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Rural King
  • Address: 4216 Dewitt Avenue, Mattoon, IL 61938, United States
  • Phone Number: 217-235-7101
  • Fax Number: 217-235-6014
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  1000
  • Established: 1960
  • Founder: Kermit Speer and Keith Beaird
  • Key People: Alex Melvin, President

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Cody Lowe


About Rural King, History and Headquarters Information

Rural King was founded in the year 1960. The company has been active for almost 59 years now. The founders of the company were Kermit Speer and Keith Beaird. The original store of the company was started in a former implement building of 7,200 square feet. In the year 1963, an addition to the main building was done as well. Then in the year 1966, the first warehouse of the company was also established as well. In the year 1970, a second addition was again carried out to the main store. In the year 1976, a new building was established by the company. This was followed by a new store and a warehouse as well, in the year 1999. As of the year 2007, another 96,000 square feet were added to the warehouse. As of the year 2010, a third warehouse expansion was started that will add 104,000 square feet as well. In the year 2015, the company had announced that the total sales of the company had reached $1 billion for the first time. As of the year 2017, the company had purchased the Cross County Mall in Mattoon, Illinois, USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 4216 Dewitt Avenue. The name of the place is Mattoon, while the name of the state is Illinois, USA. The pin code is 61938.

Rural King is an American company that focuses on providing various types of farm supplies, to its customers in the USA. The company has its presence across 109 locations in the USA. The current president of the company is Alex Melvin. As of the current period, the number of employees working in the company is more than 1000.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of clothing, accessories, pet supplies, equipment and supplies, lawn and garden supplies, etcetera, that are marketed, sold and offered by the company itself.

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  • . I hope with just this little statement that I have made the Royal king in someday revamp and redo every single thing don’t look to the stores look to the people because once you do that you might actually start bringing important things back take care says:

    Your new Royal king store in Hanover Pennsylvania. I have been with tractor supply for as long as I can remember well over 50 years. I couldn’t tell you how many thousands of dollars a month we have spent with tractor supply. We really thought we had a good store coming only heard you were coming here we know that you have a much bigger quantity much bigger category prices are better. But that’s not the most important thing customer service is associates just giving a smile and saying can I help you instead of looking directly at someone and knowing that they’re needing help and walking away almost running the office away keeping your isles clean and safe specially for those that are handicapped. Something that for some reason the store does not see a need in doing. If you need to talk to someone on the phone just forget that I don’t care what department you ask for because you’re asking for that in the air because no one picks up not at zero not it anything there is no one there to ever pick up the phone I know this because we needed an item and I wanted to make sure before my wife drove all the way down there so once again tractor supply helped us out. I don’t know what or if this was just a joke or if this company is that rich that it can treat it’s customers like this and think it’s OK. But I promise it’s not and as of right now I know that nothing will be done about it I’ve read the complaint now online. I had never heard of a royal king before they are as awful as their comments that come in are. This has the makings of what could be a knock out of the store. But it will never be and this is why brick and mortar is going A way. I’m sorry for the people that do work there that is there for the right reasons and is proud to have a job and I really wish them the very best but I do not see any way shape or form that a company like this can stay in business even though 59 years I believe is the statement that I got I could never buy stock in a company like this I will stick with old reliable tractor supply company who believes that the customer comes first always will come first and does the best that it can yes there are a few people in the wrong positions in tractor supply but I i’m not talking about those in cashier positions floor positions I am talking about your general managers over the managers at least one that I know of the one that handles the Hanover Store area terrible terrible does not listen to anyone other than what he wants to listen to. Are used to work there and I’m really glad that even while there I never had to financially work there I did it because it was the one job that I want it when I was finished working for my retirement just to have a place where I could call Home and enjoy. I love the customers I love everything about them even when they come in upset I love it because it means that I get a chance to show hey you’re not alone let’s work through it together and they saw that and by the time they left they were happy because it was it made up whether it was five minutes 10 minutes or 30 minutes I spent whatever time that needed to be with that customer I never want it to be management I’ve done .

    that my whole life I just want it to be an ordinary person but I was lied to when I came into the company and was Miss treated after I was there stuck it out as long as my health will allow me and then I finally decided I had to go. Right before I left I told management not the manager but my upper echelon management that your store manager won’t last another six months well I was wrong he didn’t last another four months and things just kept going downhill from there and now we’ve had a massive turnover in that store managers are supposed to be managers managers mean manage but I don’t know what is happened. I hope with just this little statement that I have made the Royal king in someday revamp and redo every single thing don’t look to the stores look to the people because once you do that you might actually start bringing important things back take care and God bless America.

  • Ron Frank says:

    I was held hostage by your store in New Philadelphia, Ohio! Cashier rang up my large order and pushed the wrong button on the register, instead of check she pushed cash a very simple mistake that should be easy to correct. But not at Rural King ,seems their procedure is to rering all my purchases, call in the manger,treat my purchase as a return items,contact the home office for an OK, then ring my order up again that I am paying with a check. During the time this crap was going on I was held hostage for nearly a half hour because they still had my check. All this happened after dealing with under staffing and poorly trained personnel, it appears to me that these problems exist within your management and need to be addressed
    Ron Frank

  • Vicki Cochran says:

    Terre Haute store is not enforcing the state mandate on wearing masks. 8/29/2020. So many people shopping without masks. Store should be closed!!

    • Steven Moll says:

      Perhaps these people, or customers, have been vaccinated against the Kung-flu. Please don’t pre-judge people, lest you be judged yourself.

  • Keli Dowdy says:

    Wow, it’s clear why I have a complaint.
    I was buying a hand gun from your store in Shelbyville, Ky. I went in with a friend to look at your guns, I have never owned a gun. While being in line for an hour, there was a nice man in front of us, gave us good advice, and I learned you have layaway. When getting ready for background check, I realized my license wasn’t updated with my new address, I moved about 2 weeks before COVID lockdown. So I put the gun on layaway.
    About 3 weeks later, my dad came and stayed a couple of days, BTW, he’s 83, and I’m 58, I was telling him I put a gun on layaway. So, he said, I’ll buy it for you for your birthday. I told him, I had to get my license updated. My dad then asked if he could just go get it. Although, he has a gun, him and especially me, know nothing about the laws. I called the store, explained my dad wanted to pay for it, (I did look up private sales, and know they’re legal, before I called) could my dad come and get it? The guy on the phone explained the straw man purchase, of course we didn’t want to break any laws. The next day, I renewed my license, went back to the store, still not knowing how all this works, wanted him to do my background check, and I would come back in a few days to get the gun. The guy then informed me, I have to do background check, and purchase in the same day. The whole move and COVID thing set me back a bit, so when my dad offered to pay for it, I was extremely grateful. I had to wait a few days, to get the money from my dad. Saturday, August 1st, I went in store to get the gun. I did the background check, and waited for 2 hours. When they finally called me up, they informed me, that I was buying that gun for my dad. The fact that I mentioned money, they told me, they would not let me buy the gun, with my gift money, that I was making a straw man purchase. I have been working on this for well over 4 weeks, I did everything legal, and have spent over 5 hours, to get this done. I had things lined up, to help teach me how to even use it.
    I really don’t appreciate being tried and convicted by one of your employees, telling me, I’m trying to commit a crime, because they can’t comprehend what is being said. I don’t even know if I passed the background check. They let me sit there for over 2 hours, when they had already convicted me, and wasted hours of my time.

    • Steven Moll says:

      This sounds like a simple misunderstanding. Just wait a bit and try again. Nobody can keep us from owning a firearm, they can however, make it difficult to buy ammunition. Peace and God bless.

  • Theodore Wilson says:

    Just want to tell you how disappointed I am with your Beckley Wv store. My kids spent over 400 dollars on rabbits from there only to be sold two sick ones that killed 21 other ones they bought from there. What’s horrible is the girl working there said she told management not to buy from a certain man because his rabbits always die. She told us this because we told her what had happened to our rabbits from there. My kids worked hard to make that money to buy those rabbits. 5 kids with now only 6 remaining rabbits. You should really try and find out who is selling you things to make shur they are not sick. Or if they sell sick ones don’t ever buy from that individual again. Yes we still shop there because we know it’s the sellers fault in a way,but then again managers knew.

  • Jamie Hurst says:

    I frequent the RK store in Muncie, IN. Tonight I brought attention to an employee working by the chicks asking if he was aware of 3 dead chicks and 2 near death. Response from your employee, “Well. I do now. No one has been working this area all day. I am doing the best I can.” Waters were full of bedding and feces. The smell? You know there are young chicks plus an added odor which I am sure is remittance from the dead chicks under the heat lamp. In the past I have brought attention to the rabbits that had several water dispensers attached to the cages only to be empty. Rabbits were still suckling the dispensers which lead me to believe they had been with out water overnight and possibly longer. I will be contacting our area animal services requesting the Muncie location be investigated on treatment of animals and the possibility of transmitting possible disease that would effect other chicks that people are purchasing.

    You also have employee’s at the service desk voicing there grievances to each other and across the cashier lines to the cashiers while waiting on customers.

    The requirement for masks is posted inside the vestibule (second entry doors) and not on the main doors or before entering. The sign is in black and white, 5 X 7, posted with other pieces of information.

  • Kenny- Michele says:

    Greenville Ky store the employees are extremely rude! My husband and I have tried to buy 3 different guns from this location. Every time we have went to purchase a gun it’s always been some type of drama. Computers always down, staff not knowledgeable of what the are selling or of the sells, mysteriously the computers are down and not back up and running until sell is over!!! Employees are always hateful and act as if you are worthless and a waste of their time!!! We will no longer shop at this store or any Rural King. We purchased all 3 guns from Uncle Lees and will only purchase guns from Uncle Lees from now on!!! Where staff is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant!!!!

  • Rolland P Frank says:

    I just returned from my last trip to Rural King. I live in a remote area in Tennessee so I limit my trips. To day I went to Crossville for the expressed purpose of buying water. 4 cases as my well went dry yesterday and my family needed drinking water and RK has the best price and quality. Well they told me I couldn’t buy 4cases as they had a limit of 2. Even after I explained my situation they wouldn’t budge. You have the right to set limits just as I have the right to decide where I shop. I even gave the manager a chance to be a bit more human about things but that didn’t work either. RK is a 70 mile round trip for me. There is no shortage of water in Tennessee unless you depend on a well. LSS screw RK, when my family needed help you turned your back to save $.60. I spent over $400 in your store this month and normally between $350 and $400. That ends today and I plan to tell every friend I have about this and use social media to tell people just how you are. Enjoy your 60 cents TSC will get my $400/mo now

  • Dr Alli Masse says:

    First, it’s a shame when a store that carries well made items allows employees to ruin their business through poor customer service. Customers are (almost) always right, as the saying goes, and when they are not right, there should be a compromise to keep that customer, at the very least, feeling heard and valued for the sake of repeat business. Secondly, the mandatory cart is a bit confusing. My guess would be that it is against the law (of some sort) for a customer to be forced to do something they are uncomfortable with, especially during times of Corvid-19. Lastly, I have tried to contact your corporate offices with a proposal for a new store, but you have made yourself unavailable and maybe this is due to all the poor feedback you are receiving?

  • Deb says:

    I hate shopping at your stores. The store in Winchester, KY is dirty, the clerks are lazy and rude, I am never thanked for my purchase and often ignored when standing right in front of one of them! Asking for help to load your vehicle (I have an obvious leg injury) takes at least 15 minutes before someone comes and often has to be called repeatedly. Today I went to purchase my livestock feed, there were no carts in the store and when I asked, the clerk told me I had to collect one from the parking lot. That means it wasn’t disinfected. And when I operated it, it was broken. This is the second time I have provided a comment. The first time was a letter to the store manager and there was absolutely no reply – complete silence. After today, I’m finished with shopping with you. I’ll use another store for my farm and feed needs.

  • DALE says:

    We have a new store In Hillsboro Ohio that just opened up at the end of March 2020 My wife and I waited on the new to wear off before we went there because I do not do well with crowds, first time in the store was right after this covid -19 pandemic first hit so our first trip was cut short just a quick glance around the new store in and out with a small purchase mind you first time ever in a Rural King store. Our second trip to the store was awful the employees treated us like we were trash and how dare we walk in your store with out a cart now mind you this was when your cart policy was enacted apparently , we had no Idea . one employee told us we had to have a cart okay no problem but was very rude about it. We proceeded inside and was screamed at by this same employee that we had to have a cart and we did ! what she failed to mention was every customer had to have a cart and was a royal bitch about it all the while the store manager seen it all happen. I went straight back to my vehicle I was not going to be talked to in this manner. All this over a small bottle of olive oil in which we did not need a damn cart for to begin with so the wife went in got one bottle of the oil took less than 3 min and on the way out of the store another employee accused my wife of throwing a cart at her all the while making a big ass scene in front of everyone about and again the store manager seen it all we left and I called the manager he apologized for the action of the employee both female employees should have been fired on the spot treating customers that way . And as I set in my vehicle I seen at least 4 different people walk right in the store without a cart… I had also order a AR-15 gun from RK GUNS and had had it on order to ship to this store well I called ahead and requested this box not be opened until I arrived the manager agreed so today 4/26/2020 I received a call from the store that my rifle was in and to be there in 10 min because they were opening the box regardless mind you this was my rifle I already paid for my property when I showed up it had already been opened when I got there and every employee made me feel very uncomfortable being there like I was a criminal the only reason i requested this was because I have purchased Guns before and only one other place ever did this to me and swapped out parts on my new gun for old crap. The end check out was the store manager looking over all the info and signed off on the paperwork not so much as a welcome to the store no thank you for shopping with us no nothing, and on top of it all I was told 2 different stories at different times that it was store policy and or it had to be checked immediately per ATF regulations as to why they had to open the box . An employee stated that he thinks they had 24 hours after the gun arrived to check the serial number with the box and if that was the case i had more than enough time to be there before the box was opened. If this is the case you need to change it to where customers are made aware of this action on line before any gun purchase and in the store as well . I am contacting the ATF Monday morning and seeking legal counsel as to the treatment I received from your store I felt Humiliated and discriminated against and treated like I was going to shoot the store up like some damn criminal. Never again will I spend My hard earned money at any store of yours and like many others in the feedback left I to will let everyone know how I was done by your damn store. If this is the treatment you are giving to certain customers you need to re train everyone and replace your managers or go out of business , I was planning on spending a lot of money here but no longer the case.

  • Lynnette says:

    Steubenville rural king is a joke! They are forcing people to use buggies that are wiped down with bleach. Personally I am allergic to bleach so I con NOT touch the biggies but yet I was not able to shop and the lady yelled at me when I proceeded to go out the exit xause she thought I was going to shop. You guys are stupid the way you are taking count. Why dont you get a tablet and count people like everyone else is?! You guys are infringing on my rights! I will no longer shop with you guys and I will spread the word to make sure no one does.
    Also the last who.yelled at me and said she was going to call the cops was extremely ignorant and was cussing. I think you guys dont need an employee like that

  • Taylor Smith says:

    The Gainesville Rural King store is horrible! Kyla and Shalonda are both Front End Mangers and they are the WORST! Very negative and rude attitudes. As a shopper I’ve heard very inappropriate comments about “Getting Wasted” and about sexual pleasures. I’ve been yelled at and disrespected by both associates. I’ve seen Kyla yell at customers, including myself. This issue has not yet been resolved after calling and talking to management. Corporate has been emailed about issue. I will NO LONGER be shopping here if they are working. I would rather make the drive to Ocala where I can receive better service.

  • Jack A Gard says:

    Just a sincere Thank You for the online Easter Post with the “He Is Risen” proclamation.

  • Catherine A Burns says:

    Hello: I helped my son purchase a new Husquvana Tractor in Van Wet OH on 04-11-2020. He got it home and a rod was broken on it. Back to the Van Wert store. They did not have anymore and sent him to Decatur IN store 20 miles away. After getting this one home the battery would not hold a charge and he had to use the battery from his old mower. One full mowing later he now is telling me there is a rattling sound in the front of the tractor. What needs to done about this? $2300. is alot to pay for this kind of grief! I look froward to hearing from you. THIS HAS BEEN A REAL HASSLE! I will also sending a letter to Husquvana.

  • Jeffrey Jennings says:

    This happened today when I went in two buy a bag of dog food this morning at 7:30 this morning. n
    Your store in Waterloo IL is trying to force you to use carts even when you don’t want one and if you refuse they won’t let you shop and call the cops on you to have you banned from there store. They even refused to check me out until i throw it in a cart. All this because i don’t want use a cart I did not need which hundreds of people touch. Everyone should stop shopping at your company. You just lost a customer for life an I will do every thing I can to encourage more people not to shop at your company any more.

  • Brianna says:

    The clearfield Pa store you have a female manger who yells at her employees She also gives them an attitude. and when you say something nothing is done. She is also messing around with the tractor manger who is married and everyone in the store knows the hand book states your not to have relations
    It was brought to the attention with the former store Manager. But nothing was done. His wife has come in the store and has said things to them the other assistant mangers also know what is going on with them. Certain people get away with alot of things well others are punished . I sure hope that the new manger does his job and runs the store like it should be .

    • RONALD ASKEY says:

      The employees at the Clearfield store in my estimation are doing a great job, The Assistant Manager Dewey H is on the ball, goes out of his way to take care of any issues. Happy to have RK in the area.

  • Kenneth says:

    Used to shop at the Monaca Pa store. Was treated very badly by one of your cashier’s. She blew up on me. Because i entered the counter the wrong direction. I didn’t even say anything to her. Just set the merchandise on the counter and walked out. Did not buy anything. I will not be treated like that. I am a customer and do not need to shop at your store. Love the store, it was my go to place any time i needed something. But there is no way at all i will be treated like that. And that will be the last time. Last time i will ever shop at any of your stores. I will not be back if that’s the way the customers are treated by your employees.

  • Misty Cole says:

    I had ordered a gun on January 4th 2020 for my husband…It was a S&W shield 9mm with a lazer,carrying case and knife for an awesome price of $319. Somehow the shipping address was wrong and I sent 12!!!! Emails to customer service to change the address so it would be be shipped to the store for pick up. No reply not one…I work crazy hours and can’t have my phone at work. Finally at Christmas i had time off and called..Explained my situation and was told everything will be taken care of….yeah well i recieved an email saying it was canceled…I finally just reordered it at reg price because i was tired of the bs. It is bow Jan 28th and im still waiting…very disappointed!

  • Jeanne says:

    I worked at the Parkersburg WV store for a little over 5 years till I got hired around by assistant managers then my hours played with within the computer system I had enough. This is a great store but they have lost all touch ad to why this store was ever started. They have lost all meaning as to we are all family. It’s seems the greed for money had come to top priority. The Parkersburg store with what few that started out in the beginning have tried to hold onto the family aspect of it but when you have assistant managers that don’t give a shit or are just too lazy It gets really hard to keep the faith in the company and what it originally was very started for. Growing is one thing but it gets out of control for the greed gets in the way and they don’t see things the same anymore. I miss my job I miss my customer base I had built over the years of being there. This store just lost another manager but what you don’t see is you have one assistant manager that has been there Everytime to cover and take care of this store. Larry C. Shame on you because you know who I’m talking about. Alex M. Shame on you you should have already noticed. Signed Truly yours Jeanne

  • bob benson says:

    Looking for Chicken coop SKU 31019170. I went to your store in Gainesville, FL, also called Ocala store. You Adveriseon the web. The Ocala store show it in stock But can’t find it. If Ocala would locate it. I would drive 60 plus miles 1 way. I would like it very much if Gainesville store would get it. i live 18 miles away

  • N Sagle says:

    In the Zanseville store Wednesday to buy The Dewalt 18 volt combo pack managers special $ 100.00. They had none out, the tag was there for the $100.00. Thursday ad was for $80.00 off of 149.00 so I was there at open I was looking at the empty shelve when a employee helped the man behind me ,the employee went to the back and got him one? I asked to get me one, I told him I was there yesterday ,he told me they was saving them for the Thursday sell, I said: saving ONE! So I walked out. It was not available on line for that price! THIS IS NO WAY to pull someone into a store for an item they did not have. If they did not have that one in the back that I could have bought the day before I might of been ok with this. I am awaiting a reply to make this right?

  • E. Monroe says:

    Jessie Williams at the Gainesville Fla location on 13th St. provided excellent customer service in helping me locate an important item that I needed and couldn’t locate in your vast store. I very much appreciate his fine customer service. Well done!

  • wright says:

    How long does it take to get parts in for a tractor that you sell ????? The tractor we purchased was not totally in working order when it was sold to us. The boom lift was not correctly fastened, and almost came off in my husbands face which could have injured or killed him. It was taken to the store for repair before I made my first payment, NOW I’m almost ready to make a second payment (in 10 days) on a piece of equipment we don’t have. I’m paying a lot of money for a new tractor – making payments on something that is not in my possession WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? This is not the only item we purchased we bought a side by side that the screw that holds the steering wheel on were not fastened ARE YOU SELLING SHOTY MERCHANDISE?

  • Bruce Reynolds says:

    First off my family has been regular customers of your store in Muncie Indiana for a long time but I feel like I was treated unjustly by the store Manager on September 15th at or around 1pm as I was trying to retrieve a rebate coupon for some ammunition that had been advertised with a rebate. She informed me very rudely that they did not have any rebate coupons. I then asked for my money back and again very rudely she said no. I am deeply shocked that you have this type of individual in that position.

    • KEVAN KRANKIN says:


      • Dr Alli Masse says:

        Switch and bait is against the law. Offering a coupon, then saying there is none when you get to the store, is a “…fraudulent sales tactic that is punishable by law as false advertisement under the Lanham Act.”

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