Where is Safelink Wireless Corporate office Headquarters

Safelink Wireless Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 800 E Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 702-660-5238

  • Fax Number: 208-436-8889

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 400

  • Established: 1998

  • Founder: TracFone Wireless

  • Key People: Carlos Slim

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Safelink Wireless Headquarters Executive Team



Kevin Gulbranson

Senior Vice President of Product Management

Steve Ritter

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

About Safelink Wireless, History and Headquarters Information

TracFone  offers communication products under many brands one of which is Ssfelink Wireless. Safelink wireless provides their customers a means to stay connected with their loved ones and their daily life routine through their lifeline plans.

Tracphone wireless was founded in 1996 in Miami Florida, United States. THEIR Headquarters are also in Miami. They have a total of 90,000 retailerssnd their employees number since 2008 is 400 and more. TracFoneWireless , Inc.(TFWI) is a leading communication company and is a no contract mobile phone provider. Safelink Wireless is a product of Tracfoe and is a government funded program.

The services provided by Safelink are something to really look forward.  Safelink wireless is a Lifline supported service. There is a eligibility criteria and the customers which meet that criteria are provided with this service.  Eligible customers get 1000 minutes, unlimited text messages and limited amount of data.

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  • Timothy charles holmseth says:

    Lisa Phelps is being perpetrated against by someone committing fraud against her for her safelink account. The agents are not helping her. She is homeless and in need of service that she can work. No one is assisting with immediate reactivation of her service. This is a federal crime. Enrollment # 172855195 Lisa states for the record she verified her information and the fraud was someone else trying to activate a number in her name with her information resulting in the loss of her service. The one committing fraud did not know her security question so Lisa’s service should not have been disconnected.

  • FRED SPERM says:


  • Brenda williams says:

    Them phones they give you as a government phone does not work at all and when you try to get one replaced they tell you they cannot replace one for you all they do is give it a runarounds and lie to you someone get in touch with me please ASAP I have been having problems with them for the past month or so I’ve been trying to get a replacement phone and they refuse please feel free to email me back I really need to talk to someone that’s over them thank you

  • Thomas Fitzgerald says:

    I’ve never been so discussed talking to company. Today, 12-15-22, I was on the phone with SafeLink, trying to resolve a TracFone issue for my handicap friend. We did confirm his enrollment is still valid, but no resolve was made. Discussed in PA.

  • Guest says:

    Worse service ever. They continue to have the worst service I’ve ever encountered and absolutely no one at the company, if you can even talk to a real person, is able to help. Please hold for the next available blah blah blah…your wait time is 1 to 99999999 minutes, then you’ll get disconnected and have to start over. I’ve filed multiple.complaints with the fcc, bbb, and emails to senators and congressmen. With no resolution. The rich just keep getting richer off the backs of the people that are struggling to survive. Viva le revolution.

  • Jesse schweigert says:

    They messed up transfering phone numbers took the one on phone I called them on didn’t fix problem now I got my girlfriends number and service and she has nothing this was over 5 hours and still not able to fix this caused hard ship between my girlfriend and I and I am now homeless do to their actions.who pays for this

  • Kaynan Samatar says:

    What is this company’s business model? There are imbeciles and should be out of business. I called 12 times this morning, I have been on the phone since 6: AM, it’s 7:02 Am and I’m late for work. I just wanted to have my data included in my plan but they refuse or make so hard that I have to get another provider. I called the corporate office and the receptionist is an illiterate piece of garbage. I could smell her stinking, beer drinking pussy from the phone. This company is run by monkeys and lunatics. Fuck you safe shit dickless.

  • Paula grausnick says:

    Total B.S

    • Jesse schweigert says:

      This issue needs to be fixed immediately and compassion for the hardship it has caused me your agent did not have permission to do so she didn’t listen I’m very upset

  • Paula grausnick says:

    Well from what I’ve read here I just went through same crap as everyone else,except,I’ll be talking to the ,FCC

  • Shannon vester says:

    this company does nothing but continuously like about everything!!! I had a phone number for around 8 years that I brought with me to SafeLink while all the while the very first night with SafeLink would be the worst decision I’ve ever made!!! SAFELINK S CSR’S screwed my whole account up leaving me no working phone when after all my service was paid by our government! yet I’m left with no phone. then while I finally 3 months later spoke to a ACP REP who I felt knew what she was doing and she attched my enrollment I’d to my phone number that I brought with me from another company. well she got my minutes the wrong ones added to my phone then loses my number!!! how does a phone company lose your phone number and then lie to me telling me it’s a glitch in their system for me to call back the next day to have fixed. so I call and now they tell me I can’t have my number anymore that it isn’t in their system!!!! I am one pissed off customer who will let everyone that I know has this companies service know and I promise they will be losing a lot of customers!!! no one has time for such unprofessional customer service!!!

    • Dawn Giurbino says:

      i agree they just turned my phone on on Sunday with the government benefits and then shut it off on Wednesday and then I just paid for a plan that I have been getting for the last 3 years and they tell me that I can’t use it and won’t do a transfer of my benefits either

    • Bee says:

      Ive got one better. They took 4 days to port in my phone number,i was hung up on at least 6 times when you could tell the untrained employee didn’t know what she was doing, then day 4 they say they finally got it but they didn’t, they ended up porting my number to a different phone company, which by the way still doesn’t work my sim just shows the name. And now i keep getting the run around. Still no phone

  • Amber Dornan says:

    I need to speak with the person that’s over safe link wireless customer service I applied for SafeLink ( bring your own device that’s unlocked ) they send me a sim card kit and I recently just transferred my service to qlink for better service the bring you own device as well I reset my network settings and everything but apparently when I call qlink customer service they tell me I had to call the last company I had service with ( the is SafeLink ) to get them to take the hold hold off My device that I paid for not y’all and the first female ( Mary ) asked a question she said what is the last 4 digits of the credit card I used in the last couple weeks .. first off don’t no government program for approved benefits for a phone ask bout info about credit cards that’s doesn’t even have nothing to do with my account with SafeLink then this other girl got on the phone acting like they are better then me cause I receive government program benefits.. I tell them over and over and over bout the hold or what ever its called and I her both girls laughing said I need to call the service provider I bought the phone with ( my phone was unlocked when I stopped using straight talk and went to SafeLink but now I can’t switch to qlink ..the two girls ( Mary ) and the second one t said they was gonna transfer me to someone else and they hang up on me .. I still can’t use my qlink sim card I can’t call or text or use the internet I had to walk 3 blocks to borrow a phone and to get treated like that .. I have a block on my network carrier when I can’t fully transfer and activate my new sims card and that means I can’t use the phone I bought myself out of my own pocket and people like them makes people struggle when they get things handed to them I need to speak with the head people cause someone needs to fix this ??!!!!! I need to know what and how this is gonna be fixed and dealt with

  • Gail says:

    Safelink SUCKS! I never received my unlimited minutes/text. I keep calling to find out why I am not that plan instead they have me on a 350 Mon plan (like that is supposed to last a month) and they give me the run around every time I call, with a bunch of excuses after excuses which are LIES!!

    • Shannon vester says:

      same here I’m going through this as we speak!! they lied to me and said it would be correct next month….lol. little do they know I work for Verizon wireless and I know that it a Blanton lie and they could fix it right then.good luck go to AIRTALK WIRELESS I hear their awesome! good luck

  • Heather Marfizo says:

    I am needing to mention how there needs to be better trained employees for their Tech line. I have Safelink and it’s supposed to be unlimited talk, tex and data. Ever since I recieved a new sim card because Safelink is now using Verizon towers my phones data will not work at all. I should have ignored the new sim card and kept the old one in. My phone was working just fine and getting unlimited calls, tex and data when the old sim card was in the phone. Tech employees and supervisors have tried SEVERAL different things and NOTHING is working. I am all ready in a stretched extremely thin income and now i’m going to have to pay for service just to be able to have unlimited calls, tex and data. One other thing don’t try calling customer service because no matter how many times you call your getting transferred and disconnected EVERYTIME. They transfer you because they have no idea what to do about why the data is not working. NOBODY DOES. That’s why it’s still not working. So, i’m VERY unsatisfied and very disappointed in Safelink. They were better before they started using Verizon towers and having to send out new sim cards. I should have just kept my original one in like I mentioned earlier. All of the employees and supervisors don’t know how to switch it back to the old sim card eaither. So, why are they Supervisors if they don’t know?

    • Gail says:

      EXACTLY Heather! Their employees are so DUMB as well as the supervisors! No one came help me with my issue as well! I never received unlimited talk/text etc. You call and YES they disconnect you OMG what a bunch of idiot lying asses! I am going to another govt program!

  • Linda Z says:

    I do not know what the hell is going on. I want to transfer my number from Qlink to safelink. 5 days of long holds and on 3 way call with Qlink, Safelink and myself to verify my acct. And all my info even the transfer pin and nothing. Put on hold for the porting dept and press 1 for call back hangs up no call back or press 3 to remain on hold guess what hangs up. Was told not to press anything guess what your right hangs up again. No retailers near me so now I am taking the new phone back since they disconnected the number to port my Qlink number to the phone and it has become a VICIOUS CYCLE AND STILL NO END IN SITE

    • Janine says:

      I was in the phone for 2 days and they still cannot get my service going. I received a new phone from them and they cannot transfer the old phone to the new one hours on hold. Pathetic

    • Heather Marfizo says:

      Linda Z.,

      I just posted a comment that has yet to appear on here. Your totally and completely right about the Safelink disconnecting and all of that This is what I went through.

  • Sam says:

    Number not correct

  • BJ says:

    I live in Wisconsin and woman here was so helpful trying to make sure able to get a phone took a few days. not okay how hard it is for people who only receive social security and/or medicare

  • Stephanie Hobgood says:

    I have had horrible experience with safelink. I keep getting error message saying server unreachable for the past 3 weeks while trying to place calls. I can’t send texts or receive them either or receive calls. I even bought a replacement phone to put on my account thinking it was my phone somehow. I have spoke to safelink several times I’ve the past three weeks and my phone is still not working. They have not yet helped me to activate the replacement phone either. So here I am with a two year old toddler and no working phone service for over free weeks. I have spoke to supervisor and corporate office supposedly. But they all keep saying they will call me back in 20 mins or they will call me back in two hours and than they never call. And when I use some other phone to call since my doesn’t work it keeps saying safelink has technical difficulties and to try again later.

    • Gail says:

      Yes Stephanie me also! You used all of your mom’s/text is why you can’t receive/take calls or texts. Same here, they suck for real for real! I hate them! I am going to another ACP ASAP!

  • Cherri says:

    Your less than professional webpage with all the misspellings matches the lack of knowledge I’ve experienced with the customer service representatives. Every call made went to the Philippines. The use of more knowledgeable ENGLISH FLUENT personnel could accomplish at least four times more work in less time. The calls all go to an automated system which is the WORST I’ve ever experienced. Trying to get my data connection restored and restored correctly on my phone is going on three weeks.

  • Marilyn Best says:

    II have been trying to get my wireless phone activated for over two weeks from Tracfone.I can’t get anyone to help me ! I bought my phone from Safelink . how am I going to get it ready to use? I have a land line phone cordless. Tracfone keeps moving me to someone new and after being on my home phone my battery dies on my cordless, so it never gets activated!! please find some way to help me activate my cellphone. This is my life line phone when I’m not at home.

  • Why do Mirador says:

    Hey service data is not a good data signal coming through and they were than half the government form for your service programs available for a limited amount in the data network is sucks I know that I know is that it doesn’t work like the bigger girl

  • Alexis Hinsz says:

    I got a sim card for T-Mobile and I called to see how it works with my Verizon phone and ask to keep my same number, took 45 minutes and 3 people to send me a sim card with my phone number on it. They said a couple days, didn’t respond to my questions, just kept saying I needed to talk to someone else or they would say hold on I am checking and everyone got my IMIE number. They didn’t seem to be able to have a conversation with me or legitimately answer what I was asking. Well still haven’t received my new sim card with my current phone number on it! I am worried this is a scam to get into my phone.

  • Timothy Clark says:

    I’ve called safelink 8 times today in 7 hours trying to get tech support for my phone because it won’t text out or receive in coming texts. Every time they try to send me to the upper technical support it hangs up and then it takes me another 45 min.s to get hung up on again. Very crappy company for sure I lost a bunch of money today because I couldn’t text. Thanks for nothing!

  • William marsh says:

    I have a safe link wireless phone but it does not work I have called and tried to speak to representative all month trying to get them to help me get a new phone but we keep troubleshooting we have troubleshoot at Almont and same results I still have not gotten a new phone or they have not fixed the phone that I have I like to know what do I do now because they will not provide me with any information on getting a new government phone so that I am still enrolled in the program I need to speak to a representative that will help me not give me hoops to jump through I’ve been trying to have them to fix my phone for the whole month all they do is tell me that we are switching you to another department take the back of the phone off take out the Sim card we’ve done all of these procedures and the phone still does not work all I told them all at all I’ve asked them can I get a replacement phone since this phone does not work

  • Lamont Latimer says:

    Hi my name is Lamont Latimer and I’m trying to end my service with safelink but there telling me that if they don’t have the phone number or ime number then they can not get to my information to inform you I had lost the phone and can not remember the number but if possible can you or someone of special regards of safelink please end my service I know longer have that phone and I need to end my service out safelink data….

  • Patricia Tarver says:

    I receive a replacement phone on Friday and everytime I call SafeLink Phone number no one can help me Active the phone and get a new phone number on one can help me Active the phone and they keep you on hold for 30 minutes or more and they don’t speak English well l need help and they sent me a old reconditioned use phone l was supposed to get a new phone l’ve been with SafeLink for years my phone was out dated and old

  • Ronald Epps says:

    I think this Safelink thing is a scam on the government so I’m contacting my Congressman. Something is so wrong with this change of phones; yet you can’t get the service. I’ve never had this problem in 10 yrs or so! This needs to be investigated!

  • Ronald Epps says:

    I was sent a new phone and cannot get service.The service was turned off on old phone. I’ve called CS all week and provided info from new & old phone and still I have no service. I need to be able to contact the VA & other services. I’m a senior & Vet and still can’t get service. I’ve been lied to; put on hold forever and never was explained the problem! I’m in the free program for phone & service. Been in this multiple years. Please help me!

  • Beverly Ann says:

    The SafeLink wireless phone service is just plan rediculous! I recieved my SafeLink phone march 5th. I activated my phone and made a call, everything worked fine. The following day I called to have my old number ported over to my SafeLink phone that’s when everything went down hill. On the 7th I had no service to call or text. I had a message that said “server unreachable” but I still had access to the internet. I called, put on hold for over an hour, got transferred to 3 departments, then disconnected. On the 8th, I rebooted my phone, hoping it would make a difference, it did not. But I did notice I no longer had access to the internet. I repeated the steps again, switched to 3 departments, then disconnected. On the 9th same thing. Today the 10th. When I finally got thru to someone after an hour and a half on hold, a nice gentleman came on the line. I told him that I was gonna give him info from the beginning. I told him everything I had been thru and he said he was gonna help me. I told him how TracFone says I’m active and SafeLink says I’m enrolled but my SIM card has a different phone number. He was still certain he could help me. He said he had his supervisor beside him. After waiting 45 minutes on them to do this and do that, guess what???
    I was being transferred to the billing department where they can talk to the towers. And then I was disconnected. So tomorrow I get to do this all over again. But after reading the other comments I’m thinking of another carrier. Because my time is to precious to go thru this BS.

  • Philly says:

    Why you can’t get anyone at customer support been place on hold for 3 hrs, 2 hours, and today a call back suppose to be 30 minutes but it’s been over 2 hours

  • John Trippe says:

    I just got deenrolled from CA. Lifeline for the second time in less than sixty days because they did not remove my old phone from their system and it received no activity in 30 days, so I was dropped without any notice. Terms and agreements says that if they are going to deenroll me from my lifeline, they have to g I very me a 15 day notice…nothing, just u St screw you your phone service is cut off. I’m a senior citizen…it is crucial that I be given notice if my service is going to be cut off. No excuses…just cruel to do that to me.

  • Pawis says:

    I purchased a new phone off of the safelink website March 2021 for $69. In August the phone quit working. I called safelink and was transferred to tracfone. They agreed to replace the phone. I bought an LG phone on ATT network and I asked that they send the same. They sent 4 phones. None were the correct brand ( cheaper phones were sent) or the correct network. I told them repeatedly not to send Verizon as we get very bad reception. This was reiterated to them after each wrong phone was sent. Each return cost me a 44 mile round trip to the closest UPS store. They also told me they would refundmy money but they never would. I was also told by tracfone I must purchase an ATT SIM card from Wal-Mart to make the phone work. This was also a waste of money as it did not work. I finally gave up and bought another phone off of the safelink site. This one cost me $90 which I had to make payments on because I could not afford it. I bought the secondphone on Sept.23 2021. I finished paying it off in December. In January I was informed I must buy a new phone due to”network changes” by February. After hours on the phone with tracfone they finally sent a replacement phone- AGAIN on Verizon network which we get zero reception where we live. Again- HOURS ON THE PHONE with no resolution other than be told to BUY ANOTHER PHONE. I was alsotold to buy another SIM card from them to make the new phone work. It didn’t and I again wasted my money. I asked for a refund for the last phone so I could just buy the correct phone o the correct network and was told they would NOT REFUND because someone at tracfone had put in the wrong IMEI number for the phone. I did not put in the wrong number. I couldn’t of I wanted to. Yet They refused to refundme the$90. I am stuck with a phone that gets barely 1 bar if any signal at all because I can’t afford to buy another phone when I’m already into this for over$200 for two phones neither of which lasted more than 4 months and two useless SIM cards was told to purchase to fix the mess. I want my $90 refunded so I can get the right phone on the right network- which tracfone clearly cannot do no matter what.

  • ruth says:

    They’re not going to lightning safelinks phones will be shut off from government cuz I’m calling the government right now I am calling the government because they do not understand us people who needs needs

  • P.O'ed says:

    Also, find someone who knows how to structure sentences/paragraphs, the description above reads like a 3rd grader wrote it.

  • P.O'ed says:

    This SafeLink phone I just received does not work for either calls or texts. A call gets me Verizon message saying they’ll transfer me to an external operator who will complete call with a credit card or calling card and I am roaming. WTF..I need a phone I am on disability.
    SafeLink says it’s in service but I cannot even call or chat to get support..

  • Maureen says:

    I’ve been with safe link since 2017, I am appalled at the incompetent lack of services provided. I have unlimited text’s every month at the end of the service date they stop my texting for 4 to 5 days.
    When I call they tell me there is nothing they can do unless I have another phone for them to call me on. If I could afford a phone I wouldn’t have this service. Yes, after the new cycle starts all of the sudden I have texting capability. Some government assistance programs we have. Thanks a lot for not helping the people who need it the most.
    Rude and poor service representative’s

  • DONALD j HEFNER JR says:


    • Hubert Ortiz says:

      Same thing happening to me. Exactly the same plus you never get to speak with anyone that you could understand.

  • Bre says:

    what is the site email address I upload my documents too

  • Willie T. Bodie, jr. says:

    Jan. 8, 2020

    On December 3, 2019, I contacted Safe link Wireless for my December minutes. They stated to me I had to be recertified and I did that while on the phone with a agent by the name of Raymond. My enrollment number is 4097996. He stated to me I had to send in copies of the front and back of the EBT Card and Medical Card, copies of my Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. I’ve emailed, faxed and sent the information thru USA and I’m still getting the same answers which is the copies are not readable. I ask what is there that you can’t read. They state the name on the EBT card. I’ve tried explaining to each person I’ve spoken to there is no name on the EBT Card.
    I’ve done everything that was requested of me.
    It has been 1 month and 5 days and I’m getting no where.
    I’ve spoken to Melanie, she state to resend the information again. Put on the back of the EBT Card the signature and print the signature as well.
    I explained to them I’m a Cancer Patient taking Radiation and Chemo and this is really making matters worse for me.
    This will be the 4th time sending the same information.
    There is no reason I should have such a hard time getting a government phone after I’ve followed the instructions of 7 people.
    They’ve constantly ask me to give my rating, the rate I give is 0 for all and everyone who I have spoken with.

    If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me
    Willie T. Bodie, jr
    1525 Schoenherr Ave.
    Bolingbrook, Illinois 60490
    H: (630)312-8236 C: (331)253-8983 (which is off)
    DOB 01/23/1953 SSN 2819 Enrollment Number 40979961

  • Las Vegas, close to the headquarters says:

    All support which is eventually routed to a phone operator is serviced in India. I’m not certain if their VOIP is first generation, but I have not been successful in one conversation with Customer Support or Tech Support in activating service on a phone I’ve had for over three weeks…I know, three weeks of calls on internet phone, cellular and land lines and I get dropped calls, segmented conversations and zero progress. A federal program outsourcing service to a foreign country, i can overlook. There is no option but to keep running into the same cube farm of people for help since this U.S. based company doesn’t have a state number willing to do more than send you back to India. The joke got old pretty quick, guys. I really just want to be able to use my phone and will miss Christmas for a few chuckles. Nice.

  • JOE MARTIN says:

    P.S TO MY OTHER POST…More than once i BOUGHT minutes to add to phone and these CROOKS took them away. Why? i told them i bought minutes and they were MY minutes, they hung up on me, Was suppose to get FREE phone when you sign up for safe link/ trac phone,, NEVER GOT ONE, Had to buy my own 3 different times. Than the liars said, WE GAVE YOU PHONE, I said ok whats the serial # on that phone, she hung up on me.

  • JOE MARTIN says:

    . .MOST WORTHLESS PEOPLE ALIVE at this place. WORTHLESS HUMAN BEINGS.Got out of hospital, had open heart, 5 by passes, those cancer sore losers shut my services off and i have 980 minutes left. WHAT POS DOES THAT and leaves you w/o a , phone ? im 77, disabled .MOST WORTHLESS POS PEOPLE ALIVE.. They even have a PHONY NUMBER.. Other office in Miami, just as LAZY, STUPID LIKE THE REST.. , anyone HAVE THE real number to this carnival place , please post it. Any good lawyers out there/. Against the law to shut a phone of on a disabled person.

  • linda R webb says:

    I have been with safe link for about 8 are 10 Years. Yesterday I tried to get my account to a newer phone. The changed and they did do that but they say now I have 20 days of service, no minutes. I had time before they changed to the other phone. they took all my days and minutes.

  • Melodie says:

    I was told this phone is Free. If not so disconnect and return me to the landline I can afford.i live way below poverty.

  • Richard E Goltsch says:

    I have been trying to get a replacement phone, was told a week ago one was on the way. I have not received nothing, call customer service my old phone is not available any more. They tell me I have to wait 48 to 72 hours for what I don’t know. Please SEND me a phone any one I am in the hospital and need my phone to keep in touch with my family Please resolve this situtation ASAP and send it to me the FASTEST WAY
    Thank You

  • chuck says:

    I lose my phone and they told me that I can not get other phone and what should I do at this point

  • ANTONIO CURI says:

    Worse customer service ever. Nothing works in this company. Bunch of incompetent.

  • crystal williams and joshua shanks says:

    absolutely the WORST customer service i have EVER had to deal with !!! My fiance Joshua Shanks called trying to get the phone is offered only tm that so be told that he already had a phone ( which is total BS) he has never had a phone with safelink or any other program like this, so they tell him the address that the phone got sent to almost 5 years ago and of course it is the wrogn address we have never heard of the street, the spelling of his name was wrong and everything so they go into the computer and change that but then come back and tell him that he cant get the free phone since he has already had one, we tried several times to explain to them that someone fraudulently got a phone in his name but they kept saying he had one. so we tried to get the rude lady to let us speak to a supervisor but she wouldnt let us she said that she was the supervisor so i said ok let me speak to yours but of course there wasn’t one, she was very rude and condescending like we were beneath her because we are needing to use your program. my favorite park of the bs the great supervisor said was when we asked what her name and badge number was she came back with a smart comment of her last name is “safe” and that she was no longer continuing the convo haha goodbye. I have never been so disrespected and treated like because we are in a situation in our lives right now and need the free phone service that we are pieces of shit ( sorry for the language but im very upset about this). It is not fair that because someone used my fiances information and got a phone with your company 5 years ago now he can not get one. I do not know what can be done about this but i do believe that he should be allowed to get the phone. I dont understand what the lady got out of being so rude and ugly but she needs to get a new job if thats how she treated us id hate to see how she is to others. I honestly hope this gets taken care of in the proper manner or I will go as high in the company as I have to until it is . I can be reached by email or phone (423)358-6663.

  • Miguel says:

    Safelink use to be a very good phone service. But know they are not. They are stealing people’s information and probably selling it. I sent in federal paperwork with my information and customer service ( Ian # 517046 ) was not helpful and refused to give any information. I will be contacting the federal government if I am not contracted ASAP

  • Joseph Szymanski says:

    above numbers for contact have been disconnected..WTH safe link..if you get this ref # 1204722935, Ref# 1204454424, Ref# 445678 and Ref# 1204199989 and contact me immediately

  • Sandra L Anderson says:

    I entered a comment yesterday (July 15, 2019) about the poor customer service I’ve been receiving lately. That comment is nowhere to be seen today.

  • Sandra Anderson says:

    Have been a customer since 2015 with no previous problems until June 2019. Safelink’s “third party address verifier” all of a sudden came up with another person who supposedly lived at my same address. I’m the only one at my address. Rather than deny service to this other person, MY service was cancelled without any notice! The only reason I found out was because my cell phone stopped working, and when I went on Safelink’s website to order a new phone, I was denied the ability to do so because of service cancellation. I have been going round and round with Safelink for over two weeks and been without phone service. I was told on July 2, 2019, that I needed to reapply. I completed another application online and then had to submit via email a copy of my food assistance card and proof of address. The copy of the card was accepted but a copy of a bill was not, even though it clearly shows my address. Again, I was not notified that this proof was not accepted until I called Safelink to find out the status of my account. This time I was told to email a copy of my driver’s license, which clearly shows my address. On July 10, 2019, I emailed to Safelink a copy of my drivers license plus the copy of the bill they rejected the first time I sent it. One hour later, I received back from Safelink a confirmation receipt from Safelink saying my information had been received. Today (July 15, 2019) I spoke with 3 people at Safelink who told me my drivers license had not been received. After telling the last person (a supervisor) I spoke with the exact times I sent my email and received their confirmation receipt, she did further investigating. All of a sudden she could see that my email had been received but my address was not shown on the drivers license (ALL DRIVERS LICENSES HAVE THE INDIVIDUAL’S ADDRESS)! In the meantime, I’ve purchased and received a new cell phone from Safelink. However, it cannot be activated because Safelink can’t get it’s @#@# together. I’m now contacting the Attorney General from my state. Perhaps now I can get this problem resolved, although I’m still without phone service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phoward says:

    it is doubtful there will be ANY help here, but…

  • mary Accaputo says:

    where do I send proof of application. Enrollment #39902419

  • mary Accaputo says:

    where do I send proof of application for free phone. enrollment # 39902429?

  • Thomas D Hughes says:

    Where is my replacement phone

  • Albert - Age 73 says:

    Post 1000 Free Minutes to 334-654-2145; cut the crap; you are not too big to fail.

  • Emily Winters says:

    Safelink sucks so bad that you can’t even find the names of the corporate officers online. This company should not exist. A bunch of fucking idiots

  • daniel says:

    One Hispanic employee of yours is been giving us a really tough time whenever we have any trouble hanging-up on us and disrupting our phone services few times intentionally

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