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  • Address: 11400 SE 6th St #220, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

  • Phone Number: +1 425-462-1515

  • Fax Number: 425-451-2250

  • Email: customercare@savers.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1954

  • Founder: William O. Ellison

  • Key People: Duane Woods, David Johnston

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Savers Headquarters Executive Team



Duane Woods

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

David Johnston

Chief Operating Officer

Mindy Geisser

Chief People Services Officer

Mike Ensing

Chief Financial Officer

Carl Paschke

Chief Information Officer

Rich Medway

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Tony Shumpert

Vice President of Recycling & Reuse

About Savers, History and Headquarters Information


Famous for its second hand shopping, this profit making retail business was founded in 1954 in order to create a new cheaper shopping experience for the people. Commonly known as Value village, its best supplier were the non-profit organizations who used to sell their merchandises to them. Savers Inc. created a new diversity for the people by providing things that are resalable and have programs that aim towards recycling of reusable items that are difficult to be sold in the market.


It aimed at suppliers that were of the local non-profit organizations which have the donated items in the inventory. Savers Inc. picks these goods from the local communities at a bulk and have them undergo a recycling program that makes these reusable items saleable on the market selves. Owning more than 300 outlets and making revenue of more than 100 Million dollars, this company has started to diversify and expand towards new horizons.


The headquarters for Savers Inc. is situated in Bellevue, Washington in United Stated of America.

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  • Kimberly Brooks says:

    I was an employee of savers Crystal Lake Illinois until November 22, 2023. I left there on good terms with two weeks notice and left in very good terms with my managers at that time was told I did have 40 hours of vacation coming my way as soon as payroll was complete with our worked for the year Have been waiting. Have contacted corporate have contacted people services still have not heard anything. This is starting to concern me if somebody could contact me I would appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  • I don’t steal says:

    12/8/2023 Fort Smith, Ar

    Today I was shopping with my mom (who is handicapped and has a really hard time walking) we first looked at the shoes where I found 2 pairs of shoes I wanted then we went to look at the pjs and when we was done my mom had to use the restroom and I stayed to put the items we chose not to get back in the right spot. After my mom was out of sight, I was approached by three of the employees to which said they were managers and the other one was just a regular employee. All three refused to give me their name, and they told me that I need to leave the store that I was not welcome there that I was a thief, and they don’t accept that kind of people at their store being really loud had everybody in the store, looking at me pointing at me laughing, so embarrassing and I asked what I had done. They told me they didn’t have to tell me what I done to get out of the store that I was a thief in really rude and embarrass me would not tell me what I had done which they couldn’t because I hadn’t done nothing because I’m not a thief and then I told him I had to find my mom as I was walking in the store trying to find my mom I guess prevention guy came up to me and said look thief. If you don’t get out of our store, I’m gonna call the cops , I was so embarrassed I just went outside and waited for my mom. Nobody would tell me what I had supposedly done because I didn’t do nothing. Every time I go in the store they pick on me. They hate me because I have I have ADHD so I’m all over the store and they think I’m still in every time I show them my inside of my purse my car I’m always been in three $400 at a time and I’m trying to get a hold of corporate. Nobody will respond to me. I’m gonna get a lawyer over it and I’m gonna make sure that those people lose their job. I’m so sick of savers they they’re not for people. They are very judgmental and hateful and rude overpriced and just a bunch of bull crap . I had never in my life been so embarrassed.

  • Becca says:

    I am a long time supporter of Savers and what they do for the community. I have been a avid shopper in your Reno store, it use to be Sparks until they decided not to reopen. I have donated items just about 3 times a week and generally shop in the store about 5 times a week. I have spoke with several of the other customers that I have know for many years. I recently found out that one of the team members from the Donation center had been let go for supposedly stealing. I find that hard to believe because he was always going by and telling us donors of the policies. Come to find out some other employee had apparently not liked him and recorded him loading some items into a car. Did it ever cross your mind that he followed the policy of a customer picking up stuff. I have in the pass bought things and did not have a chance to pick up the items that same day so Joe would hold the items for me and when I could pick them up he generally told me to pull to the side because of the line. I find it very unprofessional that he was even accused of such a thing and disgusted that he was treated like that. I always talked with him and he always would tell me how many hours he worked and how many departments he would help because of the store not being staffed. Myself and about 15 other of your regular shoppers are completely disgusted of what happened and WILL NOT BE BACK TO YOUR STORE. I can only think that this does not matter because your company does not care anymore. Just so you are aware I myself spend roughly about 500.00 a week as the other spend close to or over that amount. It saddens us that you can mistake something that has been done numerous times before for what you would call dishonesty. Your company and your so called managers are nothing but idiots and morons displaying what some would call uneducated wannabes not worthy of anything or able to know what true honesty or hard work is. I have in the pass seen several of this managers not only steal from the company but they lied to customers and been dishonest with them. I believe you might want to take a deeper look into your so called management team before you go around accusing people of something that did not do. Loyalty has no place in your business or your mouths because you clearly have no clue as to what that is. So myself and the others will take our business elsewhere and we all hope that you as a company fail in your quest for financial gain. Shane on all of you.

    • WHO DAT says:


  • David Buehler says:

    I fell due to an uneven surface at your Arcadia store in California and some of your personnel assisted me in getting up as I fell hard into the parking lot. I notified store staff inside that I fell and was injured. A young man came and took a report. I have not heard a word back as yet. I would like the name of your insurance company and their contact information. I was injured and sought the help of my medical facilities.

  • Margaret Comi says:

    I work for savers in Las Vegas. In Henderson. I was hirt on the job can I have benefit number. Margaret comi

  • Brenda J Cisco-Gordon says:

    I am a avid and frequent shopper at your Stores>>>>I was there when a set of speakers came in. I asked to put my name on them and would have paid what they wanted. I called the next day and no one saw the speakers and this young man brought them in. Plus, the jewelry is trash lately…they have a new person. That is my main store for 925 and wristwatches….yes I am disappointed. I believe your employees are stealing….this was less than 24 hours. I realize there is rules that they have to follow. But they have held items for me before, during covid they held a item for 3 days..

    • you lost says:

      items are not held for more than an hour, never overnight.. you were getting a favor done and didn’t get what you wanted, so now you’re trying to sink the ship.. poor form

  • Paul Zeng says:

    I wanted to report an employee at the Arcadia,CA store. I had visited this store to see and maybe purchase some jewelry and such. I had gone to the counter where the jewelry was and an employee assisted me and was very nice. I wanted to look at some items when the employee told me that the Mgr. Zoodie,Hoodie or Rudy that he was holding onto the items which I believe was for his own personnal use. 1, If you intend to sell items and put on display they should not be held for employee’s especially a mgr. I did ask to speak with this mgr and was told that he wont speak with customers. This mgr should not be working at your store if he conducts business this way. I hope any and all necessary disciplinary action will take to this person…………………………………………………………………….

  • Virginia Hare says:

    I like to know how you consider yourself as a thrift store when you go to Walmart buy a pair of flip-flops that cost you 799 but then go to savers and buy the same exact pair of flip-flops for $7.99 used at that you are ripping people off and I believe you need to be shut down the academy is so bad right now but you’re charging people $7.99 for a pair of used flip flops that you can get at Walmart for 99 cents how is that helping the communities how is that helping people your corporate is nothing but a bunch of

  • Edward Francis Armstrong says:

    I was not rehired as a result of discrimination due to the supervisor Chris at the Framingham massachusetts savers site

  • Ruben Lopez says:

    Fargo, nd.
    Harassment, discrimination
    Hostile environment

  • Emilee Singleton says:

    There were two (2) unsubstantiated debits to my debit card from Savers [#1222, Yorba Linda], dated 11/19/21. Each debit is $20,
    for a total of $40.
    My last purchase from Savers was $0.86. [This was a Balance after Purchase minus Returns.]
    I would like this ($40) amount REFUNDED [not a Store credit]!
    I DID NOT make two (2) individual $20 purchases on 11/19/21. Therefore, I am requesting a prompt REFUND to my debit card! Please, be AWARE, I previously Enjoyed shopping at Savers. However, because of these unsubstantiated charges to my debit card, I will no longer shop at Savers!!!

  • KC says:

    On Saturday I went to shop (with my family) to the Savers Store located in Orem Utah. We spent hours gathering clothing and shoes we wanted to purchase. When we went to try them on, we were informed that Savers Corporate had chosen to remove all dressing rooms from all of their stores.
    That was a disappointment, however, when i found out there were no refunds given ( despite not being able to try clothing on) I definitely was not happy. This was not the only frustrating situation, as I was also informed that my whole bag of clothing ( approx 12 items) would need to be exchanged within 2 weeks of purchase. I unfortunately do not have the time to try and replace 12 clothing items ( in a restricted amount of time) if they don’t look good or fit etc… So I left my whole bag at the register.
    I would ask corporate to please change their policies and give us atleast a Savers gift card if items are returned. That way we can come back and spend when the time is convenient for us. I also would like to request prices be reduced; as we are in hard economic times and you receive most items in your store for free. I brought up a pair of low army style boots to the register and found their price was approx $22.00 (boots were selling new retail for $20. )

    *If you choose to keep your policies both with pricing and returns (despite you not providing dressing rooms and during difficult economic times) I will need to find another store to donate items and shop.
    PS I know Savers claims to help donate to MS; however your donations are less than 10 %.
    Also- If policies do not change concerning returns ( even though you have no dressing room facilities) I will be in contact with the better business bureau.
    Thank you.

  • Buffy Singleton says:

    We visited the store in South Odgen, UT on 10/23/2021. We were in the back of the store with the electronics and one if your people who work in the back is bringing out full toolboxes for his buddy. The comment of, “Oh I’m curious to see what’s in this and I have another one for you to look at in the back.” So now we hold full toolboxes for friends to paw through without beingon the shelf for all to see?
    Then we go up to the jewelry case and are waiting there for help. The gal completely ignored us. When we asked for help she tells us, “after I help this other customer. ” really we were standing there for 3-5 minutes with no other customers and her back to us so she didn’t have to help anyone?
    Then we just go through the line and to talk to the manager and as we get there she just walks off. We said could we talk to you and we get the, “In a minute.” Not even a stop and I’m sorry there is an emergency I have to take care of please hold for a minute?
    The kid that took her place at the register is an amazing young man who apologized and has always been helpful. That kid deserves employee of the year as he is always so polite.
    This store over priced anymore and over half the stuff is priced as new. I can buy it for the bran new price without clean up. Or priced over the original price.
    There are a lot of great employees there as we do go to this store a lot as we are redecorating a home. But with the customer service we experienced today and the back room shady dealing? I won’t recommend this location to anyone!
    The ones that are half an hour or more have had better customer service and their location is clean and stuff nit just thrown on the shelves.

  • Anonymous Thrifter says:

    Your store has a male employee in Las Vegas, Nv. at the Rancho Cheyenne location, that is one of the rudest and demanding, self centered individual I have ever encountered. He has NO Customer Service skills whatsoever and is very degrading and demanding to customers. I will not ever again shop in this particular location again! His demeanor and self righteous attitude was absolutely unacceptable to customers in this store that myself and 4 other shoppers walked out without continuing to purchase the items they were in line to purchase as for they needed his assistance at the new self check out stands. They simply just walked out and left the merchandise on the counter. He was so rude to them that I refused to even continue my purchases. I walked out also along with the other customers that were also in line at the time. I also witnessed a lady that had an exchange and she had the receipt with all the price tags, but they were not attached to the items. She had already found the items she wanted to exchange them for and he was so rude by telling her that he would not do the exchange since the tags were not attached to the items she was returning. I felt that this was out of line and for the way he was talking to her, also. He was very, very rude and very threatening in speaking to her about her exchanging of the items, that he said he was not going to exchange them because she didn’t have the tags attached to each item, as if he was threatening her like a power threat! Which was completely out of line of a clerk to a customer. I did not happen to get his name. Your stores have lost customers in Vegas due to an employee at your Rancho and Cheyenne location. I will not return again!!!

  • Nicolette says:

    Tucson AZ, my Favorite place to shop turn into a disaster on Saturday I was in line and lady was too close to me and I asked her to step back she started threatening me with a gun coughing on me it was a horrible thing the manager came over and actually started yellingAt us yelling very loudly and had security come and stand between us managers need to understand that customers do you have feelings and do you have rights we do not need to be embarrassed by being reprimanded like a child she handled this very poorly I am embarrassed to go back into the store

  • Noreen Convay says:

    I was at savers in la marada, Ca. Friday. And I came across a young lady who was really DISRESPECTFUL!!! She was putting away, backpacks and she looked like a lesbian. She was white, and her hair was different colors and I tried to lighten her humor, she looked kinda….. MAD or something, so perhaps you can talk to her and the rest of the “cliques” that don’t think the world is quite an ugly place to live….. I have a right to feel this way because my husband used to work there and you only “let him work” on new years day several years ago!!! Thank you.

    • David B. says:

      Could it be that you “thought” she was a lesbian and because of your comments or distaste for lesbians that brought about her distaste for you? The color of her hair should have no bearing on the type of person she was. Look around, many people young and old are dying their hair different colors

  • Jen says:

    Why are the dressing rooms still closed? Your store is one of the only stores in the state of Ohio that hasn’t reopened their dressing rooms so that customers can try on clothing. If you are not going to reopen the dressing rooms, then you should consider changing your return policy. Your return policy doesn’t allow refunds, it only allows merchandise credit.
    Please consider reopening your dressing rooms for your loyal customers or refund people’s money if they wish to return clothing that doesn’t fit!

  • Linda says:

    Would be nice if you held yourself to SOME ACCOUNTABILITY– I am told the pricing is done according to MAKE AND CONDITION. Not sure what happened to the spirit of being helpful– For several years now the pricing has skyrocketed- I also purchased a necklace was labeled 925. It wasn’t marked on the chain BUT I WAS TOLD the jewelry person inspects each piece– I purchased for 24.99 I find it is just a metal THEN TOLD IT DOESN’T MATTER WE HAVE A NO RETURN POLICY ON ALL JEWELRY– THAT WAS OVER A YEAR AGO. NOW RECENTLY IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I purchase a bracelet tag marked 925. WELL AGAIN IT IS NOT 925 AND AGAIN 24.99 AND TOO TAG MARKED NO RETURN MUST BE NICE TO HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO MARK MISMARK YOUR JEWELRY HELD TO ZERO STANDARDS. IM NOW OUT 50 DOLLARS FOR MISLEADING TAGS THAT IM TOLD ARE INSPECTED BEFORE PRICING– YOU NEED QUALIFIED INSPECTION. VERY DISSATISFIED. AND YOU DON’T EVEN REALLY GIVE TO ANY CHARITY EITHER.

  • Diana Flores says:

    Many of us are so disappointed that your store that was locate on Parkmoor Avenue, in San Jose, had closed. Many of us working for a Health and Hospital system greatly appreciated it being so close. Office work cloths, etc. was absolutely fantastic. Now, with only the Almaden store, it is too far away for any of us, as well a distance from where we live. I, and many others were long time customers. It’s an inconvenience with the Almaden location.

    Please bring another store within the vicinity of Parkmoor!

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