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Seattle Goodwill
  • Address: 700 Dearborn Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 1923

  • Founder:

  • Key People: Russ Kevin Childers

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Dave Medd

Executive, SVP







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The Company is in Seattle, WA, the United States, as part of the Used Merchandise Stores Industry. The Company has 78 employees at its location and 24 companies in the Seattle Goodwill Industries corporate family. The Company’s headquarter address is 411 Westlake Ave N Seattle, WA, 98109-5221 United States. The phone number for the Company is (206) 812 6625 and the website The key people in the Company are Broderick Smith (past chair), Elaine Yates (Store Manager), Gina Hall (Vice president, community and donor relations), and Jenifer Alvarez (Employment Specialists).

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  • Joy says:

    This is what’s wrong with today’s world. Goodwill must be PRO what life’s matter?! The security team is awfull after what I witnessed today. These lil boys are, they think they have a smug moral superiority, I would go with sanctimonious. They think they are smarter than they actually are, I would go with illusively superior to people who shop at Goodwill. Out of there mouths, “well were not the ones having to shop at goodwill bitch.” To a mid aged female who they accused of being someone she was not and she even tried to prove it to them with her I.D but they wouldn’t give her a chance. I felt so bad for her. They were in necessarily mean to her. People should boycott this racist, hatefully, deceitful branch.

  • Tom Schiro says:

    Tacoma WA Good Will supposed to serve the disabled. 100% disabled vet. Not allowed to use restroom after shopping

  • shanazutter says:

    Eric leiber the so called night manager is a rude and inappropriate representative for goodwill industries. He is inefficient at staffing his store in Bellevue to successfully service it’s customers. He shouted at me as I was walking across the store with my arms full of work clothrs. The line was at least 50 people deep and he ran to the front of the store and in front of everyone chopped his arm in front of me and announced that the line ended directly non front of me and told me that I couldn’t buy anything. He attempted to claim that I was the one I. The wrong because I wasn’t walking in the right direction instead of perhaps offering to help me to carry my things to the front for me. There were childte. Around and he chose to do his best to embarrass me and make a spec rifle of himself. Not the sort of person that should be running a store when it’s people like us that constantly donate items and keep you in business as well as purchasing items that are just a bunch of garbage so if it was me I’d fire him he obviously doesn’t know how to handle himself in a stressful situation since he can’t even stuff is stored properly. And by the way the reason why I needed those clothes because I work in a medical clinic and my house burned down and I have no clothes to go to work to tomorrow and now I have nothing to wear I had to work all day on Labor Day and that jack ass couldn’t even lay his attitude down for a hot minute and make life is a better place to be which is why I thought what Goodwill is all about Community but now this guy is totally ruined my whole night if it wasn’t already bad enough as it is right now so good night to those who have a place to sleep tonight

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