Where is Round Table Pizza Corporate office Headquarters

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Round Table Pizza
  • Address: 1390 Willow Pass Rd #300, Concord, CA 94520, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 925 969 3900

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 400

  • Established: 1959

  • Founder: William R. Larson

  • Key People: J McCourt

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J McCourt

CEO / President

Keith Davis


Bill Foley

Vice President


Vice President

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  • None your business says:

    Unfair treatment of Workers, they punish us for choices they made from customer complaints. The management is negligent and forces workers to deal with backlash of customers. Then punishes us for doing our job of enforcing policy, Now they are punishing us for claims they cant prove and we know we did such as uncleanliness, giving out paper plates which is allowed for to go orders and not working and “chatting” with customers when most of the time its us being yelled at. Also a coworker found a rat in the ceiling due to them forcing my coworker to go into the attic to do maintence which is not apart of his job.

  • Sheri Mondragon says:

    Got charged $30 more than quoted 2 months ago for party pack and spent 3 hours in a room set at 65. Apparently only corporate can adjust there thermostat. So quoted $65 and spent $95 in Orland, California and won’t be going back there again

  • Jan Hamud says:

    Bought a “Double Play” large last night. It was on their website for $30.99 which is outrageous for a pepperoni pizza. They gave it to me for $22.99 plus tax which is still a lot of money for a large pizza. The pizza I got wasn’t even close to the picture on their website. It had what I would estimate only half the pepperoni as the picture shows. I took a picture of it if you would be interested in seeing what I’m talking about. Pay more to get less. No way to run a business.

  • Johana Becerra says:

    So I was very disappointed to see that all the people making the pizzas in the kitchen we’re not wearing any hairnet. Most of those kids have long super hair. It’s in the way it’s in their face and they’re grabbing their hair while they’re making the pizzas. that is so not right that made me not wanna get my pizza. Is there any longer all the boys in the kitchen have long hair even the girls they have their hair all over the place I think it should be more sanitary. They should wear gloves they were not even wearing gloves we need some type of better management.

    • None your business says:

      I dont know which store you went to, but i work at one as well. Employees are required to wash hands before each task and are not to required to wear headnets but are required to wear hats unless they are supervisors and we dont get complaints for hair in food. However you should know that in the kitchen its over 90 degrees if its cold outside and if its hot its over a 100, even a small hair net will give people a heat stroke

  • Mike Downey says:

    Wanted to call but no luck🤷🏽‍♂️

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