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Where is Saltgrass Steak House Corporate office Headquarters

Saltgrass Steak House Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 8943 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 713-461-6111

  • Fax Number: 713-973-2734

  • Email: info@saltgrass.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1991

  • Founder: Landry

  • Key People: Tilman Fertitta

Saltgrass Steak House Headquarters Location & Directions

Saltgrass Steak House Headquarters Executive Team



Tilman Fertitta

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Byrd

General Manager

About Saltgrass Steak House, History and Headquarters Information

Saltgrass Steak House was founded in the year 1991. The company has been active for almost 29 years now. The founder of the company was Tilman J Fertitta. The first store of the company was opened along the Katy Freeway in Houston. Each and every year, as a team of riders, travel the trail before the opening of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo they pass by the original restaurant as well. As of the year 2002, the company was taken over by Tilman Fertitta, who was the president, CEO and also the sole owner of Landry’s as well. The price of the acquisition was set at almost $75 million. The operations of the restaurant were moved in the Uptown area of Houston, Texas, USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 8943 Katy Freeway. The name of the place is Houston, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code is 77024.

Saltgrass Steak House is an American restaurant company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast ood dishes and recipes, across the USA. The company currently has more than 80 locations all over the USA. The current CEO of the company is Tilman J Fertitta.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are offered by the company’s restaurants themselves.

Saltgrass Steak House Headquarters Photos

Saltgrass Steak House Resources

  • Diane Smith says:

    Hello corporate offices. I wanted to report on Kelvin Atkins, a manager at your Saltgrass location at 8300 West I-40 in Amarillo, TX. He personally corrected a misunderstanding with our order with professionalism and kindness even delivering to our hotel. For a road weary group of 7 traveling for days, this was gold. It was deeply appreciated and we’ll be looking for Saltgrass on our travels and at home.

  • Tierra Webber says:

    Today I visited Saltgrass Steakhouse Cedar Hill Location and I stood there for 20 minutes before being able to place my order. The Managers Son was very rude and disrespectful. I asked for a Manager and he goes to get his Dad that is how I found out it was his Son because the Manager told me. I ordered the House salad with chicken and a House salad with steak. He tried to add the steak for $12.00 but when I told him the steak is $6.00 online this is when the attitude started. I let him take the Lady behind me order because she was Ist picking up and it shouldn’t have took long for her. When he was done with her he went to another Customer instead of coming back to me to take my order. Every time I come here there is always something just this time I decided to let someone know. I will not be returning to this location in my lifetime. The service sucks and I spend too much money here for this.

  • Angela Walker says:

    Today 01/04/2024, me and three of my friends had a late lunch in the Cedar Hill location. I ordered the grilled salmon Cesar salad. Because we had several appetizers, I didn’t finish my salad and brought it home. I was on the last bite and looked down and this is what I found. I know things happen but I just wondering how many did I eat or one of my friends who also had a salad. Please make sure you are washing your salad green thoroughly.

  • Mike Maberry says:

    New Location

  • Mike Maberry says:


  • Duane Wilkinson says:

    I have to insist that saltgrass build a restaurant in Nixa Mo. There is no steakhouse in the Nixa area and it is badly needed! Nixa is a next to Springfield and with all the surrounding areas it would do quite well.
    Thank you
    Duane Wilkinson

  • Adriana says:

    I went to visit the saltgrass at 17275 Tomball Parkway on August 3, 2023 around 6 PM. Although I have never been there before, it was highly recommended from my coworker, who frequents there several days of the week. We sat in the bar area. Not even 5 minutes into sitting down there were many fruit flies flying around the bar area. I mention it to our bartender, Chantel she said that the reason there were so many fruit flies is because of the fruits that are behind the counter but people always sit there anyway. Since the bar was full there were no other seats to move to. After receiving drinks and starters are same bartender, Chantel proceeded to prepare drinks for a large party that had an open bar. In front of myself, my coworker and the full bar, she proceeded to make a drink. She grabbed a wedge of orange, stuck it in her mouth, bit the meat of the orange off and ate it, with that same orange peeling she squeezed some of the orange zest juice, and then drop the peeling into that drink that was served to someone at that party. I was disgusted and shocked at what I just saw. I asked her did I just see you put that orange in your mouth and then drop the peeling into someone’s drink? She said yes, I was hungry… I asked her is that your normal way to prepare a drink she said no and kind of smirked. I pulled a manager to the side and mentioned it to him. (Man with glasses and beard) He said Chantel had only been there for about a month. He doesn’t know her previous experience but that’s unacceptable. However, he did not address the complaint to the bartender, instead he allowed her to continue to prepare drinks without correcting her. Not even 10 minutes later, she prepared another drink for that same party for whatever reason the drink was not made correctly so she was going to remake it as that same manager that I just spoke with passed by, he looked over and saw her stick her fingers into the drink and pull the lemon wedge out to place in to the other drink, and did not say anything instead just continued walking by. At that point, we were done ordering any more food or drinks, we had only got as far as appetizers and one drink and we refused to order anything else. We were only there for about an hour, and I was not impressed with this place one bit. I will definitely not be returning.

  • Shelley Robinson says:

    **Second complaint – As of July 26, 2023 – no response from the Corporate Office**

    To: Saltgrass Steakhouse Corporate Office – Tilman Fertitta,

    My daughter and I had lunch at the Saltgrass Steak House in Cedar Hill, Texas on Saturday, July 22, 2023, and we had a horrible experience! My daughter ordered the chicken fried chicken and it was RAW throughout the chicken. We told the manager (lady), she took the food and told the cooks to redo it. The second chicken fried chicken was also RAW! This is unacceptable. I spoke with a different manager (man) and he gave excuses how the food is timed. I told him that this is no excuse and he needs to talk to his cooks and revise the time to fully cook their chicken! My daughter ate a couple bites of the second chicken fried chicken when she noticed the meat was raw. As a result, my daughter had a stomach ache and did not feel well. Both managers were very nonchalant about this matter. We will NEVER go back to this restaurant. The chicken fried steak I ordered was hard and not seasoned well. We ordered two Caesar salads that were dry and lacking enough dressing. There were also a lot of flies flying all around our food, and all throughout the restaurant!

    My daughter notified someone from your Corporate Office on July 22, 2023, and as of today, July 24, 2023, no one has responded or called my daughter about this horrific incident. That is truly unprofessional and unacceptable.

    I would like someone to give me a call to discuss this matter.

  • Shelley Robinson says:

    To: Saltgrass Steakhouse Corporate Office – Tilman Fertitta,

    My daughter and I had lunch at the Saltgrass Steak House in Cedar Hill, Texas on Saturday, July 22, 2023, and we had a horrible experience! My daughter ordered the chicken fried chicken and it was RAW throughout the chicken. We told the manager (lady), she took the food and told the cooks to redo it. The second chicken fried chicken was also RAW! This is unacceptable. I spoke with a different manager (man) and he gave excuses how the food is timed. I told him that this is no excuse and he needs to talk to his cooks and revise the time to fully cook their chicken! My daughter ate a couple bites of the second chicken fried chicken when she noticed the meat was raw. As a result, my daughter had a stomach ache and did not feel well. Both managers were very nonchalant about this matter. We will NEVER go back to this restaurant. The chicken fried steak I ordered was hard and not seasoned well. We ordered two Caesar salads that were dry and lacking enough dressing. There were also a lot of flies flying all around our food, and all throughout the restaurant!

    My daughter notified someone from your Corporate Office on July 22, 2023, and as of today, July 24, 2023, no one has responded or called my daughter about this horrific incident. That is truly unprofessional and unacceptable.

    I would like someone to give me a call to discuss this matter.

  • Joy Bednarz says:

    I just left the restaurant located in McKinney TX. I ran inside to get a gift card for by brother in law for his birthday. I just took my debit card and I was told I needed to go outside and get an ID. Really? She said it was for fraud purposes. My husband and I eat there often and use our debit card to pay for our meal. We have never been asked for an ID. How insulting!

  • Penne Carpenter says:

    I JUST SENT AN EMAIL TO INFO@saltgrass.com
    SO LONG – I do not want to re-type it.
    We left your Saltgrass Steak House WITHOUT EATING after being there for an hour !
    Call me if you want me to tell you just how BAD IT WAS!
    Penne Carpenter
    (985) 209-1509
    201 Deer Run Dr.
    Schriever, Louisiana 70395
    Manager said we owe no money and we left – HUNGRY

  • Anonymous says:

    Bill Chimmelewski at saltgrass in Cedar Hill, Texas is a horrible manager! I saw him snatch trays out of employees hands and even yell at them in front of guests.Bill looks unpresentable to guests tucking in his shirt front of the entire restaurant and grooming his hair and it’s disgusting.

  • Darrell Clark says:

    Lafayette Location: few years ago when opened I visited and finally found the complete taste of the steak I was looking for. Since then it was not quite what I had, the excitement was not there because the quality and taste not the same. We don’t eat out as much so it’s looking forward to a good meal. Dec 02 my wife and decided to have Lunch and the results:
    Steak (ribeye) was long and thin and seemed like it was covered with lots of butter and A-1 Steak Sauce which I don’t like steak sauce at all and the Mac and cheese was very watered down with Zero Smoked taste so I told my wife we will not return.

  • Don Grubbs says:

    Recently had dinner at Saltgrass on Hwy 59 near Sugarland and did not care for the “new” seasoning utilized on our steaks. I had the small ribeye and my wife had the filet. Both had the seasoning and were not to our taste. Looks like no seasoning or another steak house.
    Don Grubbs

  • Gina Hudgens-Perry says:

    I used your reservation link to respond to your Thanksgiving Day advertising. On Nov. 6th, I reserved a table for 6 at 1:15 on Thanksgiving Day at the Quail Springs Mall location in Edmond OK/OKC. I then called the restaurant to confirm the reservation and order 3 Turkey plates, since according to the ad, it would be “while supplies last.” I called today (11/21) to add 1 more to the reservation only to learn that the restaurant didn’t have us on their list! First, I think there’s something wrong with your reservation system. Second, why didn’t the girl I spoke with confirm the reservation, and/or make it when so called?! Thank God, the location on I240 will squeeze us in, but we have to drive all the way across town when our preferred restaurant was just around the corner! I had guests depending on these reservations! I had to relocate, but why didn’t it work out in the 1st place? I don’t trust your reservation link now. You may need to check it, and quite possibly somewhere else in the country is holding a place for my group on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Blake says:

    Grapevine location tonight at 5p could not seat us for 30 minutes.. hostess said they didn’t have enough staff. The store was empty except for a large group of 12 or so and some at the bar. There were several groups waiting. We left but we saw 3 employees behind the bar. Disappointed in management for not using managers and hostesses to get guest served. We left and went down the street to another restaurant.

  • Michelle says:

    I would like start by saying that I have visited many of your Saltgrass locations and I am usually very satisfied with not only the food but the service as well. I have had the opportunity to visit the location in Metairie, La. on several occasions since I am in the area quite frequently. I believe that this location requires attention from corporate. Recently while dining I have experienced rude employees at this location not the waitress but an employee who I assume works in the kitchen area. I believe her name is Sue and not only was she rude but extremely unprofessional. I overheard heard her using profanity and arguing with an obvious acquaintance in the bar area. I have experienced a hostess being rude before seating my party. I have had extended wait times. I do understand and appreciate that post covid we are experiencing shortages in the restaurant industry but I feel it isn’t an excuse for lack of customer service.
    I have not experienced this at other locationsI have no idea if it is management or lack there of but I will probably visit a different restaurant when I am in the Metairie area which is unfortunate because it was convenient for me to dine there. I hope the issue is remedied in the near future.


    Very disappointed with saltgrass location in liberty Missouri. I live in kansas and I constantly make the 40 mins drive to eat there. Just visited today and after getting sat, no one bother to come and serve us for over 20 mins. Even tables that got sat after us got served. I complained to the manager and the only thing she kept saying was that she was sorry. She did not try to address or fix the situation. Very disappointed that I will not be visiting this restaurant anymore. At least not in Missouri.

  • The person Izzy failed to communicate with. says:

    Neither I nor anyone I personally know will set foot in any establishment owned and operated from this chain. There are placards on the front entry podiums stating that all locations are hiring for all positions. I applied. Went to the interview that the GM set up. I was on time. He was not. I didn’t think much of it as the manager should be fairly busy. We came to an agreement on hours and pay. I was handed an orientation packet and given the day and time to report in for orientation, and what documentation I would need as well as uniform requirements. The day of orientation Izzy calls me and states that the trainer was sick and no one could train me. I said I’d call back the next day. I did so and asked if the trainer would be in or if anyone else could train me. He said he’d call me back. Never did. I waited until the next week when I would have figure there’d be a schedule of sorts and trainers would be in. I called twice and left one message. No call back. I went to the restaurant and the hostess was frantically looking for Izzy… who “had just left”… right then and there. Lulu came out and apologized. As she was speaking with me her phone rings. It was Izzy asking if I was still there. She explained I was and he asked her if I could come in in the morning. I said “no, I could not”. He told her that he would call me in the following morning…. Yet never did. How extremely unprofessional! What a waste of my time! On top of that I turned down other positions with other employment opportunities for that job. I also purchased new pants and shirts for the two positions I was supposed to be hired for. Black pants and black shirts. Izzy was to give me the uniform shirt/jacket to wear over my purchased T-shirt. This has not only cost me time but has also cost money. If he decided to hire someone else for the same pay or less… or for whatever the reason he clearly changed his mind, I’d expect that a general manager would have both the respect and the balls to call and let me know.

  • Gale Henson says:

    Waiting over 1.5 hours on hold waiting for information to request refund for missing item in to go order.. spoke to two employees.. still on hold location in Arlington Texas

  • Sheri Hemby says:

    Love Saltgrass! My steak was perfect, service was generous. I’d like to encourage Saltgrass to be more diverse with their memorabilia. Only saw cowboys of color and only 2 of cowgirls. I bet yall can do better than that.

  • Scott Patterson says:

    Realized we left out debit card at bee caves tx location called and they said they’d check, within an hour we drove up there, the “host” would not check on it as we stood there , si we left, I then called AGAIN AT 8:30pm mgr says oh yes we have it , so we have to make ANOTHER trip to retrieve it… very upset that when we went back up there within the hour the “host” treated us as though he didn’t have the time of day to check on it!
    This was august 2nd at around 6:30pnp

  • Doesn’t matter fix it! says:

    Soda machine is dirty and the general manager knows and doing nothing about it?

  • Eugene Whitney III says:

    I will never visit again. I went to the Baton Rouge, LA location last night. We waited 40 minutes to be seated. We were escorted to a booth with a fixed table. My pregnant wife couldn’t fit in the booth. I asked for a table and was told that would require an additional wait time. The manager was rude and didn’t fix the situation only to tell us he didn’t like my father’s tone speaking to his worker. Never again will I step foot in this or one of his company’s restaurants.

  • Terry Willis says:

    On Saturday, June 25, 2022 myself and family members (Party of 7) visited Saltgrass in Biloxi, Mississippi located at 140 Beach Blvd. around 6:45pm.

    We placed our oder and waiting over hour and the waitress stated the our order was lost.

    The Floor Manager (she) never address the issue and stated it will take some time to prepare our order.

    My issue with her response is that the other waitress apologized before the Floor Manager.

    This is not acceptable at all.
    The Kitchen Manager had to step in and address this issue.

    I was so disappointed how the Floor Manager handle the situation.

    I will not visit this location again.

  • A concerned customer says:

    We would like to speak to someone from the corporate office concerning an experience we had at one of your saltgrass chains in La

  • Nick says:

    Salt grass Mason Katy. This place had my wife in tears. I took her there tonight for a Mother’s Day treat. She’s been begging to go there all week. Anyway we ordered food got our filling come time to pay I realized I forgot my wallet. Since they don’t have Apple Pay I had to ran to the ATM with my son while wife and daughter enjoyed the desert. If you’ve even been there you know parking is an issue. I gave my son the cash to deliver which he did. Bill was 104. Wife left 120 on the table with the receipt including the tip. Can you believe these people chased down my wife outside accusing her of not paying. Made her walk back with my daughter . This was so embarrassing and very humiliating.

  • Tars Criner says:

    I visited the Willowbrook Saltgrass location on March 13th. I paid for my meal through the “scan and pay here “ on the receipt. The waiter said the scan and pay didn’t work and the payment was not received so I gave her my credit card to pay. Long story short, I was charged twice $175. I talked to 3 managers at the facility they all say the overcharge was requested to be credited back to my bank and it takes time. It’s been over a month and I have not received my money. This has caused many issues with my bank and transactions that I already had pending to my bank account. I need someone to contact me to resolve this matter as soon as today, I’ve waited long enough.

  • Kenya says:

    I’m was disappointed in my whole visit. First of all I observed the manager Elizabeth in the food area scratching her head while handling food. And didn’t even wash her hands. Also I had ordered the Ranger Rattlers and Brisket burger with cheese fries. When they bought the food to the table. My Rattlers were fried very hard and on top of that they were cold. As well as the cheese fries. I ask my waiter for the manager. It took the manager 30mins to come to my table. By that time my daughter had shared some of her burger with me. The manager excuse for the food being cold was we are short staff. I observed differently where I was seated. I could see the kitchen area, and they were getting food out quite fast to short staff. Store- Tomball Parkway

  • Kathy says:

    I have a question. If I wanted my steak cooked brown and juicy, I think I would order it medium-well, how should I order it? Actually “Actually, I told the waitress I would like my steak medium-well – brown and juicy. I got my food, my steak was brown on the outside on the inside a thin line on both sides brown and the rest red and bloody. I told the waitress again, medium-well/ brown and juicy. It came back burnt on the outside and not as red but still bloody. She then said she would get the manager. After waiting for a bit, my husband asked the hostess if we could talk to the manager. She finally came. I showed her the steak and told her everything I had told the waitress. We talked and she took the steak back and the next steak came back the same way the first steak came out. She asked what temperature I wanted the steak I told her again medium-well, /brown and juicy. By this time I had filled up on green beans and half of my husband’s sweet potato. I told the waitress I was full and would take what was coming, to go. By this time I have gotten so frustrated. I forgot my to go steak. So I paid $22.99 for a steak dinner with 4 shrimp and only gotten to eat bottomless green beans and 4 grilled shrimp. We and another couple said it may be a while before we come back. Is it really that hard to cook a medium-well sirloin steak?

  • J.Eaton says:

    Got food Togo last night and called the order in was said it would take 25 minutes.
    Got there and they never put the order in my son waited another 20 minutes!
    The staff was just walking around not worrying about the order until he talked to the manager and again no apology for the long wait!
    And they didn’t even get the order right,!! Won’t be coming here anymore if you treat your customers like that!🤔

  • Dana says:

    Visited the Lafayette LA location and it was the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. There were virtually no cars in the parking lot during their rush lunch hour (should have been a clue). Upon entering, only 1 side was open and only 3 tables with customers. After waiting 5 minutes to be seated, I had to go find someone. After placing our order, 30 minutes later, we were advised they did not offer brown gravy for the chopped steak. The meal had to be re-ordered. The steak that was ordered was supposed to be Medium Well, and came back overly Well-Done and very dry. I advised that I was a member but didn’t have my card. The server stated they would have the manager come to my table and they could manually enter it. After waiting another 20 minutes, the manager never came. I paid the bill and left.
    P.S. Did I mention that it took an hour to get our food and including my table, there were only 4 tables with customers? It’s definitely not the same quality of service of when they first opened.

  • Yvette Payne says:

    Absolutely the WORST service not only in the restaurant but also to go or curbside!! I’m a Landry’s Club member and have always love Saltgrass and the staff. Since Covid started and to most recently my last visit, service is below sub par. Placed a to go order at your location 15260 I45 N in Spring TX. The food and service was awful. I placed an order online and went inside to wait on it because I knew I was early and it wasn’t ready. Well the staff was too busy playing rap music with their cell phones plus using foul language while I waited. One of the employees did tell them to be quiet because I was there waiting. When I received my food the Queso was refrigerator COLD the chips for the Queso were stale and the way it was put in the bag on it’s side INSTEAD of sitting it straight up it leaked all over the bag the grilled chicken for my 2 Ceasar salads was also placed in the same position and the juices from the chicken was all at the bottom of the bag plus one of the containers with the chicken wasn’t closed completely and there was pieces of chicken in the bottom of the bag. The chicken I received for both salads was less than a handful totaling about 3 pieces per salad and to add insult to injury y’all added a $2.00 service fee for carry out on my receipt for garbage food!! This is unbelievable! I spent almost $70 dollars (actually $68.68) for crap that I threw away. The salad was hot and almost wilted and the Queso cold and stiff. I will never step foot in a Saltgrass again or probably no Landry’s affiliated restaurant and definitely wouldn’t recommend a Landry’s restaurant.. Thanks a lot for the worst food ever. I’m going on social media to let people know and for them to be aware!!

  • Denise Ray says:

    I was at the location in MCKinney and went in and had to wait For Bella since she wasn’t at her station at lunchtime. She finally appeared and I gave her my name and sat there as two other couples that spoke Spanish went ahead of us. By this time I am furious. I walk up there and inform her that she had let 2 other couples ahead of me! She didn’t even have my name down that I spelled for her! Then she spoke so low none of us could hear her! Magically tables appeared! Immediately she realized there were tables! Her customer service skills are horrible!

  • Johnny says:

    The bar manager at the location on Southwest Freeway in Houston is doing an awesome job. I have never seen anyone work at trying to please people as much as he is doing. His name is Frank and is most definitely proud of his job.

  • Louis DeVries says:

    December 18, 2021 I bought a $25 gift certificate for my son-in-law. January 21, 2022 he and my daughter visited a near by Saltgrass on I-10 in Baytown, Tx. After their meal their waitress informed them there was a zero balance on the card. So today I went there, with the card. The manager on duty told me there was nothing she could do if I didn’t have the receipt. I offered to show her the charge where it had been charged to my bank account. She responded with, she doesn’t deal with bank accounts. As far as I’m concerned the card is my receipt. So, bottom line Saltgrass Steakhouse got my money and my son-in-law got nothing. That’s unacceptable.

  • Barbara Washington says:

    I order the16oz ribeye I was disappointed I always a fan of Saltgrass’s but I tell you the steak I received was not a ribeye so disappointed paying so much for something but not receiving grade of meat you wanted I have ordered this particular steak many’s time from saltgrass potatoes was like leftovers I work out town so wasn’t able to make complaints to local restaurant which is baytown tx please take quality in what you serve don’t cut cost

  • G says:

    11900 East Fwy
    Houston, TX 77029
    United States
    I felt I just needed to say something. I love your other locations, I frequent them regularly, and I’ve never had a complaint, until now. Let me give you a rundown of the night. First, my father and I waited roughly 15 min just to order our drinks. Michael, I believed his name was, was polite; but obviously either he didn’t care or he didn’t know any better. Not sure if he was new or not. Either way, we ordered the rattlers as an appetizer. Michael came back about five minute later to inform us they were out of onions and asked if we would still want them. We said yes hesitantly. He brought the bottle of wine we ordered and I reminded him of my fathers beer. He seemed to have forgot and asked what beer again. We re ordered the beer and our meals. Again about 5 min later he informs me they are out of Cesar salad and I order the potato soup. Again I remind him of my fathers beer. He informs us it’s only on tap and not in a bottle which we agreed was ok. The meal arrived finally and my potato soup wasn’t delivered prior. Not a big deal I guess at least it wasn’t out. I ordered my ribeye medium rare. It came medium and my father ordered a t bone medium and was given it medium rare. At this point a second waitress came to check on us and I reminded her we were still waiting on my fathers beer. She assured us she would check in it. The waiter never came by again until the end to drop off the check. I again reminded him of the beer and he nodded his head and walked away. We had our hearts set on cheesecake but we’re never even given a chance to order dessert. During our visit we noticed at least 3 other tables around us complaining. And the table next to us was offered a discount for not having the onions for the rattlers. No discount or explanation was offered to us. I hate to say, but I have never had a worse experience dining ever. I was to upset to even bother with talking to the manager. I decided maybe writing corporate would be the correct course of action.
    Thank you
    G. Luna

  • Tommy D says:

    Absolute worst customer service ever from a manager. Asked when we got there if they could seat us in another seating area which we would have been able to sit at a table instead of where they wanted to seat us in the booth. That was a definite problem with them, so we sat where we were told and had to like it. Sent out a rack of ribs that you couldn’t cut through just to get a rib off the rack. Seems like they served this rack with another set of bones running at the top in the opposite direction of the rib bones across that wouldn’t allow it to be cut through. Never seen anything like that before. When asked for the manager Eric, he just let us sit there and wouldn’t come out to see us. Finally we asked again and they sent a young lady that looked as if she had been taking his complaints all day. Asked for a corporate number and evidently that is a secret that you won’t get from the employees. Unfortunately the staff has to take care of complaints and that is just not right as there seems to be an awful lot of them as we were hearing them at other tables as well. I am not used to writing bad reviews for a business but this one really don’t care about its customers. It just isn’t in their corporate policy!!!!!!

  • Tony B. says:

    Bring back the original dessert menu. Carrot cake and cheesecake, 2 items, really?

  • Barb Cox says:

    My sister and I had lunch at the Saltgrass Steak House in East Plano, TX today (10/20/21) at around 3 PM . I paid the bill without first checking it. When I arrived home and looked at my ticket order I realized I was overcharged for the lunch item plus over charged for an added side I didn’t order. When I called back to explain this to the GM, Jessica, she tried to justify the over charge saying the extra side of Broccoli with cheese added to my order was priced at $3.50
    Yet when I call another Saltgrass location I was told that an additional side of Broccoli with cheese added to my lunch order should have only been $1.99 and NOT $3.50.
    I also gave the server a 20% tip.
    Needless to say I’m very disappointed in the staff at this location and will be very hesitant to patronize this location in the future.
    I plan to call the Corporate office regarding my experience

    B. Cox

  • Laquanda Craige says:

    I had the worst experience with Saltgrass in Humble Texas I ordered with Uber eat they did not send me any of my side that all the steak was very unprepared and my chicken fried steak was very salty I called the manager he had a very bad attitude and hung up in my face. His name was Matthew and he was very unhappy about everything things I was tell him this is not how you treat your customers specially when I order before you were open and you guys took so long to bring my food then this unprepared and I have no sides are charged for something that I did not eat or get I would love corporate to contact me

  • Missy Elliott says:

    My family and I had the worst experience at the Biloxi location. We we’re a party of 7 after waiting 1 1/2 hours to be seated we sat down and we finally ordered after a wait of 1 1/2 hours and getting our meal 4 out of 7 meals we’re burnt and over cooked we ask for the manager I believe his name was Wayne who was very rude as soon as he came over and asked him if he could do something about the situation and he tells me they can recook them I asked him how long it would be since we had already been there so long he says 30 minutes. We proceeded to wait and it had been 30 minutes so I ask the waitress to get him and he comes back and says it will be a little bit longer I said no we have already been waiting you should give us a discount or something time is up and he proceds to be rude and I got rude back and he tells us to leave and basically kicks us out I told him I wasn’t leaving with out my meal and things were heated from there and he walks away and said he will call the police. Needless to say we waited 3 an a half hours with no apologies or food and very poor service I will not recommend this place to anyone . You do not care about your customers at all I was very disappointed consider the prices . We we’re from out of town and the hole situation was terrible.

  • Gina says:

    Placed an takeout order tonight for a birthday gathering.Order 4 entrees and several additional sides. A double pork chop arrived raw, two bake potatoes were undercooked and no toppings, an order of fried shrimp was missing from the order and no bread. Called the Covington, LA location where order was processed, was put on hold, waited 15 minutes for a manager to pick up, which never happened. Very disappointed with service and quality of food. Will be bring my business elsewhere if this is how they treat their customers.

  • Jamal atiya says:

    My wife and I Visited your restaurant tonight and we’re somewhat disappointed

  • Gary Chapman says:

    My fiance and I ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse in Plano Texas off Highway 75 last night. After a long weekend decided to treat ourselves with a good dinner. Unfortunately that is not what we received. After spending over $100 on steak chicken fried steak and sides, it was one of the worst meals I’ve ever paid for. I got the 12 oz ribeye, ordered medium. When I got to the table it was over done, and only 5 oz or so was edible. The rest was fat and Gristle. My fiance got chicken fried steak, which was so over cook she couldn’t cut it with a knife. She also ordered the macaroni and cheese, Kraft macaroni and cheese would have been better. The only two pluses about the meal my asparagus, and the service. Very unsatisfied, instead of focusing on your brand, with a side table pamphlet, put a little bit more time and effort into your food quality

  • Andrea Crawford says:

    My husband and I went to Salt Grass in North Little Rock, Arkansas July25, 2021. The initial interaction wasn’t a good feeling. When I asked the hostess could we move one table over just to put some distance between us and other diners. She said, “ well let me check, because we are not using these tables over here so we don’t have to clean this section when we close.” I’m like really! One table over!
    We made our order drinks, alcoholic beverage, appetizer, and entree. We had finished our appetizer still no alcoholic drink. The waitress came and took our appetizer plate. I had to ask about my drink. She said, she forgot to “make it”. I guess she was the bartender too. We waited 40 minutes for our entree. It never came. Our waitress at the bar. Another family (Family of 3) that was seated after us got their food and was finished eating. We never received our food. We asked her for our ticket and paid it. She didn’t say your what’s wrong? Your food is coming. She didn’t go check on it. I guess she forgot to place our order.
    We drove 20 minutes to another Saltgrass in Little Rock. Waited more than 5 minutes at the hostess desk and nobody ever came. We left another Saltgrass establishment very disappointed.

  • Porscha says:

    Hello I ordered a pick up order at 500pm on July 25th at the north Shepherd location the estimated time for pick up was 5:37pm well we sat til 620pm for our order to be done and ready to go! This is ridiculous and no one acknowledged the fact that was ridiculous even the manager made an excuse that it was a party to cook for first at least offer us a drink while we wait but no just oh there’s a wait and walks off! Totally unexceptable we had 5 hungry children waiting to eat!

  • Jerry says:

    my wife treated me to dinner at salt grass meskete tx on my birthday on the 4 of July it was a bad experience from the start we waited over 30 minutes on our food we ask for it to be well done after a long waite it come it was blooded we sent it back we waited on the another 45 minutes when it come back it was burnt on the outside we could not eat it I decided to talk to the manager she said there was nothing she could do it runt my birthday for sure the manager could care less

  • Kimberly Tezeno says:

    Good afternoon. Id like to share my family and I experience at your location in Orlando near icon park. There were two other families in the restaurant in addition to us. We were sat at table 4 in the back. We were waiting on someone to get our drink orders. Over five waitresses passed us back and forth. No one approached us. We asked one waitress who would be our server and she shrugged her shoulders and kept walking. We asked another waiter and he said I don’t know I’d have to check…keep in mind the restaurant was basically EMPTY. I asked to speak to the manager and was shown some young girl who wasn’t the manager. She was a hostess. Then this guy went and got the manager. I explained to him that we have been sitting over 15 minutes waiting on someone to come to the table. He tells me it was a miscommunication that resulted in us with waiting for so long. I told him about the multiple waiters that were passing back and forth and reiterated that the restaurant was completely empty. I don’t understand how there could be a miscommunication on table assignment when the restaurant is completely empty?

  • Kenneth Gill says:

    Wow if only had read the reviews. Found out today that they have no policy for patrons wanting to stay at a table for hours and hours while another party waiting for the table. We set up reservations at 4:30 to have a table ready around 7:00, no later than 7:30 at the Grapevine location. At 8:00, the table that was to be ready still had people hanging out with no regard for us waiting and Saltgrass staff is not permitted to even mention another party is waiting. They also said they were short staffed, should have said they can’t accommodate any more customers and recommended we go somewhere else to eat. Would love to grab a bunch of homeless and reserve table for thirty and just stay all day until closing. What a great opportunity to solve the problem of homeless people not having an air conditioned place to stay during the summer.

    Worst customer service ever. Poor manager response. Now comes the fight to get my two hundred dollars of gift cards refunded. If the Grapevine response is any indication of Landry’s restaurant chain, then wouldn’t be surprised if we get no response. Even had stock in this company years ago.

  • Kimberly says:

    I visited the Saltgrass Pearland location for mother’s day and had a horrible experience. I attempted to place my order online and because of the heavy volume I wasn’t able to. I called the restaurant to place my order and I was told it would 45 minutes. I arrived at the restaurant and all the curbside spots were taken. I called restaurant and informed them that the spots were taken and that I was parked in a regular spot. I was told that my order would be out in a few minutes. After 20 minutes I attempted to call back and someone picked up the phone and hung up. I called back and tried to explain what was going on and I was told it was to many calls coming in and to hang up and call back. By this time, I was able to move into an empty curbside spot only to find out that NO ONE was told I had called in and had been waiting. I finally paid for my food and then I had to wait another 15 minutes to get it. I then realized that I had been charged for an extra 12oz Pat’s Ribeye. I then had to wait another 15 minutes to get the new receipt and to have the charges removed. By this time I asked to have a manager to come to the curbside because I noticed that the butter and sour cream were missing.

    When I went inside the manager said he didn’t know I was waiting on a manager. I explained what was wrong and all he said was I’m sorry, several times. After I left and got home to warm all of my food because it was cold, my daughter bit down into a rare hamburger! My steak was medium rare and I asked for medium well.

    I eat at this location all the time and I have never had service like this, and the fact that the manager only said I’m Sorry but didn’t attempt to rectify the problem made the situation worse. In all I spent from 3:49 pm to 5:10pm waiting on food and getting overcharged.

  • Velina Smith says:

    My husband (William Smith) wanted to treat me to a special Mother’s Day dinner today (05/09/2021 – about noon). We live in Grand Prairie, so we went to Saltgrass in the Highlands located at 1051 W Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76015. We were surprised that there was no wait and thought our timing was perfect. Our waitress was amazing and with no fault of hers, our food was delivered almost 1 hour and 45 minutes later (which we both ordered Gulf Coast Steak and Grilled Shrimp – baked sweet potato, house salads and broccoli with sweet tea to drink – approximately a little over $50 total) it took forever to get our order out of the kitchen and when the server finally delivered our meal, it was cold and not cooked to our specifications. Other large parties around us got their meals and were served in a “timely manner.” Needless to say, the waitress was accommodating and returned our food back to the kitchen. At this point, I’d had enough, and after speaking with a manager, we asked to have our food to go. The manager did give us complimentary desserts but the fact of the matter is our meal and my 2021 COVID Mother’s Day was ruined. My husband could see the disgust in my face and after paying the bill he left it with the waitress but I wanted your Corporate Office to know how disappointed we were with our experience today. Upon arriving and getting comfortable to finally eat our meal, we found that it had not been re-cooked but only heated in a microwave and was still not cooked to our specifications. The cheesecake was good but don’t know if we’ll ever go back to that location again or should we say we won’t go back to that location anyway soon!!!

  • jennifer says:

    I wish we would have read the reviews before we went My children took us to the one in Tulsa Ok for our wedding anniversary and let me say Horrible Horrible I hated my children paid for this. Steaks not done no bread/ rolls were given I wish I would have took a picture of our plates. I had Chicken Fried Steak with one splat of gravy on it and maybe a tablespoon of mashed potatoes. People at my work gave good review I hate to tell them how disappointing this place is.

  • Shannon says:

    Hi! We just went to your restaurant for a celebration on Thursday night. Our waiter was phenomenal and the restaurant very clean. However, I brought 8 people and my bill was about 380, which wasn’t bad except all of the steaks were not cooked very well. Very tough and overcooked. The appetizers were fantastic and the drinks were perfect. The waiter was the best. If we return it will be because of him but not sure if we would order steaks again, they were that bad. This was the liberty Missouri restaurant

  • Jacquelin Maize says:

    If a customer finds a hair in their food. What is the protocol for the manager.

  • Schawnté Taylor says:

    This evening I placed an order thru Door Dash and upon receiving the order We were missing an entire entree, vegetable and salad. I contacted the store on SW Freeway and Bissonett. I spoke the person answering the phone provided my order # as well as my name. She confirmed the restaurant had the order for 2 entrees. The manager gets on asks same information and lets me know she was sorry for this occurrence. I let her know this is the second time this has occurred from this location. She informed me that I could come and pick it up or use the credit for my next order. I shared with her on a previous order the manager had someone deliver the order to my location. After jumping thru hoops to get DoorDash to listen, finally had someone acknowledge my concerns and offered a partial refund. After being on the phone for an extended of time, finally someone and upon requesting to speak to a person in leadership. The customer service phone rep

  • Vicky McCue says:

    Knightdale NC
    Ordered pick up for 630p Had to wait 20 minutes after I got there for my food. Took food home and the bread was hard as rocks had to throw away, one salad dressing for two salads, no sour cream for the potatoes.

  • Amie Pratt says:

    Many are boycotting your location in San Antonio on loop 410. Trucks are being stolen left and right from that location including ours just last week. When you have workers inside working with those stealing our vehicles, the word gets around. Enough is enough. You are loosing business during the stock show and rodeo there.

  • Tim Mask says:

    Man your restaurant in Longview Texas really needs some help. I got 2 set of silverware today, both were dirty. Service was poor and kitchen was slow. Sorry to say I will never go there again ever!!!

  • Pamela Robinson says:

    I visit Saltgrass restaurant on 280 HWY in Birmingham. I had food Hot splatter on my left leg and on my left shoe. A manager did give me some soda water and napkin. However, I was not asked if I needed medical assistance or was I alright.
    Furthermore, I had to pay for my food. I know if I was a different race I would have had a different result.
    Finally, I am Hurt and Outraged with my service. I have never received that type of customer service in restaurant. Please contact me.

    Pamela Robinson

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