Where is Save A Lot Corporate office Headquarters

Save A Lot Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 400 NW Plz Dr, St Ann, MO 63074, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 314-592-9100

  • Fax Number: 314-592-9619

  • Email: savealothelpers@savealot.com

  • Number of Employees: 000

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Bill Moran

  • Key People: Kenneth Mcgrath, Stephen Brinkley

Save A Lot Headquarters Location & Directions

Save A Lot Headquarters Executive Team



Eric A. Claus

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Collins

Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Chagares

Chief Merchandising Officer

About Save A Lot, History and Headquarters Information

Save-A-Lot was founded in 1977 by Bill Moran. The idea was to start something alternative to conventional stores so that anyone can easily save some amount on groceries. This company has its headquarters in St. Ann, Missouri.

Save-A-Lot Food Stores, Ltd. is a chain of discount grocery retail stores in the United States. It is owned by Onex Corporation. Save A Lot is expanded over more than 1,300 stores across 36 states in the United States. By serving more than 5 million shoppers each week, they have become one of the best hard discount retailers for the ones who fall in the category of “value-seeking shoppers” by offering them terrific savings that reaches around 40% in total.

Customers can enjoy buying high-quality products from exclusive Save-A-Lot brands and national brands, plus USDA-inspected beef, pork and poultry, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and non-food items and get items of their choice in an affordable range. The store sizes are small but variety is lesser, but the aisles are bigger and wider so that the customers can easily look for what they need and that too quickly as compared to colossal supermarkets.

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  • Carol says:

    the store i went to had hardly any meat. the last three times I’ve been there no hamburg or steaks

  • Vicie messer says:

    But the thing is if I would of let when I was post to I wouldn’t b fired write now.. an my boss Blake lied to his wife said he was working an he took us out an then him an Donna went out together what would she say for him lying to her not once but a few times

  • Vicie messer says:

    I was working for savealot almost a yr. Sun the 21 of Jan 2024 I came in to me loosing my job. I do every thing they ask me an never been wrote up never had a warning nothing. But Donna green my manager ask me to stay over an I said of course u know I will an with me doing this for her knowing my sister is in the hospital my mind was on her but anyways after a few hours go bye she said when Matt gets back from lunch u can leaves I said ok. Well he came back I told her I was leaving an I guess she told me to wait she had to go check on another employee. Well I didn’t hear her an I clock out an leave. But I came in an they said I disobey the rules because she told me to wait witch I didn’t hear an they said my teal was left an u know u have to count it.. well little do they know Donna always counts it unless she ask me to do it.. but I get fired first time I mess up an they had a girl witch is still there stealing from her cashier an food an stuff but they didn’t take that to the main ppl Donna green the manager buying Suboxone an neurons why been on the clock at work the produce girl Shay always marking stuff dwn like 20 dollar meat for 2 or 3 dollars they didn’t do anything bout. An plus both managers took us to a Halloween maze an they wasn’t post to. So why they can do things there not aloud an I get fired

  • Jim says:

    The save a lot at 79 s rossler buffalo ny is the worse place to shop and work. The management discriminate against people and are very rude. They sell outdated meat and produce. Simply the worse store I’ve ever been in.

  • Mary McKervey says:

    #61247, Holly Hill, Fl. In August and November, I was overcharged on several items, both advertised and flyers weekly ads in store,. Brought this to the attention to the manager because the cashier could not issue a refund because I had paid for it. Wendy, the manager issued the difference in price, refused to give me back my receipt both times. She said it was corporate policy to keep the receipts. I said I have dealt with many businesses and when there is a correction, I am returned my original receipt so that I can keep it for my record on my credit cards. I like shopping at Save A Lot because it’s only a mile from my home. However, there are many issues at this store. Incorrect pricing from ads and signs in store on products and
    some incompetent employees. Another male manager I spoke to about the issue of receipts and he said she, Wendy should have given me back my receipts. This was before Nov. I also told Wendy she should find out what the policy was in August. Apparently she did not, as she told me the same thing in Nov. and refuse to give me back my receipt. Plus, she wrong changed me too. This REALLY made me upset! My father who had a grocery store wouldn’t have hired a person like her because she lacks personality to deal with the customers. The next time I am checking out I will watch the register to make sure the price is correct on
    each item and not pay until I am sure its correct, so I won’t have to be told it’s policy.

    Nov.25, 2023 @ 5:30 AM.

  • Canisha Moten says:

    The store in Pine Bluff, AR sells out of date food. I work next door so I frequent that store often and I have seen so much product that is out of date still on the shelf. This could possibly make someone sick so this is something that needs to be addressed.

  • Latonya Thomas says:

    I went to save a lot on Wednesday August 30,2023 around 11am and 12am I bought a bag of oranges which was $5.99 +tax I didn’t look at my total until I got an alert on my phone that $15 and something was taken out of my account from save a lot and now I can’t get my money back because I don’t have my receipt, that’s messed up

  • Shirleywhite0110@gmail.com says:

    Save alot store #61313
    Is a disgrace store with understock shelves or no product at all. I have been attempting to be heard but still to no availability is my complaint been filed or management during there job. Poor quality 😢 all round in this store. This is on going problems with no one pick up the ball. Closed the store or fixed it.

    • David Yisrael says:

      I am here in Dallas Texas and the Save alot store on Martin Luther King Street is consistently understocked or out of stock altogether. I think it may be time to start growing our own food…

  • Franchezco Frierson says:

    Video footage in store on July 4th Deleted by manager @ this store/management ?incident occurred on July 4th 3pm , cashier Brooklyn, Cleveland Police Dept needs footage .
    Store : 7210 Superior Ave
    Cleveland Ohio 44103
    District Manager Yolonda Blevins,I still have receipt of transaction

  • Gillian double says:

    I’ve driven 30 miles plus to buy your boneless bee FCC ribs for 2.49 both times I B asked the butcher in the butlerr r store for them he showed me pork ribs. C really. Said it was a misprint. Two weeks in a row???you r deliberately doing this to draw people in . You advertised boneless beef ribs for 2.49 u want 5 pound and want notified when t try herd false advertising. 724 791 3181

  • lenay peters says:

    There is a very disrespectful employee by the name of Kenny in the Brookhaven, PA store. He cusses at and disrespects the other employees and he’s not even a manager. This needs to be fixed.

  • M. Richardson says:

    I was shopping earlier today at your Plant City location and I had such a bad experience with a rude employee ( named Jakala ). Not only was your employees rude but the assistant manager (John) couldn’t even control her outburst. He had to have her go to the office and you still could hear her outside of the office. I politely ask him for his supervisor name and number because clearly he couldn’t control her so I know he couldn’t handle the situation. He proceeded to call the manager of the store (Trey) who told him to handle the situation. So, I asked him for the store’s corporate number and he told me he couldn’t give to me. I told him no problem and left. However, I will never go back to this location because of one bad employee, who couldn’t be controlled. I will say all the other cashiers are great!

  • Terry says:

    Went to Richmknd, KY store and they said they do not honor the corporate coupons I had been sent by signing up with my e-mail

  • Sade says:

    I left a mess to be contacted about one of your stores if I do not get a response I will take further action asap!!!

  • Tony says:

    Store #61236 in Sanford Florida needs to get a new store manager, the current manager is completely totally disrespectful I would go so far as to say he is racist toward white people I have seen him disrespect vendors when they’re in there making their deliveries today I was in there looking for something he’s on the same I’ll I walked by him four times and not once did he even bother to ask me did I need help finding something he has fired Associates without reason he’s had other associates walk out because they can’t stand how racist he is I have complained about him in the past and nothing was done maybe if this is seen on a post where other people can read it Save-A-Lot can’t hide it

  • Deborah White says:

    I find that this has become one of the most expensive stores to shop at at least in our town. I was having a private conversation with somebody about how I feel that the grocery industry Is taking advantage and the store manager from another country of course tells me to just get a job and pay for it and that she was tired of everybody complaining. I said I can take care of that. I left the basket there and went out to eat that evening and went to Walmart the next day. If I get anything at save a little it will be milk and bread and maybe eggs.

  • Gerald Charping says:

    I worked one day at the store in West Palm Beach Florida and never received a check, how can I have that check mailed to me.

  • John says:

    Save Alot in Elmira, New York State 14901
    Have one price on shelf, when you get to cash register a higher price and they get mad & say why shop here than. Meat dept has meat grinder hidden in back where customer can not see there meat being grounded, its the law & they get mad & say why shop here @ save alot. Mice loaded in store. Corprat why are you allowing all this to happen? Thy are hurting SAVE ALOT Name!! FACT!

  • Patricia Miller says:

    A employee a the save a lot store on 7177 Michigan rd cussed me out calling me bitches . And that is unacceptable and this is the 2 ms time he has had a attitude with me. I talked to the store manager about his attitude a month ago . I went in the store today he charged me $4.14 for my order and then he turned around a charge me another price and I stated which correct price is it . He got upset started fussing at me and calling me bitches.And I would like to talk with someone in cooperate office ASAP. Thank you

  • Patricia Miller says:

    Problem with a employee

  • Jackie says:

    I have been buying 80/20 ground Chuck and it actually stinks when u cook it I buy it at save a lot in Columbiana ohio I would like to know what they are mixing in with it to stretch it because every time I eat it I puke I have a very keen sense of smell If you don’t fix the problem I am going to call the health department

  • Valerie says:

    I would like to thank one of your employees at 413 his name is Marcus he’s always very helpful very pleasant and I really appreciate that he will start whatever he’s doing to help you find whatever you need

  • Sylvester Wilcher says:

    I need to file a complaint I been suspended for no reason with no paperwork and no start and ending date and I’m owed a weeks pay I’ve been suspended since 10-24-2022 till now and the owner of the bladensburg Maryland store I have text messages of me contacting him and he agreeing to pay me on payday which was 3 weeks ago and I’m not fired because he never said I was or showed me no paperwork he agreed to pay me and that’s all I want is what he said he was going to pay me

    • Cindy says:

      Kelly Osborne of rosler ny cheektowga location and Alden NY location trying to pick up my husband to pay for sex I will go to the News

  • Bart says:

    I am very disappointed in your store. It’s a long story about me going to your store , three times in one week and not finding the product there. I was there days 1-4-6. No product. I’ve been shopping in your stores for many years now, the manager said “ store policy” to not giving me the product the following day. I spend no bull, about 400 dollars a month in your store, now I will not shop there again because I’m a steady. Buyer and should have been giving the courtesy of the sale the day after being I was there three times that week. This is poor management, so I just want to let you know ur store policy loses customers. This probably would have cost you 1-2 dollars now it’s 400. Again sorry!

  • Trevor says:

    I need to get a hold of someone I have a couple questions regarding something very important email me or call me at 6202288833

  • Ritchie Goodman says:

    Hi I can help with heating air conditioning refrigeration repair installation and maintenance in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs

  • Katherine Ramsey says:

    Hello I am an employee at your save a lot food service in Cedar Grove West Virginia 25039 store #102 store manager is Mika and I am kindly asking that if there is anyway possible to get my store employee number along with my first paycheck that is now going on a total of 3 weeks without payment, I’d very much appreciate it kindly and sincerely. I’m not quite sure of the problem at hand or what the hold up might be at this time, but if you ask me or anyone else in my situation I think another person would be very upset in the long waiting period of payment. I’m not able to clock in and out for my lunches or breaks so there for we are writing down my time of work and estimating it like that. If you can please be kind enough to contact my store managers Mika or Samantha at the Cedar Grove location in West Virginia. Store # 102 Zip code 25039. Phone number (304) 595-6459
    Katherine Ramsey
    Save a lot employee
    Have a blessed day☺️

  • Jhon says:

    This store is clean and the food is very good on quality condition, but… The personal special Management is no look like right, always when I going to the store I hear negative comments about other people.
    Please put attention on that’s matter.
    have a nice day.

  • Nicole Keen says:

    How do you reach corporate office or customer service??

  • Nicole Keen says:

    Yes I apologize but I received my bank statement and there is a 346.15 charge on my account. I recently visited your Benton I’ll location and spent 46.15 not 346.15. My grandmother has passed and I am unfortunately out of town and therefore cannot walk into the Benton Illinois location. I have tried to contact the manager but he was not available both times when I phoned and I apologize but I am very busy with a funeral and frankly out of patience. I would like and appreciate my funds being returned and the proper amount charged . Thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    The managers at save a lot in mount vernon kentucky need to be drug tested and watched as they are also coming in earlier than they need to . They treat there employees like complete and utter shit . Make fun of there employees and they think are untouchable by corporate over anything . It’s a disgrace that y’all would have such horrible people in charge of a place to make a person feel like shit everyday but wanna have someone who can’t even keep there eyes open due to drugs working but still be aloud to be there over a worker who comes in when there suppose to day in and day out even if they request a day off and don’t get it . Y’all need to fix that fucking place. Because it is not professional at all and if that’s how y’all run a business it only takes a law suit do to how poorly staff is treated

  • Anonymous says:

    The Save A Lot in Bradington Florida has this one black lady she only works a couple days a week but if she is very rude nasty and she slanders her own employees names and makes them look bad and she is a very poor customer service and I feel that she should lose her job For being rude disrespectful to customers and saying inappropriate things about her other employees she works with in front of children she says inappropriate things about people

  • randy mullins says:

    Do you answer your email

  • Billie Garcia says:

    the local Save A Lot in my town doesn’t have handicapped riding shopping carts. as I am disabled in walking these carts are very helpful and therefore I shop in very few stores. If my local Save A Lot had these carts I would be more likely to shop there. After my husband and I moved back to Nicholasville I asked if the local SAV had them and they didn’t. More recently I called and asked again and they still don’t have them. Can you help please? Thank you.

  • Jay says:

    Good evening so I live in Baltimore City and on your website it has store that close at 10:00 PM that’s not actually true these stores close exactly at 9:00 PM 6836 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215 , 2705 W Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore, MD 21215 , 3427 Clifton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216 , 1101 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201 , 2008 Maryland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218 , 234-250 McMechen St, Baltimore, MD 21217 , 4001 Erdman Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213 , 2509 E Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21205 , and etc so yall might want to change the hours that you all have on Google

  • Mr. D says:

    Worked at your Lake Forest store in New Orleans Louisiana. Where there is nepotism, harassment retaliation, and humiliation going on in the workplace. Which I experienced daily from the management (Keemia). My time was cut, and days were cut and now removed from the schedule. (Keemia) gave her cousin and her two friends who are brothers my days and time. (Keemia) and (Josh) has not given me a reason why I was never placed back on the secluded. I am only 19 years old and was treated with such disrespect. I have been calling and texting for my check stubs daily no answer. The manager has not provided accurate information on receiving my check stubs. Now he is not returning any of my calls. No one should ever be treated this way. I asked for a grievance form I was denied I don’t know what way to turn it’s hard to reach corporate office🤦🏾

  • John Doe says:

    You have rotting meat for sale at the Beattyville Kentucky store today got pics of it.Customers we’re making comments about it.
    This store has always been very good no complaints from me in ten years until now. Someone is dropping the ball!

  • Shanique says:

    I was at my local save a lot in Durham NC this morning buying beef burger the price said 16.99 and when I got to the register it was not the price that was in the freezer. I told the cashier it said 16.99 I went and got the sign and a man name Hugo came back there and there was no other sign he asked a man name tony or tum what he wanted to do that man snatched the box and said if you don’t what to pay this $23 dollar then I don’t know what to tell you I asked for cooperate number he told me to google it and he didn’t want to give me his name he also watched me walk to my car I came back in and asked if there was a problem and if I needed to call the cops

  • Don't want to say says:

    Jellico save a lot is awful I’ll never ship there again. The only times I would ship there was on Thursday n Sunday. Cause the little girl work in produce them days and it always looks good and I know the produce is always fresh and looks so Good when she is there.

  • stephanie hawkins says:

    How can I get a Copy of my W2 emailed to me or h and r block?

    • ZACHARY says:

      Same here I need my W2. I would love that answer. I have went to store twice and they said 1st it was sent back. Then I went again cause I couldn’t get headquarters on phone and they said headquarters just picked them up. How could headquarters just pick them up when I was there 2 weeks prior looking for mine. They took my name and number and now another 2vweeks and nothing. I guess my next step is reporting to IRS. I just want my W2.

  • Penny says:

    You have a warehouse in Williamsport, MD. My suggestion is to add a Sav-a-Lot store there. Williamsport, MD has no grocery store whatsoever. I am sure you would have a tremendous amount of customers! It borders Berkeley County, WV, I-81, I-70, and the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Waterpark which caters to families on vacation. Also, the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. Please check out this town.

  • Gers H Robertson jr says:

    I was an employee at a Tyrone P save alot I was wrongly a cured of Sexual HRrS.e t a d was tlowed to fa e my Cussdr the a week later she left for eve all I said to her. Was good morning Sbe did t eve call Li gles she called sa e a lot clrp. I Mo and ow I’m on SSI disability jty d oextr I co.e toive off of a d the 20 yr old was a man hateful person she slapped her own sister in the face on the store I fro t of a supervisor a d jto.ers and myself but I want .y no ack its unfair and unlawful to dismiss someone without. Meeting your accuser

  • Demaris says:

    So what is going on with the So Cheesy deluxe Mac and cheese. I have been searching for it in several stores for a month. Has it been discontinued? If it has why?

  • Charla says:

    We love in Florida and my two children ages 13 and 17 went to the save a lot in st.petersburg on 10-28-21 to buy a bag of cookies and chips the cashier told them unless they are 18 they are not allowed in the store and to leave and then snatched the items from my son resulting in a scratch on his hand! I went to the store asking the cashier why she did this and was told that she has had kids in stealing stuff and was no longer allowing kids to come in any longer!! I feel this is simply ridiculous and unfair why should my children who were completely respectful be treated as criminals and refused service and asked to leave. The cashier was rude and should not be working there at all she should be fired I until this moment have always shopped at this store and would highly recommend for saving money however I will never be doing business with a save a lot again the police were called and they spoke to the cashier but still not enough

  • Rebecca Rose Williamson says:

    I am an employee and when I was given a doctor’s note stating limitations for2 weeks I was taken off the schedule. And when I learned I had cancer I was given a leave of absence form to sign. I don’t have any other income. I was not given any notice of not being put back on the school. I was pretty much shown the door. Now I am struggling to survive. Savalot has put me below poverty level. How do they sleep at night.

  • Ken says:

    You need to look at the store in Brooksville fla
    Produce rotten heads of lettuce
    Frozen cucumbers. Bugs everywhere

  • Frank white says:

    Last time I was here I was standing in line and someone cut in front of me instead of telling the women that was in-line first they told me they wouldn’t ring me up if I didn’t just let her get in front of me ! What ? It’s bad enough it’s only one register open always ! The security guard is always rude and and stearing down women so nasty I don’t know why save a lot would allow there employees to run this store to the ground how you treat people will determine where they spend there money

  • Frank white says:

    I paid for the sugar and they wouldn’t give me my change !

  • Frank white says:

    I asked to be giving a mask they didn’t have any I asked if I can purchased one they told me I couldn’t come in the store I only wanted one bag of sugar I walked in the pouring rain there wasn’t any other customers in the store the manager himself “Chuck” told me I couldn’t come to the store anymore this location lacks leadership and good customer service I shop here everyday sometimes customers try to cut in line and when I don’t allow them to they say just let them get in front of you so security can chastise me be disrespectful when I’m trying to buy something but when There actually needed they just stand there and sexually harass all the females who shop there I see why save a lot has been on the decline My face was covered to many safety measures are in place for you to deny someone service when there the only customer on the store soon there won’t be any but I don’t think they care he told me get the fuck out Suck my dick etc very disrespectful I’ll probably won’t come back aldi is cleaner anyway !

  • Richard says:

    I’m really upset hear that save alot will be closing the Jacksonville FL store at the end of September. The store is on lem Turner and Leonid, Alot of elderly people use this store. Plus it’s a great location, Not that many stores around with the great prices you have. Please reconsider your decision about closing. We in this community really this store so much thank you

  • Guest says:

    I think we all think save a lot was a good idea 💡 but I think that the CEO should visit all of there locations because dates are not being pulled before the expiration fruits are not being pulled that’s going bad meat cases are never cleaned and sanitized it’s always bad product it’s like they are being told to sell out-of-date products because from reading the comments this shit going on everywhere I live in Jackson, Mississippi freezers are always down damm wet floor signs always out with water running down the isle from the sign because NOBODY is mopping it up when you walk in it smells like something is rotten so all the people who are commenting about what’s going on at there neighborhood save-a-lot let’s stop 🛑 our complaining because nothing is being handled a call the damm health department the will shut them down until they get it right

    • Deborah White says:

      It was founded by a serial killer. Look it up. I was watching a special and saw that the founder and original owner of save a lot was a serial killer.

  • DJ says:

    Carnage the name to Lots-of-Crap! Kenneth City FL store produce rots in 1 day, meat in 2 days, fresh fish rotten instantly and V8 is fermented. Management is brain dead. If you do not contact me with a fix for this store in 5 days I will file complaints with the FL Health Department and the BBB!

  • Lenora Seaton says:

    July 27, 2021

    This is my second time reaching out to you Corporate, I’ll be contacting the Health Department concerning this on going problem with outdated equipment.
    Whose compensating you for your loss, US the Bladensburg Community Community where you camp out. I will be sending this complaint to the Mayor of Bladensburg, as well.

    Get it right!
    It’s my neighborhood store.

    All the good thrown away
    Friday, July 9, 2021, I’m preparing a seafood Alfredo dish and I needed canned mushrooms and (Frozen broccoli 🥦), to find a man, the Store Manager very helpful, instructing me to retrieve the frozen broccoli from the bottom of the waist height freezer box. Because he was transferring what he could savage from the taller Broken down freezer cases, with yellow caution tape draped across 95 % of the freezer cases. This Save a Lot is My neighborhood store it is ridiculous that this is the service WE get, along with stop carrying items that I know was a great seller, such as; Catfish Nuggets the frozen bag. I’ve asked when and do you have the bagged Catfish nuggets on numerous visits with no positive answer.
    This disturbs me when I have to leave my neighborhood to make a grocery purchases.

    You’re got to do better.

    Lenora Seaton
    Thanks for reading.

  • Stacey Smith says:

    The Save a Lot, in Sharon, PA, has a nasty Manager-Supervisor, her name is Nicole. Her attitude is very poor, towards customers. It seems like, any time, that I am there Shopping, one of her Cashier’s, is always away from her Register. The Cashiers’ name is Angie, I don’t know if it’s short for Angela, but, she’s never at her Register, when she is, she would be checking out someone, and wants to use the Restroom, Nicole let’s her leave. I heard Employees, talking that she (Angie), uses the Restroom, many times a day. The Owner really needs to do something about this. Just my opinion.

  • Darrick says:

    How can I get save a lot to open a store in my city

  • Guest says:

    Sav A Lot on Southland dr Lexington KY is obviously one of the best stores u got after reading the reviews above. And your closing it. What a shame.

  • William Kahl says:

    The Manager at the Beattyville Ky Store needs a call it’s getting bad they never have lunch meat only Bologna and running out of everything nothing on shelf’s hardly no Oscar Myers ham or Turkey on Salami please call and see what the problem is or I will may have a to start going to Kroger in Richmond or Jacks IGA in Beattyville thank you

  • Anonymous from Ohio says:

    Horizon Management which owns grocery stores in the Youngstown/Warren area is an absolutely horrible company to work for. The culture of this company is that if your young, white and cute then you get pushed to the beginning of the line as Store Mangers even if the company knows that they are not qualified and not doing as much as the Asst manager or other employees. I have witnessed myself how the higher Male district managers flirt and are so close to these young girls. The owner of the company does not support there managers and asst managers against rude and very ignorant customers who blatantly lie about about encounters. I would not recommend anyone work for or even shop any stores that are owned by this management company and I have been a savealot shopper for over 30 years.

  • Kahseem Bey says:

    Night employees are nasty. They constantly close before time which is a problem for someone rushing from work to buy food for their family.

  • Dorothy Garnett says:

    You have a management that work at 39-41 Park Avenue harass my daughter and this is from a customer I shop there all the time and my daughter don’t need to the arrest on your management she arrest her of a shopping car and I think you all need to know about this so you all need to check on her and see what her she’s not a good manager she make it bad for your store she make it better for your store she is a black lady the day was 04 02 2020

  • Welch says:

    Don’t talk at the save a lot in Inverness Florida it seems they have a person who wants to call the police on your because she is who decides if she likes the tone of a customers voice. Really that was an actual threat right before she followed me out the door and fired up her cigarette by the shopping carts at he front door and threatened me again with calling the police. See the play by play on Pissed customer.com.

  • Employee says:

    Employees need to be paid hazardous pay or recieve a way better bonus than $50 for working during this coronavirus outbreak! Risking their own health to operate stores.

  • LIsa Findley says:

    Dear Mr. Claus,
    Would love to know why I found a small hexagon shaped bolt in my Mantia’ 4 meat thin pizza
    #51933 36924 purchased in St Petersburg, Florida store. Have bolt and thanks for the choking episode. Bolt resembles a sliced olive…joke on me!!!! You have contact info, I have bolt.
    Lisa in St Petersburg, FL

  • Guest says:

    I want to know why the sav-a-lot in my town is charging $1.59 for a small container of dry pinto beans. That is ridiculous and is price gouging to me.

  • Kristian says:

    Will you be doing anything for your essential employee’s during this crisis like other grocery store chains?

  • Darlene Knuckles says:

    I live in Cleveland Ohio and on Sunday December 8, 2019 I purchased a box of Newbury Hills golden rounds crackers. My husband opened the box Thursday evening, December 12 and inside each stack of unopened crackers inside the wrapper is some kind of funk smeared all inside it. I called the store I purchased it from which is located on Brookpark rd in Cleveland/Parma ohio and they said you can bring it back and get your money back no problem. Getting my money back for a two dollar box crackers is not my main concern, my concern is we have no idea what this stuff is that’s smeared all over inside the unopened wrappers, what if it’s poison or something. My husband and I are adults, wise enough to not eat it. My biggest concern is, what if that’s not the only box like that and if a family with children buy a box of the same cracker from the same shipment and one of their children open the box and it has the same issue and not knowing any better open the package and the crackers with this funk inside the unopened wrapper and it does them harm or worse causes their death God forbid. I called the corporate office several times and I could not reach anyone. I hope to God some one reads this and pulls the damn product from the shelves while this is looked into. Thank you Darlene Knuckles . I will be reporting this to what ever health agency I am able to report it

  • Imogene Baker says:

    I live in Lincoln County WV. We did have a save-A- Lot In Hamlin The owner passed away so they closed it . Now the only grocery store where we live is closing the first of October. The nearest grocery store is about 15 miles I live at Ranger and every body I talk to says we need a save a lot in Ranger could you help get one for this area. The closest one is in Huntington about 37 miles or Logan. Don’t now how far. Please help.

  • Carol Moos says:

    I live and work in Indianapolis Indiana. We have low income areas on the west side that need grocery stores. Many people need stores they can walk to. There is no bus service in these neighborhoods. Many do not have cars, some are disabled and rely on scooters or wheelchairs. I work as a Home Health Aide. I have a client in a neighborhood where the closest grocery stores are 3 and 5 miles away. There are multiple convenience stores closer. The nearest bus stop is over 1 mile away. There are about 4 or5 places with room for a small grocery store to locate or be built in this area. Would you please help. Thank you. Sincerely, Carol Moos

  • Joseph Majorie says:

    This is just a note that you may want to look at….We live in Fort Myers FL. and near our home with an empty former Winn Dixie …Since the area has had great growth in the last few years …New building going on now…most 55 and older…My wife has shopped your stores ..now sops Walmart.. The location is the corner of Gladioulis and Winkler Rd. Fort Myers Fl 33919 Joe Majorie 239 599 2969 Good hunting

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