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  • Address:951 Broken Sound Pkwy Ste 250, Boca Raton, Florida, 33486, United States
  • Phone Number: (561) 999-9650
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees:742
  • Established:1997
  • Key People:Linda Jachim
  • Est. Annual Revenue:$84M

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Linda Jachim Director
Mamadou Barry Co-Founder, Business Development
Mary Cafone Vice President, Operations
Renee Ruggiero PST Director
Steven Langston Director
Vicki Gill Creative Director

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  • Michelle Fair says:

    Land O’ Lakes, Florida location – I can’t comment on the dental care because no one was there/the door was locked when I arrived 10 minutes early for my appointment, But my experience deserves zero stars. I was called on Thursday and asked to reschedule my Friday 8:00am appointment to Monday at 8:00am, I said no problem. I was sent a text Sunday afternoon to fill out paperwork before my appointment. I couldn’t fill it out on my phone, so I arrived there at7:50am so I could do so. Doors were locked. I stood at the door until 8:00am, still no one there. I went next door to the vet and borrowed a pen and a sticky and wrote a note that I had been there and put it on the door. As i got into my car at 8:02, a girl in a mask and goggles comes and takes the note off the door. I told her I had been here since 7:50, she said they didn’t open until 8:00. I’ve worked in an office and gone to doctor’s appointments for 53 years and never have I arrived before the staff or a doctor’s office has not been open at least 30 minutes before their first appointment. Absolutely unprofessional office and the office manager needs to do a better job running this location.

  • Roger Johnson says:

    Beware of SAGE Dental (Wesley Chapel) overbilling practices. Even when you have credited dental insurance, they will still bill you over your copay amount. When you request your refund they pawn it over to SAGE HQs for answers and keep you in the dark with your refund. Also, there address reflects as a Vet clinic in your billing statements. This is quite shady.

  • Brian Gary says:

    What a disaster! Went in for a cracked tooth and extraction. $6,000 later and 2 months later I’m in more pain than when I first went in. I’ve lost my temporary crown twice! Once 2 hrs after they put it on because 2 techs didn’t seem to know what they were doing and just shoved it on. Then 11 days later I lose it again when brushing with the vibrating toothbrush givin to me by sage! Not to mention the first time it happened the office girl tells me to just stick it on with toothpaste overnight because supposedly they couldn’t get me back in that same day. Which come to find out that was bs, the girl just didn’t ask any one. My other crown has been hurting for weeks and weeks now. Even after my permanent ones got put on 11 days ago, It hurts to chew and drink still. I quit calling this place to complain because im getting the same damn answer,” oh it will get better.” I’ve pretty much been stuck eating a soft food diet because of the work they did on my mouth. I would NOT recommend this place based on my experience!!! Im very highly debating on not even letting them put my last crown on I’m waiting to be made. Just makes me worry how crappy of a job has been done in my mouth! Do I have to worry about the other crowns falling out??? Just a very crappy experience!

  • Carolyn DeBaene says:

    I was at the Sage Dental in Tavares Florida today, I had the worst experience, I have never had bleeding from a cleaning, the hygienist was so rough, even with the polishing. I told her I never bled at a cleaning and she just said ” you’ve never had a good cleaning like this” Dr Morgan was the dentist that owned the practice before Sage, he was very nice and the hygienist was very good. I will never go back to Sage again, my mouth is so sore. When I got out to my car I was in tears. My Daughter tried to call and talk to a manager because I was so upset but was transferred to a voice messaging system. I hope I don’t get infection after this cleaning!

    • Kristen says:

      The entire corporate is awful and a scam! The lack of care for patients, the fraudulent billing and the fact that you report such conduct to many employees at the corporate office and receive zero response! They are disgusting.

      • Dan says:

        I have been fighting them for 3 months about an incorrect bill. They did not submit all my procedures to my insurance company. They were charging me full price for the procedure when I should have been given a 15% discount. My insurance company has a contract with them and they refusing to honor it. I will never go back there.

    • Dan says:

      I had a root canal last spring and I still have pain in the root. I have had root canals before and I have never had this problem. I also have been trying to straighten out an incorrect bill since July and have gotten nowhere. I turned it over to my insurance company. They say I am right but still cannot get Sage dental to stop billing me.

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