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S. No.





1, Samsung-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 17113



Samsung Electronics China – Device Solutions, SCC building A, No.88, Haide Yi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 518054


United States

3655 North First Street, San Jose, California 95134-1713



Einsteinstraße 174, 81677 München, Germany



amsung Electronics Southeast Asia – Device Solutions, 3 Church Street #26-01/02 Samsung, Hub Singapore 049483

Samsung Headquarters Executive Team

KS Choi

KS Choi

President and Chief Executive Officer,

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Jude Buckley

Jude Buckley

Executive Vice President, Mobile Experience Business

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Mark Lippert

Mark Lippert

Executive Vice President, North American Public Affairs

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James Fishler

Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment & Display Division, Samsung Electronics America

Shane Higby

Senior Vice President, Home Appliances Division, Samsung Electronics America

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  • Uthman ssali says:

    Embarrasing and scam information of promotions and prize awards to people all around the world.

  • Virginia Hillicoss says:

    This company is the WORST I have ever delt with. I bought the 5 year extended warrantee on my dishwasher and it is only 2.5 years old and I have been trying for a month and a half to get service they keep jerking me around and around. They were supposed to be here on 2 separate occasions I sat home and waited, I took time off of work the second time. No show No call. I am at my wits end!!!!!!! I am contacting the Better Business Bureau.

  • Anthony says:

    Purchase a Samsung refrigerator on November 9 received email stating be delivered November 23 as of this morning November 22. I received a message stating that my delivery has been rescheduled. No warning no nothing no care in the world on Samsung’s part so have to cancel Thanksgiving in my home with my family due to not having a refrigerator to keep food will never ever buy a Samsung product again, and I will certainly pass it on to all my friends and anybody I can inform how horrible company some really is and how much they care about their customers

  • Mary Quattrochi says:

    I have been a loyal customer of Samsung TVs for almost 40 years now I even bought a Samsung washing machine which I love, however I am tired of the big blotch marks I get on every tv. It is mentally frustrating!!!!!! I have spoken to your team on the phone and because I don’t have the tv remote anymore my grandson did something with it and I never found it so I use the cable remote, they cannot work with me. My tv is 2017 and it is not under warranty anymore, they wanted to send a technician over but honestly for their charge I can buy another 40 inch tv not a Samsung because unfortunately I cannot trust your brand anymore!!!!!i thought u should know u have lost a loyal customer.
    Thank You,

    Mrs. Mary Quattrochi

  • Cathy Tantillo says:

    I had 5 Samsung TV’s installed in my new phone June 2020. Last month my 82 inch QN82Q900 flat panel TV turned off and would not turn back on. After 4 visits by a Samsung recommeded repairer it was deemed unrepairable as the cost of a new screen was almost the price of a new TV. After speaking to Tech support/customer service, Hannah,Stephanie, Ryan and Manny I was transferred to Supervisor Ariel. She promised me e-commerce would be able to offer me a deep discount on a replacement. We were disconnected in the transfer and she never called me back despite having my phone number. When I called back e-commerce told me they had no authority to offer me a discount on the TV I had but to contact the legal department at 201 229-4068 which turns out to be a voice mail box. Your customer service department is extremely frustrating. I do not understand why a $5000+ TV would be deemed inoperable after 2 years. I do believe you should stand by your product and make us whole again.

  • Neil C says:

    Nor honoring warranty. No refund until the truck they send from the KencoGroup picks up TV and Kenco schedules and does not show. This happened twice now. We requested they use a different trucking company but they keep scheduling Kenco. Links they send are not activated and no one returns calls. We have bèn trying to work with them for ticket #416729895 since August 2022 and have no luck.

  • Neil V says:

    Samsung does not respect nor honor it’s warranties on their prodicts. They have been making us jump through hoops since August 2022 for ticket #4167208985. We did because we would like our money back for a faulty product.

  • Mohamed Shahul Hameed says:

    Purchased a Z fold3 at its locked by samsung tried talking to customer service they talk to me and half way they hang op me because they don’t answers asked for a supervisor and it’s the same they also hang up on me I’ve been using for a long time please advise what’s the next step for me resolve this problem thank you.

  • G Moss says:

    Ice stop working in early October.Now the whole refrigerator stop,
    After I just bought $600.in
    Meats.Unable to resolve
    At 800-726-7865

  • Gail says:

    I purchased a front loading washer and dryer from Samsung June 25, 2022. July 30th washer flooded basement. Called for service. Turns out service company does not work weekends so I had to wait for scheduled time off. Fast forward to today, Nov 2, 2022 and service guy shows up. Opens top panel and plastic tube surrounding drum has a nice chunk missing out of it. No damage on the inside wall of the machine to suggest a balance issue. The clips holding the top panel to the face of machine are all broken. Samsung is insisting on a repair.
    I want what I paid for, a brand new washing machine, not a broken machine. If this is not possible, I want SAMSUNG to come get both the washer and dryer and give me my money back!!!
    Lesson learned! DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG! Customer service stinks! Supervisor based in th Dominican Republic and I have to wait 24-48 hours to speak with a manager!

  • DD says:

    Brand new refrigerator received missing all the seals. The president’s office today said they would not pay for the parts. The refrigerator is useless. Disgusted with how we have been treated. No customer service. Do not buy Samsung they sold us a refrigerator missing parts and wouldn’t pay for them.

  • Jean says:

    I have a new dryer that doesn’t work!!!!!

  • Sharon says:

    Your repair team knows nothing about how to repair “Hard Fall Detection” on my Samsung Watch 4. I mailed my watch to your repair team because the Advanced Feature called “Hard Fall Detection” never worked on it from the time I bought it. Your technicians said I broke it by dropping my arm to the floor to test the feature. I was told to do this by every AT&T & Samsung repair person that tried to set it up for me in my local area! I took it to 6 places! So your tech said I voided the warranty by breaking it, even though I did what I was told to TEST this feature. I’m a senior citizen and live alone and this feature was THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT THE WATCH! Your technicians say I must pay for the repair BUT NONE OF THEM (in the 12 phone calls I’ve made to 1-800-SAMSUNG) know anything about “Hard Fall Detection”. I asked them…If I pay to have it repaired, will you guarentee this feature works AND how will I test it to be sure? None of them could answer this question. I have been desperate to speak with a technician who knows about this advanced feature and they will not allow me to speak to a technician. They have lied to me and told me supervisors would call back and they never did! I am very angry, frustrated. Your Samsung Support is a DISGRACE!!!!!

  • Michael wescott says:

    Best custmer service

  • Neil Callahan says:

    Samsung does not respect nor honor warranties for their products. You have to jump through many hoops and then deal with incompetence on their end as the links they provide are not activated, nor do they follow-up with what they say they will do to honor their warranty. Recommend you look at LG or other products first!

  • Debbie says:

    Bought a side by side refrigerator. Within the first year the compressor failed and had to be replaced. It was a nightmare getting it serviced. The guy came and looked at it and said he had to order the part. The time to get this repaired was at least 2 1/2 weeks. Then it took another 3 weeks or so to get reimbursed for the food spoilage as I was told by different Samsung reps different ways of applying for the reimbursement. Fast forward to today. The refrigerator is now just over 2 years from purchase date and is not cooling again. Contacted Samsung and set up ticket, had to wait 1 to 2 business days for a service tech to contact me to set up appointment. I get contacted by a company that wants $150 before even making the appointment. I contacted Samsung again and said I do not want to pay up front for something the is under warranty. So that ticket is canceled and another ticket is created so that I can get another service tech who won’t charge just to come out. Wait another day to be contacted and the service tech called and said they no longer do warranty work for Samsung. So I contact SS again, ticket is canceled and new one created. Waited again for another service tech to call, sat up appointment. The tech was in my house no more than 5 minutes. He came in took the back panel off and listened, said there is a leak in cooling system somewhere and that he did not have the equipment to service it. And wouldn’t be able to come back till the next week. I called Samsung again and of course they “understand” and will have someone from case management call within 24 hours. So here I am waiting and waiting. At lease this time I contact by chat and took screen shots of the conversations. Would just like to replace the damn thing now!

  • Curtis Thompson says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! I am insulted by Samsung support. They are inept and incompetent and should be taken to court for misleading and false advertising. Shame on samsung.

  • robert rifkin says:

    I have sent at least 50 emails and numerous calls to samsung. I was sent an email that Dennis Ochotorena, John Michael Quidilla, Ashley Jeraine Rosario and Glaiza tier 3 each one told me they were handling my account you can see all the correspondence there. On that ticket number by John Michael Quidilla I was told to charge the new Pro 5 watch and return the original one. I was promised that I would get the full refund due to me for ordering the pre order of the the fold phone and watch. I had called before ordering as my son told me that the watch had to be the lte not the bluetooth watch. I did exactly what was explained to me. In the meantime I was first sent a phone (which I requested unlocked) that was locked to T-mobil. I did not know this at the time and was on the phone with verizon for over an hour and they suggested i call samsung because there was nothing they could do. I called samsung and was on the phone for about 3 hours and all they did was send me links to set up my phone. I then looked and saw that it was set up for t-mobile and was told to send it back and they would send me the correct phone. That was done but they had charges up to over $4000.00 on my account. finally they credited me and left me with a balance of $2221,85 of which I was told they would correct that to the original price of $1605.87. This all started on )9/27/2022 as of now I am still due a balance of $615.98. Samsung had sent me back my trade 3 times and 2 times I was told to send it back which I did. The 3rd time I was told I did non have to send it back and they would give me the credit of the original price of $425.00. I still have the return label and trade here to send back when they said I did not have to. besides the Credit of the trade they said they would credit me back the difference from the original price of $190.98. Also I asked due to all the issues if they could please send me the electric plug for the watch charger no charge, John Michael Quidilla said he would see if he could do that. No promises. I am still waiting on the credit of $190.98 and $425.00 for the trade that John said he would credit back as soon as I sent back the original watch Pro5 bluetooth and told me to charge the new watch. He said he would make sure I received the credit back then. I am still waiting on the total is $615.98. No one gets back to me either by email or phone. They also say that there is no phone number to escalations. I have called samsung and told my issue over and over again and have proof of each of the emails and phone calls. I also wrote to corporate attn the president twice. I do not want to go any further just want what was promised me. Please have someone that can resolve my issue contact me. If I do not hear from Samsung I will go to the media, my bank and whatever else I have to do. I should not have to do anymore and would hope you are an honorable company.


    Robert Rifkin
    2350 Waters Edge Drive
    Apt 5L
    Bayside, NY 11360

    • Carrie Case says:

      Same issue I’m having no one wants to help and now they some how “lost” my item I have proof it was delivered! I have been going around and around with samsung since July now it’s almost November. I’m so beyond upset. Samsung should be ashamed of themselves! This is so ridiculous!

  • Patricia Neves says:

    Ordered on May 15, 2022, and delivered on May 25 I started using just end of 7/22/2022 used two times then the thermostat went bad
    Samsung you’re totally unethical, dishonest, and poor customer service and even worse customer relations! All your contracted service providers and dishonest, they cancel the scheduled appointment without calling or contacting me the customer! I paid over $500.00 for a new Samsung microwave oven. This microwave does not heat my food has gone out two times in less than 2 months! Now your customer service is giving me the run around and your service providers are 100% no-shows after 2 months now with no microwave!
    I have contacted Best Business Bureau BBB to file a complaint
    Samsung responds To BBB they are working on is pending week after week nothing no texts no phone calls from Samsung this is the most outrageous and wrong as consumers, we do not deserve this kind crap we need to start boycotting Samsung if they are doing this crap to me and you they are doing to millions of people out there that do not have a voice is time to get this idiot to do their job and stop ripping off customers like you and me
    I will not stop until someone replaces this crap microwave
    Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 818-9303720


  • Cindy Smith says:

    Need to talk to a “person” in USA anout 75in tv delivered June 22-2022 ..Thete is a white line across bottom of screen on every channel..called. they reset tv line still there. I have photos Really need HELP 15406723291 CINDY SMITH

  • Ashley says:

    Worst customer service and their refrigerators need to be recalled. Samsung is crap.

  • Pat says:

    Samsung support is terrible. I will NOT BUY ANY MORE SAM’S CRAP. I have been a loyal Samsung customer for over 10 years. I sent my Galaxy watch 4 which has less then a year. They want want to charge me for repair because it is an international model. The watch is water proof but had water damage from taking shower with the watch. They will not honor their warranty eventhough there is nothing on the original packaging that states that this is an international model. International or not, it is supposed to be waterproof. Or they make a watch that it doesn’t rain internationally. I’m done with Samsung. Apple and Google devices sound really good now.

  • Shane McIntyre says:

    I purchased a Samsung 30-in Smooth Surface 5 Elements 6.3-cu ft Self-Cleaning Slide-in Electric Range (Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel) Model #NE63T8111SS. It was delivered on June 16, 2022. The oven has never been used because it has NEVER worked. 2 service calls and it still does NOT WORK. I requested a review for them to grant a refund and the refund was denied. Samsung states that since the company they hired didn’t fix it the first 2 times they need to hire a different company to come fix it. I told them NO. I wanted it out of my house. SAMSUNG DENIED TO RETURN MY MONEY OR TO PROCESS ANY RETURN. I AM STUCK WITH A $1000 OVEN THAT HAS NEVER WORKED in the 3 months of owning it !!!

  • Sharon says:


  • Sonia Castro says:

    I bought my TV in March 31/ 2022 and I open it yesterday and it is defected and it had what it looks like a crack , I call Samsung to have them repair or exchanged for a new one and they told me no you have to pay out of pocket and the person who help me was super rude and didn’t care about what I had to say and I explain that it is not fair that I have to pay more money out pocket when I already pay a lot for that TV and he told man I will give that number where you can call and they can help you with telling you how much it will cost for repair really bad services , I always have bough TV from Samsung but I think I am done with Samsung they don’t care about there customers

  • Wendy Bronchick says:

    Terrible customer service. Even from supposed supervisors that made promises. Their website to order a laptop had a set price on one page but when I went to place order the price was $300 more. I called. Told of glitch. Said they would honor lower price. After multiple calls and talking with supervisors and guarantees. Some in writing. One said verbally they would send a rebate voucher to use. Then an email comes that basically said “screw you”. So much for written and verbal promises from this company.

    • Allison Wagner says:

      I cannot agree more! My experience has been such a run around and supervisors customer service is terrible. I will never use them again!

    • T.J. says:

      Thanks I’m about to have a breakdown due to their poorly made washers and dryers. Your input on their lack of service let’s me know not to be so sweet and patient.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Wendy……did commenting here help you at all? Just wondering since I just posted a complaint as well.

  • Lakisha Williams says:

    I sent my smart watch to be repaired on 7/19/2022. As of todays date I have not received it back. It was suppose to be returned on 7/27/2022 but was sent to the airport and not my address. Now every time I call the say I have to wait 24-48 hour for a return call I haven’t received yet. Now I’m going to report them to my local news channel because my watch has been stolen.

  • Diana smith says:

    Stay away from their front load washers customer care service is a joke been getting a run around for my refund which my washer is still under warranty tried to order another washer from them but changed the date from aug 4 to aug 25 so I went and bought a LG front loader had it delivered the 6 I will never ever refer anyone to buy Samsung products again I emailed corporate that was a joke so I emailed better business bureau to help me and emailed the attorney general office here in Ohio maybe they can get some answers since I only get run arounds buy apple phones or LG Samsung warranty and customer care is worthless

  • Char says:

    Never, ever, ever buy a Samsung anything!

  • Faith L Case says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I have been impressed with your company. My 55 inch tv stopped working. I called and was advised a tech would come to my home for repair. I had great service. Staff were professional and appeared to really care. This was a shock to me. You know how to treat your customers. Thank you and I will let social media know as well.

    • Char says:

      You are one in a million who have had a good customer experience. Everybody else thinks their customer support is crap.

  • Pastor Terry Glenn says:

    Samsung you’re totally a unethical, dishonest, poor customer service and even worse customer relations! All your contracted service providers and dishonest, they cancel the scheduled appointment without calling or contacting us the customer! We paid paid $2000 for a new Samsung 10yr Warranty refrigerator. This refrigerator mother board has gone out two times in less than 2 years! Now your customer service is giving us the run around and your services providers are 100% no-shows after 8 weeks with no refrigerator!

  • Albert P Musquiz says:

    If you wonder why you are losing sales and lagging behind Apple.
    I don’t know if Apple did this intentionally, but in a lot of cases the OS Op system prevents texts sent in large groups that includes Android phones and they fail. Seems to corrupt the messages. I have heard numerous complaints and folks switching to OS Apple because of this.

  • N8 says:

    And your agents toy with us on the phone saying they’re going to get a manager until we get so disturbed we hang up!

  • N8 says:

    Garbage customer service. Get the run around, takes weeks, now in trying to contact corporate because of the horrible business practices and service!

    • jentry hunt says:

      I agree 100000000%. Been getting the run around over a phone that was sent back bin for repair, due to a live firmware update that immediately CRASHED OUR PHONE!

  • Frank Van Opynen says:

    I have been told that Samsung promotion (U.S.A) has drawn me in there (1,000,000) draw and I am a winner – they want me to send $1200usd to release prize winnings – is this a scam or real – could someone from Samsung corporate email please (thankyou)

  • Freeda says:

    On 11-22-11 I bought a Samsung refrigerator RF4287HARS 4 Door with
    extended warranty. I made this purchase at Lowes Home department store.
    Unfortunately, your product has not performed well because due to ice maker not
    working ,refrigerator does not keep food cold enough it shows 34 on outside of
    door and when i put a thermometer inside it reads it 54 or more. I even had
    delii drawer to have like 2 inches of ice3 frozen under it. also it froze soda
    cans and they exploded making huge mess and it could have hurt some one had they
    had door open when it happened.the freezer freezes over drawers for keeping deli
    meat in are cracked..It leaks water out onto floor and under it the back of
    refrigerato freezes up causing plastic inside of refrigertor to crease and
    bulge..i have had repair out 3-4 times and also having to rent a refrigerator
    for a month due to mine not working and having to wait on parts and repair men
    coming out 3 -4 times… I had to pay for some of these repairs myself .I also
    have to keep insulin cold. My son and I had to be treated for upper repiratory
    problems doctor said was from mold in refrigerator and food not being cold
    enough… Enclosed are copies of pictures of exploded cans to which it blew the
    tops off of and I could not find all the tops to cans To resolve the problem, I
    would appreciate your accomadation of full refund of refrigerator and refund for
    food that has spoiled.

    I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait 1 week
    before seeking third-party assistance.
    Please contact me at the above address or by phone 606-653-2989

    Freeda Thacker

  • Tammy Cohen-Dudley says:

    Never ever buy Samsung products!! They have the worst customer service department on the planet and God forbid you get someone from the Philippines, you can’t understand anything they say. Very rude!!! I will never again buy another product from them and I’ve been a customer for over 30 years!! I hope the whole company goes out of business! They don’t deserve having hard working people buying their products, when they offer no help when there’s a problem!!! Buyer BEWARE!!!

    • Debbie says:

      Tammy, I totally agree with you! I have been doing the chat sessions as it is easier to understand them and I take screen shots of the conversations. I think it is time for class action suit.

  • Randal Roberts says:

    We used the self cleaning program on our samsung range for the 2nd time. It locked the oven door and displayed error code c31. Called and a technician was sent. When he unlocked the oven door the tempered glass was also shattered. I am trying escalate service but I am not able to get past the screener to a supervisor. This error code c31 seems to be a common service code on what appears to be a defective design. Samsung should replace the defective “board” which caused the problem and the board. I need assistance as your foreign service call centers are not able or capable of understanding and addressing the problem

  • Jessica says:

    37+ calls in the last three weeks because Technical Support asks for ALL of the issues before transferring (cold) to Case Management (which have been minimal help) to get a darn email link to finish a full refund process. A 2 month old Galaxy Z Fold with several issues within a month, “repaired” and within 48 hours of receipt, the SAME ISSUES OCCURRED. Been waiting since 5/19 when I received an email saying “device unable to be repaired, returning device” which at that point MAKES ZERO SENSE because it clearly needed to be either replaced or refunded….. but here we are 6/1 and still getting the FAKE “I’m so sorry to hear that” response. I get cold transferred soooooo much that I’m sure all of these surveys that I’ve been transferred to and rated zeros and ones, will hopefully impact the performance of the unprofessional behavior of technicians that were useless.

  • Amy Lopez says:

    Disappointed immensely with their customer service. Not one person has been able to help me cancel an order that I am unable to cancel online. The company’s service skills are disjointed. They need to provide training to external contractors. I will be disputing the charge with the credit card company and refusing the delivery.

  • Madison says:

    I purchased a Samsung front load dryer in June 2021. They delivered a defective and hazardous dryer to my home. Their repairmen could not fix it, they refused to pick it up or replace the unit. I was promised a refund back in Aug 2021 but they have refused to process this and return my money to me. It was reasonable for me to expect a working dryer be delivered to my home as they agreed to do or return my money, if they could not. They failed to deliver a working unit and return my money – which is absolutely unacceptable! They do not have the right to take/keep my money and not deliver the product they promised. I strongly suggest anyone thinking about a purchase from Samsung online to reconsider. They certainly do not deserve your business or hard-working money! They simply do not care about you or complying with what they agree to deliver to you. Let the buyer beware!!

  • Cathy Martin says:

    Purchased. New washer and dryer 3 years ago.after 1 1/2 years dryer broke..was told 600 dollars to fix it..now on 3 year washer is broke..never Will i buy samsung again!!!! Samsung costumer service is useless!!! Paid 300 dollars to repair man to be told not worth fixing..furious?!!! What garbage..how do they get away work this?

  • Upset Customer says:

    This is my reply to a customer service agente
    Hi Sarah,
    RE: Order Number US060522971

    Just to let you know my order was supposed to be here today before 4:30 pm PST.
    FedEx said they had some issues with the address and they have delayed it for next Tues 05/31/2022.

    I’m sure when I called you on May 24 and requested to carefully update the address to include apartment number ###, it was done.

    I’m requesting Samsung to compensate me for the delay and the fact that I must travel 80 miles round trip to pick up the phone myself.

    I even spoke with a Supervisor (Judy) TKT # 8075632. She said they’d honor only 5% of the $513 that I’d pay for the phone, but yet you guys charge me the tax based not on the $513 but on the full price of the phone. This is outrageous. That’s why you were charging me a whopping $125 for taxes and yet to provide a little allowance you’re asking me to provide some sort of tax exemption.

    I told the supervisor Judy, that if all I was going to get was some 5% of $513, which is roughly $25, to forget it. I don’t need this treat or being slapped on the face with such a miserable compensation, considering all the time I wasted with you. Also, the fact that I must go myself to pick it up.

    This is a mockery from both Samsung and FedEx. FedEx should be called FedUp, because that is how they make the customers feel with their “delayed” service.
    I should also blame Samsung for still using this courier after, I’m sure, the many complaints from many customers. That’s why Amazon decided to ditch them. Non compliant and high costs.

    When in Jan/2021 my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was delayed by FedEx, the agent in charge, no questions asked, immediately compensated me with a refund of $100.

    Later on last year, I ordered some earbuds and a band watch and again the same delayed delivery happened. I think it was 3 or 4 days. I did not care for it was not crucial, although it was upsetting.

    Today, with all the Samsung agents, supervisors and overall customer service experience it’s been one of the worsts ever.

    NO Thanks for such a bad customer service

    Upset Customer

  • James pruitt says:

    You have the worst service

  • sharon says:

    we have a 3 year old Samsung front load washer that has stopped spinning. Was told by repair person and the research on this issue that its VERY COMMON. We have been told would be repaired then the order canceled – three times! Now they are saying the part (on a 3 year old washer) isn’t available?!!!!??? They won’t do anything about it and i’ve asked to speak to a manager. They told me at “case management” they were the top and no one else to help me?!!!!?! A washer should last a minimum of 10-15 years, not 3. AND the manufacturer should stand behind their product. Clearly i will NEVER purchase anything Samsung again! I can’t get anyone to resolve this and i think they do this to wear you down!

  • Arup Dutta says:

    I bought a Samsung M 21 on 4th of July 2020 and after 9 months gone and remain to complete the warranty period of 3 months, the liquid comes from display which is in blue colour from one side and then after it covered all the display area. Then I contacted Samsung service centre at Kolkata, India but they refused to service my phone and said that it was pressure damage . There is no denting and any other damage in it. Then I bought a new Samsung display and repaired at my own cost. Today the same thing happened. What I should do? This is manufacturing defects for M 21. I can’t bear any more amount for repair the phone. Plz suggest. Do the best for me.

  • Angrybird says:

    I bought a Samsung galaxy pro book less than a year old and it is no longer working. The only answer they have is mail it in and we will check it out. I am now without a computer and no access to my data. As a Teacher I need files from that computer. Samsung you should be ashamed of your self for not having local authorized dealers for your computers!!!

  • Robert Brusati says:

    Samsung light tablet S6 will not turn on battery doesn’t work 22 days till the the warranty is over , been on the phone 3 hours with 5 different people find nothing has been accomplished at this been accomplished at this point right now Please contact me by email bbrusati@yahoo.com or phone 631 338 3603

  • Candy Posey says:

    On April 7th I contacted your support through chat and then telephone to get a return label for my order. After checking that I WAS within the 15 day timeframe, and speaking to approximately 10 people that day, one of your support members “Rona” told me that the tech support would be expediting getting me a label within 24-48 hours. She opened a ticket number 7665569 so that there would be no question about my time frame being okay. I waited until Monday April 11th to contact again since I had not received my label and after another 3-4 people, and various departments, I finally got someone who assured me that I would receive a label by mail within 5-7 business days. He even told me that they had extended my time frame to 30 days…not that it mattered since I was within the 15 days to start with. It is now April 25th, well beyond the 5-7 business days, and I still have not received a label to return a product that does not work with my new Samsung range. I cannot believe that it takes this much time and energy to just get a return label for my product. Please ….please….please….send me my return label.
    My order now says Return Requested but I still have not received my label.

    • Chrissy Scafidi says:

      Hi… did anyone from corporate ever answer you back? I’ve has an issue for 8 days of them locking my phone and I wanted to see if this site helped you

  • Glenn says:

    No one to help you, I have been without a phone for over 11 weeks, and Straight Talk GeeGee advised it is because Samsung will not send them replacement phones for the ones under warranty. No one will help you, it goes to voice mail, and then no one will call you back. I will not be purchasing any more Samsung phones.

  • JR Toolan says:

    The E coupon to replace a defective washer would not work! Spent three hours on the phone getting passed from one department to another. Finally got hung up on! This company has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen! They employ people who you can hardly understand and have no authority to make any kind of decisions. They just pass you on to the next person who can’t do anything. So we are out the $660.00 they promised for a replacement machine! I will Never do business with them again and will be sure to tell everyone we know Not to buy anything from Samsung!

    • Diana smith says:

      Yes same here it’s messed up they can’t send you another washer you have to wait for them to send e code or refund your money then buy it so so stupid I agree I will never ever buy a Samsung product again

  • Tracey Brown says:

    I brought I Samsung stove and it cuts on your itself and they giving me the run around this terrible

  • Kenny says:

    So frustrated with Samsung I want to just throw my S22+ out the window get absolutely no help from support or E-commerce so so disappointed after just a super experience with every other device I’ve owned already took both televisions and sound equipment to the donation center

  • Kenny says:

    I would like it to be known as a 20 year customer of samsung electronics I will never purchase another I’ve had a problem with my S22+ that was disabled by Samsung 3 days ago during to a mix up an 72 hours later and 32+ calls to support and E-commerce the best help I have received is well use another device or get hung up on so be real careful before you make a purchase and make sure the company has associates who can fix a problem created by them

  • Stephanie mailhot says:

    Im livid my fridge went out put 2 computers in it and theyre giving me the run around its gonna go back to home depot

  • Louis D says:

    Bought a front load washer 6-14-21. Did not take long before the soap drawer began to leak water on the floor. Serviceman tried to repair it 5 times. Was waiting for the call to set a date for the sixth time, finally called them. I was told to contact Samsung for a refund. Now the fun really starts. I filled out all of the required paperwork and waited for 14 days to get an ‘E Coupon’. When it did not arrive in my e mail I called. I was told they could not tell me when it would arrive , but to wait another 7 days. 7 days later it did not arrive. I called repeatedly over the next two weeks still no E coupon. I called today and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was not any better than the others. Finally I was told that no one in the chat room or the phone line has the ability to determine the status or determine the date of the coupon being sent. Todays date is 3-29-22. I will never buy another Samsung product again.

  • Sachin says:

    Same over here never buy samsung. Order phone on 4th march they say it would deliver on 29 th march but in 27th march i get email mention it been delay. So i call back for update he clearly cancel my order now i am forth n back with them call and spending atleast 3 hours every day with no answere and they expect me to order it again and wait 6 more week. Suupvisor gave me email address to complain it goes to India they reply back sayin i got wrong region pls call toll free number it vixious circle horrible customer service. This was Birthday gift now i m going at party with empty hand look like fool and no answere horrible service. Hope this get attention to higer management this very unprofessional cuz i have to pay someone else mistake.

  • Barbara Gray says:

    I will never buy another Samsung product ever! I order from online fromHome Depot. When my dishwasher was delivered I didn’t have installed right away due it Covid. I own and operate a daycare from my home and having someone to come in to install took a while. When I had it installed the piece that catches the door is broke, therefore the door will not shut securely and I cannot operate dishwasher. I called Home Depot and was given number to call Samsung number. I am going to try just give highlights of this story. I opened a ticket, then they called me and left a V/M saying they was no one in my area that could come work on it. I called them back and they said that I canceled the ticket and I did not. So I had to open another ticket and on hold for 45 minutes only to learn that they will see if they can find someone in my area do a service call. I am very disappointed that I can’t use my dishwasher and I’m having so much trouble to get fixed. I was going to buy a new fridge, but it will not be a Samsung! No one should have this much trouble getting a brand new appliance fixed.

  • EC says:

    I purchased a refrigerator in 2014 and have had nothing but problems with it, paid well over $2,00 for it. In less than 5 years they were out 7 times, and in most cases, they had to replace the ice maker. Thinking that because there’s a hug label with 10 Year warranty on the refrigerator, I was under the impression that we had more time only to find out from the repair person, that the 10 year is not for the ice maker, what a blow to us. It is a mess that I have to clean everyday, the ice falls out, the ice maker freezes up, in some cases no ice and it goes on and on. I sent a letter to one of the executives who passed it on to a gentleman who calls for me to send him information and pictures of it. I did and when he got back to me it was to make a lousy offer just to wipe me off the system. He asked that I get back to him in two days, I told him, not a chance. Two days later he calls again to see if I would take the offer. I asked if he had reviewed the information and pictures, did he not get it? There’s water all over the floor everyday and the hope is that nothing happens, but if it does, well, you know the rest. This has been a major nightmare and the hope is that something will be done to the many customers that are living this nightmare.

    • Rick says:

      I’m having a nightmare with a refrigerator I bought less than 2 years ago. Could you send me the number to the person that made you the offer I can’t get anyone outside of there csr dept in the Philippines.

  • Joan Brinton says:

    Worst customer service . Do not but Samsung. Printing on my brand new washer disappeared after a week. Tried to contact several at Samsung. No response. Buy anything other than Samsung. Manager never called back. Corporate manager never called back. 5 hours on the phone to get help. Disconnected almost every call. 0 stars. – – -stars.

  • Pamela D says:

    I have an oven I purchase in June 2021, all the knobs are cracked and and can not use the stove, I have chatted and called and was told I was going to get replacement knobs, and I have nothing, I am getting a run around, I call , I wait then I am disconnected. So frustrating! Samsung is a horrible lying company

  • Karen McBeth says:

    Help, please. We are trying to get a phone repaired/replaced to no avail. Please call me? 614 314 1761. Your customer care has been no help. We get emails saying opposite things. I have ticket numbers Thanks you

  • Rodney Dela Rosa says:

    +19134124529 Agent Harry Graham …Mr Burrows Martins Delievery Manager …claims to be part of random giveaway of 800000.00$ usd and Samsung phone please research this scam. given me feedback .thank you

    • Josephine Borreta says:

      I got the same Message, but it starts out with a Therese Pinaula, then Mr Harry Graham watsapp me requesting for a $100.00 apple card to verify my winnings, I told him to first send me my $800,000.00 then I’ll send him the $100.00 apple card he requested…
      Ai I believe they are targeting the People from Guam

  • Thomas O'Neill says:

    Waiting since October for refrigerator under warranty to be replaced. The option was replace or refund i choose replacement. But Samsung Replacement is not working towards replacement at all. I get text message without a name. Just Replacement Department. They do not have parts to repair. By the contract they had option to repair or replace . Dismayed by the strategy to frustrate.

    • Stephanie Geniac says:

      Same our fridge broke a few days before Christmas. It’s a sealed system issue . No one can fix it with in 100 miles. Samsung doesn’t care. They give the run around, never call back. This fridge is less than a year old!!

  • Vivian Smith says:

    Every appliance in my home is Samsung! March 2021, I replaced an older version of a Samsung television. I purchased a Series 7 4k Ultra. I have had numerous problems including connection. My request is to have Samsung upgrade the television to a series 8, I am willing to pay the difference. Their solution is to have me call every week for a reboot and spend countless hours troubleshooting. At this point I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. The item is only a few months old, it is clear that Samsung is not willing to stand behind their product manufacture warranty. A very unhappy customer!!

    Vivian Smith
    (440) 317-0438

    • angela spoerre says:

      can i ask what you used to open your better bus. bureau case with? i type in samsung and it wont pull up anything?

  • Jose Pantoja says:

    on feb.15th I placed an order for a 28cu. ft. 4 door French door refrigerator with 21.5” Touch Screen Family Hub in black stainless steel , delivery is scheduled for 2/24 . I phoned the following day to see if I could package my refrigerator. I was told my refrigerator wasn’t offered as a package deal he offered that I could cancel my order and buy the package or keep my delivery and order the 3 other items separately. I said ok how much did it cost for the three items separately? He said he couldn’t tell me that I would just need to order. I found this absurd, ordering something without knowing the price, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. He placed me on hold for an extended period then returned to tell me his supervisor wasn’t available but would return my call within 48hrs! My wife feels that I should cancel my current order feeling if this is the customer service we are getting now what would we expect if something were to go wrong with our $4000.00 refrigerator purchase! Can someone help me as i am still interested in purchasing the other 3 items.

  • >