meal and when we requested a partial refund we were denied and told to go find another restaurant. I requested to speak with a manager and someone named Max came out and was very rude. She said that it was our choice not to eat and that we should expect to wait on lines. I would appreciate a response with some kind of resolution. I was denied the opportunity to speak with anyone else on site about this issue and was denied the partial refund that I requested.

  • Angelica Dimunion says:

    Seaworld should stop caging wild animals. It is a cruel practice. Watch the documentary Blackfish.


    Good afternoon I went to SeaWorld with my kids and wife and honestly the only great experience I had was chatting with one of your security officers name Tjay she was very delightful and happy doing her job. As far as the other employees inside they were rude and not nice to my wife. My mother needed a wheelchair, and no one was able to assist me and show me where it was located. so, I went back to the front and Tjay was able to kindly help me with what I needed and more. she deserves a raise, and she is the reason I would try and come back to one of your other parks. Thanks much! GOOD PEOPLE NEED TO BE HEARD AND SEEN IN YOUR COMPANY.

  • Eugene Phillips says:

    To whom it may concern or whoever cares!

    I’m a native of Florida I grew up going to Seaworld. My first time was 5th grade a school field trip. These were the early years when if selected from the crowd you were escorted to a very high tower that hung over the pool where the Orcas were swimming. The crowd waited in awe as Shamu leaped from the waters to kiss 💋 a lucky visitor on the cheek! Just reminiscing of good times!

    Well, today that all changed! We’re yearly pass holders so we pay all year to assure we have access to our beloved Seaworld! Today we purchased the meal pass for $50
    we decided we’d eat over at the shark encounter restaurant. We arrived made a reservation explained to the cashier we had a meal Wrist band. He responded okay and he had a reservation for 2 o’clock it was 1:00pm when we made the reservation. We sat for one hour and were finally seated about 1:53pm to only learn after being seated that we couldn’t use our Wrist bands there! We spoke with Taylor who was short with us and talking loudly that the white family next to us started paying attention.

    She dismissed us! We left, on the way out I said to the cashier you let us sit for one hour and never informed us that we couldn’t use our bands even after we made you aware we were wearing one! I was upset frustrated, hungry and trying to feed my already low blood sugars! (I’m type2)

    This is important to note; your Manager Taylor LIED and reported to her manager and security that I was cursing and behaving badly! Firstly, for the record I’ve Never used profanity I don’t curse or swear it’s strongly against what I believe. I asked Taylor if we were a white family would we have been treated better or fairly! She became enraged! I strongly believe it’s my right to voice what I believe! After, she called security on the black man(me) who she said is cursing and just going crazy (because this is typical behavior for black folks!) I explained or said to Taylor this reminded of when the black man in Central said to the white woman your dog can’t be off leash and she became angry and called the cops pretending to be in distress or feeling threatened. This is perfect to what Taylor did to me in a your park today! The only difference was she was believed and supported.

    It may make you proud whoever is reading this that to add insult to injury a white security guard approaches me saying “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING CAUSES PROBLEMS IN ONE OF OUR RESTAURANTS” HE’S YELLING IT LIKE I’M YELLING IT, as though he’s speaking to run away slave that he’d just captured, by this time I’m sitting on the ground because I feel light headed because my blood sugar is low!! This also reminded me of the officer who is now serving life for putting his knee on the neck of a black man and ultimately ended up killing him while other officers in same camp watched as they did that day in your park!

    The knee was placed on my neck today. Security blasting loudly about throwing me out of your park and daring me to mention anything else about RACIAL BIAS!

    I would rather today that Taylor and your Security team just would have called me and my family the “N” Word and just escorted us off your property that’s how we were made to feel. Monday was the start of our vacations and we wanted to continue our tradition of Seaworld little did we know it’s not the same place as 50 years ago as it was confirmed
    Black Lives Don’t Matter!!!

    I hope you’re all applauding your efforts that day and feeling accomplished, your team succeed that day in successfully keeping the Hate going!

    I re-learned today that what was said can be a lie but if enough of “the right people” say it, it then becomes the truth! (Racism at it’s finest) the white folks stuck together lies and all!!

    This Summer after watching two little black girls stubbed by the sesame street character Rosita reminded me of my experience in your park back in March! I can’t get pass security threatening me and saying to me if you want to stay in this park you “better not” be using term/phrases like racial bias, or racial profiling. I was forbidden to say anything about race or prejudices or I’d be thrown out of your park! I’m tired of being quiet I’m disturbed mentally and emotionally for the way I was treated! Those two little black girls reminded me enough of being snubbed by Racism!!

    Unbelievable Day!!!

    It wasn’t what you said to me, but it was how you made me feel
    -Maya Angelou


  • Renee prado says:

    The disregard for vision impaired children is unacceptable. We visited park and ask an employee for child to sit in front row due to his vision and was straight told no. It was for handicap, my child is handicapped. Then right in front of me allowed a whole family to sit in front. This is so rude and unacceptable. It is very frustrating that only wheelchair patrons have special seating! My son already struggles emotionally with him losing vision and for your staff to question and deny him adaptive seating is beyond belief. Train to be more understanding/sensitive of all disabilities.
    San Antonio sea world location

  • Lena says:

    I’m very disgusted after waiting on hold for over an hour to speak with someone regarding my recent visit in Orlando. My daughter’s birthday was ruined. Several rides were closed and not working. We waited in line for over an hour and was finally told we had to get out of line due to Kraken malfunction issues on top of that prior to the issues they allowed people to skip the lines to bypass everyone waiting patiently. So, basically nothing appeared to be working while I was there including Atlantis 😡! This is unacceptable & I’m demanding a refund. What a waste of my time & money. I do not plan on returning here with my family any time soon. I paid too much money & in returned terrible customer service. I want my issue resolved asap. I’m not happy at all that my teenage daughter and her friends did not enjoy themselves. We ended up leaving the park early because nothing was working properly.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good afternoon, I spent 400+ dollars on sea world and tours…. I did the dolphin tour and the lady was so rude… we also were not able to take pictures like she said with our own camera and when we tried to (behind the line she initially said we could) she then told us we could not. Such a waste of money and horrible customer service…. They charged 100 plus tax for the dolphin tour and 150 plus tax for the orca and both were not worth it. I was directed to the tower where a supervisor Austin told me I can get a refund at guest service … but he can’t give me a refund only a ticket for another day but I’m not from this state so that wouldn’t work. Austin then sent me to guest service where I met a supervisor Bryce. Bryce came out with such a poor attitude and told me he doesn’t have to be out here… he admitted to having an attitude, and was the biggest jerk I’d ever met. He was annoyed he got called out of his office and so he treated me with such disrespect… completely unacceptable… i asked him why he was being disrespectful and his response was because he can. I can’t believe someone with this attitude is in management… he also was disrespectful to another person who cursed him out… I will not be returning here and they need better management. This was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had…

  • CR says:

    When SW was struggling last summer I bought a Gold Pass under the intention of using all of my guest passes.
    I am a first responder and enjoyed my recent visit to SW.
    I have only used 3 guest passes.

    I am requesting to have the remaining passes credited back to my account please and thank you.

  • Pablo Hernandez says:

    Very disappointing how you can abruptly stop promotions that you have going on. Rather than retype what I put into my email to guess service I thought that I would just copy and paste the conversation. This type of procedures is not acceptable in any terms by any companies. This compliant will not stop other from going to the park but if I can stop one or two people and maybe open the eyes of others my mission is complete.

    Thank you.

    From: Pablo Hernandez
    Sent: Monday, May 16, 2022 10:32 AM
    To: SWC-Guest Relations
    Subject: [EXTERNAL] Contact Us – Military Tickets

    First Name: Pablo
    Last Name: Hernandez
    Message Subject: Military Tickets
    Order Number:
    Ticket Number:
    Your Message: I had placed in my bucket 2 veterans’ tickets into my bucket to pay this evening. I checked back and now they are gone, and my entire bucket is empty. I reapplied and now I am not able to do so because is expired yesterday. If this was the case how come, you allowed me today to apply? Very disappointed in your discontinue process.

    Thank you for contacting SeaWorld San Diego.

    Unfortunately, at this time, the Waves of Honor Veterans promotion including the All-day dinning Promotion is not available as of 05/15/2022 and we do not have information on its return. We would recommend, for information as to when these will return, please sign up for our email newsletters below:


    Kind Regards,
    Guest Correspondence Team

    SeaWorld San Diego • Park Operations
    500 SeaWorld Drive • San Diego, CA 92109

    Phone: 619-222-4732
    Email: SWC.GuestRelations@SeaWorld.com

  • Jodi Caldwell says:

    This is a complaint about the SAN DIEGO location-

    To whom it may concern-my name is Jodi Caldwell and I attended your seaworld San Diego location on April 22 for the first time with my toddler son (4) and my friend and her toddler son (3). I purchased the dining pass for the kids thinking that the meal options for the children were far beyond horrible and underwhelming. EACH place that the dining pass had an option for only served CHICKEN NUGGETS W FRIES OR MAC AND CHEESE WITH FRIES. There were no fruit/vegetables or anything else that was HEALTHY and there was no other option on what to each when using the dining pass. The pass states that you can get a meal on the hour , so technically this dining pass would let my child each mac and cheese one hour and chicken nuggets the other hour and if he was hungry again on another hour he would only get those two options again! eating french fries all day and no other options is extremely disappointing. I highly recommend that you adjust your kids menu choices or offer a differnt type of dining pass for that age group. Also I went to customer service to speak to someone about this at the end of the night and waiting 1 hour til i was able to speak to someone, and the manager who helped me was RUDE, ABRASIVE, INSENTIVE, HARSH, and completely unprofessional. For my first time at Seaworld and the experience I received just with the customer service, makes me re-think ever supporting this facility . In addition to my disappointing experience, I came for the food and wine tasting and purchase 2 5 tasting samplers which you will see associated with this order number, the event closed at 8pm in WHICH at 7pm majority of the vendors were out of food and specialty drinks. If I wouldve known that this was going to happen I wouldve eaten in the beginnign HOWEVER there was still 1 hour left of the event. AGAIN another disappointing situation for my first time here. I hope you can rectify this by either refunding my dining for my kids or somehting and/or the Tasting Pass costs as well.

  • Herman Raxon says:

    Sea world parks your organization and interim CEO John Reilly if your not aware of what is going behind closed doors and what is being done to families and customers? Well you should because is a disgrace and fraud being done to hardworking families like ours.

    the commitment I had back in 2019 to 2020 when I purchased the annual gold membership for all 4 parks was satisfied and paid for in full.
    And after I had cancelled the EZpay over the phone with customer service we thought it was made clear of the cancellation.

    BUT that was not the case as it turns out my credit card was being charged for an additional gold membership that I never authorized for December of 2020 to present 4-2022 total $1,138.48 . after spending 2hours 22 mins on the phone with customer service and 2 supervisors all they could say is “am sorry” but we don’t do REFUNDS.

    I am really upset about all this and hope that if anyone reads this that they don’t fall on this mess.


  • K. Zahr says:

    My daughter who was working as a life at Acquatica in Orlando, who happens to be a beautiful young college student was just fired because she left her pool to rinse her menstrual blood. This same young woman saved the life of a young child on her first day as an un-hired employee ( training) as the child was choking on a lego piece.

    WHAT kind of organization treats women like that? How much money did my young daughter save that organization in law suits had that child died? It’s a shame how some organizations treat their employees. The hell with you Sea World and subsidies, your treatment of people and animals alike, You are disgraceful!

  • Patricia Hockenberry says:

    That email address does not work. I just wrote a long email and hit send and it doesn’t send

  • Gloria Fonseca says:

    Aquatica has the worst service. Worst experience ever

  • sirarpy dokmadjian says:

    My Name is Sirarpy Dokmadjian, I bought 3 year passes. I am 70 yrs old and my daughter-in-law is pregnant. I was trying since the first day you closes the park to cancel my passes, I have cirrhosis liver disease stage 4 and my daughter in law pregnant, So I wanted to cancel because there was no guarantee that I can make it till the end of the year and my daughter in law will not j japertis her life for sea world visit. Finely after holding days and days for 2 or 3 hours and after that the line cut off. I was able to reach some one yesterday and I told her my problem that I have been trying since the closing to reach them. She said let me see what I can do but after that the line cut off or she hang up. Today I tried the first thing and talked to an agent whose name was Rashid he was very nice I asked him to speak with supervise and he transferred me I do not recall his name he said he will cancel my passes but will not issue a refund I was very upset I paid fort 5 month and I used it 2 times out of the year and he said we can not refund. Is it far in my situation that I pay for 5 month out of it 3 month closed. He said you had a commitment yes and Sea World has a commitment to visit the part any time in 12 months. The park is okay not to go by the commitment and the customer goes with the commitment.. I want a full refund it was not my fault that what happened and I am going to panelist and Sea World not to panelist. I was hardly making the payment as Christmas gift to my son and wife and now all what I paid is gone and Sea World does not give……..for the customer as long he got the money why to care. I am requesting a refund and this is not the first email I send and no body cared, I hope this time I get some one has the concussions and care and respond my e-mail.

    I hope some one will read and respond.

  • sirarpy dokmadjian says:

    worse customer serviser

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