Where is Safelite Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 7400 Safelite Way, Columbus, OH 43235, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 877-664-8932
  • Fax Number: 614-210-9451
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 12501
  • Established: 1947
  • Founder: Bud Glassman and Art Lankin
  • Key People: Thomas Feeney, Doug Herron, Steve Mig, Dino Lano, Brian O'Mara

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Safelite Headquarters Executive Team



Thomas M. Feeney

Chief Executive Officer and President

Tim Spencer

Chief Financial Officer

Rich Harrison

Chief Operations Officer and Senior Vice President

Dino Lanno

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Mark Placenti

Senior Vice President

About Safelite, History and Headquarters Information

Does your windshield have a crack or scratches? Does it make it hard for you to drive? Well if that is the case, you need to immediately set an appointment with Safelite AutoGlass.

Safelite AutoGlass is one of the leading companies when it comes to repairing the cracks and scratches of your windshield. Once you have a problem with your windshield, it needs to be solved as soon as possible, to help you drive better. They are part of the Safelite Group which is known as the biggest family of retail auto glass companies. They have been in the business for over half a century, which guarantees you nothing but a trustworthy service. With a long time experience, you can expect a high-quality service. Whatever kind of vehicle glass you have, they’d be able to handle it. Safelite AutoGlass can replace all types of vehicle glass, so you have nothing to worry about. There have served many satisfied customers, and you can be one of them. They are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

So if you want to get your windshield fixed, free from all the cracks and scratches in no time, go and schedule an appointment now.

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  • Anthony says:

    had a crack from a pebble in my windshield scheduled an appointment in Bethpage ny paid 139.99 plus tax paid for it was handed the receipt went to the car and the crack was still there. I went back into the shop and the guy said it looks good wtf thr crack is still there i asked for the manager Danielle Greenberg she asked me did the tech who took your keys explaing that the crack would be visible after “THE REPAIR”
    I replied no if i knew that why would i agree to that? I asked her to bring the man to the reception area and lets see what he told me her response was no she was way to busy to do that and she was busy and way behind her schedule. I went homw spoke to the district manager and he tried to get her on the phne to no avail. He then told me if they try again to fix the crack and it cracked further they arent responsable for it
    I told them this is deceptive he then asked if i signed the workorder before the work was done i told him i wasnt given any paperwork till AFTER i paid for the job and lo and behold it says it on the folder they gave me AFTER i paid for the job. I will persue this to the end if they dont refund me the money for a shoddy deceptive practice

  • Bob Gries says:

    Safelite installed my windshield improperly. Attempted to fix problem 4 times, still no good. Spent over $500 and they refuse to refund me money.

  • Donna says:

    Awful will never use again! Where’s your customer service? Are you hiding them! Big company like this should have a customer service department. When you call the number if you are not making an appointment the automated system hangs up on you! UNBELIEVABLE

  • Joe Kenney says:

    After 4 trips to the Ellwood Office in Phx ,Az., my glass is still not installed. Apparently the aftermarket supplier of glass and associated installation required parts has poor engineering and no link to safelite with respect to actual parts availability. I incorrectly assumed that since Safelite was the preferred supplier for USAA that this was a top notch company. Apparently, the cost cutting approach to outsourcing supply chain management and aftermarket parts is not working at all. I will be sharing my experience on FB so that others can make sure they know what they could be potentially running into when using Safelite

  • Angelo Cipollone says:

    The absolute worst and the most rude people answering phones that represent your company never thank you, No form of empathy whatsoever. And blatant lies that they call you.Avoid safe flight in Oklahoma City and absolute disaster regarding customer service.

  • AL says:

    I tried to find a complaint line on your web site for individual reporting, but nothing found except this page. Well, I will add my comments as well for a poor/misleading/misinformation/price gouging/ and unprofessional attitude/behavior of your personnel. I don’t care if its a franchise or corporate. The store carries your company name. Here’s my situation:
    I contacted the local Safelite autoglass on 530 S 500 West Bountiful, UT 84010 two weeks ago. The lady rep informed me that since I had replaced my windshield under the previous company (Technaglass that was bought out by Safelite glass), I need to bring in the vehicle with the Technaglass sticker showing the warranty number. Well, today I stopped by and presented the vehicle. I was told by the front office rep, that no, there’s a copy of original invoice needed and the system doesn’t have the information. I told her about contradicting information I received, so she adamantly stated that’s what she wants. I don’t know what else excuses she would’ve added even if I had a copy. So I asked her for a repair cost for 4 rock chips on my windshield. She came up with a cost of $80.00 +. Then I asked how much a new windshield will cost and was told $391.46. I also asked her for a print our of the two quots and was only provided with the higher one. So, as I understand THIS IS A HIGHWAY RUBBERY BUSINESS YOU HAVE STARTED IN A SO CALLED LEGAL FORM. My god I had a windshiled replaced on my 2015 Subaru Legacy at the same location only two months ago for $250.00 and here I am quotated $391.46 for a simple, small front 2003 Jeep Wrangler.
    I have also misled and lied to about the warranty. This is a joke. I strongly believe there will be a national law suit, very soon, to teach you not to treat people like this for a sake of few dollars.

  • Dennis Wilkey says:

    I am looking for warranty on a windshield installed in March at Safelite in Terre Haute, Indiana. So far I have not been able to contact anyone at Safelite. Please let me know who to contact for this service.

  • A friend of single mother taken advantage of says:

    A very good friend and single mother and grandmother has worked so hard to get buy and finally able to purchase vehicle and unfortunately window was cracked so used safelite in st.pete fl . but more damage done to car ..they tried to fix with super clue but did not work , car is taken water through a leak caused by safelite and has been month now so water damage and mold and small is occuring …she is not looking for money but for car to be fixed the way a repeatable company should fix. If not rectified in a timely manner we will post on google, yelp, fb , BBB , and contact fox news to see if they will do review on a.m. news and be forced to contact a lawyer ..we dont wanna go any route just car fixed .
    Thank you a customer from past who recommended you . please stand by work

  • Matt Kim says:

    I just want to talk to someone to ask IF you can repair the back glass in my Jeep, but there is no way to do so?! I’m not going to blindly book an appt before I even know of you can fix it….who does that?!

  • John Hinckley says:

    I had service done on 3/21/2020. I was over charged on my OOIDA deductible by $49.91. I have talked with my local people and they agreed I should get a refund. Nothing happened even after I called them several times. I finally sent an email to your corporate office and got a response back from Lisa Burney a customer care agent. She said she spoke with my local shop and they again approved the refund to be sent to me by check instead of credit card refund. That was on 3/29/20. As of today 5/13/20 I have still not received my refund. In speaking with OOIDA they to saw the over charge and said a refund was needed. So my question is WHEN AM I GOING TO GET MY REFUND? And I’m not even complaining that they had to come out a second time because the windshield leaked so bad it flooded the cab of my truck!!!!!! I don’t think I would recommend your service to anyone…..Invoice #06228-418155, #151-01831-238-232042-T. Store #230031 MAY 13, 2020.

  • Scott Romer says:

    To whom it may concern.

    I had set up an appointment online 5 days in advance at your repair site on 1393 Walnut in Pasadena calif. I had filled out all the information and received a quote on our 2018 Genesis G80 via your web site.
    The manager Eric accepted the car at 8am on the day of the appointment (today 12/17/2019). After taking a Urber to work, someone at your site (not even your manager Eric) calls and tells us that they don’t replace that windshield and it can only be replaced by a Genesis dealer. So now am I not only frustrated but out the money for Uber both ways! If you can’t do the job why is that model even listed on your site?? fyi the order number was 01907-960438. Not to mention my wife is totally pissed at me, thanks!

  • Dorothy Pfau says:

    Was wondering if you your company was looking for space in the Bronx are in New York

  • Lorne Coody says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am Mr. Lorne Coody, so let’s get to my concern. My reference number is 639968.

    On June 11, 2019, between the hours of 3pm and 4pm. I was contacted by one of your staff members, I was informed of my Windshield Replacement appointment was cancelled. I was also told by this person that my claim was in a pending status and I will be contacted once approval was given. I was told to my claim with USAA was in a pending stating and was waiting approval.

    I contacted the USAA after numerous telephone calls and I was given the telephone number to the pricing department of your organization and the telephone number is 614-602-2120. I called this telephone number requesting assistance and spoke with a very gentlemen named, Christian. He informed of his department not receiving any information from your Safelite Shop located on 56th South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, Washington pertaining to my windshield being replaced. So, repeating, my claim is pending approval.

    Also, to make matters worst, I called your organization and spoke to quite a few people, and finally spoke with a nice lady after 4:30pm yesterday evening. So, looked up my information and asked the questions that I was asked about care on June 7, 2019. She stated I will send this up right away. So, my question is how can my claim in a pending status when no information was given by this shop.

    So, what did I do, I went to Speedy Glass Shop four blocks down the road from your establishment. I explained to her about my windshield not mentioning your organization. She contacted a technician in their shop, he accessed my windshield and stated, my windshield is a special order because of me having the Eyesite System in my car and windshield would have to ordered with approval of USAA. Also, providing USAA will cover the payment, and approval will be need to be received before they can order the glass, if USAA does not cover the payment I will out of pocket expenses. The Subaru Dealership was contacted right in front of me, a part number was given concerning the windshield, forward to USAA, and I was informed I should hear something today or by thursday. Once approved, I will have my windshield by friday and no later than Saturday morning.

    Once again after speaking with lady, I believed she rushed my claim though, all of a sudden I get an email informing me of an scheduled appointment for June 17, 2019 at 1pm, no thank you, I will cancelling that today.

    So, I want thank for trying assist but, no thank you. I would like to request this windshield claim be cancelled at this time.

    I will be contacting USAA this morning as soon as it opens at 8am and informing them of my cancellation.

    Thank you, Lorne.

  • jennifer harris says:

    your mentor ohio unit damage my auto and are being unreasonable in trying to resolve it working with your corprate office in Columbus ohio is not helping it appears there no one charge please advise

  • William Buchanan says:

    My name is William Buchanan. I had a scheduled appointment for a windshield replacement and the tech left before the job was even started. I feel that he was very unprofessional. I have used your company several times in the past but will never use it any more. My # for further discussion is:(931)215-1887.

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