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Sam Levitz company sells different furniture via the three showrooms and a clearance center in Tucson, Arizona. The corporation stocks brand names like Bassett, Lane, Broyhill, and Natuzzi. The Company is a private, family-owned, and operated enterprise founded by newspaper photographer Sam Levitz in 1953. Currently, the Company is under Levitz’s son, Sam R. Levitz. The current Company in Arizona isn’t part of the defunct national Levitz Furniture chain. The company address is 3430 E 36TH St Tucson, AZ, 85713-5296 United States. The website is www.samlevitz.com and mobile phone (520) 624-7443.

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  • Scott brody says:

    Unfortunately my comment isn’t going to matter like everybody else’s ordered furniture and they never called me to tell me the stuff is on back order and it was a bed so waiting for a bed for my son who was sleeping on the couch they don’t care and they never call you back they lie you try to call the company they put you through to a number give you voicemail never call you back happens several times I will never use your company ever again and I will make sure to tell everybody not to use your company there are plenty of other furniture stores in Tucson that do a much better job Hope to see you out of business soon!!!!!

  • Angela says:

    I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the recent purchase and service experience I have had at Sam Levitz. In early December 2023, I purchased a furniture set for nearly $3,500. Unfortunately, the experience has been a nightmare ever since.

    Within weeks of purchase, the furniture required service. A technician visited and simply screwed the back of the couch back onto the base because the screws were falling out. More recently, the electric recliner function stopped working, and the leather on a barely used chair is already separating at the seams.

    Since the beginning of December, this situation has caused significant inconvenience and frustration. Here’s a timeline of the events:

    Early December 2023: Service call required due to loose screws on the couch.
    December 2023: Technician visits to address malfunctioning recliner and damaged leather. He assures us parts will be ordered under warranty.
    January 2024 (Second Week): No updates received on parts. We contact Sam Levitz and are offered an in-store credit with a strict 7-day use window.
    Due to time constraints: We utilize the credit at Ashley Furniture for a replacement set with the understanding it would arrive by early February.
    February 2024 (Second Week): No communication from Ashley. Upon visiting the store, we are informed it’s Sam Levitz’s responsibility.
    February 2024 (Mid-Month): We contact Sam Levitz again and are told a replacement order wasn’t placed until February 16th due to prior miscommunication. The new couch is now backordered until the end of March.
    This entire ordeal is unacceptable. We spent a significant amount of money at Sam Levitz and have been left without functioning furniture for over 3 months. The initial repair attempt was insufficient, the communication regarding replacements has been abysmal, and the in-store credit limitations caused further problems.

    To rectify this situation, I request a full credit for the remaining balance on the Ashley Furniture purchase. The inconvenience and frustration we have endured warrant this resolution.

    I expect a prompt reply outlining how Sam Levitz plans to address this situation. In the absence of a satisfactory response, I will be forced to escalate this issue to consumer news outlets.

  • Distressed customer says:

    The lack of professionalism is distressing. Poor management of their supply line and telling absolute untruths about the availability of the furniture. Not the way I would run my company. Is that why the names of their principals are hard to find?

  • Gloria Bugg says:

    Mr. Leviitz, My name is Gloria Bugg and I sent you a message to see if I could get some help to get a adjustable bed because I can not afford to get 1. You sent me some information to a on line info. I sent a message to the sight. The gentleman sent me to meet him at a store but I never got a response from him. As I said to you before I remember seeing your father when I was younger a couple of times and going to the first store you had off of S. Park Ave. I am sorry for sending you this message but I thought you should know that I haven’t received anything from the on line person after I sent him the message to meet him. I even sent my phone number and still nothing. Thank You

  • Katharina says:

    Bought a sofa, paid and scheduled delivery for Saturday 7-11 am. I give away my sofa to make space for the new one. They never deliver it, “I call and they say I am scheduled for Sunday not today Saturday, because the truck was too full” and they pushed it for the next day without calling to ask if anybody home next day. I called the store to cancel the sale, because I am getting the run around just likelast year, when it took 6 months to finally deliver some furniture to us. Last year, they kept delivering the wrong items and broken table and mismatched chairs. Got the same treatment today, unreliable delivery company, lies at the office at Sam Levitz and at the delivery company. Lying yhat the truck was too full to deliver, must reschedule. Manager from Sam Levitz Dave Counter calls back, talks to make peace and finally I agree to give one more chance for delivery on Monday, he promises to give $100 credit, which I will see on my credit card in 3-5 days, he takes care of delivery for Monday 7-11 am. Never happens. Delivery gives another lie, this time furniture torn and therefore must be rescheduled to deliver but They couldnot tell me if they have another one to replace it. Why should delivery reschedule if you do not have replacement? Called office, they say, they need to look into it, but they think that Delivery is lying. And by the way the $100 credit is store credit for a future buy, not toward this sale or toward my credit card. So, you want me to buy in the future more furniture from you, to get abused more, not enough abuse given every time I bought here at Sam Levitz, on Pantano, Tucson, AZ? I am going right now to the office and cancel my business with this garbage company, I have some self respect and respect for my money I have earned it, earned every penny of it.

  • Virginia Guerrero says:

    in 50 years of business Levitz is at its worst!!! store manager Barcelo and his girls need training. Orange grove location!

  • im not telling you my name you asshat says:

    Worst company. You can walk in cash in hand and give it to them for any piece of furniture, but it will take 3-5 hours for them to process that while making you wait and then months will go by with no delivery. No efforts from the company to reach out and update it’s customers or anything, just all around the “never. again.” of furniture.

  • Brandon Morris says:

    This place is the worst … super unprofessional I will never give them my business again. First off they give me a notification they will be at my house between 12-4pm so I make it work with my job to be off between those times then they come at 8 in the morning when no one is home. I have to fight with them all day about coming back between the original hours they told me lady on the phone giving attitude the whole time. They get to the house and tell me someone took parts from my bed frame for another bed frame so they would have to return to finish building the bed frame and they never returned!! Now I can’t get ahold of them and have a half assembled bed in my room

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