Where Is Sears Corporate Office Headquarters

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  • Address: 3333 Beverly Rd Hoffman Estates, IL  0179
    United States
  • Phone Number: (847) 286-2500
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 89000
  • Established: 1886
  • Founder: Richard Warren Sears & Alvah Curtis Roebuck
  • Key People: Leena Munjal, Robert A. Riecker

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S. No.




United States

3333 Beverly Rd Hoffman Estates, IL 0179 United States



Sears Holdings India, Cluster D, Wing 2, 4th Floor, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, India

Sears Headquarters Executive Team

Robert A. Riecker

Chief Financial Officer

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Leena Munjal

Chief Digital Officer

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Greg Ladley

President, Softlines

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Mitch Bowling

Chief Executive Officer, Sears Home Services

Robert Naedele

Chief Commercial Officer, Shop Your Way

Luke Valentino

General Counsel

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  • Laura Abbs says:

    I purchased a freezer from sears and it was on backorder so I order a different one over the phone where I was over charged I have been calling and waiting for months now sense Sept 2020 when will you give me money back

  • Bob & Josie Trotier says:

    Posting this to Sears Facebook page to inform people on our saga on how Sears and Sears Home Warranty treats their long time loyal customers.
    July 26, 2019
    On 7-22-19 we had tech from Sears Home Warranty come because our refrigerator stopped working, he said the compressor went out and would get back to us. On 7-24 we contacted them to find out the status and were told compressor was still under a 10 year warranty and Sears would have to fix it and was given a number for Sears Service to call. On 7-25 I called Sears Service and they told me I had to go to Kenmore, called Kenmore they said it had to go back to Sears Service and hung up on me!! I called Sears again and they transferred me to various different departments who kept telling me I had to talk to someone else and was hung up on a few times (very unprofessional). I called Sears Service AGAIN they transferred me to someone who verified we did indeed have a 10 year warranty on the compressor and set up an appointment and was informed I would have to pay $129 for a tech to come out to see what the problem was (we already had to pay $75 to home warranty tech on 7-22, kinda unfair we have to pay for service call twice), we already were told by Home Warranty tech it was the compressor as I told each person on each conversation I had (shouldn’t this information be in your computer files by now?) We set an appointment for August 8 and really hope the tech brings the compressor with him/her to fix that day as by then we will have been without a refrigerator for over three weeks and living out of an ice chest
    The refrigerator model number is 795.7105 for reference so the tech brings the correct compressor.
    I am VERY unhappy. I was on the phone with the various conversations for over two hours. It should not be such an ordeal to fix a refrigerator.
    The above was written on survey Sears sent us but apparently no one paid attention.
    UPDATE – August 8, 2019

    Sears Service Tech was here today and said the compressor is NOT under a 10 year warranty from Sears/Kenmore but only one year. We told him Sears Customer Service told us it was under a 10 year warranty and we have to have it fixed by Sears and not Sears Home Warranty, (we were told by Sears Service Rep on the phone on July 25th that if we used the Sears Home Warranty people it would invalidate the 10 year warranty so we decided to wait for Sears Service Rep.) The tech today said that your customer service tell people whatever they want to hear to appease them!! He also said we should cancel the Sears Home Warranty and just go buy a new refrigerator (does he get a kick back?). If we do have to go buy a new refrigerator you can bet it will not be with Sears!! We have bought quite a few appliances from Sears but do not like how this is being handled and will not buy from Sears again and, of course, we are telling our friends and family about all of this.

    We left it there and called the Sears Home Warranty people again and now they are sending someone out on Tuesday, August 13th. You know we are really tired of getting the run around, we do not know who to believe, we get conflicting stories from each person we talk to, we are just regular people who are not techs or experts on appliance repair and thought you would have competent people who can help customers. Robert has health issues and was just in the hospital for a heart procedure, he cannot lift heavy objects, and all of this is not good for his heart but of course I am sure you do not care about that. We are living out of an ice chest in our bath tub so water can drain as Robert cannot lift heavy objects and we are really tired of having to go buy ice every couple of days, when it is taking this long you should have a loaner like car repair shops do, a few days is one thing but four weeks is way too long.

    UPDATE – August 13, 2019

    A new Sears Home Warranty Tech came out today and we told him the whole story and he said we do not have a 10 year warranty but five year and that is expired as refrigerator is nine years old. He said the problem is the safety seals and he will inform his company and get us ANOTHER tech that specializes in seals to come out and take a look then go from there if fixable. I asked him if the Sears Service people and Sears Home Warranty share information on the same claim and he said no, he came in here blind did not know the problem that if the Sears Service people had shared that it was the compressor/safety seals he would not have been the tech sent out, it would have been a tech knowledgeable in safety seals and we could have solved our problem sooner. He was the best tech yet

    We are in our fourth week without a refrigerator and this living out of an ice chest in our bath tub and it is getting real old fast!!

    UPDATE – August 15, 2019

    Called the company that sent tech on the 13th and they said he wrote a very complete report telling them exactly what the problem was and they forwarded his report on to Sears Home Warranty on the 13th. Called Sears Home Warranty they said they did not have the report.

    UPDATE – August 16, 2019

    We had not heard back from Sears Home Warranty and called them and AGAIN got the run around, they said they do not have the report from the tech from the 13th, they gave us a phone number to a fourth company call to schedule a new tech to come out (do they just randomly send people out to fix a problem without the facts? – very unprofessional and inefficient and seems like Sears Home Warranty has to pay these people so it is costing them money for not fixing problems, again very inefficient), when I called the fourth company they said they can’t come out until they get a work order from Sears Home Warranty, then called Sears Home Warranty again and this time got another person who said they are looking for a company that repairs seals (did they finally read the report?), apparently they have to be licensed but they can’t find one in our area (San Francisco Bay Area), why not?? we just cannot be the only people with a refrigerator that has seals that need repair, sounds fishy. We told him this is not acceptable that if they can’t fix the refrigerator they need to replace it per our Sears Home Warranty. Brian said well, before they can replace it they have to try to fix it, yes we understand that but after four weeks they sure are having trouble finding someone to fix it so at this point they should just replace it. It is taking too long. We stuck it out this long because we do have a home warranty from Sears and silly us expected it to work for us. We just do not know what to do

    • michelle m idell says:

      IM sorry for what is happening to you and i hope you finally got it fixed , we are going though the same ordeal , waited 2 weeks for a repairman , 2 weeks for them to come back after the parts arrived and sat on our deck in the way . so the guy took 2 hours to put the compressor in and an hour after he left the fridge went down again . i wish i had his phone number to call him back . but then we had to wait for another repair man , aweek later , he says it needs a fan and so now more big boxes on the deck and waiting for him to or someone to return , i bought a smalll fridge , to put my insulin and milk and a few other things in . so the last repairman said ill set up an appointment for you on the 21st of oct . never got a confirmation so i knew i had to call , and to understand them is very difficult , so thye said no appointment was set up for that day . i said yea the repair man set it up and he said no , so i said well give me an appointment so now its the 24th , and then all of the sudden i get a text with 2 appointments , one for the 23 and 21st . so we will see . ive never seen such a company that is incompetent. i will never buy from sears or anything to do with them because of this. Ps i think its a sick game they are playing on the phones and having a good time joking and laughing at our exSpence

  • Kathy Murphy says:

    Hey , My name is Kathy Murphy and I am very upset with Sears home warranty and I would like help from someone please.

  • Richard says:

    How do I contact James Mitchell Bowling directly?

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