Where is Saks Fifth Avenue Corporate office Headquarters

Saks Fifth Avenue Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 611 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-753-4000

  • Fax Number: 601-968-5281

  • Email: support@saksfifthavenue.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1867

  • Founder: Andrew Saks

  • Key People: Marc Metrick

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Saks Fifth Avenue Headquarters Executive Team



Marc J. Metrick


Carolyn Biggs

Executive Vice President

John Cruz

Senior Vice President and Director of The New York Flagship Store

Denise Incandela

Group Senior Vice President

Tracy Margolies

Chief Merchant

Terron Schaefer

Group Senior Vice President of Marketing

About Saks Fifth Avenue, History and Headquarters Information

Saks Fifth Avenue, Inc. was incorporated by Andrew Saks in 1986. It started in New York in 1902 as Saks & Company. In 1926, the company widened its focus and expanded and started new seasonal resort branches in Palm Beach, Florida, and Southampton, New York, in 1928. In 1990, Saks was purchased by Investcorp S.A., after which Saks was launched as a public corporation in 1996 as Saks Holdings, Inc. In 1998, Saks Holdings Inc. was obtained by Proffitt’s, Inc. After which, it was renamed to Saks, Inc.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Inc. distributes general lines of apparel such as suits, coats, dresses, and home furnishings.

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  • Nancy says:

    Wow Saks Fifth Avenue is apparently good a ripping people off. Because they ripped me off. Do not purchase from this company. I returned an item (expensive) in the same box it arrrived in with the label they sent me and the item with tags. They have denied it saying they never got the return, They had sent me a letter saying they received the item, so they escalated the claim 3 times, I have sent them 15 emails. They escalate then deny it without any explanation and they have not sent the item back as it states on their website if a return is denied they will send the item back to me.

  • Elyse Post says:

    I ordered one coat in two sizes. According to Saks both coats came in one box but I only received one. (Charged for both). Immediately reported issue but the store says both were sent and I am out $400. As a very long time customer I am absolutely horrified.

  • Debbie DC says:

    I have been calling and emailing since 12/4/23 “delivery” of my item that was dropped at the wrong house by the courier who claims it was the address I entered. WRONG HOUSE NUMBER, WRONG TOWN! After speaking with two different people, one claiming to be a manager, I was told the same scripted message that there was nothing they could do because the claim department already denied my refund. Although my email confirmation shows a picture of the wrong address they claim it’s the same that I put in which was not. Outright lie! Customer service is so poor and disappointing and I’m shocked that accompany such as Saks Fifth Avenue is allowing their customers to be treated in this fashion. I have spent hours trying to resolve this and I keep getting ignored. From what I have read in these messages, it seems like the company just likes to steal from its customers. I will never shop with Saks again and wish the upper management would see how many dissatisfied people they have.

  • Maria Freeman says:

    I am reaching out due to negligence, disregard, and mismanagement of following the Saks Fifth store refund policy.
    – October 17th- I purchased a dress for $361.00
    – November 5th- The dress was returned via in-store; the return associate, Nicole, stated my refund will be returned via digital transaction within 5-7 days
    – November 24th- Called the Saxs Fifth Avenue store to inquire about the delay in refund and was transferred to the return associate, Stephanie. Stephanie acknowledged the dress was returned and acknowledged my refund had yet to be entered into my account. Stephanie made a note on my account asking for a priority rush on the refund, considering the date was well beyond the store’s policy
    – November 29th- Called Saxs Fifth to inquire about the refund. The associate stated that I had to wait another 10-15 days for the refund. However, I insisted that she check the notes on my account, and the associate contacted the Supervisor. According to the associate and the Supervisor I had to go into the store to receive a refund. The associate then sent me back to the store’s telephone automatic system and the call did not go through
    – November 29th- Called the Corporate office to inquire about my refund, at approximately 6:00pm. (CST) The associate was able to clearly see the timeline and the fact that my refund was beyond the 10-15 days. The associate stated there will be an email from Saxs within the hour, with details regarding my refund. It is now 7:18pm (CST), and I have yet to receive any additional communication
    The negligence, mismanagement, and lack of effective communication of the stated return/refund policy creates a representation of disparity and a lack of equity among shoppers and the quality of customer care.

    My ask is to immediately refund $361.00.

    If you have any questions and/or concerns; please follow up via email.

    Dr. Maria Freeman

  • Rydir Fleming says:

    I had order some sneakers and a shirt. I was told they were suppose to be here on the 28th of August. FedEx said that nobody wasn’t home so when I check my camera nobody never showed up. I called fedex and they told me I have to call the store because it’s out their hands. I called the Coorpate office and the guy told me once it leaves they company it’s out their hands and I have to wait for fedex to find a resolution. He then hung up on me. So I call back and as I’m typing this it says I have been on hold for 1:34:23. All I wanted to do was speak to a manager or someone so they can resend my order or give me my 1k back. This is very unprofessional and I don’t know what todo. I have screenshots of the phone call and what fedex said.

  • dcart says:

    tom voltin the former store manager in Beverly Hills forced me out after successfully managing the ladies shoe salon for 9 yrs growing the business from 1 million to just under ten with a margin of 44! coincidentally I was the only black manager and didn’t play his political games, they valued politics over service and petty grievances over success

  • Delinda says:

    Thieves…anyone else in Cali wanna join a class-action lawsuit against them? They’ve stole from me three times (refusing refund, lost an item, and overcharged) not one apology. Its INSANE. You wanna return but you call and have to do it online but online you cant return an item bought in the store-they make it IMPOSSIBLE to return anything or get price match, I once received an EXPIRED discount code because they overcharged.

  • Dannika Harper says:

    I need someone to contact me asap I’ve placed a order back in September you all messed up on a few of my orders I never received confirmation let you all know they never gave me a date a order number or tracking number just kept saying I’ll receive a email obviously they never attached my email because I never received one called multiple times you all kept telling me the same thing then tell me my item was delivered I had no idea never got it I stay in a 11 unit and because of issues before I was on top of it all just to get disappointed I need my item didn’t ask for a refund I’m to the point where we will go to court about it I know every conversation gets recorded I wouldn’t have contacted you all as much as I have and still is if I ever got a date tracking number confirmation anything but I didn’t so you all need to make it right

  • Toni Pijut says:

    Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ve called 5 time about the same order and still got no resolution. Now I know why every saks store is going out of business

  • Stephanie J says:

    I agree, this is the WORST customer service, that I have ever experienced, for such a prestige retail store, this is very disappointing
    After making 6 phone calls and receiving emails, no one is willing to give me a price adjustment on a coat that I purchased online, and 5 days after my purchase, the same item went on sale for $200 less than I paid, and it was from the same site.
    No one can tell me why my price adjustment is not being given, and every customer service associate that I speak to, can’t find any of my price adjustment requests, it’s as though they are being deleted, not to mention the delayed shipping that I experienced, trying to get in touch with the corporate office, but the number posted is the regular customer service number.
    I have gotten better service and results from Walmart!

  • Nora says:

    Worst customer service EVER!!!!

  • Very Disappointed says:

    Sent shelf expired La Prairie products for Christmas. Over 2500 dollars worth toi. Took 7 hours to make the trip to exchange them when the LP manager could have take 30 seconds to check the batch codes. Will be looking for new high end department store. Also sent expired lip spfs from their online store. Buy at your own risk and frustration.

  • Rayna Drake says:

    Terrible customer service! I will never order from this company again and suggest anyone having issues receiving refund should file complaint with Attorney General Office.

  • Jobuana says:

    POOR customer service, it’s unbelievable.

  • Pauline says:

    I placed an order in store (Huntington Station Saks) for a pair of Gucci thong sandals back in September. They did not have my size in store so the sales rep Paola placed the order for me in store and would ship it to my home. I received an email stating that the order was placed and that I would receive tracking info as soon as they ship. I received not one but numerous texts and emails stating that the item shipped but the dates were all different. One message said it would be delivered on the 12th the next on the 9th the next on the 6th then again on the 9th. It confused me so I contacted fed ex to see why I was getting different messages from them and different messages from Saks. I also contacted Paola who placed the order for me. They told me that they didn’t have updated info but the info they did have said the latest update from days before says they will be delivered on the 12th.
    Well, to make a long story short I never received the sandals. Apparently they were delivered on the 5th. I receive a notification on the 6th saying they were delivered. But I did not get any packages. So I immediately contacted Paola and she said that she would look into it. In going over my shipping address I realized the salesperson inputted the address wrong. I contacted them to let them know but they told me they don’t think that caused an issue.
    I then contacted fed ex because the picture of proof of delivery was not my house! It was the wrong house! I told fed ex that I was livid. So they sent the driver to my home. In speaking to him I came to realize that he had no recollection as to where he delivered it. In fact, he admitted that “at times we deliver to wrong houses, but not too far”. What is that suppose to mean? Not too far? So where is my package if it’s not too far? The last package I received at my house was 50 cans of cat food…but I don’t own a cat! I drove to the correct address which was not close…in fact it was 8 minutes away. I left the cat food there. Not everyone will be courteous like me! And not everyone would return a pair of Gucci sandals to their rightful owner!
    I then told the driver that the picture he took of the package was not my house. How do you explain that? He said “uhm, I don’t remember. But I think it was here, maybe.” So I said…do I look like a have a white door? Or a brick house? The picture showed a house with a white door and brick house. With a white rug. My house is siding and my door is blue and rug is black.
    So it was confirmed that it was either delivered to the wrong house or lost. Whatever the case…I don’t have my sandals that I paid $424 for!
    I contacted saks online and they said that they can’t offer me a refund as the order was not placed on line so they denied the online claim, but they told me that since the order was placed in the store, they would be the ones to refund me.
    I contacted corporate via email and now I’m contacting support. I was given this email to send you the details because the number I have to the shoe department never gets answered.
    Please do the right thing and refund me the money for the sandals. Or I will have to contact my bank and a lawyer to dispute. This is so wrong and unfair!

  • Tati says:

    Worst company ever. And supervisor Theresa is the worse. No one tries to help you, then it’s takes 2 hrs to get a sup. I will never order from here again

  • AT in San Diego says:

    Wow … I just read through the previous 61 comments and NO one is happy with Saks Fifth Avenue! I, too, have had one of the worst experiences with this company and will NEVER do business with them again. Horrible website, horrible phone system, employees who don’t know the company policy and who lie just to get you off the phone. Goodbye Saks. With service like this, I’ll be surprised if you’re still around in five years.

  • Elaine says:

    Saks Fraud Avenue! They refused to refund over $1900 for items that were returned in person at Chicago store. Go toBergdorf’s, Neiman’s and Nordstrom for luxury items with impeccable service.

  • David C. Baechle says:

    Worst Customer service in the industry. Disrespectful treatment and lies from managers, unsubstantiated charges, Non-existent exchange policy. This store carries high-end products, but, is basically the Wal-Mart of designer products.

  • kendrick francis says:

    I work at the saks in Houston and it’s a racial divide going on there I have manger that lied and tried to get me fired and nothing was done about went to HR nothing done went to corporate nothing done no response the saks in Houston is discriminating against Black people there it’s a terrible environment and bad place to work I’ve filed a lawsuit against the company I’m just waiting for a response from the company since y’all about equality for Black people which this company isn’t

    • Regina says:

      Not true…I’ve worked at Saks for over a decade, and the complete opposite is happening. Sorry. Blatant lie…

      • Henry Alexander says:

        You must be White or Bright.
        I have problems with the online customer service personnel. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WII NOT BUY NOTHING FROM SAKS-A Black Male.

    • Point says:

      What’s a email, address, phone for Corporate Office? I’m having issue with receiving my refund from an item that was returned to them back in March of this year unacceptable

      • Never again a customer says:

        I too returned an item in March using the stores return label. They’ve refused to refund me. It reeks of fraud.

  • Leroy says:

    Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced

  • Deborah Mitchell says:

    this is really directed at corporate. The phone system is really awful. I worked for this company for 12 years,
    20 years ago. We were service oriented then but like a lot of thing, that has fallen by the wayside.
    I was never able to reach ANY dept to help with a fur coat issue. Of course you want your sells force to be “selling” not talking on the phone, BUT a simple item that could be dealt with quickly, was not and is still not
    taken care of.
    The problem was totally because I could never get anyone on the phone, not even from your national number when THEY tried to call the store. I am talking about the Palm Beach Florida, Worth Ave. location.
    I gave up after 23 mins!!! of trying every ext offered on the recording and yes, it was store hours



  • Laura says:

    I was in your store in the Walt Whitman Mall, NY. Not only were they not mandating the use of masks, I had a woman who was not wearing her mask get in my face. When asked to back up and put a mask on she got angry with me and started swarming at me. No Managers come to help when this woman threaten to punch me. I was so scared. I will never shop at your locations again.

  • Angry customer says:

    I order something from Saks and never received it and Fed ex said they delivered it and now they will not give me a refund or the product. They will not even answer my phone call.

  • Nasheeka Howard says:

    I want a refund now. Saks is holding up my refund.

  • Nasheeka Howard says:

    Worse service ever. I will never recommend a dog to this store. It’s been months and I want my refund

  • Unknown says:

    Poor customer service. Return policy not clear, overall their a scam.

  • Unknown says:

    Poor customer service. Receipt not clear about return policy. Their a scam.

  • elena says:

    I have no idea where to turn – I have had a nightmare of a situation – called customer service 5x today – no one could speak english – no one could or wanted to help me- they lied about an order I received – I sent an email through LINKEDIN to the CEO – Marc – hoping to get a resolution – this is insane to say the least- I called asked for corporate complaints and I am being given customer service which I believe is in the Philippines- WHO IS TO HELP in the GOOD OLD USA anymore – sending a letter overnight as well to the CEO tomorrow Saturday

  • Heidi says:

    I wish I had known the reputation of SAKS before ordering because it would have saved me a lot of money! I’m going to drag SAKS through the mud any time I get a chance.

  • Pissed off custumer says:

    Wow I wish I would have read this before placing an order. Saks sucks and they need to be stopped!

    • Katrina says:


      • JOYCE ROBERTS says:

        Same here. Ordered cologne for my husband for Xmas and it never showed up. If these MF’s think that they’re going to get away with this, they’ve got another think coming. I’m not going to be out $600 for no reason. I plan on emailing every board member and anyone else in authority until I get an answer. AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY HAD TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY?

    • Katrina says:

      I am as well I placed a order JULY 19 never got my package and they keep denying my refund…class action suit email me coates_trina@yahoo.com

  • Malvi Bhatia says:

    I’ve had the worst experience ever…a refund that was supposed to be processed 4 months ago has still not been done. They losing their customers who have been buying for years due to such poor customer service.

  • Jennifer says:

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! YOU PEOPLE ARE THIEFS!!I placed an order in April!!! It NEVER CAME! I have not received my order and never received my refund and am now paying interest on something I DONT HAVE!!! you people should be ashamed of yourselves you stole from me! You took my money, I didn’t get my items, and you kept my money – that is stealing!! Ive been on 10 different phone calls all over an hour and I keep getting promised I should have the refund in 3 business days and it never comes. You should really be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  • Margaret says:

    Saks is the worst ever! So very unprofessional! They cancel my order for no reason at all & then promised me a $50.00 gift card & I never received it! Then I called about this issue & they keep me on hold for 2 hours & then they try to only offer me a $25.00 gift card which is not acceptable! I emailed corporate & I am now waiting for a response ! This is so unprofessional & unacceptable! I am a saks card holder but I will br canceling my account! As of today!

    • Manager at Saks says:

      I’m so sorry to hear how unhappy you’re but if they canceled your order it may have been because the item was out of stock. Did they not tell you a reason? If not that were you over on your credit limit? Your order wouldn’t have been canceled for no reason. You have a credit limit based off your credit score and you can’t exceed your military but most likely the item was out of stock so offering you a gift card was very generous. Before getting so upset I would highly recommend finding out the specific reason.

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    completely horrible customer service! I have been waiting over 3 months for a refund and have gotten nowhere with them. over 15 phone calls and no one has resolved my issue.

  • Felix says:

    Very poor customer service —– I will never purchase from them again!!!!!

  • Adrien Boutte says:

    Worst customer service ever. Saks has been giving me the run around since May 9, 2020 and although I spoke with FedEx and the driver stated he gave my package to a woman outside a gate that was not my address they refuse to refund or send my mother her mothers day presents!!!!! Now i am being charged interest on a 575.00 bill that should never have been charged because of their negligence they had the audacity to blame it on Covid 19.

    • Manager at Saks says:

      This isn’t a Saks issue they did their job. This is a FedEx issue and they should be the ones you file a claim with and expect your money back from. Saks policy on this is online with every other major retailer I know of so you need to be gripping st Fed Ex for giving your package to someone that wasn’t you. I don’t see how you don’t see that this is Fed ex mess up not Saks.

      • Buyer Beware Bobbee says:

        The problem with this is if you try to file a claim with Fed ex they then tell you that the shipper has to file the claim which you then return to Saks as the shipper only to hear that the contract Saks & FedEx have prevents Saks from filing a claim against them. Now you are back to square 1 with no options
        This is unacceptable when someone pays for an item and has no recourse. The consumer has no option on the carrier in which the shipment is placed so it should be back on Saks and/or FedEx to compensate. Whether intentional or not it is unconscionable that Saks and/or FedEx would hide behind this contract that is allowing the customer to get screwed. This is not a one off, this is happening daily for thousands of dollars and the numbers continue to grow.

      • Heidi says:

        I am sorry the day I purchased an item with you all. This company is the fucking worse!!!! You all take no responsibility for your actions. Basically you tell the customers they are lying. I’m surprised your still in business fucking thieves!

    • Katrina says:

      OMG THATS EXACTLY WHAT IM GOING THROUGH NOW 1 of my packages have no signature required and the other the fed ex driver signed they was suppose to have been delivered same day got nothing and they r holdume responsible I’m out of $811 plus another $811 back to my bank but I WILL NOT LET IT REST WE ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND START A CLASS ACTION SUIT AND HAVE THEN SHUT DOWN PERIOD THEY R STEALING FROM PPL AND ITS UNFAIR AND UNPROFESSIONAL ON ALL LEVELS AS THEY R A HIGH END RETAIL STORE

    • Katrina says:

      Coates_trina@yahoo.com we can start a class action suit

  • Polly Thompson says:

    Whose bright idea was it to have security use dogs to guard Saks? Many African Americans, who are old enough, remember when dogs were used against children during the civil rights marches.

  • Polly Thompson says:


  • Brenda Elrod says:

    Worst customer service. Been trying to reach the corporate headquarters for a week with no luck. It’s a shame.

    • Jennifer says:

      They have a contact email address and customer service number that handles this. You can’t just call corporate and expect someone to drop what they’re doing just to handle a problem you have that should be handled by customer service. Most of the time Saks
      did their job and the shipping company is the one who messed up and should be held responsible
      .Be realistic and don’t expect great service when you are being extremely rude and very hard to deal with. Direct your anger in the right direction not at innocent people who are doing their job but can’t snap their fingers and make things magically happen.

      • Heidi says:

        Jennifer you’re an asshole!!! You are the one being rude. I hope you don’t work for SAKS. Is this the type of people they employ? You must be sleeping with the boss cause you have a lot of balls!

      • Heidi says:

        Jennifer I’m not surprised you’re employed by SAKS just goes to show the type of attitude this company has towards customers. You think the customers needs you and not the other way around. No wonder you have so many complaints on the BBB website. Great job Jennifer 😂

      • Nasheeka Howard says:

        Y’all hired the shipping company not the customer so why the customer have to call FedEx. If I have anything to do with it I’m sending all these complaints to fox news and we will get to the bottom of this

  • Nilka Bermudez says:

    I placed an online order from Saks Fifth Avenue for a pair of shoes on 11/19/2019($89.99 + shipping). I received an email that the order would arrive on 11/25/19. Order never arrived. I called to see the status of the order, they said to allow them a week so my order will be delivery…two weeks passed and nothing showed up nor there was no response to emails, just received what it looks to see an automated email…so I called to request a refund nothing came to my account…I have called them about 10 times already to request refund for my money and every time I called is a different story, “last time you called it was a mistake and refund didn’t go through” “apologies, we will refund, 3-5 business days” “apologies refund has to be authorized, we will expedite in 24-48 hours” “your refund will go through on 01/21/20” Today is 01/17/20, I just can’t believe it will take me more than two months to get my money back…every phone called lasts 1/2-1 hour of my time…not sure if they understand that at this point I’m mad and frustrated just because the money but the waste of time trying to get MY MONEY back…the same money they withdrew from my account just seconds after I placed the order is taking for ever to hit my account.

    • So many Karen's says:

      This is obviously a issue you need to address with the shipping company. It blows my mind to see stuff like this. How can you not see this is a shipping error abd isn’t a Saks problem they did they’re job.

      • Heidi says:

        You sound like a Karen too! This is what SAKS does blame it on the shipping company and the shipping company blames it on you. Sounds like a bunch of he say she say crap. But you don’t refund your customers. It’s at our expense right? I wouldn’t recommend this store to my worse enemy.


    I have recently had the same problem. Item showed delivered. I was to ship FedEx, somehow it was delivered United States Postal Service. There wasn’t any signed confirmation. I was delivered on
    April 21, 2019 and TODAY May 23, 2019 issue still has not been resolved. Poor customer service, I have been bounced around to numerous employees and representatives. I cant afford to take a $583.00 loss. I am going to escalate and leave feedback on every domain I come across until my needs are met and someone takes responsibility for my MISSHIPPED – NOT RECEIVED package.

    • SlayerofKarens says:

      This is a issue for Fed Ex. Saks did their job. Fed ex dropped the ball so direct your anger in the correct direction. File a claim with Fed ex. How can you not see that?

      • Buyer Beware Bobbee says:

        The problem with this is if you try to file a claim with Fed ex they then tell you that the shipper has to file the claim which you then return to Saks as the shipper only to hear that the contract Saks & FedEx have prevents Saks from filing a claim against them. Now you are back to square 1 with no options
        This is unacceptable when someone pays for an item and has no recourse. The consumer has no option on the carrier in which the shipment is placed so it should be back on Saks and/or FedEx to compensate. Whether intentional or not it is unconscionable that Saks and/or FedEx would hide behind this contract that is allowing the customer to get screwed. This is not a one off, this is happening daily for thousands of dollars and the numbers continue to grow.

      • Heidi says:

        You know what this is so immature it’s not even funny. How old are you? You sounds like a teenager. There is no way an adult could be responding to this much less an employee of SAKS. You out here calling people Karen and you sound like a total air head yourself. My God can this person be any more unprofessional!

  • Hien says:

    I have oder from company but I never received it ! When I call and asked no one take responsibility about that they just said the ship put in my front door and that all they can said ! But that I never received my Oder yet ! I don’t know where the company put its ! And that cost me about 4.000$ that’s very big my money but over month ! I called and called company they just said they don’t care ! So I have to need talked to my lawyer about my problem! This very disappointing about ur company

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