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Mr. Lampkin Butts

President, COO & Director

Mr. D. Michael Cockrell

CFO, Treasurer & Director

Mr. Timothy F. Rigney

Corporate Secretary, Chief Accounting Officer & Controller

About Sanderson Farms, History and Headquarters Information

Sanderson Farms was founded in the year 1947. The company has been active for almost 72 years now. The founder of the company is D R Bob Sanderson. During the year 1947, the company’s supply business in Laurel sold feed, seed, fertilizer and other farm supplies to the local and surrounding communities as well. In the year 1951, Joe Frank Sr had joined the company. In the year 1955, the company’s first feed mill and hatchery were built. In the year 1958, the company’s first broiler was dressed, which was dressing up to almost 3,600 birds per hour. In the year 1961, the company had collaborated with Miss Goldy. Then in the year 1974, the company Sanderson Farms purchased an existing processing plant in Hammond, Louisiana, United States. As of the year 1986, the sales of the company had reached almost $150 million. The following year, the company was transformed into a limited public entity. During the early 1990s, more than 95 per cent of all chicken products sold by Sanderson Farms were considered value-added products as well. The headquarters of the company is based on 127 Flynt Road. The name of the place is Laurel, while the name of the state is Mississippi, United States. The pin code is 39443.

Sanderson Farms is an American company that focuses on providing various types of poultry products, sold to its customers all around the USA. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Joe F Sanderson Jr. As of the current period, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $2.7 billion. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 14,000. The company provides more than 9.3 million chicken ever week. The company is also included in the Fortune 1000 companies too.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of poultry products, that are produced, distributed and sold by the company itself. The company is one of four companies which largely control the poultry farming industry in the USA.

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  • Rose Marie Santarlas says:

    I got told bitch looks stupid.bitch is ugly. Im not there for looks. Im here to earn a paycheck. Supervisor harrasment 2weeks.

  • Concerned Individual says:

    Sanderson Farms in Kinston NC has some serious issues! The number 2 in leadership at this facility is a joke. It then goes downhill from their. Supervisors that are uncaring and malicious to the employees. They attempt to induce fear into the staff so they work beyond what is necessary just to suit there own agendas. They curse you out and expect you to take the verbal abuse. But they cannot take it when it is reciprocated. They play favorites and lack the ability to be organized and professional. They don’t train people they just throw them on line and when the veteran crew try to help them learn you shut us down and continue to allow the new employee to struggle. Safety concerns are not addressed and if you speak up you may be fired. They don’t want to be challenged in any aspect of the job and to be Blount this is the worst management team I have ever worked under. Also I and several of my fellow employees have been denied restroom breaks by supervisors. Tip lines are a joke HR is on there side an employee liaison is needed so employees have a voice bc as of now the employees have no voice to speak up about important issues that matter to them.

  • Lakisha Franklin says:

    Sanderson Farms in Waco is a disgrace i worked there for 2yrs they lie about everything when Corporate comes i got fired a month ago Sanderson in Waco is a BIG DRUG HOUSE THEY SELL WHAT EVER DRUG YOU WANT IN THE PARKING LOT

  • distressed employee says:

    i am a employee at a Texas location. I won’t say who i am because my job has been threatened multiple times. And am really getting tired of getting cussed out and threatened at the same time as being told i am doing a good job at my job. Multiple other employees that have been there since day one ate in the same position i am and they been there for nearly 6 years. The plant puts on a front while you are there then goes back to the way it was the second you look away. Please this is not what is supposed to be happening. It might not help me as i fear even without any kind of paperwork or write up in the last year in this is still happening ill probably git terminated and end up in prison before it gets better but maybe it’ll help the next person to have you investigate this in Palestine.. PLEASE HELP YOUR EMPLOYEES…….

  • Gil Ford says:


    Hope you are safe and sane given the current situation! I know you have a ton on your plate, so I’ll clarify I’m writing this note to help Sanderson Farms address the safety of your employees and facilities moving forward.

    The owners of Municipal Parking Services in Minneapolis and Boston recently launched Sentry Health to help address the demand we’ve heard from some of the world’s largest companies, including a top beef producer, bank, and automotive leader, proactively stopping the spread of COVID-19.

    Given that 25-50% of cases are asymptomatic, our solution “audits” hand sanitation for additional security/liability, while also screening for: temperature, identity/facial recognition with open API’s to link to your current security system for faster adoption. The result? A quick and safe way to safely guarantee you’re stopping the spread and shield liability from COVID-19.

    Please let me know if I can send more information or discuss how we can help Sanderson Farms quickly on an intro call.

    Thank you and looking forward,

    Gil Ford
    Municipal Parking Services (MPS)
    860 867-9930

  • Work hard for no benefit says:

    I work at the processing plant in Bryan Texas and my supervisor is Erin Walton. This woman is extremely rude and disrespectful to all of her employees but many grievances have been filed and nothing is being done to fix this problem. Nobody is a team player in that plant and it’s sad that HR and the union is against the workers. Nobody on our side to help us. We lose our jobs if we try to get anything done. The
    Media is gonna get plenty to talk about very soon.

  • Guest says:

    I was a worker at Sanderson in Moultrie and hr is real disrespectful to black people they don’t give u chance to talk and when u go up to ask a ? They have attitude one of the lady’s had a attitude because her lights got cut off at home she rush me out the office and said go don’t come back until I call u I got fired for no reason at all

  • steve matala says:

    I am a former business owner retired and now I drive a semi for a friend. And what I see hear at this plant in Collins is a disgrace to business decorum. Half the staff either does not know who the night supervisor is or they play stupid real well when asked. I waited up to 49 hours on occasion to get a load with an appointment. I have been here now 19 hours with an appointment; and I have finally talked to the elusive supervisor he says it will be another 5/6 hours possible. Please explain to me how this is cost efficient, to have trucks sitting, personal sitting doing what I won’t mention what I found on my walk through of the ENTIRE building. Half of the product is still at another plant does not anyone in this company know how sales orders are to be processed and sent out to other departments so trucks do not sit. Somewhere in the product process chain there is a breakdown—as it should match the sales chain or come close. When employees are watching TV, go and sit in their pov’s to sleep, in the break room this cost money, and its not retraining its starts at the top. When is the last time a manager or DAYTIME board of director came to a plant at night to walk the operation. A business only works as well as its leaders who care.

  • cant disclose in fear of retaliation from some staff members. says:

    i am a worker at sanderson farms and i have an important complaint

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