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  • Address: 200 Glenridge Point Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30342, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 404-255-9356

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  1000

  • Established: 1971

  • Founder: Don and Dolores Dissman

  • Key People: Mr. Kelly Roddy (President)

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Schlotzsky’s Headquarters Executive Team



Ms. Claire Quinn

Vice President of Global Marketing

About Schlotzsky’s, History and Headquarters Information

Schlotzsky’s was founded in the year 1971. The company has been active for almost 48 years now. The founders of the company were Don Dissman and Dolores Dissman. The initial menu of the company consisted of one sandwich of mixed meats, cheeses and black olives on a freshly made, toasted bun known as the Original. By the year 1981, the company had 100 franchised stores under its name. The same year, John and Jeff Wooley and Gary Bradley had purchased the company for almost $3 million. In the year 1982, Gary Bradley had separated from the group with the real estate business and the Wooleys keeping the restaurant chain. In the year 1995, the company was transformed into a limited public entity. In the year 2001, the company had almost more than 750 stores along with $400 million in sales. In the year 2004, the Woodleys had resigned from the board of the company. The same year, the company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. In the year 2006, Schlotzsky’s was acquired by Focus Brands. As of the year 2016, the company had introduced a new restaurant chain called Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery. The headquarters of the company is based in 200 Glenridge Point Parkway, Suite 200. The name of the place is Atlanta, while the name of the state is Georgia, United States. The pin code is 30342.

Schlotzsky’s is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds o fast food dishes and recipes, via its own chain of restaurants. The company currently has its presence across 350 locations in the USA. The current president of the company is Kelly Roddy. As of the current period, the number of employees working in the company is more than 1,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy and experience various types of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced by the company itself. The company’s restaurants offer sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pasta, wraps, etcetera.

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  • Phillip says:

    What is wrong with your mng Ishmael and ransford at okc Oklahoma on 240 ransford grabbed at a ladies arm and the managers where pretty much yelling at her and she works there

  • Rosela says:

    Hello, First off I’ve been a fan of schlotzsky’s since 1997 and I was so mad when they closed them down in Chicago, IL.. And ever since then when ever I traveled I search for a schlotzsky’s I was so in love with their turkey, jalapeno and tomatoes pizza, but they stopped making them , but every schlotzsky’s I have visited they were nice enough to make one for me.. Now, that I have moved to Houston TX , there are a lot of them.. Love it, but this one located 1620 Louetta rd, Spring TX 77388 is terrible. Don’t get me wrong the cashier tried her best to help me. Long story short. I did a purchase online for 3 pizza and 1 calzone spent over 53 dollars. And when I received my order it’s like the cook never ran my pizzas through the oven at all. So, I contact schlotzsky’s and was told by Ms Steven that there’s no supervisor on site and to call the next day. So, no calls and I went back up there with the whole order I have purchase the day before and they acted like they didn’t want to re-do my order. So, I notice the cook had a issue with doing order. he kept on coming back to the cashier about my order and how I know it was about me because cashier pointed toward my order i brought back to the store.. So, I checked my order before leaving crust was cooked this time, but all the topping that I requested was not on there.. I will no longer go to that one again. Now I see why they have been taking of the door dash list.. Poor everything..

  • Kim says:

    When I paid around $9 for a Cinnabon and Drink, I don’t understand why it wasn’t warmed, which I asked the employees to do twice! Do they not listen to customers? This could be a really good place if you had employees who showed some interest in their job. I strongly recommend McAllister’s on the other side of W. Palmetto in Florence, SC, a few hundred feet away. meals and service since have good meals AND service.

  • Michael Turner says:

    When are you going to fix your sign at the Birmingham Alabama Hwy 280 store?

  • Christopher Harris says:

    Absolutely in love with your sandwiches and whenever I see a promotion for “buy a gift card, get a $5 credit” I always make sure to get that deal!

    So when Mother’s Day came with a $10 followed by Memorial Day offers I jumped on it. Codes were successfully entered onto my Schlotzsky’s account middle of June and were supposed to be good through 7/17.

    However when I checked my account in July I noticed someone had deleted or removed them. You can check my history to verify this.

    Sure wish this hadn’t happened but I’m also concerned as to why it happened…

    I’d like to discuss this with someone but most importantly thank you for reading my post.

    • Chris says:

      Now someone has deleted all my points. Had enough for a free large sandwich but suddenly they’re gone. And no record of any sandwich purchase using my points.

      Would REALLY like someone to reach out about this.

  • Christy Paul says:

    gain On 1/16/23 at 2:58 pm I went to the Schlotzkys at 3314 S Broadway, Edmond Ok 73013. I picked up two French Dips, Chips and a Drink. We had some fruit earlier in the morning, so this was our first meal of the day. I took the food home and my husband and I proceeded to eat. The Au Jus did not taste right and the color looked more black than brown. So we ate it dry after a few bites. About 45 minutes later our stomachs were upset. about 20 mins later we both were sick and unable to keep the food in. Ended up calling out of work the next day. I was not happy because I have always been a fan of this company and when I lived in AZ we frequented it often and were excited when we moved to OK they had Scholtzkys. On Wed Feb 17 I called the store to report what happened to a manager. The employee said he was not in yet and would get in at 11am. Left my name and number and never received a call. On Feb 18 called the store and spoke with a Manuel who said he was the manager at STORE 2170. He was unable to refrain from speaking when I tried to explain what happened. He did admit that the Au Jus was off and they threw it out but told me NEVER in 2 years has anyone gotten sick from the food. I tried to explain that I have never gotten sick but did this time and wanted to report what happened to. my husband and I and how we had to take off work. Manuel lacked listening skills and sympathy. He just wanted to more or less tell me that this couldn’t have happened at his location. I asked for the owners name and number to speak with him and he refused to give it to me. Told me to call corporate that he could not do anything. I think what upsets me is I’m a loyal customer and just wanted to let them know what happened. At this point with the horrible customer service and lack of empathy I want my $23.79 back. I had to take one of my sick days because of what happened. I only get 5 all year as a teacher. Manuel more or less called me a liar, and I am confused why I would lie about what happened to me when I ate there. Finally all the Pricing on the order board is wrong and he conveyed he has been really busy and unable to update it. Again I love this sandwich shop but feel hurt by the lack of customer service and understanding. Any email regarding this situation would be greatly appreciated.


    Christy Paul

  • Guest says:

    I made an online order today at the Midland, Tx location at 5211 W Wadley. When I picked up the order the girl who handed it to me was very rude. She did not thank me nor respond to my thank you. I stood there because I wanted schlotzsky’s sauce. She came back to the counter and I asked her for some and she walked off. I could tell she was taking orders from customers in the drive thru lane. But she came back and handed me 3 and rushed off. So, I went to the lady at the counter and asked her for additional sauces and she kindly went back over to where the sauce was and the girl that I initially had contact with told her “NO! I already gave her 3!!!!! NO!!!!!!” The lady then brought me my additional sauces and kindly thanked me. Just wanted to report this. Bad customer service on the mean girl’s behalf!!!!

  • Veronica Williams says:

    I went to a location in Ft Worth, tx off Eastchase. My husband and I arrived at 7:50-8:00pm on Monday, January 8, 2023. We went through the drive thru and no one answered. We drove around the store to see workers inside with headphones on.. we drove back through the drive thru just to be ignored. My husband knocked on the drive thru window, and the employee finally took his ear buds out and añswered the window my husband was knocking on.. the employee said the the store was closed but the sign clearly stated that they were open until 10p.m. the employee did not offer àn explanation, just “we are closed due to the holidays” well, the holidays are over but they are still running on in a Holiday schedule. I was irritated because I am sick and I needed soup asap.

  • Sarah cavaness says:

    The manager at your location in stillwater ok needs to be dealt with. Her name is Angel. She is extremely rude and she harassed my daughter over them making her order incorrect, then told her to leave and made her cry. I need someone to contact me immediately. I have my attorney standing by. My number is 405-269-8277

  • Jeffrey Pounders says:

    Just had the worst fast food experience of my life at Schlotzsky’s Bastrop TX location. Contacted corporate and they had the location manager call me . He got aggressive from the start. Guess making a complaint to corporate doesn’t really help, and if the manager is who I wanted to talk to I’d have called him.

  • Denise Neighbors says:

    There needs to be some customer service training at your store on 129 and Center Street, Omaha. The person seemed disinterested, or mad, and was not very pleasant. He went from one task to another- without gloves. He belched loudly, not covering his mouth, proceeded to laugh and be proud of it, saying “that was a good one”. Some patrons aren’t going to come back. Hugh just needs a chat, he’s young and could be a good employee. Right now he’s just doing whatever he feels like. I hope you let the manager know and all the employees are made aware- we do watch what they do as they serve us, we do care. It could be better.

  • Bryan says:

    Store#2361 is awful…

  • Wanita Thompson says:

    I just ordered a Caesar salad for lunch at 6204 Mccart location in Ft. Worth, Texas. And I’m very disappointed in the way this salad was handled and presented. I’ve eaten plenty of salads from your establishment and never received one in this condition. You may need to train your staff in proper presentation.

  • Josh says:

    Ordered the new meat pizza from schlotzskys and it had like 2 pepperonis and 2 sausage pieces on each slice. Was not worth it all and very disappointed.

  • Vicki Perkins says:

    Please know that on Aug. 3rd 2022 the Schlotzkys on JBS in Odessa, TX served a Turkey Avacado Sandwich with black avacado chunks. Very unappetizing and when my sister called the manager to let him know what she found on her arrival at home, to eat it, his answer was there was no way to keep them from turning. Please give him a refresher in this dept. She took pictures and will never eat at another Schlotzkys.

  • Beverly Isom says:

    I love Schlotzsky’s and was very excited about your new app. But it is not user friendly at all. Every reward I’ve ever tried to use has been denied. Both trying to order and pay through the app and order through app. I have had nothing but problems trying to use redeem rewards

  • Victoria Tx says:

    The cashier took our order, we paid the bill. We then noticed that there was an extra 4 dollars charged beyond the total. This is not OK, I don’t think the cashier had any right helping himself to a tip. Very unethical, There was no service provided that tipping would be expected, I feel robbed.

  • Shell says:


  • Jean says:

    Just finished lunch at your restaurant in Granbury, Texas. I was shocked at the unsanitary condition of this location! Five years ago, when we moved here, it was a clean, appealing place to eat…definitely NOT so any more! First, the very kind man who took our order, had on a filthy shirt, and his hands were not clean. This was right at noon, so should not have been dirty. The counter tops were dirty and grimy. I hated to fill our sodas at this station! When trying to find a table to sit at, NONE were clean, even though the restaurant had only three other patrons. Tables had crumbs on them, left over soda spills, oils…disgusting! We ended up cleaning off our own table. The floors look like they’ve been stripped in the past, but no finish has been reapplied, and the floors were quite dirty.

    Our sandwiches were good as well as fresh. With this city growing as fast as it is, this restaurant should be clean and thriving, but it is not. The prep area did not appear to be as clean as it should be, so I have real concerns over the safety of the foods. Unless I see a real improvement in the cleanliness of this store and it’s employees, I can’t see my family going back. Not even through the drive thru. What a disappointment, as I like Schlotzskys.

  • Barb says:

    I order from your Hudson Oak, Texas (drive through)order turkey orginal with out tomatoes the order came with tomatoes and avocados( didn’t order the avocados) also I order Stromboli got a pizza with chicken and avocados/ Called to talk to the manager she said she was sorry my Oder was mixed up she ask what could she I told her get the order right the first time/ I couldn’t go back because it was too far to go back/ this not only time they messed up my order/ Will not go back either/ I don’t understand why all can’t get an order right

  • Stephen Mixon says:

    The Sand Springs, OK location gets our orders wrong 98% of the time. When it opened earlier this year everything was perfect until the people that came in to train the employees left, now their consistency is only making the orders WRONG. BRING THE TRAINERS BACK TO TRAIN THIS STORE AGAIN. This location will not make it if they dont improve and provide the consumer with the correct order.

  • David Senn says:

    Your store in Elgin Texas is never open it’s not even open today at noon

  • J. Dean Bridges says:

    Your manager at the Bartlesville, Oklahoma store was most unpleasant in handling issues. My Wife was given the wrong sandwich when she took it to be corrected the manager belittled her and was very rude to her. When I spoke to him he told me I would not talk to him that way, I did not start out being loud or rude, then he told me to leave the store, and stated he was calling the police. I went outside and waited also for the police to show up. The officer that went to speak with him told me he was rude to the officer also. I have been in management in the military for 25 years, this young man needs correction and more trainihg in order for him to be successful. Thank you

  • Megan says:

    El paso location is owned by a man who manipulates employees by holding checks. He refuses to use direct deposit and won’t give checks unless you work that day. His staff is poorly trained and extremely un hygienic. You should be ashamed of the location on Joe battle.

  • M says:

    Schlotzsky’s customer since the 70’s. Seguin location is HORRIBLE! “New” cashier telling wrong info. and trys to overcharge me. Shift manager made excuses. I had to correct her that if he doesn’t know an answer, he needs to ask. She speaks very rudely and doesn’t shut up with the excuses, escalating the situation. Then, they give me someone else’s order. I have to ring the bell as no one was in the front. THEN I get my sandwich with nothing but cheese! I demand refund. Shift manager again comes out making excuses and again won’t shut up. I had to tell her to stop talking and just give me my refund! She then tells me she has anxiety…arg!!! She voids my transaction and calls me a ‘B’ while walking away into the back.
    I have literally trained hundreds of people over the years, but thuis was ridiculous!

  • Cherie Dunham says:

    Once again my receipt does not have a bar code or number to be able to enter it for the reward program.
    We go to the Schlotzsky’s on Parker Dr Round Rock

  • Bill says:

    Third time in a row they have gotten the order wrong in midlothian texas

  • Judy Herrold says:

    I NEED MY MONEY REFUNDED – $19.00 was taken out for my online order that was never made or delivered from your store.
    8710 W. Central Avenue
    Ste Z
    Wichita, KS 67212

    While DoorDash accepts full responsibility for the issues with this order, any refunds must come directly from the Merchant because they are the party that collected your payment information. In order to properly reconcile DoorDash has reimbursed the Merchant directly for this issue.

    Based on our conversation, we have attempted to reach out to Schlotzsky’s on your behalf to request a refund, unfortunately were not able to successfully connect with Schlotzsky’s after multiple outbound call attempts. Please continue attempting to reach them for a refund to be processed.

    Support Resource: https://survey3.medallia.com/?schlotzskys-contact-us&br=7
    Store Phone Number: +13164257720

    Your reference number associated with this contact is 312292623.

  • Kimberly Lewis says:

    Need to file a complaint on a employee at League City Texas office.

  • Sandie says:

    Worse service ever took 42 minutes to get a sandwich at lunch and there was only one other customer

  • Bow Bailey says:

    As I understand it you’re still operating in Russia. As a longtime and loyal customer I want you to know that I will not do any business with you as long as you continue putting dollars before lives. I will also share this information repeatedly on social media. You should be ashamed.

  • Colton douthitt says:

    The Waxahacie Texas location has a very rude night manager On the internet it sais y’all close at 9 everything I go to that location before 9 they are closed it is very frustrating when I can’t get the meal I want because they always want to close early

  • Connie says:

    The Schlotzsky’s on Josey Lane, The Colony, TX stays closed on the inside….most all other restaurants in the area are open…so I go where the door is open.

  • Carolyn Allen says:

    We would love to get a Schlotzsky’s restaurant in Floresville,Texas. Would you please make this possible?
    Thank you!

  • Melody D Isaacks says:

    Got a Broccoli/cheese soup instead if the ordered Tomato Basil Soup. RECEIPT even shows correct oorder.

  • Kayla says:

    I want the bacon grilled cheese back please at least for a winter seasonal item. I live in Oklahoma City

  • Richard says:

    Disgusting food, made me sick to my stomach. Used to buy food from schlotzsky’s regularly. Now it’s overpriced garbage. Please close the one in Copperas Cove, Texas. It’s managers are ruining what used to be a decent establishment.

  • Taisha Travis says:

    I am very upset I went to schlotzshy’s in Huntsville al and the young lady at the front was so rude and had a attitude and told me she can refuse my service this use to be one of my favorite places the last two times I have came she has been rude but today take the straw I own my on restaurant I would never ever talk to one of my customers ever in million
    years like that way I stood there about 5min and when she walk around she just look and turn around and started taking someone order in the driver line she didn’t even say I will be right with you or even say hey give me one minute words can’t express how I feel I would never want and employee Representing me in this fashion if that have this type of attitude they lost a good customer I was Actually about to put in a big order for my son travel football team next week but I take by business else where

  • Donna Rhodes says:

    Question – are all Schlotzsky’s franchises eliminating whole wheat and rye breads, or is it only our Memphis franchise?

    We normally eat at our local franchise once or twice a month and are very distressed to have no non-white bread choices.

    We will not patronize our local Schlotzsky’s until healthy bread choices return and will really miss our lunches with you.

    Donna Rhodes

  • Mrs. Tina Yvette Fucles Smith Dotson says:

    My husband call’d n our order 2 our regular nearby store #1192 so he order’d 2 Smokey Cheddar Beef sandwiche’z wit 1 sandwich 2 add avocado both large size sandwiche’z @ 19: 45pm CST…. He arrived @ 20:04pm CST…. Transaction upon his debit card took place @ 20:08pm CST nside store pic’up. He arrived back hm 20:23pm CST & our sandwich’z didn’t hav lettuce nor tom8toez & was charged 4 d avocado on 1 sandwich which it didn’t hav & both sandwiche’z only had cheddar cheese & under cook’d fatty meat like raw bacon & we call’d d store #1192 a multitude of back 2 back call’z Frm both our smartphones n which no human entity DID NOT ANSWER either of our callz & online it demonstr8tez clearly dat dis store closez @ 22:00pm CST. We call’d customer service 1800846BUNS & an autom8t’d female’s voice st8t’d an ntirely different business entity but lev them d store # ur call’n about so I left 2 V’mailz bcuz I was want’n 2 get a refund back on2 my debit card & had no success wit dat option. Then I contact’d Schlotzsky’s online chat wit Chris who nform’d me 2 fill out a complaint form & he will direct my chat 2 d proper department 2 resolve my complaint & I was directed 2 6ya.com who charges u $5 for a 7 day trial & a subscription aftr trial of $50/mthly @ https://schlotzsky's.pissedcustomer.com. So I researched further so I can bring dis matter 2 Schlotzsky’s Headquarters is whr I am now. I wrk’d 27+yrz n d fastfood industry as an assistant manager now I’m retired. So I do know dat sumthg can b done about my order & my debit card refunded. I am a regular customer of dis loc8tion bcuz it’s only a 15min bicycle ride Frm my residence. My family memberz & I grew up @ Schlotzsky’s & never ever out of my 54yrz upon dis planet God named Earth, received an order like our 2night. This needz 2 b resolved.

  • Kim says:

    After seeing the video of the owner acting a fool in Bastrop Tx. I will never go back to any of your locations.

    • TJ says:

      Deeply curious on how the owner acted. I worked for one of the stores in NM and he was threating me over the phone and was very rude

  • Christine Simons says:

    I have been a schlotzsky’s costumers since 1971. I lived in Austin. I have never had a bad experience. I love the food. With that being said I was highly disappointed and offended at the store in copperas cove Tx. Store. At the drink fountain, sign read, “CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! YOUR MOTHER DOES NOT LIVE HERE!!! THX!!! I hope you can look into this.

  • Melody says:

    Why bother opening if only two employees are working. Ordered 3 sandwiches from drive-thru and none were edible, $20 in the trash. First time ever that I have gotten bad food from you.

  • Erica says:

    Made a purchase today and the receipt printed did not have a bar code on it and the explanation i received from the manage was that the machine was malfunctioning thats why i COULD NOT GET MY POINTS then he said sometimes the machine doesnt print out a receipt with the bar code but on my receipt it says, “Earn points with every purchase” either the machine is broken or you dont get a bar code with every order thus you do not earn points with every purchase. So many lies! So sad. When peole lie a part, a very tiny part of their tongue should fall off. Smh, so no points for me.

  • Jerry says:

    The printer was broken Friday, and I didn’t get a reciept. Saturday the computer was not working and I could not even place an order. I am done with Schlotzskys. BYE!

  • Terrell W Sims says:

    Every time i order food at the drivethrough , at the south,Rock rd location , they screw up my order like not puttin enough au juice for the French dip sandwich or giving water down cheese and no broccoli for the soup. Also giving us a very salty original sandwich,and with that being the final straw in a basket of problems , were done with an eatery that don’t care about quality of the product. Also at your Central and woodlawn store in wichita , i complained about poorly made food and the manager assaulted me verbally told me to never come back to the store. It was the manager’s lack of training of his employees and he was being a very bad example to them by arguing with me and insulting me.I used to work for a Sanitation Company, and used to pick up the trash for the owners of the Central and Woodlawn location. I went to pick up the trash one day and they had live gerbils in the trash can to be thrown away. Are you people still that cruel.

  • Stacy says:

    Hi there! I really need your help please. I am highly allergic to mayo and my boyfriend ordered me a flat bread and previous to this a sandwich that both contains mayo and he said no mayo both times. When I spoke to the manager the second time this happened for one we are losing money not getting credits for the mistakes for two the manager and staff have been rude and have no positive costumer service what so ever. I am not very happy and finally the manager who has had an attitude the few times we have come Annabelle has not been very helpful or understanding with my allergy as well as this COVID going on. We don’t get out so having to go back and forth for our money back is unacceptable. We have not been reimbursed for any of the mistakes that has taken place. If you could please contact me that would be great!

  • Shirley says:

    Food was great and so is the service.
    I was over charged on my order, so they was to put it back on my credit card but has failed to do so..
    Store needs more training.

  • Natalie says:

    Hello! I love schlotzsky’s! It’s super underrated and one of my favorite places! But unfortunately the last time I went (in Frisco’s Texas ) I was super disappointed by the quality of the whole product. Food was cold and just simply not fresh. Super disappointed especially with the Cinnabon’s. Sad day 🙁

  • John Doe says:

    Yes I want to make a comment for Schlotzsky’s William Cannon and Congress austin tx I was a general manager there for four months I want to stay can harassment from Miss Joanne the owner towards other employees including myself by Bad Words as saying stupid to us and to put in a down on a daily basis she takes out money out of our checks from any tilts are that are short at the end of the two weeks she is not a communicative or a Consulting owner where we can come walk up to her and talk to her about any situation without her badgering us or making us feel belittled hours at times on our time sheets are not on the timesheets well we are missing hours she’s held payroll from two Spanish-speaking employees from the hand book packages from a new employee stating that you will not give out their first check until the new hire employees new hire packets for Schlotzsky’s is done these were Spanish speaking people that she did not turn those papers into Spanish speaking handbooks for them these were the handbooks for the new hires she’s also stated that any equipment that we might break on the job we are respectful responsible to pay that in in full when it comes to vacation time or anytime they need to be paid she gives the employee a very hard time and takes long to address those vacation hours to get paid he does not follow franchise corporate ways she makes her own ways by buying products at HEB and not buying them by the Ben E from Brother Freddy’s provider she cuts corners and every way she can to save money when she says but really we don’t know what’s going on she spoke badly about many managers and many employees there stating that they have text or bad messages which I know for a fact that has not been done by some employees because they don’t even have her number please corporate do an investigation find out what Joann Thomas is doing to the employees at Schlotzsky’s on 110 in the Congress they are in dire need of a structure and to have compassion over her team constructed in the Way to Tipperary Schlotzsky’s ways and values I have seen two other GM’s walk out within a month to two months prior to me becoming general manager she instructs has to work very hard and which is which is good to work hard but when it becomes a place where tension and and negativity and now I’m in a massive buildup it is not a place you want to be but still one has had several employees within what two weeks three regular employees have left including one general manager employees have left including a general manager please corporate look into it for the employees that are there at Schlotzsky’s on 1111 and Congress it is a very hard place of work the negativity is beyond what you can believe in the stress as well I’m just asking for some help for the store so that maybe the future people that are actually working there can have a hopeful future with Schlotzsky’s I don’t mean to put down on the owner but I have no other option but to help employees that are still there left

  • Lynda Baker says:

    Hello we have a new but empty building in Visalia that was going to be a Deli Delicious but they backed out. It would be a great place to put a Schlotzsky’s . It is connected to a busy Starbucks on a busy street that people use to get to the 99 freeways. The address is 2050 W. Riggin Ave. Visalia CA. 93291
    Please consider this.
    Thank you Lynda Baker

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