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  • Address: Rue François-Dussaud 3-5-7, 1211, 26 Genève, Switzerland

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  • Number of Employees: 4000

  • Established: 1905

  • Founder: Hans Wilsdorf, Alfred Davis

  • Key People: Bertrand Gros (Chairman)

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Jean-Frédéric Dufour

Chief Executive Officer

Rolex, History and Headquarters Information

Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. was founded in 1977. The corporate line of business includes the wholesale distribution of precious stones, jewelry, and metals, costume jewelry, clocks, watches, and silverware. The headquarter of the Company is in New York, NY, where its manufacturers and markets luxury watches. Rolex Corporate is a Swiss-based Rolex S.A., and it’s among the largest luxury watch brands around the globe. The headquarter is at 665 fifth avenue, New York, NY 10022, U.S.A. The company phone number is (212) 758-700. The website is The Company was started in 1905 by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf.

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  • Bob Caldwell says:

    I would like to design a white diamond encrusted watch with pink diamonds as the numbers for women. An all blue diamond encrusted watch for men. Please contact me at your convenience.1-573-310-7395

  • Bob Caldwell says:

    Please don’t steal my ideas

  • Bob Caldwell says:

    I also would like to design an emerald watch for men and women. You can reach me at 15733107395

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    I would also like to develop Safire watches for men and women. You can call me at 15733107395

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    I also want to design an amber watch and green amber watch for men and women. You can reach me at 15733107395

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    I would also like to design a pearl watch and a black pearl watch for women. You can reach me at 15733107395

  • Bob Caldwell says:

    I would like to help Rolex design a Ruby watch for men and women.

  • Bob Caldwell says:

    I will let the cat out of bag for one design. I would like to see a blue diamond encrusted watch with white diamonds as the numbers and wristband. I have some other great ideas that wil be more economical with other gems. You can reach me at 1-573-310-7395

  • Bob Caldwell says:

    I have some ideas on gems your not currently using on watches. I would like to help design some eccentric watches for your company. I will explain further if you give me a call. It will be worth your while. I’m willing to negotiate. I look forward in hearing from you. 1-573-310-7395

  • Rene Robert says:

    Can you give me a lead to find a
    Black dialed date Rolex Submariner either titanium silver or two toned

  • Rene Ribert says:

    Gentlemen, I have spent
    the last 6 years searching for
    your legitimate Black dialed date Submariner silver or two toned.
    Can you give me a lead please?

  • Sosthenes Behn says:

    Facebook marketplace has a listing for Rolex watches for sale under $300. The add states that this is due to a Rolex retailer in Japan has an overstock situation. The website is
    Is this legitimate?

  • goran petrovski says:

    Do not bother to buy a Rolex in Australia through an authorized dealer as there are so called waiting lists. Been on one for over 2 years now however you can get them new at resellers for a much higher price which makes you wonder who is monopolizing and corrupting it all . Shame on such a big brand to let these people do that and make money.I am so disappointed with the dealers here in Australia that i will have to walk away as it seems that Rolex is only about making their cut irrelevant of how. Shame on them

  • Iggy says:

    So tell me know how it works with Rolex…they only ship out a few watches to their authorized dealers and this stock is hidden in the back and never displayed in the front. Then the dealers will only call a 2nd party buyer who will take everything at a huge markup and then these guys will sell pieces to us of course at an elevated price…it is just like buying a car now. We are all fukked…l want 3 watches and can’t even order 1 and they keep le on a waiting list for years. So like wtf is going on with Rolex???

  • Jefferson says:

    Dear sir

    I have been trying to get a Rolex watch (Singapore) but to no avails , even through your 3 party retail (hour glass) which I have registered for 3 years. One of your staff in Rolex retail told me the priorities are given to their vip ( regular clients ). Does it mean we as Rolex new buyer will not get the opportunity to even own one? Where reseller keeps on having new stock in the 2nd hand market ?

  • Joseph Cardone says:

    I am 83 years old, a disabled vet and am trying to buy a Rolex, Submariner, Blue Bezle and Dial, Two-tone…Can you. help while I still can buy one?
    Joe Cardone

  • Paul Collins says:

    I have been trying to purchase the new GMT-Master ll to none avail. I find it hard to believe the attitude of the dealers, not to say they are rude it’s the total complacency in everyone attitude. I am elderly and it’s something I have dreamed of all my life and I have looked with envy at those fortunate enough to own one.
    I have been left a little money and so much would love one before I leave this world.
    Please, please tell me how an earth how I can get anyone to except a order with a deposit, or is it that you have that many customers who can afford to buy one and then sell it on, so much more over market prices, I am not that customer, I just totally desire one and have a dream come true.
    Help and thank you.

  • Robert Lamar Jackson says:

    My Birthday on the 13th of October and a nice watch would be a great gift for a homeless person. I’m Robert Lamar Jackson at Union Mission 120 Fahm St. Savannah Georgia 31401

    Please and Thank You 😌❤️

  • james lydon says:

    My wife and I both have lovely Cellini watches. New York just put a new strap on my watch. Great service. I have also come across a Rolex Princess watch which they looked at. It was made approx 1920 and in excellent shape. I would like to send a photo to get a value for it. If you could send me the appropriate address I will do that. Thank you, James Lydon,

  • Mark C says:

    I’ve admired the Rolex brand for most of my adult life. I’m interested in a 41” oyster perpetual green face with gold band. Why can’t I purchase ? Why do US stores have such minimal inventory of any watch options ?

  • C Mather says:

    Sent emails to the Rolex dealership in Aruba, but they haven’t even bothered to reply. Why would you try and buy a Rolex??

  • Monterey Rowe says:

    Dear Rolex, I was excited that my husband is giving me a Rolex for my 60th birthday. However, we have exhausted all avenues trying to purchase a 31/36 DATEJUST with no luck in the US. The dealers here are selective about who they sell to and these waitlists are a joke. Please put better controls on the sale of the Rolex in the US. It is frustrating to see advertisement of the Rolex on every other billboard and magazine and the watch is not available for years…at least that is what the dealers are reporting. HELP!

  • Ivan Maldonado says:

    I have a good idea

  • Sam Megalla says:

    I bout a 2022 datejust and unlike other watches that I bought that I had to remove two links so the braclet would fit, this Rolex would require me to add a link that I have to purchase. We are being ripped off by this company.
    My hand is regular size and not a big one. Unlike Omega that I had to remove two links to make fit.
    O paid $13K and Rolex Dealer wants me to even pay more to make it fit.
    I need a resolution on this from Rolex

  • Jyoti R Misra says:

    To Whom it may concern,
    My name is Jyoti Misra,16050 Falling Meadows Lane, NC 28273 USA.
    I am 72 years old. My grand father was a School Inspector in India. My dad inherited it after Grand Father and wore the watch with much pride every day. In India being hot he sweat a lot and the base of the watch corroded and a jeweler put the watch in a different case. All this time watch continued to work. My Dad died in 1984 and the watch stayed in a box for me. It is a piece of grate love and respect. Can the Rolex company restore it for me?

  • Dave Chee says:

    Dear Rolex Team.
    Would like make complain for Malaysia Rolex here. As I’m notice there is no stock and everyone is on waiting list. However I notice the employees Rolex Malaysia here they give to the VIP first then the VIP sell to Black Market which is sell higher then the retail Rolex shop. I hope Rolex team take action ASAP this matter and let us those pending list able get the Rolex.

    • kuma Nanayakkara says:

      Hi DAVE I HAD A SAME EXPERIENCE IN NYK.. even I had get insisted to buy re conditioned 2nd hand unit from them! it’s a side of mafia?¿ after all the ROLEX reply make me so much disappointed .. I am thinking to make a publicity my case by all media, what do you think??

    • goran petrovski says:

      same in australia

  • Natalie Du Plessis says:

    The Watch is new, never worn by my Mom. Excellent condition.
    Thank you again. Please recommend a Dealer in Cape Town, South Africa that would give me a fair price.

  • Natalie Du Plessis says:

    Good Morning, I inherited my Mother’s Rolex Watch. I would like an idea of it’s Value. It is a Rolex Oyster number 1675. Thank you.

  • Jean paul Marly says:

    I had rolex since 1974,know i have the Rolex Submariner blue.i do service every five years to my dealer in Houston texas Lewis jewelers and today drop it for changing a piece of the bracelet and find out you remove them to be the dealer of Rolex,i dont know why but this peoples have 2 great stores and great service .I dont know the personne who decide that and whish you understand customers services but it seem who decide to drop this stores dont have anny ideas what important for customers.Have been in europe see manny stores who physiquel look like a Swatch store,in france and Italie also spain! maybe you should make the difference……..

  • Nadia Ward says:

    I love my Rolex but wish they were more popular. Can you design Rolex watch bands that can be worn for style such as the hot Spring colors of fashion runways? Would LOVE to have one in neon green or hot pink.

    • John W Kinney says:

      I got fucked

    • Cyrus says:

      If that’s what you want, I would buy a Casio G-Shock. Better, cheaper and more accurate than a Rolex. What is more, you will be able to actually buy one! An added bonus is that you won’t be asked to bribe and do ‘favours’ for the AD to get one.

  • Dimitri Philippidis says:

    Dear sirs, my son is turning 18 this year. He is a watch lover and very much admired the Rolex I have and has expressed a desire to have one also. I would very much like to get him one with him passing this milestone in his life. The watch I am trying to obtain for him is the Air King. Every Rolex distributor I have been to see near my home in England, Yorkshire have said it is impossible to get and would not even entertain placing me on a waiting list. I simply want to purchase my son a Rolex which he will cherish and keep for many years like I have with mine. Can you please help me.

  • Steve Mount says:

    Dear Sir
    Where can I purchase an Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 Oystersteel and yellow gold white mother-of-pearl, diamond-set dial and an Oyster bracelet ?
    I am based in Liverpool UK but would be willing to travel to europe to secure my chosen watch

  • Bo Links says:

    I have written several golf poems that I think would make excellent narration for your golf-related advertisements. Some of the material has been published in Golf Poems (available at and it has been written up by The NY Times. Thanks for considering this. My lead poem, The Spirit of Golf, would be perfect for your brand. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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