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Schewel Furniture CO Corporate office Headquarters

Schewel Furniture CO Headquarters Address and Contact

Schewel Furniture CO
  • Address: 915 Main St, Lynchburg, VA 24504, United States
  • Phone Number: +14348452326
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 501-1000
  • Established: 1897
  • Founder: 
  • Key People: Marc A Schewel, President/CEO

Schewel Furniture CO Headquarters Location & Directions

Schewel Furniture CO Headquarters Executive Team



Tom Prest

Director:Human Resources







Schewel Furniture CO, History and Headquarters Information

The Company operates around 50 retail bedding and furniture stores in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Apart from home furnishings, the Company also sells appliances, carpeting, electronics, and related accessories. The typical store has an average area of 1800 sq. ft., targeting middle- and lower-income markets. The new stores are bigger, lying between 40000 to 50000square feet. Elias Schewel started the Company in 1897 by selling small furniture pieces out of the horse-drawn wagon he owned. The Company's headquarter address is 1031 Main St Lynchburg, VA, 24504-1800 United States. The website is www.schewels.com, and the phone number is (434) 522-0200.

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  • Angela Daye says:

    I had the most embarrassing experience in Roxboro NC the store managed Justin was very rude , aggressive and made the most hurtful accusations towards me ever in front of customers. I was called a liar and after I pay for my last purchase I will never shop there again. I will be writing and speaking to corporate office Monday morning September 11,2023.

  • Donald Lee Rowe says:

    This is Donald Rowe I was just turned down for a 211.00 dollar rug by adonna in the Lexington store I always pay my payments I’ve never been late on any payments this hurt my feelings Thank you Donald Rowe

  • Herman D. Nicholas says:

    I recently purchased $2000 worth of furniture from your Eden, NC Schewel’s store……there was 1 night stand that I ordered on the showroom floor….I took that one home…..the 2nd night stand I was told would have to come from a separate store. The salesman guaranteed me that the 2nd night stand would be delivered to the store the next day and I would pick it up. It has not yet been delivered to the store….I have made multiple phone calls and they will not return my calls…..the sales manager’s name was Daryll….I made multiple calls to him and he will not answer/return my calls….I expect a remedy to this issue immediately or I will never spend another dime at Schewel’s.

  • Melissa Clem says:

    To whom it may concern;
    My name is Melissa Clem, I have bought from Schewels for many years. My mother Beverly Painter also has dealt with Schewels for many years. She went to Schewels in Staunton and bought a nice living room set. She has always made on time payments and had a good relationship with Schewels in Staunton. In July of 2022 my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had surgery on July 28th, during the surgery the damaged her vocal cord and she could only whisper. In August she began chemotherapy and that took a big toll on her. She was in and out of the hospital for dehydration and colitis. Her vocal cords being damaged made it hard for her to talk on the phone because oftentimes she couldn’t be heard; however, she made contact with Kelly at the Staunton Store to let her know what the situation was. She told Kelly that she would absolutely pay her account but she was struggling. Kelly told her to keep in touch with her. Well my mother  spent 6 days in the hospital unable to communicate with her creditors and was summoned to court for her account with Schewels. Obviously she could not go to court, she could barely get to the kitchen in her house to get a drink of water. Obviously not know the situation the judge ruled for Schewels and rightfully so. My mother is getting stronger and has been able to resolve the issues with her disability insurance. She received payment last week for the first time in over a month, so she mailed a check to Schewels in Staunton. A sheriff brought her check back to her and told her they would be there Monday, 1/9/2023 at 9AM to get her furniture.I ask you, how is this humane?????? This woman fought for her life for 4 months and now she is trying to right her wrongs but Schewels is going to take her living room furniture on Monday!! That will really give her a reason to keep fighting!!! How would you feel if that were your mother?
    I am asking you as a well established company in the Shenandoah Valley to reconsider taking her furniture. I assure you my mother will pay you everything that she owes you as soon as she can! She does not have a history of not paying your company and I am asking you to have some compassion for your clients. 
    If this cannot be resolved sensibly and humanely I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I will put the word out that Schewels is not the family company that they claim to be. I will put in on all social media and tell everyone at my job and every place I go how you treat your customers.
    I hope we can resolve this in a manner that will be in the best interest of everyone involved. I look forward to hearing from you about this matter.


  • Rebecca Shay says:

    I am a very good customer at Schewels in Salem virginia and have for a long time. I would like to speak with some in charge from the corporate office. Please call me at 540-819-8685. I’ve tried to call but can’t get through. If there is a difference number please send it to me.

  • Bruce says:

    I have purchased the top of the line bed from Christiansburg. My gal sleeps on it and it becomes a u. I have bought three different beds. Your bedding is crap. I want my money back for all three beds.

  • Guest says:

    This is about the store in Galax VA…I made a purchase in the store for the first time and the item had a defect in it and it was replaced once with the same item..A few months later the same problem with the same item..This time I have contacted the store for them to correct it and nothing has been done to this date.. This is unacceptable..The guys who delivered the product to my home acted like they did not want to deliver to my home because they saw it was Two guys there and one bedroom in the house. Every time I have came into the store I have heard these same to guys snickering every time I walk out of the store..I don’t know if this has a reason for the lack of why they have not come to look at my defective equipment or not but they need to get it together…This is Almost 2023 and LGBT Rights are here to stay and not going anywhere and little..Same sex marriage laws are about to be protected by Federal laws..So if these employees are homophobes they need not work..and if I’m not taken care of I will never do business with you all again

  • James Jones says:

    Second rate furniture at top of the line prices. In the last few years they have gone to pot. The store in Roanoke Rapids is being ruined by the staff. Wish their was a minus rating cause thats what they are.

  • Krystal Witt says:

    Very unprofessional and I’ve asked to close my account and return my items SEVERAL times and now I’m being threatened with being taken to court when I have emails to prove I’ve asked to close my account

  • Terry George says:

    I want to know if you get a five year warranty on a lawnmower at Schewels in Roxboro bc why want they pay for it to be fix I had water in gas and the man called me back and said they will not fix it and the serial number did not match the paper they send to him and the manger t told them to fix it and they didn’t I wish I could talk to some one bc if they not going to fix it I want my 5 year warranty payed back to me bc if I half to pay for it why should I have a warranty

  • Janet Hylton says:

    Dear Sir
    I had bought a couch and chair a year ago. I have contacted shewels in Princeton wv and can’t get an answer. My couch is already tearing up. I have talked to Ronnie and he had me email him pictures of it that he said he never received so he gave me his cell number and I sent the pictures again but says not delivered. I have done business there for years and expect the furniture to hold up before a year. I do appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you.

    • Sara Diaz says:

      Hello Janet,
      I was just reading your post and wondering (I hope you don’t mind) but I’d like to ask you a question…
      Did you ever get a response to your message/complaint?
      We’re you able to get someone to help in replacing your furniture?
      The reason I ask is because I have a similar situation whereas we’re still paying actually for a recently purchased living room sofa/loveseat set from Schewels in Roanoke, Virginia. I’ve also been a customer of theirs for decades in fact But anyhow (which just makes all the more disappointing) anyhow the set that I’ve just purchased, within less than one month the loveseat middle Consol section completely caved in and I have called so many times, I have text the salesman, I have emailed and left voicemails… no one is reaching back out to me and I don’t know what to do?!! This is insane. Truly, no one wants to deal with making such a large purchase only to then be stuck with basically a pile of trash at all ever and especially in such a short amount of time at that. Or even have to deal with this type of situation/problem a year down the road. No one would expect this or accept having to deal with this and I just can’t believe they’re not taking care of it.
      I’m wondering if you have any idea of who I can contact directly perhaps at their headquarters or their main office which I believe is in Lynchburg who could help me get this situation resolved? Thank you so very much for your time and I apologize for the random message, I know you don’t me, obviously, so I am sorry for the awkwardness but I do hope you can give me a little guidance perhaps, I’d be much appreciative.
      Thanks again and I hope you have a great day.
      Sara Diaz

  • Gloria Jeffries says:

    This is a message to the corporate team or Tom Prest because I am very upset about how I was treated at the Danville, VA Schewel Store with a purchase. On July 7,2022 I purchases a bedroom set with a New Mattress and Bunkie Boards, the delivery was set up for July 12,2022 10:30am to 2:30pm. Before they arrived I went to the store to see if my bedroom set was still on the floor, the bed was on the floor but the uncovered and unprotected mattress that I and I’m sure other people had laid on was not there. When the deliveries arrived at my home the bed was in the boxes because it was a platform type bed with lots of parts to put together and they put it together very nicely, but when they brought the Bunkie Board in and then the mattress in it was not as a mattress should or normally comes with the plastic still on it from the factory. I asked the Delivery person if this came off the floor and he said yes ma’am, when I asked Jeff the man that sold it to me he told him this is the one right here leading them to the mattress on the floor that has been used by other people , I refused to keep it. I was very upset and angry and I didn’t want anything else from Schewel at that point. I went to a Mattress Warehouse an purchased another Mattress and Bunkie Board not really to my liking but I needed a MATTRESS SET on the bed. I went back to the store to get the mattress set taken off my bill, it was taken off but my bill payment wasn’t reduced at the time but I do plan on going back because the payment was based on the total sale and the total sale price changed after returning the mattress. The lady looked up that mattress and there was a new mattress in stock in the store, my is why wasn’t I given this mattress set and also when I made my purchase why wasn’t this one tagged after the sale was complete. The Salesman approached me and said to me “Ms. Jeffries I didn’t know it was going to you, I never would have sent that to you because you told me you don’t buy items from the floor, I apologize for that” after I had told him the drivers said you told them to take this one, the one on the floor, it was his job to make sure I was sent the right item when they asked him. And with all this stuff out here with the Coroner Virus and other infectious diseases isn’t it against the stores policy to sell an uncovered and a mattress that has not been sanitized. Someone called from the store to apologize but I am not satisfied, I another piece coming with the set and I’m not sure if I want it, I paid over $3600.00 for this purchase and to be treated like this, I don’t want to think it had to do with racism because I am a black female. I am surely not planning on servicing Schewel again in my near future, I’d rather go to Babcocks pay more but get respected as a paying customer.

  • Donald Lee Rowe says:

    I think shewels home is very unprofessional. I ordered a pillow and shewels home would not even take my order. This is very unprofessional peavy in Lexington store is retaliation person I got my pillow from Ashley home store so I was pleased with Ashley home store they are professional. Thank you

  • Joseph zieleniewski says:

    They sold me a peice of shit TV with a one year warranty and it has only been 6 months and it is not working at all and all I get from them is the run around they do not stand behind the junk they are selling and they only care about taking your money next time I will be shopping at Walmart where they do stand behind the stuff they sell and I won’t be doing business with the lying thief’s at shifty schewels

  • Joseph zieleniewski says:

    I purchased a 58 inches TV in December and it is not working at all and it has a one year warranty on it and it says in the owners manual to return it to the place of purchase and they are doing nothing but giving me the run around and I am a disabled senior on a small fixed income and it has been a great strain on me to make the monthly payments and I am going to be calling every single media outlet and website to let others know not to be ripped off by your company and instead I will be shopping at Walmart where they do stand behind the stuff they sell thanks for stealing my money when I am already well below the poverty rate

  • Joseph zieleniewski says:

    RIP off thief’s take your money and don’t stand behind the junk they sell

  • Tonya L Cressell & Michael Teague says:

    I would like a return call. The Eden store has been giving us the run around for 2 months about replacing furniture we have not had a 1 year yet. The recliner arm cushions are flattening and the couch is sinking on one end. This is poorest quality furniture I have seen in awhile.
    The corporate number does not work.

  • Felicia Fountain says:

    I would like a return call. I was treated poorly by the store manager at the Collinsville store. I paid for a warranty that was not honored and given the run around by both the store manager and the warranty company. I went in today and got nothing but excuse after excuse of why there was no return phone calls to discuss the matter. The store manager tells me I can’t contact the corporate office that she would have to do that. When I asked for a number she would not give it to me. Only states she will have me removed from the store. I told her I was going to look around she tells me she can have me removed. I have been lied to for several months the store manager says that the warranty company was no good. The store manager also says that the Collinsville store could not keep any good managers and that she was recently new herself. I paid cash for my furniture and in return this is what I get. I guess when you pay cash for your furniture you don’t matter because they have already gotten there money. I am still owed my warranty refund and I still have damaged furniture.

  • Zainqkasha Jones says:

    646-318-0132 Corporate please calll me

  • Zainqkasha Jones says:

    I need to speak with Corporate as soon as possible

  • Kimberly says:

    I went into the Farmville location on 11/28/21 around 240 pm. Upon entering the store, I was not greeted nor was I offered any assistance. My husband and I came into the store because I saw that there was a sale going on and wanted to purchase furniture for our new home. We walked around the entire store, made eye contact with at least 3 sales people, who were holding clipboards just standing there, not helping any other customer. No one even had the decency enough to say hello, ask what we were looking for, or tell us about the sale that was going on. As we had finally gotten fed up with the lack of customer service and was walking back to the front to exit the store. One sales lady approached us to ask if anyone was helping us, and I told her “no” and in fact we were leaving because we felt unwelcome. I also mentioned to her that we currently had an account there which made us feel worse. The sales lady apologized, my husband and I left the store. Customer service is everything. Customers should feel like they are welcome in the store. As bad as I wanted to purchase a new set for my home, I refuse to spend my hard earned money in a place where no one cares to even speak.

  • Dauynese S Carden says:

    I have tried to reach the cooperative office since Tuesday, no return call. I need to file a complaint against the Schewel store in South Boston, Virginia.

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