Where is Saks Off Fifth Corporate office Headquarters

Saks Off Fifth Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 125 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 212-634-0730
  • Fax Number: 123
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10425
  • Established: 1919
  • Founder: Andrew Saks
  • Key People: Richard A. Baker, Mark Briggs

Saks Off Fifth Headquarters Location & Directions

Saks Off Fifth Headquarters Executive Team



Richard A. Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Marc J. Metrick

President of Saks Fifth Avenue

Mark Briggs

Chief Marketing Officer & Executive VP

Lucas Evans

Senior Vice President and Treasurer

About Saks Off Fifth, History and Headquarters Information

A Sacks fifth avenue is aleading and popular American luxury department stores. It is owned by the famous commercial company Hudson’s Bay Company. It was founded by Andrew Saks.

Saks Fifth Avenue was founded by Andrew Saks in 1867. In 1923 saks& co merged with Gimbel Brothers. On September 15, 1924 saks expanded to New York with full block avenue frontage south of ST. PatricksCathedral.In 1923 saks expanded towards the west and set shop in Beverly Hills California. In 1990 Saks Off Fifth was launched as an outlet store.

Their products include clothing accessories such as Shoes Handbags Jewelry& Accessories. They have a long product range which includes products for men and women. Along with clothing Products they also provide certain household items which include Kitchen items, home décor items, suit cases and many more. Their products are of the finest quality and they really beat the competition.

Saks Off Fifth Headquarters Photos

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  • Denise Thomas says:

    I had one issue. A damaged product. Followed directions to return and get refunded. They returned the same damaged product back to me and said they would not refund me my money because the product was damaged. ????? At least send a decent replacement for what I spent my hard earned money on. The package was in worst shape when they sent it back to me than when I returned it to them. I’ve been robbed from a so called prestigious company. Customer Service IS A JOKE!

  • Belinda Wesley says:

    I’m very disappointed in Saks Off 5. This is my first time using them and the whole experience has been one huge headache!! Trying to reach someone is almost impossible. I finally spoke to three people on three occasions and they said they would esculate this matter (you get a continuous run a round), They all said the reurns department failed to issue a refund in a timely matter. This is utter non sense. I will never buy anything else from Saks Off 5. I am a Dals’s customer and they would never treat you like this. Beware!!!!!!

  • Nora says:

    I waited in line for 2o min at the saks in Costa Mesa, got home and realized there are two different prices on shoes and box . Tried calling the store a lady named Jackie Kari answered passed me on to a lady named Jackie . Jackie told me to call back in 10 min and speak to store director . She hung up on me when I tired asking for the main office number .

  • Marina Pichura says:

    Few words about Saks off 5 th in Aventura Miami aria. Stuff is absolutely horrible including young guy manager. Can care less to help customers. Talking to cash register girls, can’t care less there is a line of people willing to purchase. Giggle and having fun. Wanted to purchase something without tag, could not help me find the price, told it’s probably customer left it behind register. Went myself around the store looking and did found bunch of them. This as called manager have to clue what is goon in his store. Never said sorry, no comment at all. Careless face, and no help. Register girls are so slow, feels like they sleeping while long line of people waiting to pay. So different from other store in Boca Florida.

  • Vanessa says:

    So I made a purchase from your store and they are taxing me on the original purchase price and not the discounted price. So this means I’m paying taxes for money I didn’t spend. And not receiving a true discount as well. I’m pretty sure this is illegal and needs to be fixed.

  • Maria N says:

    Purchase a purse and immediately returned due to quality. They have yet to give me my refund stating it can take 30-60 days!!! I filed a dispute with my credit card and saks had the audacity to say they sent me a gift card for credit, I never received one nor would I want!! I feel like I am being stolen from at this point. I will NEVER purchase from them again.

  • Jay says:

    SAKS is experiencing a breach of their accounts. I have 4 fraudent charges on my account and cannot get into the security department to talk to anyone.

  • eleanor george says:

    very disappointed with saks. bought a dress in person and was the wrong size. couldn’t try it on in store because the changing room was closed even tho i saw people go in and out a second ago. after the purchase, i was not given a receipt, and when trying to return it. was told i can’t until the manager is in store. been trying for a week now, this “manager” seems to not want to help

  • Anthony Lewis says:

    Figure out from reviews that I have been cheated,,Sak,s is the worst… But unlike other,s Who have been cheated I,m not taking this laying down,,,, luckily I have a very close relative who,s one of the producers of channel 6 News in Philadelphia, and they love this six on your side story,s about people being riped off. She assured me that she and the station are very interested, And when done let,s see how Sak,d explain,s all the cheated customers, me included!!

  • Anthony Lewis says:

    I,m very disappointed in Sak,s, This is my first time using them and the whole experience has been one huge headache!! Trying to reach someone is almost impossible,,, once you get someone they give you a continuous run a round. First I was told my order had not shipped,then after four days I was told that it was with the carrier and I was given to tracking number,, another two days and the carrier ( CDL,who I never heard of) there site kept changing the delivery date. Called Sak,s again,( most have some kind of caller id ) No one answer,s. When I finally do, I informed them if it,s a problem can I have my money back,,oh no! I have to wait for this, and I have to do that,,, and still no package,,, A gift for my grand daughter! This isn’t what I expected from such a major store…. P.S. and of course this will be bringing on the pandemic!!

  • Jacqueline Clark says:

    Place a order on October 23 2021 received but the wrong order and return order on November 3 call on November 19 they said it take 5-7 business days to get a refund that is not what they told me . Thank you

  • Cynthia Gatterdam says:

    105809153 A very expensive ring – that is unworn. Tag attached. Given as a gift that didn’t fit. Returned within 30 days. Saks Off has refused the returning it is practically criminal behavior. No customer service or interest in doing the right thing.

  • Cami says:

    I have NEVER IN MY LIFE got a run around from a company and been blatantly ignored before!!! My fiance watch has bounced from Kentucky to Ohio 4 times in the last 3 weeks. Not one person in this company has helped or tried to make the situation any better. They won’t hold it at a pick up place or send it to the RIGHT address!!!! They messed up and now my package is just lost in the system somewhere. Im so livid!!!!! I never ordered from here and I never will again. !!!

  • Emily - now a former Saks Customer says:

    Similar to other comments here, I have been trying since January to get a refund appropriately credited to my card for items returned. I have an email receipt for the return but the credit has not been applied to my card. I have called “Customer Service” 19 times, always being told that it was an error in the Distribution Center and issue would be “escalated” to a manager. I was always promised a return call within 24-48 hours. No calls ever came. I have spent over 9 hours on calls with a Customer Service office that appears to be operating with home-based phone operators in another country. Frequently I heard babies crying, and even barnyard animals in the background. SO UNPROFESSIONAL! I sent an email on March 23rd, in which my issues were assigned a case number and again told that someone would reach out to me immediately. It is now April 9 and I have still not heard from anyone. In the meantime, I have been charged interest on the unpaid balance and have had to continue to make minimum payments so that I don’t have an adverse impact to my credit rating.

  • Monique D. says:

    I tried to purchase a coat online that was on sale, after the offer code wouldn’t work, i called online assistance 3 hours later the representatives refused to give the sale price

  • Audrey says:

    Hi.I already wrote my comment.I did order bracelet from saks off fifth.Item did not fit to me and decided to return.Tag was attached to the item.And they send bracelet back to me with note “item was used and tags is missing”.WHAT….I did call customer service and explained.Nobody paid attention at all.Waiting for supervisor for more then an 1 hour.No luck.Send 2 emails.First respond what someone will be intuch.So far nothing.Last week got another email with explanations what they treasure their customers…bla bla bla.Terrible terrible customer service.Another order.Order scarf.Did not like it.Decided to send back.Explain to customer service what i was sick for almost 2 weeks.and my time frame just 2 days over their policy.Send back.Guess…got back package with note “return policy expired”….Received on September 19th.Send back to them on October 22th.Until November 6 this item was in transit.People buy please from Nordstrom Macy’s by from Lastcall.com buy from Ralph Lauren( very nice customer service) DO NOT BUY FROM SAKS OFF FIFTH….NEVER…IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET IN TROUBLE….I AM DONE WITH THEM. FOR GOOD.

  • Mr. DeoVonte Means says:

    HORRIBLE! I”ve been a CONSISTANT shopper since May2020, I placed an order on 10/09 which never arrived and I immediately reported it to the online customer service. I was told it take FIFTEEN BUSINESS days to receive the refund. I periodically checked on the status using the reference# given and told it was being processed and would be refunded on the date given. After the date given arrived and my refund was not posted, I called customer service and was told there was NO record of the reference given so a new claim would be filed and I would have to wait an ADDITTIONAL 15 days. After trying to get more information the call was repeatedly disconnected. After calling the corporate number, I spoke with a nice manager that did a little research and told me a member from customer service (Christopher Johnson) would email me 24-48 hours with some type of follow up. Currently, this purchase ($478.11) is still somewhere in limbo. This has been the absolute WORST experience ever!

  • Helene Jarvis says:

    Recently purchased a lovely ring from Saks Off 5th. Before I received the ring I received a large box with a “free” mask included with my purchase. The tag is in English & Chinese. Made in China. Why do we need this mask? Covid 19. Where did Covid 19 come from? China. Whoever made the purchase of these masks is extremely insensitive or ignorant. Maybe both. I would suggest instead of adding insult to injury to the fact this country has been devastated by this Chinese virus, you find a maker of masks in the U.S.A.. We do not need further aggravation, and who in their right mind would wear a mask coming from the country that necessitated wearing it in the first place?

  • Evie says:

    I placed an online order on July 4, 2020 and on July 9th I recieved an empty box with a packing slip only. I’ve been calling for the past month only to be transferred, or hung up on. I’m very unhappy with the treatment and service that I have received. I don’t have an extra $125 to give away during the pandemic but I do have the time to voice my opinion on the terrible customer service I have received

  • Narine N. says:

    Terrible Customer Service. I had my 4th call for the same issue today. Ordered an item the size didn’t work. Ordered the same item one size bigger, didn’t like the way it fit on me. Went online to print the return labels. The last order was not even showing shipped, so I was unable to generate return request. Printed a return label for the first order and included both items from different orders in the same box with a note describing the issue and making sure they credit both of the items. Received credit only for the first order. Calling customer service 4 times already, spoke to a supervisor, no change the receiving department said there was just 1 item. I am very disappointed and upset: spent much more time than the cost of the item but I am not going to give up. Will write a letter to the CEO if not resolved. I don’t have the item they have to refund. This is not a right way to work.

  • 100190155 says:

    Horrible people. The company reps are Horrible. They are totally unhelpful even if they know the shipment never left their facility. Do not buy from these people.

  • Inna says:

    I placed an online order on May 3rd and received a women’s blouse instead of Roberto Cavalli belt for my husband. After total of over 3 hours during my 3 attempts to get to a live person and numerous emails, they finally emailed me a packing slip saying: incorrect item and a shipping label. I promptly shipped the wrong item and eventually late June received a refund for an earlier purchased eye serum which was much less of a value. I called customer service again and their representative promised me that they will take care of this within 10-14 days. 18 days later – no change. I called again with the case number they provided me with after my last conversation. It turned out they had no records of this case. They started a new one. As a result a week later instead of getting the rest amount of my refund, they charged my credit card for another eye serum????? Who is working there? I want my money back and have no idea what I can do. It has been more than 2 months since this mess happened. I spent a lot of money there during the pandemic especially but I will never shop with this company again!

  • Ivone Gonzalez says:

    I made this order in May 2020. Since then, m I have been calling you guys trying to find out the whereabouts of my order. I have been placed on holds longer than an hour. I keep calling and I was told my order was delivered. At that point, I asked for the rep to please provide me with the name of the person who signed off the package. The rep informed me that you guys did not have such information. The rep told me he was going to report it and get back to me with a resolution within 21 days. I waited but, kept calling to check in. At one point a different rep informed me that this was not reported which really made me upset. I have also e-mailed you guys several times and I still get no response. I ended up talking to a rep named Nelsie Olbes, she assured me she would get back to me and that she would provide me with an update. This was around 6/6/20. I kept e-mailing her back everyday since asking her for an update. She finally answered me back on 6/9 saying she did not have any answers. I then requested to speak to a supervisor, She did not get back to me until 6/16. She told me that she would have a manager call me within 24-48 hours. NO ONE CALLED ME BACK, I called you guys back and then I got to a manager named Renante Nailga. This guy once again, assured me he would take care of the issue and would update me via e-mail. This was on 6/22. I have been e-mailing him every single day since then and still have not received any updates from him or from Nelsie. I called several times wanting to speak to a manager and still no one is available. Your reps are in the Phillipines and I guess working from home, At times , you can hear babies crying in the back and sometimes other background noise , not usual from a call center. This entire time I feel I have been lied to, given the run around and played with. In addition, I still had to pay my credit card bill so I am not late, but never received my bag. This is ridiculous and I need someone to call me ASAp.

  • Mrs. Yedalyan says:

    Hello My name is Dianna and I am having the same situation. I ordered a neclace and then 3 days later ordered the same item. I was told price would be matched by representative. I recieved the items double the price. I did not agree to. I called back they told me they would price match it. so I gave it as gifts on Mothers day. Now come ot find out they did not price match and Im stuck paying double for items I did not agree to purchace for the price I was charged. I have called 1 whole month, have gotten the runaround. Supervisors are useless since they cant do anything. Its like all the representative are from another country and are told to do and say the same things to customers. This is not good. I will file fraud charges since it is falsifying information, false representation to customers and making false promises.

  • Ms Lucas says:

    On May 28th I called for the 10th time to get a proper return label because the first representative sent me a 400 page receipt. I was on hold for an hour when I representive answered my call and left me on hold until she finally hung up me. I’m assuming she was working from home because I could hear her talking with a man and roosters cocking in the background!! This is insured and completely unacceptable. I considered this to be a prestige company and they have proven me wrong. I’m trying to contact corporate but to no avail!!! This company truly sucks

  • Mrs Smartt says:

    I received a gift card for a cash purchase and did not receive the amount for sending the merchandise back, which I was told I would receive. I can not get any representative to answer the phone. The wait time is ridiculous. I would like a refund check for $158.99 plus $11.61 NOT a gift card, unless it’s for this overall inconvenience.

    Mrs. Smartt

  • Karen Simmons says:

    Saks Off Fifth has the worst customer service. The telephone representatives all give false information and have no work ethic. I’ve been trying to find out what happened to my package for over a week. No supervisor will return the call, and the associates answering the phones are useless. I have also emailed the customer service and someone named Liberty Fajardo has responded with no answer and stating a supervisor will call me. I was told a supervisor would call in 24-48 hours. It has been exactly 7 days, and no one has called.

    • Mrs. Smartt says:

      I too am going through the same thing. I have been experiencing some misleading information from your company’s emails and representatives. I had to return an in store purchase via UPS due to the pandemic of store closures. My return was received on April 7, 2020 and I still have not received my refund. I’ve sent many emails and have made numerous calls also. I even tried to email the CEO Richard Baker but email was returned undelivered. I am a loyal customer and I want my refund for the merchandise that was returned in excellent condition and the cost of the postage that was told to me it too would  be included. Very disappointing!!

      • Dissatisfied Saks Off Buyer says:

        I am experiencing the same issue with a return and intend on taking it to Small Claims Court if they refuse the return for the 2nd time. I return shipped signature confirmation. I will use this information and complaints for my Lawsuit if it results in that. They will pay more fighting my case than to resolve this matter. Their Customer is is so damaging to their brand. You have Representatives hanging up on callers, hideous hold times and customer representative who can’t speak English.

    • Ms Lucas says:

      Please submit complaints to BBB

    • Narine N. says:

      Same here 🙁 Partial refund, no solution…

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