Where is Salvation Army Corporate office Headquarters

Salvation Army Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1112, 615 Slaters Ln, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 703-684-5500

  • Fax Number: 703-684-3478

  • Email: websa@salvationarmy.org

  • Number of Members: 1150666

  • Established: 1865

  • Founder: William Booth & his wife Catherine

  • Key People: Bill James, Raymond Cooper Commissioner

Salvation Army Headquarters Location & Directions

Salvation Army Headquarters Executive Team



Bill James

Comptroller of Greater Baltimore Area Command

Joseph Ray Nixon Jr.

Transamerica Series Trust – Transamerica Barrow Hanley Dividend Focused VP

Jim P. Wise CPA

Free Enterprise Foundation

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  • Mary Irle says:

    I work at the Corpus Christi Salvation Army, it is very heartbreaking 💔 to me to know how the funds donated and Grants received are misused by staff. There are many other serious issue that should be addressed here and staff held accountable for the abuse of this goodness. I also have witnessed unprofessional behavior of the social workers. People need help not judgement, case workers should never discuss a person issue, family life with other, to justify why they (Social Work) didn’t help or get outside help for a person in need. I recently started assisting a person, not asking for any assistance from this place. Yet, staff felt the need to make an issue about it. I don’t need someone to tell me what Jesus would expect from me. I also, don’t misuse Salvation Army generosity, I have always handled thing by allowng God to assist and direct the course of situation.


  • Linda Whitehead says:

    I attempted to contact the Midland, MI store, but the links were not working. I recently stopped in to the Midland, MI store; I had not been in for a while due to weather. Everything was arranged differently than it used to be. I first noticed people leaving the store empty handed. Then I saw there are no more books. Then I observed that prices on items had increased quite a bit, to the point that retail prices for new items in mainstream stores are not only competitive, but in several cases, cheaper than prices at Salvation Army! As a community resource, Salvation Army has priced itself right out of the market for families who patronize the store. This is totally counterproductive to your mission. From now on, when I donate items, I will not be dropping them off at Salvation Army, but will choose a more customer friendly environment. I am so disappointed that you have chosen to raise prices to the point that those who need items at a thrifty price, will not be able to do so.

  • Joe Bloe says:

    The homeless shelter in Minneapolis, MN is notorious for the abusive actions & attitude of the staff.

  • Darlene Prince says:

    The Noblesville, IN Salvation Army Family Sore used to be a great store with a friendly helpful staff until Heidi a new manager fired all the friendly employees. The people there are some of the rudest people I have ever come across in a service industry. They are selling the merchandise online and put aside the best donations to sell on the internet. They are essentially stealing from the Salvation Army. I will never step in this store again. I would rather pay full price and not have to deal with petty tyrants. One bad apple spoils the pot is the motto here. They also don’t let you return anything and most of the clothing has stains or bugs. Go across the street to the Goodwill which has a much friendlier staff and they accept returns.

  • Karen Starkinski says:

    Recently bought my son a used book at local location. I didn’t pay attention to the price until check-out I noticed the $4.99 sticker. I asked the cashier about this and was advised that books were no longer $0.10 and were now individually priced. This was a USED, heavily handled Diary of a Wimpy Kid paperback with tons of writing throughout being sold for $5.00………..really SalArmy? My son had a meltdown when I refused to pay for this item. The books are DONATED and being marked up to ridiculous costs. Shame on you Salvation Army. You have lost a frequent customer and I have been telling everyone I know about this.

  • Judy Lavendar says:

    Dear Ms Davis, The Salvation Army never discriminates on people to help. You may be referring to their policy on staff members which is, in the Corps Community Centers, the officers in charge will be a man and wife as a married couple. In other employment alternative-sexuals of all kinds are certainly welcome to apply.

  • Lorrie Davis says:

    I would like to know when the Salvation Army became the biblical judge on who they would and would not help? The area that I am in; this Salvation Army is very judgmental and will not help certain people. They ask them to “prove” their sexuality. Amazing… since this is against federal laws.

  • Carolyn Gleen says:

    I Was Abused &Misused
    At The Salavatation Army.

  • Carolyn Gleen says:

    Finding A Complain.

  • kearin says:

    who do you call for extension I been outside for while after college only 29 years old might have get disability in my new situation with business and politics who do I speak to bout extension regardless of job and it happen to be cold and 5 day

  • Nancy Burke says:

    If our local Salvation Army is having management difficulties to whom would I address my concerns?

  • anita Keil says:

    where is your phone Number in Colorado to apply for a job.

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