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Safelite Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7400 Safelite Way, Columbus, OH 43235, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 877-664-8932
  • Fax Number: 614-210-9451
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 12501
  • Established: 1947
  • Founder: Bud Glassman and Art Lankin
  • Key People: Thomas Feeney, Doug Herron, Steve Mig, Dino Lano, Brian O'Mara

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Safelite Headquarters Executive Team



Thomas M. Feeney

Chief Executive Officer and President

Tim Spencer

Chief Financial Officer

Rich Harrison

Chief Operations Officer and Senior Vice President

Dino Lanno

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Mark Placenti

Senior Vice President

About Safelite, History and Headquarters Information

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  • William conner says:

    I had my windshield replaced on the first September the technician left my rearview mirror loose, called Safelite for warranty to get it fixed. It is now 9/27/2023 I had to get lee and Cates glass to fix my rearview mirror because Safelite kept reschedule me I had it fixed on 9/26/2023 cause Safelite was supposed to come back out on Monday the 25th and rescheduled me for the 26th. No one never showed on the 26 so I called and they said that my appointment was for the 27th when I was told it was on the 26th from 8 AM to 12 PM, so I decided to go to Leanne Kates and get my mirror fixed which costed me money when it was a warranty work

  • Joseph segura says:

    I recently had a windshield installed by techniglass.
    It was the worst experience in customer service and
    Quality that I’ve ever experienced. Your tech crew
    should not be in this type of service. They have no
    Clue what they are doing.

  • Nancy P says:

    Poor Customer Service from Safelite Lancaster PA. Made the appointment for Monday, September 11, 2023 on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Five days prior.

    Dropped the car off on Monday as instructed at 8 AM. Finally got a text at 3:06 PM that they were working on it. A phone call followed shortly behind telling us they didn’t have the correct windshield even though they had our VIN # from our insurance company and we had informed them that we had advanced safety features. The Safelite rep told us that they were “overscheduled” and that someone put the windshield order “into the system incorrectly”. We left the car there overnight so they could get the new windshield on today.

    When we picked up the car today, I told the store manager how disappointed I was with the service. He never took any responsibility for any aspect of the repair: 1) “He didn’t do the scheduling” 2) Did I know how many RAV4 windshields there are ? 3) “Things go wrong”. The best was when I said I would not be able to give him a good review and he tried to guilt me by saying “the tech will get the brunt of it”. He also said that when we scheduled we should have gotten a time slot appointment and not dropped it off. We didn’t know the difference — our confirmation email said “you’ll pick it up later in the day”. But the bottom line is that the windshield still would have been wrong and there still would have been a delay.

    What was disheartening is that he showed no remorse or seemed to care that we were inconvenienced without our car. Only at the end of the conversation did he give me a “sorry”. However, I still wonder: Why does Safelite even have managers ?

  • Adriana Ekery says:

    To be honest using safelite has been awful. I had a windshield replaced in Nashville, TN on 4/14/23, and the box that holds front camera was not placed back on correctly. Come to find out after a month is that the brackets were broken and rigged to stay on temporarily. Then we took the car to another safelite in Escondido, CA in June & were told they fixed it, but come to find out they only glued the box back on when we’re told the bracket was replaced. Your commercials are so false, every time we called to get our windshield replaced we couldn’t get an appointment for over a month & none of them had a windshield & told they would have to order it. It’s been a nightmare dealing with safelite.

  • Sharon Berg says:

    I brought my car for an insurance job on my windshield and they damaged the trim around my windshield and the job they did was absolutely unsatisfactory then made an appointment online cause they never answer their phone and they tried to tell me the job was fine I am disgusted with the customer service I received and I am more disgusted with the two now going to be three days of work I missed from this. I have pictures of the hack job they did also if you would like to see them .

  • Disappointed says:

    This company does not stand by their warranty and they are EXTREMELY hard to contact. My back window was replaced in March and has had issues since it was out in. First my rear defroster stopped working and then it literally rains on my backseat. After numerous attempts to reach someone I am at my wits end

  • Philippe says:

    This is one of the most difficult companies to contact! It’s quite the process to speak to someone, and I don’t believe there is a public e-mail address (which should be posted, so one doesn’t spend significant minutes searching). I would like to ensure my glass will be OEM (it’s mandatory) and know why official promo codes will not load?- A new service added belatedly easily updated and adjusted the service/ price, but will not accept and update discount codes.

  • Erik says:

    The location at 161 Windhill Rd, Columbia, SC 29203 is the worst. They send a technician that does not know what he is doing, then our windshield leaked into to main compartment during a rainstorm. We dropped our car off for them to fix their screw-up and now no-one will call us back with any update. The store does not answer the phone so the center has to send an email. We will never use SafeLite again. We contacted our insurance company regarding the incompetence of this company.

  • Steve Bassett says:

    I think safelite should make commercials saying all the customers need to know I’d the 3 Rs replace recalibrate recycle
    If you like this idea let me know I’m on SSI and can use anything you can offer

  • Chip says:

    “Shane” the manager in Peoria AZ and his crew have dropped the ball big time. They did a bad chip repair with an air bubble in the middle of it and the tech just left, did not check-in, and yet had the gall to send a survey a few minutes later! I called the store right away and was told they would get a windshield ordered… For 4 days they have still not ordered a windshield for my vehicle. Each person [3 of them] I called and spoke with, claimed a different reason for why it wasn’t done. Waiting for the manager to come to the phone is a joke. A professional would come back to the phone, take a number and have the manager call… Not here! When I asked on the 5th day of no glass being ordered, about how to get in touch with a district manager, I was told by ‘manager Shane’ that I couldn’t. What a comedy!

  • Jonathan Kazmierczak says:

    Local shop in Raleigh has conpletely ignored my windshield being the incorrect one installed, and they broke the auto headlight and wiping sensor behind mirror. I have dealt with them 5 times now and no results!!!
    Local Dealer confirmed it is the incorrect windshield.
    My Range Rover is ridiculous without the features I paid for and wrong windshield!
    I would NOT recommend as they refuse to correct the mistake!

  • Glenn says:

    I had my jeep rear window replaced over 5 months ago . When they finally got the right rear window in they had the top all scratched up. I got the best quote possible at $550 and the manager Blaine at the Webster Texas location has done nothing but give me the run around with no end in sight.

  • Gopichand says:

    Safelite is a Franchise company
    The Safelite in Wilmington Delaware does not seems to want to honor the warranty they caused on my vehicle.
    The tech install the wipers incorrectly and this caused the strip above the windshield to be damaged.
    Their Technicians came twice to fix it but did not bring the strip to replace the damaged one .
    They made two other at home appointments but never showed up bringing it to a total of four appointments.
    Now Safelite Wilmington branch wants me to take the vehicle into their shop for inspection again when their two technicians already checked it
    In my opinion this location is trying not to honor their warranty since there is absolutely no reason that their technician have to rechecked again the same issues also they insist that it have to be checked only inside their shop at their Wilmington location in Delaware.

  • Bill Auffarth says:

    Safelite AutoGlass
    2535 South Rd.
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

    1/22/22 Super clean, top notch, windshield install. I expect this from Safelite AutoGlass.

    Added plus, was that both the Manager Caesar and tech, Anthony, Tech ID# 1836-839
    were very communicative, personable and professional…and they treated my vehicle with great care…. as I would treat it myself. You could tell they BOTH, truly gave a damn and were not let’s say….just going through the motions. It’s was a pleasure to do business with them. These two guy’s are both real assets to Safelite AutoGlass!

  • Rob says:

    Terrible experience paul was my tech and my paint was all messed around the windshield he stood on my driver seat yes I have pics left mud imprint and left broken glass and sealed on top Juan manager came out agreed poor work been being lied to over and over I have text messages as well and Michelle I talked too was no help but lies please stay away from this place

  • James O Fuller says:

    Yes I’ve been to your safelite store in Durham N.C. to get a windshield replaced.. I’ve been there a total of 3 times now and they can’t seem to order the correct windshield for my car and I feel like it’s wasting my time and mostly my gas money.. I’m not sure if I’m contacting the right office or personal for this complaint..

  • Gary Wilson says:

    Had windshield replaced 3/7/22 glass was $329, replaced to 9/29/22 now$ 714. How can price go up 100% in 7 months ?

  • Vernon Pride says:

    In March our windscreen was damaged on our Tesla Model 3. We called Safelite, falling for your advertising of great service. My wife took the car to the Fairfield office for repair, told them she would work in the lobby and wait for the car. 8 hours later they called her on her cell (while she was in the lobby) and told her that the car was ready. The girl that checked her in never told the techs that she was waiting, my wife being much more patient than I would have been waited 8 hours for a window installation. That is step one down our path to Safelite Hell.

    During the installation the tech broke the clips that hold up the sunscreens. Promising that when they got the parts in they would call us, she took the car home. Months have gone by, we have tried to go through your 800# and could never get a living person on the phone. We tried to contact the Fairfield office and they have no listed direct number. One day, my wife drove the 40 miles after work, got there at 6:03pm and the doors were locked. One of your associates was standing behind the front desk and told her they were closed. She tried to tell him she had driven 40 miles and he walked away leaving her at the front door. Step number two on our path to Safelite Hell!

    Last Tuesday, we finally got ahold of someone and they told her they didn’t remember the issue, didn’t know if the parts had been ordered and that they would have to call her back. Last night we got an appt. reminder that we needed to have the car there today at 9am. No call, no follow-up, just an automated response to show up. We both work and how do we take off work to go 40 miles with NO NOTICE?? We also got a claim number from our insurance company that showed another claim had been opened. Why another claim when all we want is for them to fix a problem they created months ago? Step number three down to Safelite Hell!

    This morning I started calling at 9am and the phone rang and rang (at the Fairfield office) and nobody answered. I called the 888 number and got a very nice lady who promised to help me and tried to call the office in Fairfield and she couldn’t get through. I gave her my number and asked that she put that number on the record for follow-up because my wife was teaching her university class today. Who did they call…..MY WIFE. She texted me the number and when I tried to call back again no answer. I called the 888 number again got another very nice lady who wanted to help and again, she didn’t get anywhere BECAUSE FAIRFIELD DOESN’T ANSWER THEIR PHONE. Another attempt, more frustration, no answers and most importantly NO FAIRFIELD!! I have called the Fairfield number every hour on the hour all day and nobody answers the phone.

    We are both too busy to deal with this. We have gone above and beyond and I am to the point that I am going to call the insurance commissioner for California, the Department of Consumer Affairs, The Better Business Bureau in Fairfield and to go on social media, the Tesla forums I am on (still trying to learn the car 😅) and let everyone I know NOT to use Safelite under any circumstances. I am a retired Vice President with Marriott and I can tell you this, if these were my people, heads would roll. Your advertising about how convenient Safelite is, in our case, is a joke.

  • Stephanie T says:

    HORRIBLE customer service at the Midlothian, VA shop. Back windshield was replaced June 7th – because there is a slider window they had to order a regulator. It is now Sept 1st – I have not heard ONE WORD from this shop on the status and every time I call customer service it takes them 30+ minutes to get in touch with this shop. They keep telling me that the part has been ordered and now they have to order several other parts to go along with it. I would not recommended Safelite to anyone, especially this shop.

  • Denise says:

    Safelite sucks big time I’m in dog co got my window replaced twice did a poor job on my window I showed my insurance they are coming after safelite for bad job I want it reimbursed u left s huge crack on bottom of window this will be the third time getting it done hopefully right I’m pissed at u piss poor job and employee s your customer service stinks bad thank u. Very miss leading commercial what a joke. U need to retrain ppl here in Durango co I’m turning u into bbb here plus I’m spreading it all over social media

  • Tony Gordon says:

    Went to see about getting a windshield replaced and not exspecting next day but was told 2 weeks for a common 08 F150 Ford PU kind of heart breaking. Will hold my opinion till I speak to others in my area. Idaho Falls

  • Fireman DK says:

    Horrible customer service and warranty from the Salinas store . I made an appointment online with the call center in Ohio and provided them with a JPEG copy of my invoice / reciept. The tech from Salinas showed up and would not pull the window as he saw a spot of rust . I told him this was warranty work through CSAA /AAA and they probably were the cause of the rust . he called the manager Aaron in Salinas who said he could not find a receipt though his tech had sent him a JPEG and a picture of their auto glass in the vehicle. He said ” How do i know you did not take it to another shop and they caused the problem “….stupid question when it is their glass, their receipt with their techs name , and the current tech just sent him a picture of their glass in the truck. He said he would call me back on the following Friday , and never did . I opened a comprehensive claim with CSAA and took it to a local glass shop and the local Ford dealer for paint and rust repair from their improper removal / installation. I contacted CSAA about it and Safelite and am waiting for reimbursement … we will see how that goes with Safelite’s warranty department . Safelite’s reputation is really horrible with other glass shops and apparently with other customers from reading here .

  • Matthew woods says:

    Worst service ever in my life , manager was unprofessional , called customer service and they told me they can’t help me with anything . “It’s just a scratch” what’s the big deal anyways ?

  • Bob Banaszak says:

    Broke my inside passanger pillar and upper door tab and got grease all over my headliner

  • Dyandra says:

    My appointment was for July 13, 2022, Technician Evan ID # 1853-616 came out to fix my windshield in my BRAND NEW vehicle. He NEVER stated that this occurred in the process. I probably would’ve been less frustrated knowing that he messed up and was willing to fix it but to know that he did a job, messed up and left is completely unprofessional. Check your vehicle prior to technicians leaving. July 15, 2022 was my next appointment, Jonathan advised me that I would be contacted once the part came in. My following appointment to fix the issue was scheduled for July 23, 2022 scheduled for the time frame of 12pm-5pm. Do you know they called and canceled the day of at 0900hrs due to the fact of the part not being in. Someone is lying and I am over this.

    • Steve says:

      We had a similar experience, only that was just a fraction of the disaster that I have experienced with Safelite. They screwed up numerous other things as well. Will post separately. Worst customer service of any kind that I have experienced in recent memory.

    • Ang says:

      Omg this resembles my experience. My I ask how this got resolved?

  • Sandra says:

    Took my 2020 Nissan into my local Safelight on 7/20-whoever replaced my windshield threw away a component needed for calibration. Car sat 7/21, no call from shop, no answer when I called multiple times. Called Safelite customer care, they could not reach shop, my insurance could not reach shop. Finally borrowed a car and drove there. They stated they forgot to call me and that my car still is not ready. I will never use Safelite again, I will never recommend this company to anyone.

  • Ben frie says:

    Have a brand new 2021 explorer. Had windshield replaced and paid for it myself
    Got ripped off big time
    They did not tell me but they put oem windshield so now my crash and lane changing options are not working.
    They charged me $495 for just this service and ford changes $195.
    These guys are con artists

  • Michael says:

    On 5 July 2022 Safelite replaced the driver door glass. When the job was completed I visually inspected the window. Then two days later I drove the car for the first time since the glass was replaced. The glass got stuck half way down and wouldn’t budge. Then I got it to move, but when it reached the top it rolled back down again and got stuck midway. I called Safelite to come fix it. The tech tried and said he couldn’t fit it, and said, “Sorry about that.” “Nothing we can do, I’ve checked everything. Must have been something wrong with the window to begin with.” No, there wasn’t. I’m still waiting for them to fix it!

  • Garylstephens says:

    Two weeks ago I received a survey about my windshield replacement on my 2020 dodge grand caravan. I mentioned that the mirror was not attached properly and it was loose and the price I was charged was over $100 more than what I was quoted. I have received absolutely nothing in response to that. I’ve I can’t believe how lax and uncaring your company is about the quality of service that you perform I will contact Allstate insurance and let them know how pleased I am with the shotty half assed work that you’ve done

  • Annette Scarano says:

    Safe lite attempted to replace my windshield on 7/5/22 but tech shattered new windshield- appointment rescheduled for 7/12/22 – tech advised new windshield has large scratch & can not install. As a result of the lack of tech experience & quality control I have missed two (2) days of work & have been without a vehicle since 6/30 when a rock flew into my windshield & cracked my windshield while driving. I request you provide me with a rental vehicle with no cost. I must question a company who espouses to efficiently & professionally replace windshields who has done nothing but the opposite. I have attempted to call numerous times but only to leave messages which are not returned or be placed on hold indefinitely or speak to an automated system who cannot understand that I need to speak with customer service. My insurance company (Safeco) apparently utilizes your company for glass claims because I would never recommend your company in view of all the issues that have occurred in attempting to simply replace my windshield. I await your response.

  • Mel Snodgrass says:

    I recently had an very unpleasant experience with a Safelight technician. The individual, from the El Paso, Texas Safelight company, was named “James” and his behavior was a bit frightening. He took more than two hours to install my windshield in large part because he spent much of the time talking loudly in quite extreme terms about his militant political views and his hated of those who hold different views. He made those statements directly to me and seemed to be attempting to both insult and frighten me. He also proudly announced that he alway “carried a gun”. I did not see a weapon on him but he was wearing very loose, oversized clothing and could have easily concealed a weapon. I had gone out to see why he was blaring a right-wing podcast very loudly from the Safelight vehicle. He eventually turned the volume down after I asked him but I remained near the area as I was unwilling to leave him alone in front of my house. I don’t think this individual represents a creditable public image for your company and will now be hesitant to use your service for any further work.

  • Ruben says:

    I went in for a chip repair on my windshield which was so small it was nearly invisible but after taking it to Safelite, the chip is now a crack about two inches. I’m very disappointed and would never use Safelite again .

  • Chelsea Wellock says:

    The Safelite Corporation needs to take a long look in the mirror. Their district manager Chis Torres, in Puyallup Washington is incredibly unprofessional.
    My boyfriend worked for them 3 years and put out 8-9 jobs a day, after he explained his concerns about the changes in the company, the district managers response was “If your not happy then leave”, so he decided at that point it was time for him to leave. He also went as far as to ask him where he would go after Safelite, he declined to tell him, and proceeded to tell him “it doesnt matter where you go, we will buy that company and I will make sure we fire you”. If your company does not care about your employees your not going to put out quality work. I truly hope you guys take this and do something better for your employees.
    These labor workers are breaking their backs for you. I have to watch him in pain everyday at 27 years old because he busts his ass at work. They deserve more.

  • Cyrus smith says:

    They came to fix my son’s windshield broke his windshield pillar trim and not calling my son back after saying they would take care of it. It has been around a month now

  • Connie says:

    I am a business owner of a body shop. In April they started charging a 9.99 fuel charge, On June 6th there was a 39.99 mobile fee, the very next day it went to 49.99. I questioned them they said it was corporate decision. I feel we are getting taken advantage of. Safelite bought up all the smaller shops so they can be the only person in town and can charge what they want !!!!!!! Not happy at. Might have to start our own glass installs.

  • Leigh Martino says:

    I just left the Safelite on 12580 71st Ct, Largo, Fl 33773. I had my 2016 Acura MDX windshield replaced.
    My appointment was for 7am. I arrived and was told I needed to put more gas in it for the calibration. I left and filled with gas. I had someone coming to pick me up to take me to work. There were at least 8 guys standing in the parking lot. One man in particular was very rude. He had an attitude and reprimanded me and told me that I needed a full tank of gas, tires filled with correct amount of air and the back of my car empty. As I was walking to my daughters car, he continued to glare and stare at me.

    I was to pick up my car at 1pm, approved at drop off. (got a ride from someone at my work) the app that you sent me showed that service was complete. When I arrived, the car had not even been calibrated yet. I was told it would be 30 min. No response when I asked why the text showed complete. The manager never bothered to come out and talk to me. I left there at 1:55pm, using all of my lunch hour. Thanks!

    The entire experience was disappointing and very unprofessional. I will follow up with Geico and tell all I know to never go there. Shame on this location for talking to me so rudely, with an attitude and not giving a shit about my experience. Thomas M. Feeney, do you ever read these reviews? You should.

  • Cassandra Lopez says:

    I had scheduled my appointment in advance for a time slot between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM today- at around 1:45 PM, I had called the customer service line to inquire about my technician for I had not heard anything from them & they were late . After waiting about 20 minutes with the rep who had to “try and search for the technician”, I had asked the representative to link me with the manager of the Absecon NJ store,where the technician was based out of. After speaking with the manager, Scott, at the store, I had been given a compensation of $100 off of my service due to the lack of communication from the technician, as well as the hour and a half late and time frame. I was very grateful for this, and Scott had also mentioned “i would be upset too if someone didn’t communicate with me about being late, so i get it”. When the technician arrived, he was a very pleasant and kind gentleman who had given me a lot of information regarding the service. About five minutes in, I had received a phone call from the gentleman asking me to come back outside. The gentleman had explained that the glass that was provided to him had been scratched, as well as misaligned, to which he explained it as the glass was not laying flat or flush to the adhesive. With that being said, the gentleman stated that if this was his vehicle he would wait and reschedule the appointment to ensure that things were done properly. The gentleman gave me his card and called into his store as well as Safelite to let them know about the defective glass. When the technician had left the property, I had called the Absecon store to which the technician was based out of and explained the situation. The manager, Scott, of the store picked up the phone when I had called. In explaining my situation, Scott seemed very frustrated
    and stated to me that “well, I gave you a very hefty discount, so I really don’t know what else you expect me to do to help you”. I explain to the store manager, Scott , that I understand life happens and that we are all human and the defective glass wasn’t the fault of the technician. I expressed that between my service appointment being almost 2 hours late, as well as now a defective glass, I was dissatisfied with Safelite. I had asked the manager, Scott, if there was any further compensation they could do aside from switching the day and time, to which he again stated he gave me such a “hefty “discount that I should be grateful etc. I had rescheduled my appointment for four days from today, and explain to the gentleman that I was dissatisfied with how he spoke with me as well as the service. I am hoping that nobody else has to go through this type of situation.

  • Mike says:

    One of your drivers hit me while on the highway, trying to get in touch with someone to process a claim

  • Diane Stapleton says:

    I had my windshield on my c300 2015 mercedes replaced today by a Derek out of peublo Co. I. Canon city. He had difficulty with the windshield wipers. He said he got it fixed. He lied he did not. They only wipe part way. He seems to have gotten the wipers switched right to left. I am furious. We move from here in 3 days. A I get is answering machine any number I call. Memorial day is Monday. We will be in the area but when will they fix this. I have to wait till next Thursday to stop the charge on my credit card. It is supposed to storm this week. I will be at work at DOC where safelite can’t come on. Grounds. All the things we need to deal with and now this. I expect help with this by Tuesday without issue.

  • Vicky says:

    My daughter had a cracked windshield and it looks worse after the repair. Safelite is starting to turn out to be a scam pretty bad service, along with crappy service. Stay away from them if I could post a picture I would it really bad

  • Karen says:

    On Saturday April 30th a tech came and was to replace my windshield. I was told that it could not be replaced. I asked what were my options and the tech told me (very flippently) ‘sell your car’……or take it to a repair shop.
    He then proceeded to show me a NEW and ADDITIONAL break that HE made to my windshield! His response to this matter? ‘Gee sorry’.
    I contacted his supervisor who came to appease me obviously, because he treated me like a 2nd grade student.
    They are not taking responsibility for their misconduct and actions that led to my windshield being worse after their tech was here….
    My next approach is contacting corporate offices

  • Adam S says:

    I went to Safelite on 4/29/2022 took my truck in to replace my windshield and during the road test the technician crash my truck and it’s total I waiting to see if Safelite does right by me and fully repair my truck or give me the full amount to buy the equivalent truck has work very hard to get it and by no means am I able to recover this lost it will take me years to get back to were I was

  • Dee says:

    Referral# 166197
    I just left Safelight TODAY still without my windshield fixed after my second rescheduled appointment.This time after waiting for 2 hours I’m told that the windshield they ordered has a scratch on it. I got up 6am for this appointment and rescheduled all my affairs for nothing. Why wasn’t the windshield that Safelight ordered inspected when it arrived? Safelight was Established in 1947, and they still do not understand the importance of Quality Control (QC). Total Garbage! As a retired military USAA member, I will be petitioning to have Safelight remove as one of their contractors for windshields. With my connections of over 1000 USAA members, I’m sure it will get somebody’s attention.

    • Ms. White says:

      I’m having the same problem and the Manager Casey in Mesquite would not come to the phone and talk to me and my car is at the shop, NOW!

  • Robert Newell says:

    If Safelight cared about the below mentioned comments the company leadership would ensure there was a response on their part.
    Another slow moving corporate behemoth out for the bottom dollar and not paying attention to the details of the customer’s needs
    No need to comment on my negative experience, it’s mentioned below a dozen times or more..

  • erin thomas /erin automoitve center says:

    i have a auto repair company in amherst ny i when to lockport ny to have my windshield replaced
    in 1 day we found a crack in it on the side called them was told need to wait 3 weeks before they can replace it [i think they put a chip in it when in stalled ]
    go there to get replaced and it is not covered they came up with b/s about why they can
    i called the manger for the area and he treats you like down know thing and you are just a dumb person
    i have been working on cars for over 40 years a nysi inspector
    i told him a was going some where else and he told me just to go and hung up on me

  • Teresa Gephart-Richmond says:

    Help Please. I had a replacement windshield installed on my 2015 Ford Escape Titanuim, the tech must not have calibrated the new windshield with the safety features. When my wipers didn’t work in the rain but decided to operate randomly even when feature was turned off I called for help. They set an appointment for Saturday April 9th 2022 between 12 noon and 5pm. They never called or showed up. I reached out to CS and confirmed my appointment was correct but was changed to April 11th between 8AM and Noon, but never emailed or called me. I work for a bank and have to be at work when they chose to change my appointment but not even notify me if it would work. I now have to ask my manager if I can come in late because I have no clue what’s going on. I spent Saturday waiting with no call, waiting my time when they could have called me. Now I have to use my PTO if approved to wait around for them to maybe show up. Not to mention I have still yet to receive a notification of any kind that I actually have an appointment at all on Monday. This incident will cost me over $105.00 of my PTO if they show between those times. They would not change the address of the appointment to my work which would have been easier. My appointment #04021-256035. I’ve used your company a few times before and can’t believe this has happened. Fix this.

  • M Meredith says:

    Please contact me

    M Meredith
    305 978-0361

  • RITA VEACH says:

    2 MONTHS AND 5 APPOINTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS FIXED

  • Dimetris Crayton says:

    If given a negative zero stars was an option for this company I would definitely choose it. I knew I should have followed my first mind and went with the BMW dealership to replace my glass. Instead I listen to my insurance company recommendation,which is this incompetent company. Don’t believe the hype with the commercials,due to Safelite sucks and the technicians are inexperienced. I took my car to have my driver side window replaced today, and my husband noticed an error. I contacted customer service immediately and they advised me to go back to the location for them to correct the issue,which was in Conyers,GA at 1501 Dogwood Drive SW. The customer service representative also called the location to advise we were on the way back for the issue to be corrected. The technician calls and ask my husband to explain the issue,once my husband explains the issue he then admits this is his first time working on a new 2022 BMW X4. I’m like are you serious,so Safelite is experimenting on my car. The technician then stated he’s not waiting on us to come back to fix his fuckup because he gets off at 5pm.At this time it was 4:45pm and my husband advised him he was 10-15 minutes away. The customer service representative apologized for the technician comment and ask how far were we due to the technician was adamant about leaving exactly at 5pm. I advised her no need to apologize,due to I was going to dispute my payment made to them with my credit card company . If the job was not done properly,or to it’s completion I will not pay Safelite. I also contacted my insurance to advise them of this as well. I’m sure once Safelite doesn’t get there money, someone will then call me to rectify this issue. My advice to anyone who needs glass repair/replacement,choose a company who values their customers,values their work,and are big on customer service/satisfaction.

  • Michelle says:

    Set up an appointment. Got a confirmation email and I took the day off to be available between 12-5. Sat all day watching the time pass, once it hit 4 pm I got worried and texted a chat line for assistance. They couldn’t find my service order. So, I called instead, they then tell me there was a glitch in their system and my appointment wasn’t put on their list for today! Yet I received confirmation by email as well as text saying a technician will be seeing me between 12-5. The manager told me he had no technician to send me they were all gone for the day. It was 435 when I was being told this. And that I’d have to reschedule for the morning. And that he can’t verify they’d be there first thing because he can’t reach his technician to verify!! What?! Just a waste of my entire day! And I missed work for this.I’m so glad I didn’t pay for it, I chose to pay at service. I canceled completely!!

  • Joe Penzes says:

    Two weeks ago Safeties replaced windshield with distorted product.
    Yesterday replace that windshield with similar bad product. To escalate the issue the technician broke the wiper actuator leaving us with an unsafe vehicle and lost of work for my wife as a caregiver. Safelite contact us ASAP. YOU PUT MY FAMILY AT RISK !!

  • Trisha Noland says:

    Windshield great, epoxy on my console not so great. Now my console that they tried to get the epoxy off is even more effed up! Beyond furious. Yes they are ordering a part to replace it but 3 hours in their waiting room on my day off is ridiculous and atleast 3 weeks for a replacement part and then to find the time to get the part replaced?? I wish I would have done better research before closing this place! Think before you choose folks!!

  • MRC says:

    Seems the only thing they are consistent at in incompetence. Have been dealing with the incompetence of the Jacksonville Florida location for six weeks. They ordered the wrong windshield 4 times, blames the customer for their errors, no follow up or information unless we called them. No one takes accountability – when finally got a supervisor on day of install, after they finally showed up 6 hours late manager RAGIVA SCHULTZ was nothing but a robot with an ATTITUDE Will NEVER use again

  • James says:

    I am a OTR truck driver owner opperator and when I had the appt. Made they did not keep it and it cost me $650.00 to $800.00 dollars I would find other means of getting a window or windshield fixed not happy at all with this company

  • Laquita Cormany says:

    This is the most unhelpful group EVER! I have been dealing with Safelite since 12/29/2021 when they installed the incorrect windshield on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. My son was home for the installation so it was not caught for a few days. I called Safelite and was told that it was a GEICO issue. I called GEICO who contacted the Oklahoma Area Safelite people, who then stated that they did not know if they could obtain the correct windshield!? But that they would call me when they received the windshield, I then received an email that an Installer would be out to replace my windshield, NO ONE EVER CALLED TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT. I called the number listed on the email for the person on the phone to tell me that I DID NOT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT, then the installer showed up WITH THE WRONG WINDSHIELD. Then the installer had their service manager call me and scheduled an appointment for 2 days later with the correct windshield, for that appointment to be CANCELED and rescheduled, I called the day of the rescheduled appointment to find out that NO ONE KNEW THAT THERE WAS AN APPOINTMENT, they put me on the schedule for the next day, THAT WAS CANCELED due to weather, even though I asked about the weather when I was on the phone with the lady, she said it would be ok, now I am in limbo! AGAIN!

  • Rob says:

    I hate using your service and after this warranty issue is resolved I will not use you again. This is the second window I’ve used you for. The first time was fine except while installing the window the tack pinched my wiper fluid line. Not a big deal and the local branch remedied the problem very quickly. This time I needed a repair for my 2020 Ram. There is apparently some issue with getting the correct info. I couldn’t get the repair scheduled on line and had to have an agent call me. This time I decided to attempt a fix instead of replacement. Part of the thought behind that was that if the repair wasn’t effective I could apply the money spent on it towards a replacement. So here we are a few months later and the repair isn’t working and needs to be replaced. So I follow the online scheduling and run into the same problem. After entering the requested information your online booking software can’t recognize my truck and that a rep will (again) need to contact me. Ugh annoying but it’ll be fine. Except nobody calls me this time. So I call the number in an attempt to get ahold of customer service. This was the ultimate act of futility! Every voice menu pushed me to the online booking that I already know doesn’t work or directed me to the website’s FAQ. None of these help me. After numerous attempts I chose questions about my completed appointment and got redirected to customer care where I was told my call “could be monitored for quality purposes” and I was told to hold for the next available representative. Awesome getting somewhere! 10 seconds later ring ring and I get we’re not available to take your call goodbye! No explanation or anything just hung up on. Great job Safelite. You’re already a powerhouse company in the industry. So if you want to stay there start spending some of you wealth on customer service instead of all of the TV commercials. Judging by this page you’re losing customers at an insane rate!!!

  • Edward says:

    Safelite is 0 for 3. I have made (3) 2 hour+ drives to their office in Charlottesville VA and still my windshield is still not replaced. They still can’t get a replacement windshield that isn’t scratched / broken from their warehouse. They don’t call to tell you that the replacement windshield is already ruined, they TOTALLY SUCK!!!! ATTENTION CORPORATE EXECUTIVES!!! ARE YOU LISTENING?? DO YOU CARE???

  • Edward Crews says:

    Awful service I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks (insurance job)…. to have my window finished correctly. I’ve taken days off from work too have this done.The first glass was distorted so needs too come back out next they don’t have the clips too put my moldings back correctly. I keep getting lied too about what the hold up is each week. I’d never refer anyone too have their vehicle done by Safelite. I suggest not touching or doing car windshield without all the correct parts on hand and ready.

  • Scott says:

    My Safelite experience is 2 weeks of waiting with 3 cancelled appointments and no one gives a crap. Thanks for Nothing Safelite!!! Still no rear glass!!

  • Silvia Gastelum says:

    The safelite services through my Allstate insurance has been horrible. I called to get my windshield replacement and mentioned the line was about 4 inches long and was informed that it could be repaired. I went to your tempe location in Arizona on Saturday the 6th and as soon a the tech saw it he said it needed to be replaced because it was bigger than the size of a quarter. The location was not near me and I was upset I drove there just to be to that it wasn’t Repairable even though I gave a description. I called safelite again to complain about their lack of knowledge and having people drive to a location nowhere near them for something that could have been taken care of over the phone. I explained the situation and was then made another appointment on the following Monday.she mentioned that if I had a deductible it would show on my appointment. The appointment was another waste of my gas and time. She made me an appointment again for a repair not a replacement. I mentioned that to the tech that this was a mistake and he said that would talk to his manager about getting me compensation for their mistake and having me drive down twice for no reason. They made my appointment for replacement at my condo the next day. The tech left glass above my dash and plastic from the rain sensor he had to stick back on my vehicle. The receipt showed that the tech vacuumed and cleaned the outside of the windows which was not completed. I called the office to let them know that they had that on my receipt and it wasn’t completed. They tried to send the tech back but I told him not to come back as I have taken my kids walking to our neighborhood park. It’s been 3 days since I complained and was told I’d receive compensation and have not been contacted yet. You pride yourself on great customer service but I have yet to see that service. I will be submitting this complaint to the BBB.

  • John Raimondo Jr says:

    It started out when I got a stone chip and crack (about 12 inches long) back in August.
    I reported the crack to my insurance company and they referred me directly to your firm. I talked to your agent to get on the schedule and during that conversation he offered to come to my house to perform the work. The date was set for a day in September (can not remember the exact day) between 12 and 6 PM. I waited for 3 hours (from 11 AM to be sure I was available in case they would happen to be early) and received a call just after 2 PM. instead of someone on the other end telling me they were on their way, the message was that – oops! they did not have the windshield therefore they could not install it. Failure #1 How do your representatives not know at least in the morning of whether a needed windshield is available and then inform the customer in a reasonable timeframe?

    So….., I was connected later that day with your scheduling representative to reschedule. Due to a busy schedule, the next available day was in October. 10/13 I believe – not sure. Once again, they were to come to the house, again sometime between 12 and 6 PM.

    On the appointed day, a Tech showed up about 11:35 AM. As soon as he looked at the car, he realized that the windshield he had was the wrong one for my car. He also noted that the car was a convertible. Failure #2

    So……, once again, I was put in contact with your scheduling representative to schedule a 3rd attempt. It was about a week before a new schedule could be established because they had to wait for information on when the new windshield would arrive. Finally, they called and a new date was established. In addition, I was told that the installation had to be at your facility, not a house call, because of the car being a convertible. Not sure how the fact that the car was a convertible escaped earlier scheduling efforts since they had the make and model AND vin number but that is what I was told. When the schedule was established, I asked about how long the effort would take because I needed to know if I should drop it off or wait. I was told 1 – 2 hours and since I lived about 45 minutes from your facility, I determined to wait for the car because 2 – 45 minute trips did not make sense in a 2 hour time frame.

    I arrived at your facility about 8:30 – 8:45 AM and handed over the key fob. I sat there and about 9:15 AM, A tech came out and said that he would have the car completed in 4 hours. Failure #3

    Four hours – Since I had not pre-arranged a ride I had no option but to sit there and wait for the entire 4 hours. I complained of course. When your desk rep heard my complaints about the 4 hours wait, she tried to make the case that it was the fault of the car being a convertible and needing recalibrating that the 2 hour effort would now be 4 hours. Failure #4

    They knew well in advance of the scheduling, after the wrong windshield event that both the car was a convertible (the stated reason for my having to go to your facility and not my house) and the recalibration (why the 1st windshield was wrong) needs. So this excuse was really just a made up excuse. At this point, I just told your desk rep to stop talking to me as I did not want any more of this conversation since it was useless.

    Bottom line, thru 2 months of effort, all your representatives did for your firm was to create a perception of incompetency. Not completely as the finished installation seems to be fine – looks good. I say seems to be as no water test can be performed for a couple days yet.

  • Robert Hampton says:


  • Bob says:

    I had Safelite replace my windshield in my Jeep Grand Cherokee a few years ago. Everything went well until this spring when I started having electrical problem. I took it to the dealer and was informed that all of the electrical connections under the dash was corroded because there was a small leak in the windshield gasket. So now I’m stuck with thousands of dollars in repairs and the vehicle has become unreliable.

  • George says:

    I will never go to safelite again! After spending almost $1000 for a windshield for my f150 KR it has now leaked 4 times and they have pulled it and tried to fix it and yet it continues to leak (all from different places) into my floor and now causing mold to build up under the carpet. And what pisses me off the most is the techs have pointed out to me each time why it was leaking but now the office is denying it because they didn’t put it on their paperwork. I will never go with safelite again or take any of my company vehicles either.

  • penne says:

    Your “call center” does not seem to be an ADVANTAGE for your franchisees
    I attempted to get a quote for a new windshield.
    I could not call my local business… I had to deal with your rude and ignorant call center.
    After 20 minutes of poor customer service … I hung up and called express glass.
    I got a person on the phone that was at the location and scheduled my new windshield replacement.
    Your call center said there is NO WAY to call you local business – and I was DONE with safelite
    It seems that your company would consider the Customers needs and get rid of your stupid call center

  • Angie Hoffman says:

    Wow! As I read comments below – I am shocked that this company does not care to find a way to fix a clearly broken model. My story is below.

    A rock hit my windshield causing minor damage to the bottom passenger side. I report the claim to my insurance and they tell me they are contracted with Safelite to repair or replace vehicle glass. The crack was larger than a quarter so the entire windshield had to be replaced. The vehicle was purchased new in June of 2021 and because of the advanced technology in the windshield I had to take the car into their shop for repair which is a 25 miles from our house.

    On the day of the first appointment was a Saturday, I bring the car to the Safelite location on Cowan Street in Nashville, TN. I walk into the reception area, speak with someone who took my keys and informed me that the process would take 2 plus hours to complete so I left the vehicle there and drove back to our town for appointments and errands. 2 hours later I receive a call from Safelite informing me that they had ordered the wrong windshield for my car and that I needed to make another appointment for a later date. Meanwhile the crack is beginning to spread.

    Two weeks later we take the car back to them on a Thursday morning. I repeat the same process with Safelite as I did two weeks before and leave the car. I receive a call 3 hours later the repair was completed. I had an hour window to pick up my car before my next meeting, which remember is 25 miles from our house. When we pick up the car with the new windshield I notice something on the glass which I thought at the time was glue that they may have spilled on it. I thought to myself that we can clean that up when we get home. Well, the large streaks were not glue that spilled on the glass but flaws within the glass. What?????!!!!! This car is a brand new car.

    I call Safelite to inform them right away that the glass is flawed on a brand new car and may I please have the windshield repaired properly. They inform that they need to order the specific windshield for my car, again and made an appointment for me to return two weeks later. Well, the day before my appointment I receive a call from Safelite that the windshield is not in yet and that they will call me when it arrives. Who knows how long that will take.

    The original appointment was on September 11th and here we are 5 weeks later. It looks like it will be a week or so longer. My story and others like it indicate poor leadership within the organization and poor management within each location. These and other stories like it affect your reputation, Mr. Feeney. Do you not care about the reputations of your company? Unfortunately, bad news travels faster than good ones.

    This has been a very disappointing experience.

  • Andrew Gentile says:

    I Live south Philadelpia
    How could you guys stop
    Taking up parking on 10th passyunk ave

    You have a parking. In your lot
    But your company keep taking
    Up parking on the street.
    Guess your company Does not Care

  • Robert Garner says:

    I submitted a request for a quote on Sunday via your website and as of today at 10:17 pm EST I have not been contacted.

    • Amanda says:

      I would not use them they use cheap windshields I literally just got my windshield replaced son the 13th of august now I have a stress crack and they do not want to replace the windshield

  • Robert masters says:

    I have a 2001F250 pick up truck Safelite has been out three different times to replace window they lost the screws to my panels now the last time they broke the switch to roll my windows up and down now switch is hanging by wires first time they come out the rep said they had the wrong glass had to get factory window because aftermarket would not work in the truck second rep come out he said he had the same class didn’t know why they did not order the correct list they finally come out with the glass on the third trip after they said it was back ordered from Ford which I found Ford said they had plenty of them five day lead time when the first rep, I asked him to please put the panel back so I could use my truck to run loads to the dump he did not put it back so I did not use my truck but the second rep didn’t do it either he said the first guy lost all the screwsWhen the third rep come out he put everything together but the panel was real loose it would pull off the truck if you tried to close the door from the inside and my selector switch is broke hanging on by wires Safelite tells me they can’t get the switch is back ordered I find it hard to believe you cannot get an aftermarket switch awesome house rep come down after the third got to tighten up panels now my window worked twice now it won’t go up or down don’t want to burn my motor up still can’t use my truck this going on for like four months now please help me get my truck fixed nobody interested in messing with it now I don’t know what to do I told the lady in Midlothian Virginia have Manager call me please that was a week ago no word from them guys she would not give me a corporate office number my phone number 804894756 for Robert masters thanks Church Road Virginia

  • Lesley Baber says:

    safelite Commercials, Everytime I see this commercial with someone with a broken window on vacation and they drive up to get a new window ready to pay. And tech tells them ita covered by their insurance, fall I thought the same but had a $500 deductible and paid $385 out of pocket. Correct your commercial.

  • James O Shaffer says:

    Can’t even get a quote. never seen such bad phone service ,I will never use safelite and never recommend them .YOU SUCK!

  • SM says:

    Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of interacting with a Safelite Van Driver who was driving erractically, crazy, and looking like he might be endangering others, on I-95 coming through New Haven., heading North around 2:00 pm… Multiple attempts to reach someone at your 800 number, to advise this were unsuccessful – VM hell…giving you a heads up before this driver kills someone.

  • Karla Pauline Anderson Olterman says:

    Nightmare of a company. No human customer service available. Switched around and around, disconnected, transferred to the Spanish speaking option (I don’t speak Spanish). Second appointment canceled today at the last minute by Safelite, stating it was not authorized to replace only one window at a time (both front and back windows require replacement) and they only had my back windshield in stock. The first appointment was canceled after I traveled to the location. Two days of my time ruined because of this company’s inability to communicate properly and problem solve the alleged issue. Unable to safely operate my car with a back plastic replacement window. All of this since July 24. Stressed to the max.

  • Cheryl Castle says:

    I’d like an email address to someone in regard to my employment and my background screening

  • Cheryl Castle says:

    Is there an email I could get to respond in reference to my background check/drug screening?

  • Mike says:

    I went to my scheduled appointment today to replace a windshield… I made the appointment two weeks ago… I had to make arrangements to have someone pick me up…. When I got there they told me my windshield was not there and we would have to reschedule…. A phone call would have been nice….their magazine selection included herb life…. Not something I would think you want promoted at your locations. Modesto CA

  • Marc says:

    I spent over $1000 on a replacement windshield and a couple months later the leather molding around my heads up display and along the windshield starts to puckle up. I contact Safelite and they say that they only warranty the windshield. That’s total and complete bullshit. My dash wasn’t coming apart before the installation of the windshield. Surely a company would want to make their customer satisfied and remedy the situation. NOT SAFELITE…I TOO WILL PURSUE THIS ISSUE UP TO AND INCLUDING LITIGATION!!! IT MIGHT BE TIME TO FORM A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was under the impression that your company was a drug free zone. I know for a fact that marijuana is smoked quite heavily in your bellingham washington location. I know someone that is no longer able to work there due to this problem. This employee became very sick from smoking and being around all other employees in this shop and in the trucks. This person has stopped smoking pot but gets sick now going to work.
    I will not be using your services anymore due to drug use.

  • Tracy says:

    Had to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment for them to come to my house to replace my windshield. I got an email confirmation that they would show up at my address. The night before the appointment and morning of, I get another confirmation telling me that I am supposed to be at their shop, not my house, 45 minutes away. I called to let them know of their screw-up, and now I have to wait 30 days for another appointment. To make matters worse, their automated phone line is very frustrating. It gives you several choices and if your problem doesn’t fit in their box, it’s near impossible to get an actual human on the line, instead it keeps looping into their predetermined choices of possible issues, not the one I had. I am only using them because they are my insurance company’s recommended vendor. I would not use them gain. Very frustrating experience.

  • t says:

    Absolutely the worst company I had a windshield replaced in October few months later had water getting into my car in the top right corner from a faulty installation. Called to have a tech come out and access it the windshield had to be replaced a 2nd time, due to the water moisture condensation got inside the the vehicle MOLD grew all over inside from the floors, seats, console and seat belts. My car was ruined and it was a 30k vehicle I almost was done paying off. The tech advised me a manager would contact me do to this being there fault, two days later not a word. I got on there emails and then started blowing up there phone. I was then contacted by a manager and told they would provide a rental and I had to get an estimate of the damages asap. I had to pay for someone to steam clean the car before I could even get the estimate done cause it was covered in mold, the next morning I go to bring the car to the body shop I notice condensation yet again inside the brand new installed windshield. Body shop called me said car is a total loss over 10k in damages whole car needed to be gutted, on top of that I could face electrical issues with the moisture leaking down the trim and could have seeped under the dash board.
    Also I never received a rental car for over a month now cause enterprise only had trucks and SUV’s and my allowance safelite gave didn’t cover but only a car, so no car to use so loss of use of a vehicle, I paid for a moisture reading and it showed 75.1% moisture inside the vehicle (so unsafe ) to be in and can make you sick, loss time at work and I still have no check for my vehicle’s replacement at this time. I’m furious with this company, overwhelmed and recommend anyone who needs a window replacement to stay completely away from this company at all cost necessary.

  • Cherie says:

    On July 2nd, the driver was headed eastbound on Sunrise Hwy, N.Y.. The driver was speeding and tailgating through traffic. Someone needs to speak to this driver. It was around 1pm, #20976. My grandson took the picture for the information. It’s disgusting to see a service the fixes driving recklessly on the road!

  • Anthony says:

    had a crack from a pebble in my windshield scheduled an appointment in Bethpage ny paid 139.99 plus tax paid for it was handed the receipt went to the car and the crack was still there. I went back into the shop and the guy said it looks good wtf thr crack is still there i asked for the manager Danielle Greenberg she asked me did the tech who took your keys explaing that the crack would be visible after “THE REPAIR”
    I replied no if i knew that why would i agree to that? I asked her to bring the man to the reception area and lets see what he told me her response was no she was way to busy to do that and she was busy and way behind her schedule. I went homw spoke to the district manager and he tried to get her on the phne to no avail. He then told me if they try again to fix the crack and it cracked further they arent responsable for it
    I told them this is deceptive he then asked if i signed the workorder before the work was done i told him i wasnt given any paperwork till AFTER i paid for the job and lo and behold it says it on the folder they gave me AFTER i paid for the job. I will persue this to the end if they dont refund me the money for a shoddy deceptive practice

  • Bob Gries says:

    Safelite installed my windshield improperly. Attempted to fix problem 4 times, still no good. Spent over $500 and they refuse to refund me money.

  • Donna says:

    Awful will never use again! Where’s your customer service? Are you hiding them! Big company like this should have a customer service department. When you call the number if you are not making an appointment the automated system hangs up on you! UNBELIEVABLE

  • Joe Kenney says:

    After 4 trips to the Ellwood Office in Phx ,Az., my glass is still not installed. Apparently the aftermarket supplier of glass and associated installation required parts has poor engineering and no link to safelite with respect to actual parts availability. I incorrectly assumed that since Safelite was the preferred supplier for USAA that this was a top notch company. Apparently, the cost cutting approach to outsourcing supply chain management and aftermarket parts is not working at all. I will be sharing my experience on FB so that others can make sure they know what they could be potentially running into when using Safelite

  • Angelo Cipollone says:

    The absolute worst and the most rude people answering phones that represent your company never thank you, No form of empathy whatsoever. And blatant lies that they call you.Avoid safe flight in Oklahoma City and absolute disaster regarding customer service.

  • AL says:

    I tried to find a complaint line on your web site for individual reporting, but nothing found except this page. Well, I will add my comments as well for a poor/misleading/misinformation/price gouging/ and unprofessional attitude/behavior of your personnel. I don’t care if its a franchise or corporate. The store carries your company name. Here’s my situation:
    I contacted the local Safelite autoglass on 530 S 500 West Bountiful, UT 84010 two weeks ago. The lady rep informed me that since I had replaced my windshield under the previous company (Technaglass that was bought out by Safelite glass), I need to bring in the vehicle with the Technaglass sticker showing the warranty number. Well, today I stopped by and presented the vehicle. I was told by the front office rep, that no, there’s a copy of original invoice needed and the system doesn’t have the information. I told her about contradicting information I received, so she adamantly stated that’s what she wants. I don’t know what else excuses she would’ve added even if I had a copy. So I asked her for a repair cost for 4 rock chips on my windshield. She came up with a cost of $80.00 +. Then I asked how much a new windshield will cost and was told $391.46. I also asked her for a print our of the two quots and was only provided with the higher one. So, as I understand THIS IS A HIGHWAY RUBBERY BUSINESS YOU HAVE STARTED IN A SO CALLED LEGAL FORM. My god I had a windshiled replaced on my 2015 Subaru Legacy at the same location only two months ago for $250.00 and here I am quotated $391.46 for a simple, small front 2003 Jeep Wrangler.
    I have also misled and lied to about the warranty. This is a joke. I strongly believe there will be a national law suit, very soon, to teach you not to treat people like this for a sake of few dollars.

  • Dennis Wilkey says:

    I am looking for warranty on a windshield installed in March at Safelite in Terre Haute, Indiana. So far I have not been able to contact anyone at Safelite. Please let me know who to contact for this service.

  • A friend of single mother taken advantage of says:

    A very good friend and single mother and grandmother has worked so hard to get buy and finally able to purchase vehicle and unfortunately window was cracked so used safelite in st.pete fl . but more damage done to car ..they tried to fix with super clue but did not work , car is taken water through a leak caused by safelite and has been month now so water damage and mold and small is occuring …she is not looking for money but for car to be fixed the way a repeatable company should fix. If not rectified in a timely manner we will post on google, yelp, fb , BBB , and contact fox news to see if they will do review on a.m. news and be forced to contact a lawyer ..we dont wanna go any route just car fixed .
    Thank you a customer from past who recommended you . please stand by work

  • Matt Kim says:

    I just want to talk to someone to ask IF you can repair the back glass in my Jeep, but there is no way to do so?! I’m not going to blindly book an appt before I even know of you can fix it….who does that?!

  • John Hinckley says:

    I had service done on 3/21/2020. I was over charged on my OOIDA deductible by $49.91. I have talked with my local people and they agreed I should get a refund. Nothing happened even after I called them several times. I finally sent an email to your corporate office and got a response back from Lisa Burney a customer care agent. She said she spoke with my local shop and they again approved the refund to be sent to me by check instead of credit card refund. That was on 3/29/20. As of today 5/13/20 I have still not received my refund. In speaking with OOIDA they to saw the over charge and said a refund was needed. So my question is WHEN AM I GOING TO GET MY REFUND? And I’m not even complaining that they had to come out a second time because the windshield leaked so bad it flooded the cab of my truck!!!!!! I don’t think I would recommend your service to anyone…..Invoice #06228-418155, #151-01831-238-232042-T. Store #230031 MAY 13, 2020.

  • Scott Romer says:

    To whom it may concern.

    I had set up an appointment online 5 days in advance at your repair site on 1393 Walnut in Pasadena calif. I had filled out all the information and received a quote on our 2018 Genesis G80 via your web site.
    The manager Eric accepted the car at 8am on the day of the appointment (today 12/17/2019). After taking a Urber to work, someone at your site (not even your manager Eric) calls and tells us that they don’t replace that windshield and it can only be replaced by a Genesis dealer. So now am I not only frustrated but out the money for Uber both ways! If you can’t do the job why is that model even listed on your site?? fyi the order number was 01907-960438. Not to mention my wife is totally pissed at me, thanks!

  • Dorothy Pfau says:

    Was wondering if you your company was looking for space in the Bronx are in New York

  • Lorne Coody says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am Mr. Lorne Coody, so let’s get to my concern. My reference number is 639968.

    On June 11, 2019, between the hours of 3pm and 4pm. I was contacted by one of your staff members, I was informed of my Windshield Replacement appointment was cancelled. I was also told by this person that my claim was in a pending status and I will be contacted once approval was given. I was told to my claim with USAA was in a pending stating and was waiting approval.

    I contacted the USAA after numerous telephone calls and I was given the telephone number to the pricing department of your organization and the telephone number is 614-602-2120. I called this telephone number requesting assistance and spoke with a very gentlemen named, Christian. He informed of his department not receiving any information from your Safelite Shop located on 56th South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, Washington pertaining to my windshield being replaced. So, repeating, my claim is pending approval.

    Also, to make matters worst, I called your organization and spoke to quite a few people, and finally spoke with a nice lady after 4:30pm yesterday evening. So, looked up my information and asked the questions that I was asked about care on June 7, 2019. She stated I will send this up right away. So, my question is how can my claim in a pending status when no information was given by this shop.

    So, what did I do, I went to Speedy Glass Shop four blocks down the road from your establishment. I explained to her about my windshield not mentioning your organization. She contacted a technician in their shop, he accessed my windshield and stated, my windshield is a special order because of me having the Eyesite System in my car and windshield would have to ordered with approval of USAA. Also, providing USAA will cover the payment, and approval will be need to be received before they can order the glass, if USAA does not cover the payment I will out of pocket expenses. The Subaru Dealership was contacted right in front of me, a part number was given concerning the windshield, forward to USAA, and I was informed I should hear something today or by thursday. Once approved, I will have my windshield by friday and no later than Saturday morning.

    Once again after speaking with lady, I believed she rushed my claim though, all of a sudden I get an email informing me of an scheduled appointment for June 17, 2019 at 1pm, no thank you, I will cancelling that today.

    So, I want thank for trying assist but, no thank you. I would like to request this windshield claim be cancelled at this time.

    I will be contacting USAA this morning as soon as it opens at 8am and informing them of my cancellation.

    Thank you, Lorne.

  • jennifer harris says:

    your mentor ohio unit damage my auto and are being unreasonable in trying to resolve it working with your corprate office in Columbus ohio is not helping it appears there no one charge please advise

  • William Buchanan says:

    My name is William Buchanan. I had a scheduled appointment for a windshield replacement and the tech left before the job was even started. I feel that he was very unprofessional. I have used your company several times in the past but will never use it any more. My # for further discussion is:(931)215-1887.

  • >