Where Is Samsung Corporate Office Headquarters

Samsung Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1320-20 Seocho 2(i)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • USA Address: 85 Challenger Road
    Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 201-229-4000
  • Fax Number: 201-229-4029
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 6405
  • Established: 13 January 1969
  • Founder: Lee Byung-chull

Samsung Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Samsung Corporate Office

Samsung Headquarters Info & Photos

Samsung USA Headquarters Photo

Samsung Headquarters List

S. No.





1, Samsung-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 17113



Samsung Electronics China - Device Solutions
SCC building A, No.88, Haide Yi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 518054


United States

3655 North First Street, San Jose, California 95134-1713



Einsteinstraße 174, 81677 München, Germany



amsung Electronics Southeast Asia - Device Solutions
3 Church Street #26-01/02 Samsung, Hub Singapore 049483

Samsung Headquarters Executive Team

Young Hoon Eom

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Taher Behbehani

General Manager, Mobile B2B division

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Bryan Choi

Senior Vice President, Mobile Business

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Michelle Crossan-Matos

Vice President, Strategy and Transformation

John Godfrey

Senior Vice President, Public Policy

John Herrington

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Home Appliances

Michael Lawder

Senior Vice President, Customer Care

David Steel

Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Affairs

Joseph Stinziano

Executive Vice President

About Samsung







Samsung Headquarters News

  • Samsung Demonstrates Enhanced Workplace Productivity with Monitor Lineup and Commercial Displays at Adobe
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  • N8 says:

    And your agents toy with us on the phone saying they’re going to get a manager until we get so disturbed we hang up!

  • N8 says:

    Garbage customer service. Get the run around, takes weeks, now in trying to contact corporate because of the horrible business practices and service!

  • Angrybird says:

    I bought a Samsung galaxy pro book less than a year old and it is no longer working. The only answer they have is mail it in and we will check it out. I am now without a computer and no access to my data. As a Teacher I need files from that computer. Samsung you should be ashamed of your self for not having local authorized dealers for your computers!!!

  • Robert Brusati says:

    Samsung light tablet S6 will not turn on battery doesn’t work 22 days till the the warranty is over , been on the phone 3 hours with 5 different people find nothing has been accomplished at this been accomplished at this point right now Please contact me by email bbrusati@yahoo.com or phone 631 338 3603

  • Candy Posey says:

    On April 7th I contacted your support through chat and then telephone to get a return label for my order. After checking that I WAS within the 15 day timeframe, and speaking to approximately 10 people that day, one of your support members “Rona” told me that the tech support would be expediting getting me a label within 24-48 hours. She opened a ticket number 7665569 so that there would be no question about my time frame being okay. I waited until Monday April 11th to contact again since I had not received my label and after another 3-4 people, and various departments, I finally got someone who assured me that I would receive a label by mail within 5-7 business days. He even told me that they had extended my time frame to 30 days…not that it mattered since I was within the 15 days to start with. It is now April 25th, well beyond the 5-7 business days, and I still have not received a label to return a product that does not work with my new Samsung range. I cannot believe that it takes this much time and energy to just get a return label for my product. Please ….please….please….send me my return label.
    My order now says Return Requested but I still have not received my label.

  • Glenn says:

    No one to help you, I have been without a phone for over 11 weeks, and Straight Talk GeeGee advised it is because Samsung will not send them replacement phones for the ones under warranty. No one will help you, it goes to voice mail, and then no one will call you back. I will not be purchasing any more Samsung phones.

  • JR Toolan says:

    The E coupon to replace a defective washer would not work! Spent three hours on the phone getting passed from one department to another. Finally got hung up on! This company has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen! They employ people who you can hardly understand and have no authority to make any kind of decisions. They just pass you on to the next person who can’t do anything. So we are out the $660.00 they promised for a replacement machine! I will Never do business with them again and will be sure to tell everyone we know Not to buy anything from Samsung!

  • Tracey Brown says:

    I brought I Samsung stove and it cuts on your itself and they giving me the run around this terrible

  • Kenny says:

    So frustrated with Samsung I want to just throw my S22+ out the window get absolutely no help from support or E-commerce so so disappointed after just a super experience with every other device I’ve owned already took both televisions and sound equipment to the donation center

  • Kenny says:

    I would like it to be known as a 20 year customer of samsung electronics I will never purchase another I’ve had a problem with my S22+ that was disabled by Samsung 3 days ago during to a mix up an 72 hours later and 32+ calls to support and E-commerce the best help I have received is well use another device or get hung up on so be real careful before you make a purchase and make sure the company has associates who can fix a problem created by them

  • Stephanie mailhot says:

    Im livid my fridge went out put 2 computers in it and theyre giving me the run around its gonna go back to home depot

  • Louis D says:

    Bought a front load washer 6-14-21. Did not take long before the soap drawer began to leak water on the floor. Serviceman tried to repair it 5 times. Was waiting for the call to set a date for the sixth time, finally called them. I was told to contact Samsung for a refund. Now the fun really starts. I filled out all of the required paperwork and waited for 14 days to get an ‘E Coupon’. When it did not arrive in my e mail I called. I was told they could not tell me when it would arrive , but to wait another 7 days. 7 days later it did not arrive. I called repeatedly over the next two weeks still no E coupon. I called today and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was not any better than the others. Finally I was told that no one in the chat room or the phone line has the ability to determine the status or determine the date of the coupon being sent. Todays date is 3-29-22. I will never buy another Samsung product again.

  • Sachin says:

    Same over here never buy samsung. Order phone on 4th march they say it would deliver on 29 th march but in 27th march i get email mention it been delay. So i call back for update he clearly cancel my order now i am forth n back with them call and spending atleast 3 hours every day with no answere and they expect me to order it again and wait 6 more week. Suupvisor gave me email address to complain it goes to India they reply back sayin i got wrong region pls call toll free number it vixious circle horrible customer service. This was Birthday gift now i m going at party with empty hand look like fool and no answere horrible service. Hope this get attention to higer management this very unprofessional cuz i have to pay someone else mistake.

  • Barbara Gray says:

    I will never buy another Samsung product ever! I order from online fromHome Depot. When my dishwasher was delivered I didn’t have installed right away due it Covid. I own and operate a daycare from my home and having someone to come in to install took a while. When I had it installed the piece that catches the door is broke, therefore the door will not shut securely and I cannot operate dishwasher. I called Home Depot and was given number to call Samsung number. I am going to try just give highlights of this story. I opened a ticket, then they called me and left a V/M saying they was no one in my area that could come work on it. I called them back and they said that I canceled the ticket and I did not. So I had to open another ticket and on hold for 45 minutes only to learn that they will see if they can find someone in my area do a service call. I am very disappointed that I can’t use my dishwasher and I’m having so much trouble to get fixed. I was going to buy a new fridge, but it will not be a Samsung! No one should have this much trouble getting a brand new appliance fixed.

  • EC says:

    I purchased a refrigerator in 2014 and have had nothing but problems with it, paid well over $2,00 for it. In less than 5 years they were out 7 times, and in most cases, they had to replace the ice maker. Thinking that because there’s a hug label with 10 Year warranty on the refrigerator, I was under the impression that we had more time only to find out from the repair person, that the 10 year is not for the ice maker, what a blow to us. It is a mess that I have to clean everyday, the ice falls out, the ice maker freezes up, in some cases no ice and it goes on and on. I sent a letter to one of the executives who passed it on to a gentleman who calls for me to send him information and pictures of it. I did and when he got back to me it was to make a lousy offer just to wipe me off the system. He asked that I get back to him in two days, I told him, not a chance. Two days later he calls again to see if I would take the offer. I asked if he had reviewed the information and pictures, did he not get it? There’s water all over the floor everyday and the hope is that nothing happens, but if it does, well, you know the rest. This has been a major nightmare and the hope is that something will be done to the many customers that are living this nightmare.

  • Joan Brinton says:

    Worst customer service . Do not but Samsung. Printing on my brand new washer disappeared after a week. Tried to contact several at Samsung. No response. Buy anything other than Samsung. Manager never called back. Corporate manager never called back. 5 hours on the phone to get help. Disconnected almost every call. 0 stars. – – -stars.

  • Pamela D says:

    I have an oven I purchase in June 2021, all the knobs are cracked and and can not use the stove, I have chatted and called and was told I was going to get replacement knobs, and I have nothing, I am getting a run around, I call , I wait then I am disconnected. So frustrating! Samsung is a horrible lying company

  • Karen McBeth says:

    Help, please. We are trying to get a phone repaired/replaced to no avail. Please call me? 614 314 1761. Your customer care has been no help. We get emails saying opposite things. I have ticket numbers Thanks you

  • Rodney Dela Rosa says:

    +19134124529 Agent Harry Graham …Mr Burrows Martins Delievery Manager …claims to be part of random giveaway of 800000.00$ usd and Samsung phone please research this scam. given me feedback .thank you

  • Thomas O'Neill says:

    Waiting since October for refrigerator under warranty to be replaced. The option was replace or refund i choose replacement. But Samsung Replacement is not working towards replacement at all. I get text message without a name. Just Replacement Department. They do not have parts to repair. By the contract they had option to repair or replace . Dismayed by the strategy to frustrate.

    • Stephanie Geniac says:

      Same our fridge broke a few days before Christmas. It’s a sealed system issue . No one can fix it with in 100 miles. Samsung doesn’t care. They give the run around, never call back. This fridge is less than a year old!!

  • Vivian Smith says:

    Every appliance in my home is Samsung! March 2021, I replaced an older version of a Samsung television. I purchased a Series 7 4k Ultra. I have had numerous problems including connection. My request is to have Samsung upgrade the television to a series 8, I am willing to pay the difference. Their solution is to have me call every week for a reboot and spend countless hours troubleshooting. At this point I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. The item is only a few months old, it is clear that Samsung is not willing to stand behind their product manufacture warranty. A very unhappy customer!!

    Vivian Smith
    (440) 317-0438

    • angela spoerre says:

      can i ask what you used to open your better bus. bureau case with? i type in samsung and it wont pull up anything?

  • Jose Pantoja says:

    on feb.15th I placed an order for a 28cu. ft. 4 door French door refrigerator with 21.5” Touch Screen Family Hub in black stainless steel , delivery is scheduled for 2/24 . I phoned the following day to see if I could package my refrigerator. I was told my refrigerator wasn’t offered as a package deal he offered that I could cancel my order and buy the package or keep my delivery and order the 3 other items separately. I said ok how much did it cost for the three items separately? He said he couldn’t tell me that I would just need to order. I found this absurd, ordering something without knowing the price, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. He placed me on hold for an extended period then returned to tell me his supervisor wasn’t available but would return my call within 48hrs! My wife feels that I should cancel my current order feeling if this is the customer service we are getting now what would we expect if something were to go wrong with our $4000.00 refrigerator purchase! Can someone help me as i am still interested in purchasing the other 3 items.

  • >