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  • Address: 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 305-539-6000

  • Fax Number: 305-374-7354

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1968

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Michael Bayley (President and CEO)

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Michael W. Bayley

Chief Executive Officer and President

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo

President and Chief Executive Officer of Celebrity Cruises

Jo Rzymowska

Managing Director of Celebrity Cruises of United Kingdom and Ireland

About Royal Caribbean, History and Headquarters Information


Royal Caribbean was founded in the year 1968. The company has been operational for almost 51 years now. The former name of the company was Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The company was founded by 3 Norwegian shipping companies. The company’s first ship, known as the ‘Song of Norway’ was put into service in the year 1970. In the year 1971, Nordic Prince was added to the fleet as well. Sun Viking was later added to the list in the following year as well. Then in the year 1986, the company had leased property in Haiti and then had turned it into a private port for guests as well. The port was then eventually named as Labadee.

As of the year 1997, the company had merged with Celebrity Cruises in order to form Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited as well. The cruise lines were then kept separate following the merger as well. In the year 2000, the Island Cruises line was launched by the company. By the year 2006, the company had acquired the Pullmantur cruise line too as well. Construction had commenced on Freedom of the Seas, the line’s newest ship during that time, at Aker Finnyards in the year 2005 and also the vessel launched the next year too, as the largest passenger vessel in the world, by far. Freedom of the Seas’ sister ship, known as the Liberty of the Seas, was launched in the year 2007 and Independence of the Seas was delivered during the year 2008. As of the year 2013, the company had announced the first two ships of their newest Quantum class, known as the Quantum of the Seas and also the Anthem of the Seas as well – which were being built at the Meyer Werft shipyard. The same year, the company had announced that they had signed a contract for a third Quantum-class ship as well, which was due for delivery in the year 2016. Then in the year 2014, the company had announced that the third Quantum-class ship would be named Ovation of the Seas and later in the year 2015, the company had announced that the third Oasis-class ship would be named as the Harmony of the Seas. By the year 2015, the company had announced that they had agreed to sell off the Splendour of the Seas to TUI Cruises in the year 2016. Then in the year 2016, the company had announced that they had agreed to sell Legend of the Seas to Thomson Cruises in the year 2017 as well. As of the year 2018, the company had announced that they will be conducting a massive renovation for their private island as well, known as Coco Cay, which is almost halfway done with parts opening by the end of the year 2018 and also in the year 2019 as well – with its first opening in the year 2019 and its official opening with everything completed by the end of the year 2019. The headquarters of the company is based in 1050 Caribbean Way. The name of the place is Miami, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 33132.


Royal Caribbean is a Norweigan company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of ships and cruise lines as well, famously known for its Oasis of the Seas. The current CEO and president of the company are Michael Bayley. The company is a subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited. The company has a market share of almost 19.2 per cent in terms of passengers and 14 per cent in terms of revenue.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to purchase and enjoy the various types of cruise ships that are designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by the company itself. The company also indulges in the tourism and hospitality industry as well.

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  • Piotr Seghev says:

    Hello. Please tell me mail – Royal Caribbean International Purchasing Department.

  • Jason Shapiro says:

    Since my next to last day on my family’s Allure of the Seas cruise (8/20/22 through 8/28/22), I have been trying to resolve a minor dispute over an overcharge by Royal Caribbean, but your absolute dismal record of customer service and still-failure to provide our refund is so annoying, has me considering boycotting your cruise line for further cruises, and is the reason for this email.

    My family of 11 booked this cruise to celebrate two family members’ birthdays. Just months ago, we were passengers on a Celebrity Cruise for another family member’s birthday and had a wonderful experience. However, this Customer Service has been the complete opposite of “wonderful.”

    We all purchased the dining package. In doing so, we were told that we were qualified for a 40% off discount on bottles of wines that were under a certain amount ($200?). The bottles that we purchased all week long were priced between $50 and $80 per bottle. Some were purchased by other family members and I am unaware of whether they received the discount. I did not. Twice I paid for two bottles of wine (4 in total) for a grand total of approximately $300. My discounts were not honored for any of the bottles of wine.

    One the night before the cruise’s conclusion, I learned that we did not receive the discount and went to the on-board Customer Service’s office to resolve this bill. So many other cruise guests were also at this office that I had to wait approximately one-half hour to speak with a Customer Service representative. She told me that she would make the adjustments to my bill and they be posted “around midnight,” so when I awoke on the cruise’s final day (8/28) I could view my account on my phone and it would be posted. On the morning of August 28, my account was not adjusted. Therefore, I returned to the Customer Service office. After waiting again about another half-hour, a Customer Service representative said the he could help me while I was still waiting in line. He held an i-pad-like device, listened to my issue, and then said that he couldn’t help me after all, and that I had to speak to someone behind the counter. I waited and waited, but the line filled with other cruise passengers with similar issues did not move! Finally, I vacated the line to exit the ship with my family. I decided to resolve this issue by calling your Customer Service phone number.

    After waiting longer of the phone than I did on the ship, I finally spoke with a representative. She told me that she would take of my refund. She has not. I received a survey to see how your Customer Service representatives have performed. Of course, I gave them poor marks since this issue is still not resolve. I also wrote a paragraph giving a summary of the issue(s) and providing my name and telephone number asking for a Customer Service representative to call me. No one from Royal Caribbean has contacted me. No one from Royal Caribbean has attempted to resolve this issue. Unbelievable!

    Please know that I have also called your Customer Service phone number several times. Whatever time estimation your recording gives me when I call is never accurate. For example, as I am writing this, I called your Customer Service phone number. I was told via the recording that a representative would be with me in “20 minutes.” I’ve been told similar time estimates at least three other times. As of the time that I am hitting the “send” button,” I’ve been on HOLD for 45 minutes!

    The approximate $125 will not make or break me. I am writing to you because I deserve my refund and to advise you as to the absolute quintessential example of how not to offer customer service. Your Customer Service is so bad, I wonder if this poor service is merely negligently provided by Royal Caribbean, or whether this is a strategic decision, as so many people would just give up, rather than pursuing a nominal refund as the approximate $125 that I am due.

    On principle, I would like this issue resolved. Hopefully, someone at Royal Caribbean will read this and be mortified about the way any cruise passenger is being treated, especially someone like me who has taken Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises several times – with friends and family members – since the 1990’s. I await your response.

  • Robert Price says:

    I am a Crown and Anchor member and have been fighting to get a $500 cruise credit back for 6 months. Only today I get an email saying it is good for $300. They decided to charge us $100 each as a penalty after they advised we would get the full $500. The customer service has become god awful since they started using offshore offices. They are rude, not helpful and they put you on hold after every question you ask so they can ask someone for the answer. They are turning into Carnival

  • Ray Valek says:

    I booked a cruise on September 26 out of Cape Canaveral on Royal Caribbean independence of the seas, I purchased the insurance and when I found out a couple of days beforehand that we were going to have a major hurricane throughout the whole state and I was originally in its path I decided to stay home and worry about my home. I just received an email stating that they will not honor my insurance because it is weather related, give me a break we are all seniors and this was a major event.Ray Valek. Email tannut@aol.com

  • Don Jensen says:

    Please have your food service dept contact me
    I think important

  • Evelyn Johnston says:

    We have a reservation for a cruise to Hawaii, Oct. 3rd, 2022, from Vancouver, Canada. As I am hearing the Quantum ship is NOT FULLY repaired as yet, and may not have the parts to fully fix the ‘Quantum ship, even by Sept., we do NOT want to change ships, as this ship was the one we wanted to go on. Can you tell me, if, the cruise ship is to be changed for this itinerary to Hawaii, can we move our funds?, with no penalties?, and/or get a full rebate back? Tks. PS. We do not have much time when Sept. comes, as we have to change, or cancel our flights, hotels, excursions, etc, before the middle of Sept.

  • Jeremy says:

    I was told if we had a doctor to write letter bout second COVID dose as first caused extreme health problems for my son. We brought letter and they would even listen to us! Or help! They took our bags and wouldn’t give them back! Or even try. But they said for us to wait all day! Then said they where never going to! We where hung up on 5 times while trying to call! Even though we never got ugly! No one even cares! We got all our meds in there!


    It totally amazes me that you cannot get a phone number to talk to somebody that’s in charge of Royal Caribbean. My last cruise that I came off in the 20th of April I was in there for 5 days initially the room the mirrors were in clean properly from there to food in the main dining room from me five star was a two star they did not put anywhere when I had my risotto mushroom risotto that it was garlic in it made me sick as a dog I had my meds in my safe which the safe broke in three and a half hours later they were able to open it and replace it. We went to the emergency room or your infirmary to get fresh bandages because when we went to shore my girlfriend what coming out of a text again got tripped by the rubber that goes around the door and got tripped and fell underneath her elbow and the people at the restaurant did the best they could to bandage it up needing your bandages when I got on board and they said it would be $200 that is absolutely totally ridiculous. The best person was Mr Hartley front desk Manager they gave us bandages big enough to put on the knee in the elbow and he followed through with us to make sure we were okay also I let him know that the main shift did not care that I got sick on the risotto that did not taste like mushroom but it tasted like garlic and the answer was oh you must have got a different batch. Not a very good answer! As far as I’m concerned at this point I will not ever ever travel with Royal Caribbean, I will advise anyone they want to book another Caribbean not to. Again if it was not front Mr Hartley the front desk manager to make our trip better it would have been a totally nightmare. The carnival is got better food and better customer service Royal Caribbean lost their customer service. I have booked two more cruises on the on the carnival for last money and one is in September and one is in November so at this point I would like to say Royal Caribbean so long you’ll never see us again.

  • Kristie DeVore says:

    Royal Caribbean is basically forcing my type one diabetic son and his unvaccinated gf to either go on a cruise or lose their credits from a canceled 2010 cruise. That’s right folks. Pre-COVID cancellation! What is wrong with this picture? He’s diabetic. You can’t keep him safe, you’re still having COVID issues. And she can’t even sail because she’s unvaccinated. They verbally said they could make an exception for her. Yeah, like the verbal agreement you gave us that they could transfer their credits to me? The lies never stop with this company. Shame on you Mr. Bayley, the company is a direct reflection on you.

  • Lauri Knabel says:

    I am so disappointed in the customer service I am getting currently for a cruise we booked back in November and Royal Caribbean is changing our HC accessible room around an I feel like we are getting the shaft! Don’t think I’ll ever book a cruise with them again. I wish we could just cancel the trip. We have been on hold for over 1 hour waiting to talk to someone! Take my advice an stay away from this cruise line!!!

  • DEBBIE says:

    This company has the worst customer service department….I have been trying to get a refund now for approx 2 months (error on their part) and only got half of it refunded. Once this cruise I have on hold is over, this will never be my choice of cruise lines ever again…..NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  • K. Walker says:

    I have been sailing with RCC for a few years,be very careful about your refund getting it back.they tell you 30-45 days .but most of the time when they hang up phone with you..they don’t start the process on your refund,they are getting worse and worse every year.even if you have the insurance with them they drag alone on refunds still.several peoples have also said this to me they use this cruise line.

  • Charles.Onaje says:

    An update on the construction of RCI HQ.(employee 01/94 -01/2004).Thank You

  • Donna Broadbent says:

    dont expect an answer from any of their corporate people – they are way to busy for use minor people. SO SAD

  • Donna Broadbent says:

    I am disappointed with Royal beyond belief. I am diamond plus member and I have been trying for 90 days to get my refund. I have now been sitting on hold for 1 hour and they do not even card and will not do anything to help me. I am so sorry that I cruise with them. Use other cruise lines = DONT USE THEM

    • Chui Stroud says:

      I am so sorry hearing your bad experience. Thanks for share. This really make me think twice before I am continuing achieve becoming Dimond Plus. I should be Diamond after this coming cruise. We cruise every month.

  • Barbara Rose says:

    So incredibly disappointed..told them we were on our honeymoon…RC didn’t even acknowledge it…the food was below average..drink packages are rip offs..so disappointing!

  • Kim Black says:

    Good Afternoon, I have questions regarding an upcoming cruise but I keep getting different information from different representatives. I have to say I have had some issues with the customer service thus far and hope this is no reflection on my service during the cruise. Please contact me at 803-665-7313 so I can get the correct information. Thank you!

  • Sheila and Timothy Kish says:

    Hello, We had future credit for 2 cruises. The first one was from the Oasis when the crane fell on her they cancelled our cruise . The second one was when our cruise was cancelled from covid. We used part of the Oasis cruise and had some credit left over. They combined the 2 credits and sent me a certificate for $575 each. They then contacted me and said we only had $530 each for combined cruises. I booked a cruise and called to check on our future cruise credit and they said yes it was $530. When I went to pay for cruise the next day they said We only had $447.50 each. I tried to explain to them why we had $530 not $447 and I had the certificate to prove it but they said nope and hung up on me. I have been trying to get the right credit but to no avail. They keep hanging up on me. I was on the phone for 2 day and over 3 hours. I have the copy of the future cruise credit we were sent. Can you help us get the rest of our future cruise credit? Thank you Timothy and Sheila Kish we would like a call back 863-421-1347

  • Nicolas Halim says:

    We want to be your agent labour supply from Surabaya, Indonesia

  • MRS J BREARLEY says:

    Dear Royal Caribbean
    Thank you for your recent message.

    Unfortunately my last contact with your company 1996/7 (or should I say encounter) was not positive, indeed my letter/complaint at this time to your C.E.O. remains unanswered/unresolved and leads me to believe Royal Caribbean “could care less”.

    You will no doubt have record of all my cruises; however the one in question was the New York Caribbean Cruise disrupted by the New York storm (White Out) 1996 this grossly effected our last/final experience with Royal Caribbean Cruse.

    Our lasting experience thus was severely interrupted when flights and sailing dates were cancelled then changed/curtailed, resulting in loss of holiday duration extra expense/hotel stay not to mention its shortened cruise experience and changed itinery, Royal Caribbean, only notification “a letter in our cabin on the bed as we embarked”!

    This treatment removed all/any choice we expected (for any reason circumstance) when itinery is effected in this way especially when travelling from the UK!

    Needless to say since we have not used your services, indeed people we encounter on other Cruise Ships agree, when informed of Royal Caribbean’s negative apathetic response and lack of recompense to the severe issues/problems we encountered.

    Amongst other cruses since we have just booked a 14 day cruise “again” with a rival company and are now planning a World Cruse “next year”, nonetheless judging Royal Caribbean’s track record/last negative experience; not with Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.
    “Possibly, Cunard”

    I will not hold my breath for your reply

    Brian and Jane Brearley

  • Pete Ramey says:

    Is there a plan in offering Covid testing at the terminal prior to boarding the ship? The 2 day requirement for negative covid test is hard when you arrive in Florida for a precruise vacation. Finding a place to get the test is tremendously difficult. The take home kit with call in is also tough because of unknown availability of Wifi.
    Taking the test at the terminal would be the very best solution.

  • Michelle Jeanmard says:

    Can someone convince me that Royal Caribbean is not trying to funnel more money with this Covid Test racket? How in T H can they say you need a test within 2 days when local test sites are saying the results will NOT be back in time? And that Same day tests are not allowed? OH That’s right…I can pay $99 a person IF I can get one of the limited spots at the dock for a … wait for it … a SAME DAY TEST!!! Or…rely on the good ole USPS to deliver not one but TWO recommended tests per person for an at home test that is…you guessed it…a SAME DAY RESULT ……. So, everything swirls down the crapper and my 48 hours cancellation window waves as it passes on by.
    Someone needs to get their shtuff together.

  • Elaine Bodkin says:

    Have reservation#1970931.Been traveling rccl for years. Upset with the run-around I’ve been given. Covid not an excuse. Can’t get help even with resolution dept. Please help. (702)896-2314. Elaine Bodkin

    • Donna Broadbent says:

      i have been getting the run around for 90 days. No one in corporate cares at all as long as the bookings keep coming in. Don’t expect anything from them

  • Linda Sellers says:

    To Michael Bayley, I have been loyal to Royal since 1990 and have to say that I am very close to canceling my cruise on Symphony of the Seas on the 4/30/22. Reservation #9422539 and my daughter Melissa Kroft #9427918. My name is Linda Sellers. On Sunday 9/17 I purchased the shore excursion for full day in the Beach Club on CocoCay. My sister also purchased for herself and for her daughter. I tried reaching my daughter, Melissa Kroft, but she was out of town doing a deposition for her law firm. The next morning I told her and the Beach Club is sold out. I tried through the channels and I kid you not, was put on hold for six hours. The average working person could not be on hold and the sad part twice they never get back to you. They informed me that I can not buy a ticket for the fourth person in our party. She was told today to do something else on the island. I am 77 and I need her help getting on the team and support in walking. Am so disappointed that no one understands this. We have three tickets and need a fourth one. Please help me. I will be Diamond plus after this cruise and my daughter is already. Thank you for your time

  • Fredrick Allen Johnston/Evelyn Joan Johnston says:

    This is for Michael W. Bayley. We are Canadians hoping to cruise Feb. 2022, our question, which no one has been able to give us an answer is: We need a pretest, and results within 72 hours to fly back to Canada. Canada will not accept the Antigen test. Can you provide us a guarantee before we disembark from the cruise ship, with results, the appropriate test, etc? We have been patient, and one couple in our group, has already cancelled their cruise because the lack of correspondence from your staff. Evelyn Joan Johnston Reservation #9074973, Odessay of the Seas, Feb. 26, 2022, Thank You!

  • Donald Christensen says:

    We booked a cruise for 7/13/20 and when when I got the bill for my final payment for 4/5/20 and the virus was showing up in March and I canceled our cruise. I have called Royal Caribbean and they refuse to give my $500.00 deposit back. We are retired and on a fixed income and was to be our first cruise. They have canceled all the cruises anyway and like most business should give you a refund. They just offered us a voucher for the $500.00 and gave us till 5/28/21 to use it. We told them we did not want or will not be going on any cruises do to health and travel issues and they still refused to help or do anything except keep out deposit . I WILL NEVER BOOK A CRUISE AGAIN and you shouldn’t either.

  • Eugenia Reese says:

    I’m an Independent Travel Agent with Xstreme Travel (214-383-0122) and I haven’t liked my recent experience with Royal Carribean, I booked a client reservation no is 3131761 on the Explorer of the Seas for June 2020. When I originally booked them the price was $5373.85 it was a certain time to pay the deposit and they didn’t. They actually texted me the credit card information in time but I never received it, which I informed them it’s the wrong thing to do,in any case I never received it. About a week ago they realized I never received the credit card info so I proceed to call RCCL to see if they could still get the reservation,to find out it was cancelled. But they still had the same room on the same deck so they decided to pay the $750 deposit,than we got the invoice and the new price was an additional $2058 that’s unexceptable, Not only are these past RCCL guests their cabin is crossed reference with 8 other cabins of family members, their going for a 50th birthday party, I spoke to 2 individuals in the resolutions dept. 1. Jose Catalan and 2. Ashely and I was told from the both of them it’s nothing they could do to make any changes to this reservation. I was told the clients should keep the $750 deposit on the room because since it’s so early it might be addtional discounts later and than RCCL could apply it than,Wrong answer they should be getting satisfaction now. If I can get an immediate response to this problem it will be highly appreciated.

  • susan baron says:

    my name is susan baron, c& a #354797570. on march 9, 2019, we were forced to cancel our reservation, #2112570, due to my husbands emergency hip replacement surgery. t he person I spoke to was so rude and uncaring and were told no refund. the cruise would have been cancelled by royal Caribbean due to the new restrictions. we have had so many wonderful times on your beautiful ships that I was very insulted by this persons attitude. why couldn’t we at least transfer the deposit to a different time ? thank you for your kind attention.

  • Katie flaherty says:

    My husband cannot go on our scheduled cruise due to a health problem. I want my sister to go in his place and I cannot get any help because the ship has “closed” and is registered as a code red…My travel agent cannot get anywhere either. We are scheduled to leave August 2. Help

  • Gerard Murphy says:

    Can someone help me to get in contact with Royal Cribbean Head office. I have raised a complaint and i’m getting know where.

  • Mked says:

    perhaps it is time for a class action lawsuit including every RCL has screwed


      Who do we talk to ? I’m in

    • Donna Broadbent says:

      I will join. If I don’t results within the next week, I am actually filing a suit – I have already talked to my attorney, I am done. Two emails – about 20 calls and no response yet,

      • Cathy McBride says:

        I will join as well. My daughter and I just had a very bad experience Feb 8 2022. My agent, myself and my daughter got nowhere. They lied before we even left Toronto our home town. They told our agent the time we got in would be fine and shuttle would be there; it wasn’t and RC told her for us to take a cab to the ship and they would hold it for us if on way. Needless to say we were not on our ship. My daughter watched it leave an hour and a half after departure, in which they were waiting for us.

  • susan weiner says:

    in march of 2o18 I had a horrific accident getting off he ship Freedom f yhe Seas Walking to our station droped to ground broke my femur rt elbow cracked left knee ripped left rotator cuff Had 5 hrs of surgery Report on file Told Minica Noble who called me I would Not sue. n an email, which I have said RCCL would pay for all expenses my insurance would not cover sent hr the bills approx. $1400 Spent 11 days Broward Hosp 2 1/2 mo in REhab in novi mich 3 mo in well chair was hounded by lawyers in Fla home I said no I have never rceived a penny! My emails were blocked phone calls ignored. You a billion $$ Co. How can you lie to me Boldly lie? I have been a passenger on RCCL before! I’m stll bothered by lawyers. Told I could get lots of money, pain suffering. A free cruise I just want what is owed me. Do you put a notch on your belt for ever customer you SCREW? shame on you Lets see if you answer this
    Susan Weiner Farmington Hills Mich 248-227-3115

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