Where is Santander Bank Corporate office Headquarters

Santander Bank Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 75 State Street, Boston, MA 02109, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 617-757-3410

  • Fax Number: 617-757-3435

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 9800

  • Established: 1902

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Scott Powell

Santander Bank Headquarters Location & Directions

Santander Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Scott Powell

Chief Executive Officer of Santander US, Chief Executive Officer of Santander Consumer USA

Michael Cleary

Co-President of Santander Bank, N.A. and Head of Consumer and Business Banking

Duke Dayal

President and Chief Executive Officer, Santander Bank, N.A., Chief Financial Officer, Santander US

Michael Lee

Managing Director of Commercial Real Estate Banking

Marco Antonio Achón

Head of Santander Global Corporate Banking US, CEO of Santander Investment Securities Inc.

Robert C. Rubino

Co-President of Santander Bank N.A. and Head of Commercial Banking

About Santander Bank, History and Headquarters Information

Santander Bank, N. A. traces its roots back in 1902 and has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts with branches spread all over Brooklyn, Massachusetts; and Bronx, New York. By 2000, it was known as the third-largest retail bank in the Boston area. Between the 1980s and 1990s, it experienced rapid growth. In, 2009, Banco Santander acquired Sovereign Bank for about $2.51 per share. Formerly called Sovereign Bank, National Association, this bank was renamed to Santander Bank, N. A. in 2013.

Santander Bank owns and runs about 650 retail banking offices along with more than 2,000 ATMs, and has approximately 9,800 people working for it. The different services it offers to its clients include retail banking, mortgages, corporate banking, cash management, credit card, capital markets, trust and wealth management, and insurance. The services of this bank includes personal checking accounts, savings and money market accounts, certificates of deposit, online and mobile banking, overdrafts, lines of credit, loans, mortgages, investment services, insurance services, and credit cards; and business banking, including basic services, business cash management, business online banking, professional service banking, advanced services, international services, merchant services, and small business borrowing; and corporate commercial banking, specialty banking, real estate banking, lending, international services, capital markets, and treasury management.

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  • Lynn Schoen says:

    My accounts have been compromised through online banking . I closed my accounts and opened new ones except for the compromised accounts. I called Fraud alert on Sunday when this occurred to find out no one is available on Sunday. There should be a live person to assist on Sunday. I hope my funds are returned ASAP. I would like a call from corporate office in order to continue with my police report. 9178370612

  • Nikita Johnson says:

    Santander allowed a thief to go into a branch in another state and withdraw all of my money without properly asking for ID, or attempting to contact me. When I called to report the fraud, I was told by the call center that they could do nothing about the situation and that I had to go to the branch in the state where it was withdrawn to correct the situation. Keep in mind that I rarely go into a branch, most of my transactions are ACH withdrawals which has been in place for some time, they have all of my contact information, and I have lived in Pennsylvania all of my life. The call center did not even block the account when I reported the fraud, allowing the thief the opportunity to do it again. As a customer for over 15 years, with mortgage and car loan with this bank, I was not given the courtesy of a phone call, text or email before allowing a large amount of money to be withdrawn from my account, seeing as how my banking history does not dictate that I do such things. As I wait for the “investigation” to get underway, I have no money to pay bills, as they could have replaced it provisionally until the “investigation” resolved the issue, and I have to notify 10 institutions of my account that was eventually closed. I am very upset. I want my money back with interest, and all fees removed from my account. I also want the teller, branch manager, and thief prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Otherwise, I have no need to continue banking with a company that does not care about my financial security, and does not care that I have to suffer without, being victimized because of their negligence.

  • Someone's widow says:

    I have had massive trouble getting access to my money when I needed it so now I’m attempting to close my account withdrawing my balance in cash. I was asked to give a weeks notice before asking to withdrawl such a large amount of cash. I gave a week and a half. I lined everything up. Only to be told the day before their back office told them to hold off. Excuse me. This is my money. You can’t tell me I can’t have my money. They are literally telling me no I can’t close my account or have any of my money. That’s theft and I’m about to call the police. You can’t just tell me no I can’t have my money. It’s MY MONEY!!! And no one will help me with this. I honestly don’t know what to do besides just call the police….

  • VK says:

    We are having a great deal of difficulty regarding a frozen Tenant Lease Security Account. Long Island Branch employees have been unable to help us. We must speak with someone in the Legal Division. Please provide contact info by email. Thank you.

  • Richard Kelley says:

    My reference # 0317-0599-837-1AFKX47 is a deposit made to the window at the Auburn Mass. Branch.I sent my deposit money with my DRIVERS LICENSE and debit card. I requested an account balance and the
    young girl rolled her eyes. She said I would need to send proof of ID. I said I had. Rather than argue I went home and did the work on my computer to get my balance.I had a business and never treated a customer’s request like that. This young lady should be spoken to.
    Mr. Richard Kelley

  • Veronica Maven says:

    This is the worse, conniving manipulating institution. They just paid settlement out and still getting over on people.. please don’t do any business with them

  • Frank Floridia says:

    Santander customer service stinks! No one knows anything! I’ve paid off my mortgage over 100 days and they still have not recorded a satisfaction with the local Hall of Records.
    In forcing to speak with a Supv I finally had the opportunity to speak to someone who cared, was smart and gave me partial info and is finding out more of what’s going on. Thank you Wendy!!!
    Go bank somewhere else. The aggravation is not worth it!!!!

  • Robert says:

    I need my new card activated tonight please help me out

  • Robert says:

    I just got my new car today at 6 o’clock yesterday at 6 o’clock tonight I cut up the oven I cut up the old cards as you told me to only 2 and I need to get this new car hacked is due card activated as soon as possible I have tomorrow I have about 10 bills I have to pay by tomorrow or is a by tomorrow or ID fall on them

  • Robert says:

    I just got a new card at about 5 to 630 this morning it’s 630 this morning a replacement for one that it’s been for 1 that had been compromised I would I would like you to activate this base this card number today

  • Danielle says:

    False information was presented and I can’t get my money.. thanks to Repsentatives not telling me correct information.. I don’t like this bank and I don’t recommend it to anyone..

    • Robert says:

      I just got a new card because my own one was compromised I didn’t get until about 56 o’clock and all your places are close and I cut up my old cards and I don’t have the last 4 numbers of it can you help me out I need to get this card activated today so I can pay my bills off tomorrow

    • Robert savarese says:

      I want my new card that I just got to know it at 6 o’clock change that to a lot

  • edith lacroix says:

    Does Santander have a customer relations number

    • Robert says:

      No I am proud to call I am told to call the bank at 9 o’clock in the morning I’ll get a morning to see if they have my own card number it’s own card number the last 4 digits can you can you help me out by activating this card 2 is coveting this car due night

  • Joyce A Carmody says:

    Please send me the email address of the person in corporate I can contact regarding an outstanding employee

    • Robert says:

      I need to scroll and activate it tonight so I don’t it’s like so I can pay all my bills off tomorrow tomorrow there will do tomorrow

    • Robert says:

      I do not have the

    • meyer edery says:

      who would i speak to concerning a complaint i have concerning a member of your senior staff ?
      i have an ongoing issue management should be informed , awaiting your reply my cell is 732 616 2262. thank you Meyer

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