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Rosati’s Pizza was founded in the year 1926. The company has been active for almost 93 years now. The founder of the company was Saverio Rosati. The first store of the company was opened at the corner of Pulaski and Madison in Chicago’s west side. In the year 1964, the initial location was closed and another new location was opened at Mount Prospect in Illinois, United States. As of the year 1995, the founder’s five sons grew the company to be the fourth-largest pizza chain in the USA behind Pizza Hut, Little Ceasars and also Dominoes as well. In the year 2018, the company was listed at number 21 in the Pizza Today’s list of the top 100 pizzeria’s. The headquarters of the company is based in 28381 Davis Pkwy #701. The name of the place is Warrenville, while the name of the state is Illinois, United States. The pin code is 60555.

Rosati’s Pizza is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of Chicago-style pizzas. The current CEO of the company is Marla Topliff. As of the year 218, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $211 million. The company currently has its presence across 220 locations in the USA.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of pizzas, that are served by the restaurants of the company itself. The company’s restaurants also provide casual dining experience as well.

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  • Russell Janes says:

    It is now 4:10 and tried to order a chicago style pizza at lake Forest store. Your store is not open at this time. I predict that you store wont be there in time if it can’t open on time. Russell Janes at russelljanes@sbcglobal.net.

  • Jodie Crawford says:

    I think you should look into the owner in San Diego. Lots has happened on Yelp and this is his final response to me saying my pizza was not good, etc. I would be happy to send the chain just not sure it’s worth the effort:

    From the owner:
    Let Recap. You came in and feel you had slow service (yes we had a server out with the flu), and a pizza you went happy with that you said nothing about when you were here.

    Then I need to hear your from Arizona visiting a boyfriend, your gluten free and cheat on your diet. Then you mock my bartender who is trying her best, and then you mock her for being proud her 16 year old daughter is working her fist job making pizza’s, then you have the audacity to see me the owner walk by and conclude I was doing nothing. What make you feel so entitled to criticize and mock others and share your unfair comments with us. You are self entitled and ridiculous. Please go somewhere else and do not come back here, we have plenty of great customers. Story closed, move on lady!

  • Ramona Kittle says:

    I just order from Rosati‘s in Sycamore. I am a quarter way through my calzone when I find a 4 inch wire about the thickness of a hair in my food! I’d like to know what this is in case I ingested a different one. How does this happen?

  • richard petrella says:

    i was a customer on sunday in your port st lucie west pizza shop. bought 2 pizzas, paid 40.00.
    the worst pizzas i have ever had. one was a 18 cheese newcyork style, the crust was like a cracker in taste , hard to bite into. no saucedsnd tasteless cheese.for 22.00 and white pizzas got 17.99 hard, no sauce and terrible cheese with spinach. those two pizzas u could not have 5 dollars. i got no problem paying but this was a crime. we each ate one piece snd couldn’t eat more. we threw all of it away. i am a retired restaurant owner and italian and i would never serve anything like this. if i did it would be right. cracker tasting crust, no sauce, tasteless cheese. u company leaders should be ashamed to put something out like this.
    my name is richard petrella

  • Carol says:

    Payson AZ. Manager hired a bunch of kids they were so excited, their first job and he had approached them with the offer of employment! Then within a few months he hired adults, started giving the kids less hours and on days they were not available as agreed at hiring and then stopped scheduling the kids altogether.
    Bad PR for a small community with friends and relatives that have more than one pizza place to patronize. Knowing the community the kids were probably a better long term investment than the adults will be.
    No longer patronizing Rosati’s

  • Lauren says:

    Terrible management service at the one on 1339 s halsted in Chicago between the owner Tj and manager these people don’t know there head from there a—. They keep your tips . The wat they talk about the employees is awful . I do not recommend working for these people at all.

  • Brittany says:

    Ordered dinner for my family. MANAGER called to confirm my order, I guess how it printed was confusing. Still MANAGED to get it wrong, then turned around and got upset with me. VERY RUDE!

  • Lamar Smith says:

    ordered a pizza at 6:44 PM with phone records to prove it. They were very rude and disrespectful and insisted I was lying about the time I called. By then it had been an hour and 20min. Since my call. I told them to cancel my order because they were very disrespectful. The lady I spoke to said she was the manager and her name was “Sadie” I will let all my friends and family know not to do business with such a disrespectful establishment. Never again!!!! Tanque Verde Tucson AZ location

  • Tracey J Hacker says:

    I live in Bloomington IL. My 14 yr old son love your food. We have ordered pizza,Italian beef sandwiches, chicken Alfredo and deluxe salads. I have never been disappointed. Food is great. Tell corporate management u need to expand to Florida. I just got back from Florida ordered pizza and Alfredo and it was terrible. Expand. Your food is awesome, check it out, I know you will be a hit down there! I’m just a nobody customer from Bloomington IL. Take advantage and don’t miss any new opportunities.

    Tracey Hacker

  • Donna says:

    Ordered a pizza 18 in.received a free 12 in i had toppings put on both the free one went in the garbage so salty could not eat it . I called an talked to the manager said it was the peppers he would give me a two dollar credit that did not help the person who could not eat it. The manager was not very nice in coal city ill We have been ordering from there for along time. We have sent people there, not no more. Thank You

  • Mary Johnson says:

    Unprofessional leadership at Rosati’s Madison WI. Called last week with debt card issue (online order). Then went to location – spoke to manager. I called 3 days later – asked to talked to manager. Person on phone said he was manager… explained situation – and stated it was fixed. After further conversation, person said they were owner. So was he the manager or owner? Make up your minds. Very unprofessional staff.

  • Randy Nalepa says:

    Marla Topliff

    I just recently moved to Palm Harbor Florida From Niles Ill. I grew up on Rosati’s pizza. You can imagine how excited I was when I learned that there was a Rosati’s pizza opening up in Oldsmar Fl, very close to my new home. My family and relatives who are also from the Chicago area order pizza weekly from the Rosati’s pizza in Oldsmar. The pizza was awesome until recently. From what I have gathered from the employees it is under new management. I have to tell you the quality has taken a nose dive. It is obvious the employees are not happy either. I ordered two large pizzas from there this past Friday. They were burnt and tasted awful. Not even close to the quality that we have experienced from Rosati’s in the past. It would serve you well to look into what is going on over there. I hope somehow you will see this message and correct the problems that they are having over there. Thanks.

    Pizza lover
    Randy Nalepa

    • Terry says:

      I agree 100% with you Randy. I could copy your text word for word except for that I moved to Prescott Arizona from Chicago. I was thrilled when Rosati’s opened up a place here as I couldn’t seem to find a good Chicago style pizza out here. As you said, it was excellent when they first opened and over the past two years I have found the quality to be on a down turn. I am going to send a letter to corporate headquarters and tell them exactly what you said, that it would serve them well to look into what is going on at this location. They are going to lose alot of business if things don’t change. They’ve already lost mine. I will have to start looking once again for a good pizza place.

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