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Sams Club Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2101 SE Simple Savings Dr, Bentonville, AR 72716, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 888-746-7726
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: support@samsclub.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: April 7, 1983
  • Founder: Sam Walton
  • Key People: John Furner, Jamie Iannone

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Sams Club Headquarters Executive Team



John Furner

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Iannone

Chief Executive Officer of Samsclub.Com and President of Samsclub.Com

Steve Bratspies

Chief Merchandising Officer

Jeff Gruener

Senior Vice President of Planning, Replenishment and Innovations

Kerry Kotouc

Senior Vice President of Asset Protection & Compliance and General Counsel of Sam’S Club

Seong Ohm

Senior Vice President of Merchandise Business Services

Charles Redfield

Executive Vice President of Food for Walmart U.S.

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  • James says:

    Yesterday my wife hurriedly shopped at our local club to find only two cashiers were working. Both had very long lines of customers with overflowing buggies. She went to a self serve line and discovered that her card was rejected which forced her into a very long line. When she finally got to the cashier and asked why her card wouldn’t work she was told they wanted to remind her that our membership would expire soon. This was on Nov.15 and out membership expires on Dec. 4. This also happened to me last year at the gas pump which forced me to go inside and renew to get gas. With all the ways to contact us, I see this as a bullying practice that is very rude and a huge inconvenience. We are now considering if we really want to renew. Is it worth it?

  • Janice says:

    I am looking to buys Pittsburgh Steelers executive office chair in gold and black. Is there any place that I could buy one. I live in St. Joseph, MO

  • Jan says:

    I want to thank the Stream Marketing Inc group (Mark McGuire, Jeremy Pate and Matt Wyent) located in the Sam’s Club on Fisher Road in Sharpsburg GA. They concentrate on customer service before and after the sale. I was looking for a new cell phone and I had a LOT of questions and they answered them all. Thank you Mark, Jeremy and Matt for making my cell phone purchase at Sam’s Club an enjoyable experience. I will continue to shop at Sam’s Club first for my technology as long as I see the Stream Marketing there. Thank you for the Customer Service!!!!!!

    • JOE MARTIN says:

      You were LUCKY, My Sans club in OHIO,– ST, CLAIRSVILLE, IS WORTHLESS. All rude, liars, dare you to delete your membership, ONE BIG CIRCUS,, AND NATURALLY, corp, doesnt care all they do is keep their number secret, and cant even give you a REAL e maill addy.ALL phone numbers are PHONY or does to a call center because CORP. DOESNT want to be bothered, So i took back $ 300.00 worth of goods, cancelled my membership, of 21 yrs, will report them to Consumer protection agency [ fraud ?] and my daughter who has her own business will cancel her membership next week, She spends about $1,000 every month.

  • Vanessa says:

    I wrote a comment on October 1, 2019 and as of yet have not received a response or resolve to my $638.68 refund. After many calls and being on hold nothing. I have spoken to Alicia, Dawn, Andrew, Alex and Mo. Maybe fake names, but I understand that the calls are monitored for training purposes, however I hope nobody is trained by this process. Sam’s is on the thumbs down for customer service.

  • Debbie Leavell says:

    I purchased premium gasoline from your store # 4798, 284 Summit Square Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105, on October 3, 2019. The prices posted on your curbside sign read $2.58, which was near the price of regular unleaded at most other stations in the area. On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, when I posted receipts and balanced my check book, I noticed the price on my Sam’s Club receipt showed $2.71. I was a little upset, but took accountability for not checking pump prices when I purchased the gasoline. I was by the same club on Thursday, October 10, 2019, and noticed the curbside sign showed a premium price of $2.55. Out of curiosity, I drove in to check the pump price. Imagine my surprise when I saw the pump read $2.66. I called that club around 5:30 that afternoon and asked to speak to a manager. The young man who came to the phone after almost seven minutes identified himself as Alex. I asked if he was a manager, and he said he was a front end supervisor who did a little of everything in the store. After explaining my concern to him, he started in with a lot of excuses that didn’t have much to do with the situation. He said there was a manager on duty that I could speak to if he had not satisfactorily resolved my issue. I told him that I had asked for a manager initially, and that I certainly did not want to repeat myself again. I did advise him that I would be contacting corporate regarding this situation. Admittedly, I should have checked the pump price before pumping when I was there on 10/3/19, but to see the exact thing again the very next week represents a pattern, at least at this location. Looks like a ploy just to lure customers in. Not a good business practice. I do intend to notify “Ask Sam” (a public info column in our local newspaper) to advise people to be sure to compare and verify Sam’s gas price postings.

  • Rich J says:

    I have been a business member since Sam’s took over Pace. That was back in I think 1988 or 1989. I did stop being a member for about 4 yr period. I became a member again in 2015. Always shopped on Saturdays at 7am. This is at the Niagara Falls New York store. Well this Sat 10-5-19 I find a printed note on the entrance doors that stated as of 10-1-19 no more business or plus member early shopping. New hours for all members are 9am M- Sat. I got no forewarning about this change. I do get the emails they send me to come shop but no mention of the reduced shopping hours. Now today 10-7-19 a family member shopped there and asked about the change and was told that it does not go into effect until 10-11-19. That’s not what the notes stated and the doors where locked and this was at 7:30am 10-5-19. I also watched 3 vehicles pull up to the doors and drive off before I drove off. I also called store that Sat. after 9am & the person I spoke to said that they had to change the hours because they did away with the night crew. Just another corporate decision to save money & the heck with their loyal customers. If corporations want or need to cut cost then it starts at the top. CEO’s & board members are over paid & only out for their best financial gains. I have yet to see any business go under because of the workers. So their thinking is to cut cost is by reducing services? well their decision has got me to cancel my membership & request a full refund and take my money elsewhere. Great job Sam’s Corporate Greed Leaders!

  • harvey says:

    we went to the sams club in Lakeland florida, in sep 2019, bought a membership, tried to use it 4 oct 2019, was told it was expired and the CSR at the store was no help to correct and told me to call corporate. They feel untouchable with all the phone answering devices and not a real person to talk to. Then manager wonder why people are angry when they do find a real person. I am of the impression that sams and wal mart do not care about customers, only their bottom line, think they are the only place in town. guess what, there are other places, and one customer at a time we are leaving. I will pay a couple pennies more for a warm and friendly place to shop where you can find real people to assist you, unlike the CSR at Lakeland sams club.

  • Bigmike says:

    It took 1 hour to finally get to someone with my request that a discontinued item be brought back into the stores. I went through 2 people that really didn’t understand English, waited for 20 minutes for “supervisor” and got disconnected once. After telling these people it was discontinued, they proceeded to look up my local club, look online, make me wait, to finally tell me it is not available. No sh_t sherlock!

    Why is it so difficult to simply place a request for a product? The people in the local club claimed that the products sold well and didn’t know why they stopped offering them. One person told me that the brand wasn’t available anymore but over the years Sams has had a number of different brands, so what’s up?

    My first item is chunk blue cheese. All you offer now are “crumbles” that taste of the chemical used to keep them from sticking together. Most of the popular cheese is offered both in chunk and shredded/crumbles, but not blue cheese. 2nd is pork belly. I have bought 2 over the last year and tried to buy more but was told out of stock. Now, it has been discontinued.

  • Vanessa says:

    I purchased a mattress set from Sam’s online after dealing with some issues, I asked for a return of the mattress because it was defected. I am disabled and I told the person on 9/18/19 that I would like to return the mattress set and get a refund she said no problem. I also told her I needed the refund to my credit card so I could purchase another set and she informed me that the process would be they pick up the item and then give a refund. She said “I will put a rush on it for you” well they picked up the mattress set on September 23, 2019 and I have not been credited for it. As of right now I have been on the phone on hold for over 47 minutes finally Dawn from the Escalation Team comes on the line and is looking into it. She informs me that the mattress has not been brought back to the warehouse to be scanned in and then they will refund the money. She checked into it and put things through so hopefully I will get my refund in a couple of days. Please tell me why I have to be penalized because it takes over a week for your company to get the return? I have been a member of Sam’s Club for years and did not know that I would incur such drama. The first 2 calls are outsourced and I could not even understand most of what they were saying. This is not Best Practices when your customers are unable to understand your customer service and have to be wait so long for resolve.

  • Guest says:

    Your location in Colorado Springs, Colorado off of Woodmen Road has transitioned back to having to show your membership card to gain access into the store. This is something that has always been done, but a while ago Sam’s Club didn’t require members to do so and have implemented this practice again. The problem is, now employees that are standing at the entrance asking members to show their membership card are being met with grave resistance from customers. Customers are responding and acting out in very rude, disrespectful, tasteless, angry and inappropriate behaviors towards those employees at the door checking/requesting membership cards be shown. Customers are reacting in aggressive, threatening and intimidating demeanors towards employees checking membership at the door because for a while, they didn’t have to and now all of a sudden they are required to again. I feel appropriate, visible signs should be posted at the entrance and throughout the store to inform customers of this change. Also, members should be notified via email and by whatever communicative resources that are available (news channels) to inform them of these changes so customers can be made aware in advance, to cut down on the unnecessary and negative behaviors from customers. In addition, management/supervisors should be made more available, or even stand at the entrance themselves occasionally to witness and intervene with these negative encounters. No employee should have to tolerate abuse and disrespect from anyone.
    In this world today people are simply angry for whatever reasons and will utilize any scenario to vent and just take out anger and frustration on those employees who serve. I’d hate to have a member showing their membership card escalate to a mass shooting or employee confrontations in the parking lot or other unpleasant outcomes. Human capital awareness is imperative regarding this issue and employees are becoming more frustrated about this change along with the consumers. An intervention needs to be implemented immediately to ensure employee safety as well as consumer satisfaction regarding this matter.

  • Sandra Stalcup says:

    We would like to be considered to open a SamsClub store in Clovis,NMTHer is a Large community of retiree,s here of which I am one .The Clocest one is in Lubbock,Tx.and we do not have a way to get there always . Thank you Sandra Stalcup

  • Jana says:

    Due to your affiliation with Walmart and their recent attempt to impair and dismantle my Second Amendment rights, I will no longer shop at your stores and I will be transferring all of my prescriptions. Stay out of politics, idiots. I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  • Bill Mechan says:

    Iordered a mattress from sams club.com. I canceled the order and received an email on8/06/19 stating that my refund for$486.54 was being processed I still haven,t received. I called to complain and was passed to 2 different people after 45 mins. on hold they hung up. I called back and was passed from a girl named Lisa to a girl named Lavarsha who say she would call me promptly the next morning . That was 2 days ago my order # was3193676866. This took 2 hours to get nowhere and my next step is to take you to court for a refund This is ridiculous.

  • Guest says:

    After more than 20 years of membership, Business at $100, we are terminating our relationship with Sam’s Club. The reason is a rather aggressive approach by a vendor, DIRECT TV (aka: AT@T, dba as SBC Communications). They have attempted to question my decision not to sign up with them, as we have decided to remain with another telecommunications Company that we have an interest and an investment with. The Original AT&T stock we were forced to sell when SBC took over. It was both unethical as well as a problem for us with the devalued stock we had to sell or lose its value. I have indicated I am not interested in subscription to DIRECT TV and have reported this to management and replied on my e-mail. As far as any response to my e-mail, SAM’S CLUB remains silent. “Maybe the problem will go away if we do not respond?” Right, we are going away and improving our membership with COSTCO, who does not “buttonhole” its membership into unnecessary vendor confrontation. Fred, Former State Ombudsman, Colorado.

  • - Roberts says:

    About a month ago, I attended a hiring event at the Golden Ring location in Maryland. The interview went well, and I was offered a position on the spot. The hiring manager told me I would receive a welcome and orientation email. However, I never received that email. After calling multiple times employees responded with there was not a manager available every time I called. I never heard back from Sam’s Club until this past Friday 8/23/2019. I received an email stating that Sam’s Club wanted me to come in to interview again. Confused, but ecstatic to work for this fantastic company, I decided to go. When I arrived, the employees were not willing to help me and told me that interviews were cancelled and there was a hold on hiring. However, after making my way to Sam’s, I NEVER received an email or anything stating not to come in today. I called and asked to speak with the hiring manager or store manager, however, a team lead insisted that there was not one available and she had to help. She informed me that now I have to contact workday because that’s who sends the emails. However, this has been a very frustrating journey. Why am I contacting workday about if someone from your company hired me? If your company doesn’t even know what’s going on and is consistently rude when it comes to helping me, why continue to reach out to me? Especially if I was offered a job on spot. I seem to get every other email except the ones that seem to be most important. I got my hopes up not once but twice to begin work with you. Sam’s Club is a widely known and respected company. My experience has not been pleasant or respectful of my time and effort. I am a shopper at Sam’s Club as well. However, ever since this heartbreaking experience, I can’t bring myself nor can my family, shop with you again. I really hope there is a way to fix this situation as I would love to be apart of something great with this company.

  • Craig says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    First, let me say my family enjoys shopping at Sam’s Club. We have been customers for well over 20 years. My wife purchased a membership to start building her credit. The closest Sam’s was a 45 minute trip one-way. Now there is a store in Clarksville Indiana which we shop at. It is only a 5 minute commute.
    This is a short story about myself, just to give a little insight into the individual talking to you. I am an Army veteran and was an NCO in charge of troops and their well-being. I never was over bearing or belittled my troops. I built respect with them and they respected me. I still follow those rules today. I earn Respect.
    When I exited the service, I went to college and earned some degrees. I started teaching and went to a college and became an associate professor. Before retiring, I was a Department Chair of 2 departments at the college. I am now on the other side of 60 years old and am on a fixed income. Ok enough about me.
    I am writing in part about a few individuals that work at the Clarksville store and some of your corporate policies.
    This past Tuesday my granddaughter and myself went to Sam’s to make a purchase. In the past I have been asked to upgrade to a “Plus” Membership and I would reply “No Thanks” and the cashier would go on. This week was different, I was belittled by one of your head cashiers or managers. She stated if I was not upgrading, I could no longer purchase items before 10 o’clock. She kept repeating herself and then the other 2 employees working the lane started stating the same thing.
    My granddaughter asked me why those people were getting mad at me. I told her they were not mad, it was their job to push a different type of card for the store.
    As I mentioned, “I am on a fixed income” and I am sure there are many other customers that are on a fixed income. I enjoy getting out in the mornings and getting things done. My wife always says of me”you get more things done before noon, than most people do all day.”
    I am sorry your Corporation feels the dollar is more important than customers. I enjoy the shopping experience and will not stop using your store. However, it has been a letdown.

    Thank you,
    SAM’s Customer

  • Joseph says:

    I have been a member for many years
    I’m handicapped so I use electric wheel chair
    Today I went shopping at Sam’s Club Orange Blossom Trail Orlando FL
    I selected a T Shirt which was listed as $34. When I went out in the parking lot on the wheel chair after check out.
    I noticed that the TSHIRT was for $8.95 So I made a U Turn and went back inside on my electric wheel chair
    Fearing that the wheel chair’s battery might die so I entered from the Exit door as the Entrance door was bit far from car.
    The Manager on duty JESSICA jumped on me that why did I enter from the exit door. OMG she started calling Stephanie.
    Cause she didn’t speak Spanish so Stephanie shall warn the door guy why did he let me in. She was furious at the door guy and at me.
    NO decency No politeness to a Handicap Person. Very upset and rude like she is the king of Sam’s Club
    I had stuff on my electrical wheel chair which was paid and checked out. I told her that I wanted to get more T Shirts of all colors as I found out they are cheap.
    SHE SAID NO. You can’t go inside. I must go back in my car and unload all the stuff or unload my stuff at the customer desk before I can go any further back.
    Every one was shocked the way she was reacting to an old handicapped man. UN BELIVEABLE.
    OMG OMG, I have never encountered such a nasty manager in my Life. I’m handicapped on an eclectic wheel which battery is about to die. She didn’t care.
    I have to go back to unload my stuff or unload at the service counter. This was a huge production for me. I just wanted to get more T Shirts.
    SHE SAID NO and called the security on me. Instead of buying I just left the damn store. Heck with T Shirts. It was Sam’s Club loss
    You lost sales and a client. SHE has no idea how to deal with customers or be polite and helpful. Big deal If I entered from the exit door
    Was that an Airport Security that you are acting like a police man. She must be fired. She is not good for your company.
    She is the only non-Spanish speaking Latina there. ALL other are so nice and polite and helpful. If I was a manager, I would go get the T Shirts and check out for a customer to go extra mile. Instead of screaming, threatening like a rude nasty person. I made a mistake went shopping at Sams’ Club.

    Joseph Shereef
    301-804-8485 (Current Active #)

  • Stephanie says:

    On Saturday, July 6, 2019, at approximately 4:00 p.m. I was in your store to purchase some chicken wings. There was no chicken wings to be found. According to one of the employees, the Chinese restaurants are coming in early on Saturday mornings to purchase all of the chicken wings. I have been told to come back the next morning early to make my purchase. I know it’s a first come first serve basis but what about all of the other members? If you are going to cater to the restaurants and not think about your other members, then perhaps you should become a restaurant depot. Remember, you closed your store in Boynton Beach, FL, which makes it double the members who come through the West Palm Beach, FL store. What happened to the Coconut Cakes? I understand you are no longer caring them. I hope you will take this into consideration. If not, I have no other choice but to move on to another club store.

  • Dorothy Rowin says:

    We have been members of Sams for years we moved to Hoover Al. your worker there don,t say good moring or smile at the members they look like a bunch of tramps if they have to help you it,s like don,t bother me I,m here to get paid and that’s it so went to Cosco man like day and night they could be nicer to help smiling and how are you doing I think you need to take a hard look at your stoes

  • Richard Robinson says:

    I have been a long standing customer for many years. Today, 6/2/19, I came to your club in Brownsville, Texas. It was approximately 9:50 am. I approached the doors and they opened making me think the store was open. I walked to the tire dept and was waiting patiently when your Manager approached me, didn’t even say good morning, instead, in a very rude tone he barked at me, saying “We’re Not Open Yet”. I apologized to him and he didn’t even answer me. Then after he escorted me outside, while I was standing in front of the electric doors again he rudely said “you need to move”. At that point I responded to him that he didn’t need to be so rough and asked if he was the manager, which he responded “yes” and walked away. I’m a retired Federal Agent, but I worked retail for sometime, prior to getting a government job. In fact I was part of management and understood the importance of treating customers with courtesy, I knew it was the customer who keeps the doors swinging, obviously your manager doesn’t understand that concept. I truly believe this manager needs additional training in customer relations. If you want to speak to me, I can be contacted via email or my cell phone below.

    Very Respectfully,


  • Tarma says:

    Then you SAMS Club, deleted my comment, even though it was the truth, your online services suck, you false advertise stuff that you cannot fulfill, you guys messed up my order and don’t want to take accountability for it. After calling every single day for two weeks to know the status of my order and being on the phone for hours trying to get someone of your customer service to help me, your inept customer service representatives and managers that don’t want to help the clients and only try to deter the clients from getting their orders.

  • Tarma says:

    I order a living room set on May 7, 2019 and I ended up receiving only the chair and the love seat, not the sofa. I have called customer service everyday, spoken with representatives, managers, everybody, and every time they tell me something different, they don’t know where is the rest of the order, telling me I will have to order the living room set again. I have to say that I have spent hours and hours everyday on the phone with these so called, customer service representatives, managers, and they still don’t know where is my order. You SAMS club, your customer service is the worst, your people are very unprofessional, have no ethic, they downplay you over the phone, they tell you they would call you and they don’t, then they act like they don’t know what’s going on. They even had me, the client to contact FedEx to arrange the delivery with them and when I called, they said that they have told the customer service that they could not deliver the sofa, but again the customer representative will act that they have not spoken to FedEx and will have me call Fedex again, knowing that Fedex could not deliver the sofa. You SAMS are lying to people when it comes to online orders and have clients going through hell trying to solve issues that SAMS should the one that needs to take care of it. You want people to order online and the service is the worst, customer service have no idea on how to treat people’s order issues over the phone. Your customer service and managers need training on how to handle people over the phone and the orders, they have no idea on what they are doing. My order number was 2510419682.

  • T.Maddox says:

    Receive call about Kobuchi we purchase for the last two months only to find out there was a recall. My daughter had stomach problems during the time she consumed the product and now we know why. Call the store we purchase the Kobuchi from and they know nothing about refunding our monies. They are asking for a receipt (Elena)

  • Peg says:

    Thanks Sam’s Club for charging my bank card for a $1.00 hold without letting me know ahead of time. My bank thought it was a fraudulent charge and canceled my bank card, causing me a huge headache, time and inconvenience! Grrrr!

  • Daniel Yurcik says:

    The formerly awesome tire service has been destroyed! Extremely slow service due to drastic staff cuts! I have been getting tires at Sams for decads but this drastic reduction will make me think about looking somewhere else. The staff still there are great – just not enough to cover the sales that you used to have!