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  • Address: 11540 US-92, Seffner, FL 33584, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 813-628-9724
  • Fax Number: 813-620-1717
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1990
  • Founder: Jeffrey Seaman; Morty Seaman
  • Key People: Jeffrey Seaman, (Founder and CEO)

Rooms To Go Headquarters Location & Directions

Rooms To Go Headquarters Executive Team



Jeffrey Seaman

Chief Executive Officer and President

Micah S. Goldstein

Vice President

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About Rooms To Go, History and Headquarters Information

After selling out Seaman Furniture Company, their former company, Jeffrey and Morty Seaman incorporated Rooms To Go in 1990. Their main goal was to sell whole room packages which can a lot. They have their headquarters in Seffner, Florida, USA. In 1996, Rooms To Go was well known as the fastest-growing and the 3rd largest furniture retailer in the US. Rooms To Go expanded its business and now has stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Rooms To Go is an American company that retails home furniture. The products include living room sets, leather living room sets, sofas, sleepers, sectionals, loveseats, recliners, chairs, ottomans, chaises, table sets, and home entertainment products; and bedroom sets, beds, daybeds, headboards, armoires, chests, cedar chests, dressers, dresser and cheval mirrors, jewelry armoires, nightstands, mattresses, accent pieces, and bed linens. They sell their products online.

This company offers furniture in predesigned rooms so that buyers can save time, and money without compromising quality. With their unique approach and methods, they started stores for children’s furniture and became the first major furniture chain to do so, unlike its competitors.

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  • Mary says:

    After spending thousands of dollars the customer service for RTG is HORRIBLE. I have placed 7 calls to Customer Service with no response or return calls as promised and they are not reporting my calls in the system to avoide being blamed, calls to the manager of the Naples Store with a promise of a return call 3 days ago — hasn’t called back yet, and numerous emails and calls to the sales person who offers no answers and despite an email outlining everything still gets it wrong.

  • Juan says:

    Very dissatisfied with the extended product guarantee service you sell to customers. The customer service of this company is the worst. I try to set up my claim and none one was able to assist. You customer service at rooms is very poor I been waiting on the phone for a manager for over 25 minutes.
    I am canceling my CC and won’t be buying from RTG again

  • Isolyn says:

    I would never recommend rooms to go to anyone!!! Their product quality is poor!!!! Bought a sofa set with the 3 year warranty, the foot of the sofa broke within a year and when we called the warranty dept to file a claim, we were given the run around without a solution. Over $200 for warranty and they tell us they can’t fix it and closed the case. Asked for our money back since this is obviously fraud and we were told by both the warranty company and rooms to go that it’s our loss. No empathy, no help, nothing! This is the worst company. Reporting to BBB also. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. City furniture treats you better!!!!

  • Judy Ortiz says:

    Ordered a bedroom set February of 2021, got the bed and the chest in April. The rest of the bedroom set came in September. Told the delivery guys to leave in the boxes because we were moving to Puerto Rico in November. So after our furniture was shipped to Puerto Rico in December and in our new home we opened the boxes and discovered they had given us the wrong pieces to the bed. Been trying to get the problem resolved to this date and all we get is the run around. Even asked to speak to CEO Jeffrey Seaman and of course they can’t do that. So today they sent a delivery truck to my son’s house and the truck was empty how in the hell do you go deliver something you don’t have!? Rooms to go can kiss my ass never will I ever buy anything there again. If by chance Mr. Jeffrey Seaman sees this I hope hope you can live with yourself and your wealth from cheating people, KARMA IS A BITCH ASSHOLE

  • SBJD says:

    I have purchased a house full of furniture from this company. The dinning room table was missing a part and I was told that the table was out of stock. I was also told that I had to come in and pick a new table which I did. The table was delivered in October. On New Years day I get an email and I see the dining room set that I was told that the company was no longer making. I have been told that they will not change out the dinning room that I received. When I was told that they were no longer making the table this is not fair and we have spent over 16,000 at this store. I keep getting the run around and I also called the corporate office and they are not doing anything to help as well.

  • Carl says:

    This has been the WORST experience ever! From the first time the furniture was delivered!

    From the time the furniture was delivered it was a horrible experience! Paid for delivery and install however only part of the bedroom set was installed. The delivery guy spilled a drink on my carpet. Sent a king size bed with NO support legs down the middle of the bed. Now it’s sagging and frame is destroyed. And customer service to resolve ALL these issues has been nothing less than a nightmare! ONE ISSUE AFTER ANOTHER! And no one takes ownership and you will sit on hold with customers service for hours… Then when new chest gets delivered they take it out of the box and end
    Damage it getting off the truck. So now I have to wait 5 months for new chest to be delivered in May of 2022!

    And customer service is the worst I asked for a manager at least 5 times for Olivia to keep coming back to the phone to say this is all we can offer. A refund of your shipping fee and reselection out a different bedroom set. But we don’t care about your loss of time and inconvenience that we have caused!

    Stay away from this place there is a reason they rank under 3 stars! I wish I had done my research prior to doing business with them!

  • Chè says:

    Found an absolutely perfect dual power recliner. Waited 2 months for delivery, the wrong item was sent! 2nd delivery, the item was CLEARLY not new!! Asked for immediate reschedule with compensation for my time, was offered a minimal credit!!! Plan to reach out to corporate. If I’m not compensated appropriately and sent a CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE NEW LOVESEAT, I will cancel and take my money elsewhere!!!! SHAME ON YOU RTG!!!!!

  • Chris says:

    Your associate Leeza at the Alliance Texas location is extremely unprofessional. Rude and shouldnt work there anymore. Can not believe how she is allowed to treat people.

  • I. R. says:

    Horrible customer service. RTO staff are not knowledgeable when it comes to delivery service fees. On their website it quotes one price but when you check out they charge you a different price. This is false advertisement, due to fact no where in their website does it mention a surge charge as per an executive manager (supposedly). You all should be trained in better service your customer and how to retain the customer by compromising, we’re in the 21st century. Also, their schedule time slot is a joke, the arrival of my (small) couch was deliver one (1) after the time promise, no call or text to inform of the delay or an apology. News flash RTO you’re not the only furniture store in Florida and further more the quality of your furniture is of LOW class and poor qualit. I REGRET going into your store and buying. 1st time and Last time. This a $2.2 billion company, and you can not refund me a miserable $70.00 or least $50.00, shame on you. I’m hoping that you Mr. Jeffrey Seaman, CEO are reading this comment and research and willing to compromise.

  • not very happy says:

    I am so disappointed with company I have spent over $5,000 at Rooms to go. one piece of furniture was a dinning room set and one of the side chairs was broke. I refused it and called to get it replace well the 2nd delivery the chair was broke again. now we will see what happens with the third delivery. in the mean time I am calling or writing to corporate office. this is ridiculous!!!

  • Nonia Darby says:

    My family and I loss everything in Hurricane Ida, so when we decided to rebuild we purchased furniture. The first issue, I was lied on by a “store employee” about a mirror that was missing from a $6000 order that I asked for. The second issue was delivery – they messed that up also. Almost gave my mom’s furniture to a neighbor. The third and final straw was having my sofa sleeper delivered to my home. Keep in mind I furnished 2 separate homes with rooms to go products. So now I’m waiting on my sofa and the truck driver says my apartment is gated and they couldn’t get in and they left. I had to pay someone to sit at my home and wait on furniture that was NEVER delivered. Now I’m calling to reschedule delivery and I have to wait an additional 12 hours until it is unlocked. I by far will NEVER order anything from this company again. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate of their customers. I spent almost $9000 to be lied to and treated unfairly. I don’t care how nice their furniture is. I will NEVER buy anything from them again.

  • Mar Man says:

    Whatever your relationship with Synchrony bank is it seems to be very corrupt. I cannot call Synchrony and you wont answer the phones either. Basically you closed an account in good standing and stole my money out of my bank account to pay yourselves. That is is theft. I will be filing complaints with whoever I can and if I can file criminal charges I will do that too.

  • Jeri says:

    No too embarrassed spent too much money for such poor quality. Just need some answers from your top team.

  • Jeri says:

    RTG is a very unprofessional and rude company to work with. Ordered thousands of dollars in furniture. Delivery was a nightmare. Received 2 recliners that the quality was unacceptable. They do not want to pick up these recliners and credit my account or even do an exchange. Will never buy from RTG ever.

  • Shelby Moore says:

    We purchased a reclining sofa in July, now it is Oct. 16. after the sofa was delivered we noticed a cracking sound when reclined. They sent a tech out he found a part underneath that needed replacement. He placed that order and customer service called in 2 days stating it was on the way, but it got lost in shipping. After speaking with customer service, which they knew nothing about where the sofa was or what to do, we went to the store and spoke with a manager. He shared the next day a supervisor would call, but again it was customer service that called and said they did not know where the part was. But we could get a replacement in Dec. At the store the day prior the manager said a replacement could come in Nov. But another 2 days we received a call that we were getting a replacement the next week. Reminder, customer service said Dec. Then the part came. I called customer service and asked what to do. They said when our sofa arrived send the part back with the delivery. When they came to deliver, boy did they have an attitude. They said they could not take the part so I told them take the sofa, do not unload. I forgot to tell you when the first sofa arrived they dropped it.
    So we go to the store again and speak with another manager who seemed that he would get us a replacement which he did and it was to come in 2 days. He gave us his card and said if we had any other problems call him. Once the sofa was delivered we noticed on one side it literally had no padding in the arm of the sofa. So I called the store and he was on vacation and they would not allow me to speak with the manger that day, but took my information and said they would contact the previous manager. In 2 days customer service called and said we are getting a replacement in Dec. This is has been the worst experience ever.

  • KO says:

    My husband and I picked out a console we wanted in the Knoxville, TN store on Labor Day and were given a delivery date of October 6, 2021. A damaged console was delivered to our home on that date with the delivery guys refusing to take it back with them. I spoke with a girl at the Knoxville location regarding the damage and I asked for a replacement. She stated that someone would be calling me back in a couple of days about the replacement. Today, I was informed that a replacement was not available until February of 2022 and that I could come in and pick out something else if I like. I informed her that they needed to pick up their hunk of junk as soon as possible. This company had an entire month to find an undamaged console for us and chose to pull the last damaged console in their warehouse to send to us. I will never, ever do business with this company again!!!

  • Carolyn Simons says:

    My MOTHER has been due a 700$ credit since 2015 she has since DIED I SUBMITTED everything asked of me was told a check would be in the mail in july it is now Oct still no check was told it would be turned over to unclaimed property. Have yet to receive anything in writing after speaking to 9 different customer service rep. Who is behind this. ?

  • Carolyn Simons says:


  • Sylvia Friend says:

    I need to know why your reps hang up on customers? TIny hung up the phone on me after i had to make three calls to your customer service department. and nothing has been resolved.

  • Illean Galindo says:

    This has been the worst experience ever. More than a month later we finally received the missing parts and the delivery team refused to assemble the piece which was in the order for them to do!! 3 days later waiting on the deliver team who was supposed to be back already to complete the job.

  • A Guest says:

    RTG is a high-priced, cheap-quality furniture place with total absence of customer service. We purchased a three-piece sofa set at premium price (only to find out the same selling at half the cost at “At Home”) and paid in full on the spot. After waiting for 1.5 months, we received a floor display set with wear on it (cringe at thought how many sat on these pieces during this pandemic). Their two-person delivery team claims to be hired the very same day so you can’t really say anything about the quality. The so-called supervisor (truck driver) will tell you he’s only responsible for the delivery. After wasting hours to talk to someone over the phone, we are contacting the BBB to get to the bottom of this company’s questionable practices.

  • Darcy says:

    Beware when ordering from Rooms to go. The absolute worst customer service experience. When you call the 800 number, after waiting 20 minutes for someone to pick up, the representative has no idea how to assist and recommends that I call the store directly. So, when I called the store in Jacksonville and spoke to “Destiny”, she also can not help me and is rude at the same time. I asked her for the corporate phone number to file a complaint which was incorrect (not surprised). I then found the corporate phone number 813-628-9724, however the phone just rings and no-one answers. After ordering a considerable amount of furniture from Rooms to go, I will no longer order, nor recommend this store to anyone.

  • Danielle Metz says:

    RTG and Synchrony bank just screwed me out of $219.99. I will be sure since you denied my complaint to notify BBB and let all my friends and fellow veterans know you both run a crooked company!!!
    Danielle Metz

  • Erica says:

    The worst customer service in Doral Florida at the rooms to go !!!! The office manager Sasha is horrible very unprofessional and had the nerve to call the consumer rude after paying thousands of dollars for products that was never received. I will NEVER go or visit this store again. Rooms to Go you all need to do better and Sasha doesn’t ever needs to be in customer service. Poor poor poor poor customer service.

    • QJ says:

      RTG is a high-priced, cheap-quality furniture place with total absence of customer service. We purchased a three-piece sofa set at premium price (only to find out the same selling at half the cost at “At Home”) and paid in full on the spot. After waiting for 1.5 months, we received a floor display set with wear on it (cringe at thought how many sat on these pieces during this pandemic). Their two-person delivery team claims to be hired the very same day so you can’t really say anything about the quality. The so-called supervisor (truck driver) will tell you he’s only responsible for the delivery. After wasting hours to talk to someone over the phone, we are contacting the BBB to get to the bottom of this company’s questionable practices.

  • jacks prabhu says:

    Worst customer service and it’s true their pieces are crap so cheap!!!! Will never buy from them again don’t waste your hard earned money on them they don’t even try to understand the customer like other places where I bough my furniture from !! They’re stuff might be cute but it’s really cheap and it’s breaks easily…

  • Lilliam says:

    RTG is the worst irresponsable company waiting for delivery never came next day they came with the sofa broken this is unacceptable I told them I’m canceling my order this is ridiculous never again buying from here.

  • Johanna says:

    Been trying to get hold of someone since Friday 7/2/21 to deliver my kids bedrooms sets that was supposed to deliver that day and the driver went to the wrong house and now i cant hold of anyone in customer service. Today is Tuesday 7/6/21 and i still dont have an answer of when my items will be deliver. when i go to the store they tell me they cant do anything because they are not getting pay for it since i bought in the internet. Horrible service i just want my items deliver.i have been payong for hotels since i dont have a place to put my kids and no one cant do anything everyone gives me the run around. I am so frustrated!!!

  • Lucero Escamilla says:

    Worst customer service and it’s true their pieces are crap so cheap!!!! Will never buy from them again don’t waste your hard earned money on them they don’t even try to understand the customer like other places where I bough my furniture from !! They’re stuff might be cute but it’s really cheap and it’s breaks easily…

    • Judith says:

      Lucero, you are so right. I have that problem with a bedroom set we bought and the bed broke. The service tech came to look at it and said it is a manufacturer default. We are still waiting for someone to tell us what is it the status and when is my daughter going to get her bed to sleep on that we paid for since June and it is now August. There customer service sucks! They do not care about customers. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ROOMS TO GO AGAIN!!

  • milagros perez soba says:

    im very very very disappointed with RTG.spent at least thousands of dollars with this furniture co,and no results or even a call in regards to furnituree damage there ins is not worth buying there a rip off,order#222895112 seats bought ins just in case and again no one can give me an answer..milagros perez soba was a RTG follower but not now ..there customer service is awfull..they blame covid 19 for there errors it has nothing to do,but thats evryones excuse now.i do have greatnews the young lady out here in orlando Rubby is awsome shes keeping my feelings about RTG,minimull but she can only do so much shes awsome in keeping customers ..thats the only person whose given a damn..again i hope corporate reads these emails,your service sucks,but your employee she keeps it together…shame on you hideing behind your employees ..do whats rt fix my issue…nevr will i ever recomend or purchase ..4076329547

  • Disappointed says:

    I was given a delivery time. It never made it. thought it was coming the next day. NOT EVEN. I called them SEVERAL times and was told a supervisor was going to call. NEVER happened. I tried to call Headquarters and no one answers. Its been two weeks! This is has been such a horrible experience! Buyer Beware!

  • Juana says:

    Horrible customer service, 1 pc on back order for 4mnths, didn’t notify of delivery even though contract states I would recieve 24 hours notice. called to complain and now they are telling me its on BO until end of July. THIS PLACE IS A RIP OFF. If you try and cancel they unbundle your package and charge you thousands more. BEWARE BEWARE. I have spoke with 3 managers who said they would call back and NO call back. DON”T DO IT>>>>

  • Nancy McLain says:

    My comments would include all of the above. Horrible experience and unbelievable bad quality of furniture. My personal opinion DO NOT PURCHASE anything from Rooms to GO in Montgomery, ALabama.

  • Un Happy Custmer says:

    Horrible Company !!!! unprofessional customer service, five times furniture has been damaged.

    • kc says:

      I have had a freaking nightmare with Rooms to go along with their delivery people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not purchase any furniture from this company!! horrible customer service!!!!!
      UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! and the quality of the furniture is very cheap!!!

    • kc says:

      This is true!! They brought me multiple furniture items that were supposed to be new and they were wrapped in cloth and had scuff marks everywhere along with hair!! disgusted by this company!

  • Susan says:

    Customer service what a joke with this company, been on hold with corporate THREE TIMES for over 30 minutes and get hung up on each time….

    • kc says:

      This has been the worst experience in my life!! customer service is very unpleasant and they will make you wait. year for your new furniture and if your lucky make your scheduled delivery time open time!!!! what a shame!

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