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  • Address: 1155 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: 1,650
  • Established: October, 2002
  • Founder: Anthony Wood
  • Key People: Steve Louden

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Anthony Wood

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Louden

Chief Financial Officer

Ilya Asnis

Senior Vice President, Roku OS

Scott de Haas

Senior Vice President, Product Engineering and Operations

Troy Fenner

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Stephen Kay

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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  • William A. Arensmeyer PhD says:

    I am over 80 years old, all I wanted to do it to update my payment data. I tried to change my password to get into my account. It didn’t work. I am very frustrated by IT companies who seem not to care about older people and make their systems as complex and complicated as possible. I have a PhD in Botany but for the life of me I can’t find my way through your system no more then you could find your way through a complex plant key. Please help me get this taken care of. I not stupid but dealing with these systems make me feel that way.

  • Laticia Hernandez says:

    I have asked for over 8 months now to cancel my Ruku membership. It’s still has been taken out of my account.

  • Diana Wilson says:

    I used to be a technical writer for an intelligence agency that acted subcontracted to write programs, code & manuals for different agencies such as drug court monitoring addicts, The US Coast Guard boarding reports, and Odessa program that monitored Russian activity in the US etc. and HIDA (High intensity drug trafficking agency) for homeland security. A problem would be is that all of these different groups were cross-linked for intelligence and tracking reasons through one computer. We could also get information from people on welfare as well as getting information from the “national criminal database.“ And there were bleed overs is the code and programs. So when I ran into my problem which was I have had at least four different Hulu accounts since 2016 and it appears that when I cancel my Hulu subscription, and then go a month or two later just to see if I want to re-subscribe to Hulu, it re-subscribe to me without my permission. I find that I’m re-subscribed without my permission by looking at the debits in my checking account. Fortunately, I’ve gotten all my money refunded. But it’s becoming a pain in the ass I have to call Roku and Hulu and figure out which email of mine has been re-subscribed, and the poor Roku agents i’m sure hate it when I call because it’s a mess to figure out and they’re all very good people and they are professionals.. So this may be the glitch. Or… it could be simply my error, and if that is my problem then I apologize. But, I take notes in my iPhone especially in this last year when I’ll subscribe and cancel an account. I don’t know if anybody else has these kinds of problems, but you might think it’s worthwhile to look into. What I want either a Roku or a Hulu agent to do is remove all of the other email previous entities that I would subscribe to Hulu, hoping that they wouldn’t charge me again when I cancel my Hulu account. Unfortunately, that didn’t work because whatever email address I use is associated with the credit card ending in 7959.

    • Denise Goudeau says:

      Yes hello I’m having the same problem with my account. I tried to call but I didn’t get any response to get my money back DG

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