Where is Rodeway Inn Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 2101 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 480-393-3090
  • Fax Number: 123
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1692
  • Founder: Michael Robinson
  • Key People: Patrick Pacious, Dominic Dragisich

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Rodeway Inn Headquarters Executive Team



Patrick Pacious

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dominic Dragisich

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Wu

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & External Affairs

David A. Pepper

Chief Development Officer

Janis Cannon

Senior Vice President, Upscale Brands

Patrick Cimerola

Chief Human Resources Officer

Robert McDowell

Chief Commercial Officer

John Bonds

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations and Technology

Mark Pearce

Senior Vice President, International Division

William Carlson

Senior Vice President, Performance Analytics

About Rodeway Inn, History and Headquarters Information


Rodeway Inn founded by Michael Robinson in 1962 is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The vantage company of Dallas, Texas took the charge of the Rodeway Inn in 1971. Since then its main focus was on franchising. Rodeway Inn chain was then purchased by different brands furthermore.


Today, Rodeway Inn consists of more than 450 hotels all over United States. Rodeway Inn’s first franchise was acquired by Ladbrokes in 1985 which was sold to Ramada in 1987. The Choice Hotels Corporate group accompanied the brand in 1990. Rodeway Inn franchise were also purchased by Friendship Inn and Econo Lodge.


Today, Rodeway Inn owns almost about 450 hotels that are spread all across the United States. The most notable one among them is the Last Vegas Convention center that houses a bowling alley, a splendid casino and billiards. Rodeway Inn is also famous for its good reputation and a positive customer feedback.

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  • Virginia barnett says:

    Checked into rodeway in Ybor City. Everybody checking in, the 4 in front of me had problems. One was sent away. We got a room that was filthy and looked like drugg dealers had a war in there. Guy at front desk told my wife nothing he could do. Then another worker happened by and said he had a better room, stating he wouldnt even stay in that room. Turning people away when they had another room available. Lucky me, but the entire place is filthy outside and in. I have pictures, no way to attach here…

  • Sara Williams says:

    Yes the lady that was hired at the Carrollton, Texas location (Cindy Koster, is giving away druggy friends in other words stealing from the free rooms to her Druggy friends in other words stealing. She does Meth and is a thief. She was very rude to me and my husband. We won’t ever come there again.

  • Kymberly Nielsen says:

    I need to get my money back . I stayed at roadway inn in cedar city UT.. and was charge an fee for ” leaving the room trashed” the lady said I distryued the room .. I didn’t she took my last bit of money for leaving a dirty diaper and a couple things out sh was very rude to me and gas something against me. She said u was on the ni not rent list because if something she created over a year ago and it’s just not fair I didn’t fi anything wrong I want to see proof I will take her to court and sue the company

  • Dana Smith says:

    Hi i was recently at the rodeway inn on the 25th of march last Friday and i want a refund because the room is not worth the price i spent 280 on the flity nasty room with crums bugs nasty mildew stains in wall bed itchy and springs poking u in the stomach back and but the phone wasnt working to call front desk the elevator 2 didnt work it was a fight at the front desk and they would not give me my refund the female manager said i was getting it then said because i complaoned im not getting anythinh and she also called abd gave false information to the police and said i said i will shot the entire hotel up so there for im pressing charges that was the police can confiscate the phone calls because they are monitor abd tecorded to prove she is a fraud and she will be facing serious jail time once they confiscate the call for fasle statments to the police i have a big investigation going on i want my money back and i want her fired if i dont get it buy friday i will be opening a civil suit aginist

  • Dana says:

    Ok first off i went in and it was a guy at front desk he told me to book online because they cant give me a refund without a manager if u book online so we get the room, it was a mess so we ask to switch it they did it smelt like pee so we left and ask for refund through booking so booking conntact the hotel and ask for my refund the manager said she was giving it and never did then i called ger numerous of times and she said i was threatening her she also called the police and told false accusations that i threathen to shot her and all the employess so im pressing charges because she is a white karen i couldve lost my life to the police the way the do black people and im waiting on a full investigation the hotel is investigating them also and the she never pressed charges so there for i still want my money and advise all to stay away its a room worth 10 bucks everything look 3rd and 4th hand very dirty nasty smelly and itchy and they refuse to give refund and also liars

  • Sharon Hoge says:

    Through Priceline I booked the Rodeway Inn in Columbus, Ohio. The room was cold, there were dirt marks on the sheets and stains on the toilet seat. Since the room was pre-paid I had to stay. The security man brought me a space heater. When I woke up the next morning my face, neck, and arms were COVERED with bug bites and a rash — which itched ferociously for a week. I have photos of the bites on my hands, face, and arms.

  • Brandi says:

    I come to you to say first of all I rented the room online I paid $315 and some change the pictures are nothing what the rooms look like they are false advertisement number two when I get into the room it is a disaster nasty stains on the sheets handprints on the backboard face prints on the back board of the bed Windows have bullet holes in them floors never been vacuumed I had to change my own sheets just so me and my daughter could sleep cuz we’ve been driving and tired because we needed a place to lay our head and this was the only place the roadway Inn it’s not a good place to stay due to the fact that the bathroom was horrible and then proceeded to say that they picked up so that they did not proceed to pick up it’s still laying in there I’ve taken many pictures and videos I’m not for sure what to do about this situation because the manager lady Mariah or Maria I don’t know how to say her name she was very hateful and rude and not a very good help they proceeded to tell me they had no housekeeping on file and that they cannot clean a room when it’s occupied well I left my room so it could be cleaned none of my stuff is in there they can go in there and clean that room the shower curtain had nasty stuff all over it brown skin germs I don’t know what to call it the lamp shades and the lights are broken none of the plugs working there everything was nasty and sticky and there was wet body fluids like stains on my bed they just placed a clean sheet over the dirty sheets I am not going to do this this place needs to be shut down drugs are running through this place like crazy I don’t feel safe because the locks on the doors don’t work they do not have safety locks right nothing in this building should be running for anybody it’s not sanitary it’s unhealthy and it’s not good I’m very disgusted with this place in it I need to know what to do about taking it to another level I’ve read that complaints I’ve read the reviews and they’re very horrible I just know that this place should not be running for people and it’s false advertisement and I believe it needs to be shut down ASAP I’m just saying I shouldn’t have to be a customer and have to come in and clean my own room after they told me they have a room clean my first room was 124 oh it’s being waited to be cleaned it’s been waiting to be clean for an hour I come back they switched me rooms to 131 and is never been clean the roadway Inn in Duncanville Texas off of camp wisdom 711E camp wisdom Rd it’s not suitable for anybody I believe they only have the people that are doing drugs in that place but that’s sad because families do go there when they have nowhere else to go and they need a place to stay and it is not safe for anybody please help me and my kid please in the name of Jesus I would like my refund back

  • Laura Ferrier says:

    This has got to be the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at.

  • Charles price. George haskett says:

    Stayed at roadway inn 6510 us hwy 301 Tampa. Filthy ..my white socks were black on bottom..walls dirty smoke detector face broken cockroaches carried my luggage I killed 11 then ran out of amo..out side was worse then my bunker in Vietnam…never will I stay at a roadway again. Charles price and george Haskett and wives

  • Timothy Michael Allen says:

    I would like to know why I’m on a do not rent list I’ve never rented from you before please call me (402) 230-2793

  • Brad Lyle Wilson says:

    I stay in your Roadway inn in Old town Scottsdale on Friday 21st 2022
    can’t believe this room was one of the nasty room I ever stay in black grease around door knob and door
    bathroom not clean and the room smell and had my sock’s walking around the room they were black I was going to stay for week with my reservations and one night was enough for me.
    I would left that night if would of been early it was after 10PM when I got check in. Asking for full refund due to making week of reservations with Roadway Inn Old Town Scottsdale and had to go find different hotel due to nasty dirty room and the smell! This is wrong for Roadway Inn to be doing business in this matter. Please respond back.
    Brad Wilson

  • lorena lenis says:

    Stayed at the Pensacola FL location on January 14/22. The worst experience, I found that hotel because it was 11 minutes from Navy Pensacola Base as I needed to visit my son who is an active duty military.
    The building was under heavy construction outside and inside. When I get into the building it was duty and a lot of dust every where. I just ignore it and give the benefit that will be better later.
    I completed my check in and before I got into the room I was told that I need to use the elevator as it was under maintenance. I got into the room and the first impression was a not pleasant smell.. I then noticed that A/C was unplugged.
    I also notice that carpet was a little duty and the grift of the water from sink were old and mold.
    Again, I was thinking is ok they are probably renewing everything so maybe that is the reason why is not upgrade. Also the name of the business outside called RodeInn but inside said Ashton Inn Suites..
    So I left my luggage and head to Navy base to meet my son, we spend the whole day together, later at night, I went back to the Hotel, I got into the room and again the smell was not so good..
    Anyways, I later lay down and the nightmare started.. I was trying yo sleep and feel something in my hand and then in my face, there were roaches in my face and my body.. I turn on the light and there were a lot of roaches in the bed… I panic! I tried to call the front desk and the phone didn’t have numbers on it or was super old phone.. I then use my common scene and dial zero! I explained yo the lady that answer that there were roaches in my room.. I made a video! then I look inside the pillow cases the pillows were so dirty! I almost vomit, there were yellow with marks of who knows what!
    She then asked me to calm down and come down stairs for a new room.. New room was horrible. no phone, curtains could not be close, it was on a first floor where people can see you thru the window.. The floor was dirty, there were marks of shoes all over the place… I went back and asked for my money back.. They told me I have to wait for next day.. It was almost mid night.. I was crying, I call police and make a report even the officer told me that the place is not good..
    However to date I have three bites on my right hand that not go away.. It hurts and I don’t know if was because of the roaches or there were something else in there! I will hire an attorney

  • Catherine Fox says:

    At Rodeway Inn 6510 US-301, Tampa, FL 33610 is it normal for rooms to not have a blanket and have very thin, stained, discolored towels or is the manager pocketing some budget money? I have pictures. Catherine Fox

  • George G says:

    Stayed at the Lagrange Ga location and have to say out was by far the worst experience I have ever had in my Hotel starts.

    The shower didn’t have a way to plug the tub, it was laying on the floor outside the tub. There is stuff on the walls, roaches were so bad I repacked my over night bag, and left after a few hrs of trying to make the best of it.

    I read that these are Franchise type hotels, so am sure not much will ever come of this. I videotaped the ares in the room and will gladly post if I can find a way to show the corporate office what their name is being represented as.

    I had to unpack my clothes, place in washing machine when I got home – that night – immediately and spray the inside due to possible roach infestation of my home.

  • Jane Arnold says:

    My husband I stayed one night at the Rodeway Inn in Merced California. When we walked in we were pleasantly surprised at the condition of the room. The looked comfy and TV modern. Yes it was very basic but that’s really all we needed for the night. We were so tired and it was late so bewe didn’t really pay much attention to the condition of the bathroom. At least not until the next day when it was time to go in and get showered. The towel I had to use was so badly worn and frayed I couldn’t believe that they even put it out to be used. And then other towels that were hanging up there were dingy and not very clean looking. The floor in the corners of the tile looked dirty. Even the shower didn’t look or appear to be that clean. It looked like the owners only cared about the appearance of the front room and did nothing to modernize or fix up the bathrooms. I couldn’t believe that rodeway would provide a room in that condition. Fortunately I got a decent deal through AAA so it wasn’t like I paid a lot of money for the night. If I had I most definitely would have been screaming for a refund. I will not be referring any of my friends to roadway ever.

  • Emily Owens says:

    Stayed at the motel in Williams arizona, per the review it sounded great. It was horrible. From being dirty run down and unhealthy. Called front desk they didn’t care told me to call Hotel.com for a refund. Called Hotels.com and they heard my complaint, called the hotel. The front desk told them there was no complaint from us. Called the motel after I spoke to Hotels.com and he said you stayed the night no free room. We are from out of town on holiday weekend, there were no vacancies and it was 29 degrees outside. The man was a jerk. My son talked to manager on Friday 11/26 she said call Hotel.com same carp. She sent the maintance man over and he just looked at all the problems. All he said was we getting new heaters on Monday. He could care less. This place is a dump. We have filed with BBB and with the Health department. I have pictures if u want. My daughter had pubic hairs on her blankets, my sons room was a mess, peeling paint, face of heater falling off, vent held up with toilet paper, gaps under door so cold air Gomes in from freezing hall way no heat there. Sons room was 207 daughter room was 208. My room was 205 had long dark hair in and on tub, used towel put in with clean towels, dirty side of tub, dirt on walls, no hot water in shower. I have requested a refund.

  • Shari Duhon says:

    Kept my deposit for no reason… Went by what someone else saw and didn’t show me video footage.. Claimed that room was damaged when it was little erase markings on a sheet.. Want my deposit back

  • Nils Anderson says:

    Roadway Inn, Silver Springs, FL November 5, 2021

    No hot water; was told by management that the motel has not had hot water for more than two months. Dirty gritty floor. It had no waste basket, Had one roll of toilet paper with about five squares, just enough for a small job. No pillow cases, had a fitted sheet, then a scratchy brown blanket and topped off with a sheet (no bed spread). Called the front desk and was told he would notify housekeeping about it in the morning. We had to remake the bed. It was late at night we were tired after a long day’s drive, needed a place to rest our bodies. The unit next to us looked like a place where a homeless person set up a place to crash. Next to the front door was a large plastic bag with trash, then a chair with what looked like dirty clothes and then a bunch of plastic bags filled with god knowns what. Where are the Choice Hotels and Roadway Inn quality control people who deal with standards?

  • Dana Ninow says:

    I am allergic to bug bites and found a bedbug in my bed. I gave it to the front desk associate he acted like it was no big deal. My leg arms and hand are swollen. I am beyond livid. They did give us another room but the room had no refrigerator which is extremely inconvenient. This is the worst hotel experience I have ever had. The first room was already dirty and appeared to have not been cleansed there was a used q tip on the floor. It had no ice bucket or cups. And the bathroom had hair in the tub. I have been to this hotel many times this is unacceptable. I understand to rooms are cheap but this is unacceptable. This was the roadway in on smoketree plaza in Aurora the room number is 126.

  • Juanita hines says:

    I booked a stay at the rodeway inn located on 1401 Bloomfield Ave baltimore md. I booked a queen nonsmoking room. After seeking removing my items preparing to shower. I walked into a handicap bathroom(no issue) the bathtub was full of ROACHES. Dead and live. The towels had dead roaches in them literally. The toilet had obvious fecal matter and backup everywhere in and around the toilet. I was then having to pack up and switched to another room. Which was smoking. I have asthma. TV did not work at all. And guess what… more roaches.. I am disgusted. I was told I had to wait until 930 am to see the manager for a refund. I’m just disgusted. I have plenty photos.

  • George D. Sypert, Jr says:

    On 10 8 2021 we stayed at the Rodeway Inn in Alamosa, Co. When registering I was told that there was a $50.00 damage deposit required in addition to the room charge which was too high to start with and that it would be refunded upon checkout the next day. We entered the room and went to sleep right away. Got up the next morning and left. When I went to check out they refused to return my deposit and said that the maid had to check the room and was not at work yet. I asked to person to go check the room and they refused. As to this minute I have not received the refund of the damage deposit, when I called this morning they said that it takes 4 to 5 days for the refund to show up on my account. This really appears to be a total scam. The room was not clean, especially the bathroom, sink faucet did not work properly. We did no damage to anything in anyway to that room and I want my deposit returned. We slept and we left. Really the worse experience I have ever had with motel, hotel of any brand. I am sure no one really cares about this but hope I am wrong.

  • Jodi Deeter says:

    How would one of your properties get remodeled in Roswell NM it really needs updating alot

  • Derek Harvey says:

    Rodeway Inn @ 10207 SW Parkway Portland, OR

    Let a guess use my credit card number to extended a certain guests’ stay. They’re refusing to give my money back. They informed me they have no manager there at all, no GM, no assistant manager or front desk manager. So no one is running that hotel?????

    Not only have I disputed with my credit card company I am personally pressing charges on the lady working the front desk that is said friends with the lady who used my credit card.
    They uncovered my credit card number used from a booking website to use that card to book extendeding

  • Thomas Perano says:

    I stayed at the Rodeway Inn, Goodland, KS. This was the worse experience I have ever had. The owner Sam was extremely rude. He first attempted to charge my daughter-in-law for my room and was nasty to her when she caught it. I was booked for 2nights, Sept 24 &25. On Sept 25th I was locked out of my room. At first there was no one that could be reached at 9:30pm. I finally was able to get a worker who lives there to attempt help me. She did not have a master key to open any rooms. After a long period of time she contacted Sam (owner). He was rude and non-careing when I told him I needed to get my medication from the room. He stated that his maintenance man had a key and he had no way to get the key from him. I asked him why he did not have keys he wouldn’t answer me. All he would do is ignore anything I asked. I finally agreed to stay in another room for the night. He stated he would comp me for the weekend. The next morning the receptionist was finally given an override key. I was charged even after being told I would not be. I will never stay at a Rodeway Inn again.

  • Peter T. B Jr. says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I understand hotels are franchises. With that being said, twice Ive stayed at the Roadway Inn at 5642 Oakley Blvd Wesley Chapel, FL 33544. Both times I asked to check in (but not enter the room) around noon because if I ddnt do it during the day, it would be closer to midnight. Both times I was told it would be an additional $40 to check in early. So, I will go back to Sleep Inn just down the road. The price is a little higher, but the conditions are so much better and they are accommodating to simple requests.


  • Jennette Evans says:

    Jennette Evans, Guerneville CA

    RE: Rodeway Inn 9727 NE Sandy Road, Portland Oregon: On the night of July 30, 2021 I had the distinct displeasure of staying at the aforementioned property. This property looks NOTHING like the pictures on Booking.com, nor does it have most, if any of the amenities advertised. I travel a fair amount and have NEVER ever seen a property this bad! The homeless are being housed there in rooms as well as in cars and even a TENT on the property. I watch 2 obvious drug deals go down and later was treated to a sexual act on the hood of a car in the parking lot! The room barely passed as clean (the floors, no rug, were FILTHY. No WiFi, not even a working phone for an emergency. A letter to the CEO of Rodeway Inn, Patrick Pacious, is in the mail today. I urge any of you who find these conditions elsewhere to bring them to the attention of senior management although, from the looks of all the comp[laints here, they really don’t give a crap.

  • Ayesha Mcdonald says:

    I tried checking in last night 8-18-2021 at the Rodeway Inn on Camp Wisdom Rd in DUNCANVILLE,TX. The hotel needs too be shut down a lot of the rooms were open and vacant because of water damage it smelled like mildew throughout the hotel, mold and dirty altogether…There was no air circulating as you are walking through the halls. The person checking me in gave me someone else’s room because the key wouldn’t work and it seemed like the deadbolt lock was on, tried that room twice…. Then tried another room, the carpet was wet,it stunk like mildew and the TV didn’t work. He tried too act as though he didn’t want too give me a refund but did eventually after my man said this is robbery.

  • Bruce S Garlock says:

    Rodeway Inn – Auburn Hills, MI. My husband made a reservation for my son using Choice Privilege Points, for the evening of July 23rd. When my son arrived, he was refused check in – hotel claimed they did not know it was son checking in. He had a valid ID and same last name as husband. We have never encountered this problem when making reservations for our adult children. Not only was he turned away but the hotel refuses to refund the 8000 points used to make the reservation. He was also turned away prior to time reservation would need to be cancelled. Hotel canceled and still refuses to refund points. Choice Privilege rep tried without success to help us. Our family will not be making reservations at Rodeway Inns in the future!

  • Jeffrey Ward says:

    I hate to be a complainer, but the Ride way in daleville Alabama was nasty. The floors were dirty, the grounds were nasty the pool was nasty. I have stayed at better places for less money. I understand not having employees to do the job, but some things need to be addressed at this location.

  • Beverly says:

    July 17, 2021 – Upon arrival at the Rodeway Inn, Foley, AL, M. Hill checked us in. Two separate rooms, 201 and 213 were charged $409.59 each on my American Express card. Price gauging at its best. The rooms had various issues reported to M. Hill who stated only the manager, Kishan could review. He was not working the day we checked in and also the following day when we checked out. A phone conversation between myself with Kishan on July 20, 2021 was the worst experience I ever had. Kishan stated there would be no discounts for any problems we encountered and rudely kept interrupting me. I have never received such unacceptable treatment from a hotel chain before. The issues that I want reviewed are as follows: Room 213 had one small TV that could not be viewed whereas Room 201 had two. Room 213’s shower door does not close allowing water to spray on bathroom floor causing hazardous slipping issues. Room 201’s shower cannot be regulated and stays constantly hot causing burn issues. Room 213’s mini refrigerator freezer is frozen solid and does not work. Room 213’s reading lights above the bed do not work. The pool is murky green with slime on the bottom and human hair floating in it causing bacterial issues. Expect that a Rodeway Inn representative review these unacceptable issues and communicate back to me with an acceptable monetary resolution.

  • Tina G. says:

    It was filthy beyond measure..When I walked in the door I wanted to call the police I felt I was just robbed of my hard earned money. The door wouldn’t lock, slid a big chair in front of it. It had prints everywhere. Not sure when it was vacuum last. I had wear my flip flops to walk around. Not sure when the tub was cleaned. No remote control or we just couldn’t find it. Towel rack broken. Stunk of cigarettes and I have never smoked. I want my money back!!!!! Flop hotel for transients.

  • BB says:

    Stayed at a Rodeway Inn in Kingston, NY Friday 7/9/21. What a hell hole. After a concert took a shower and the water would not drain from the tub. Toilet would haltingly flush then crest to the top. They have a septic system that was apparently not functioning properly. Then my partner went to the bathroom at 4:00 a.m. and we soon heard the cascading of water—the toilet was rapidly overflowing (with urine and God knows what else) into the whole bathroom then continued the overflow into the room flooding the carpet with toilet and septic water back up. I was able to stop the flow of the water by opening the basin and re-adjusting what looked to be ancient toilet mechanism…rubber rotting, etc. Staff was very rude throughout the visit. There were dead bugs in the room and the bed sheets smelled terrible as well. I nicely requested a discount but they immediately became defensive and offered a measly 10%. Bathroom also had what looked like mold on the bottom of the inside bathroom door and some of the tiles. This was clearly NOT an isolated incident. I have since contacted American Express and will contact the Kingston Board of Health. And they had the lobby closed (I thought covid was at bay?) so there was nowhere else to go to the bathroom on the premises…we had to go to the local gas station – the bathroom was actually nicer there ! And after the middle of the night incident we didn’t dare use that toilet or shower again. This place was the worst of the worst. And after all this the staff were beyond obnoxious. And they were still advertising free breakfast…OK, if you are not having it because of Covid at least update your website to reflect this. So we slept terrible and were exhausted all the next day. Next time you pass a Rodeway Inn keep going ! We would have been better off sleeping in the car. I am sure this is not indicative of the whole chain but have no intention of finding out !

  • Nicole Young says:

    I just made a complaint about the manager in foley Alabama and as soon as I got off the phone with him he charged my card $298.69… made no damn since like this is a five star hotel ..times are extremely too hard for BS like this I can’t control the weather!!!!! He needs to be Fired!!!! With the attitude he had this morning …!!!!

  • Nicole Young says:

    I’m extremely frustrated this morning.. first of all I know they have a cancellation notice which is 24hours in advance but on this morning as me and my family were supposed to take part in going to foley , Alabama a storm was approaching and we decided not to go so I contacted the hotel to speak to the manager about waving the cancellation fee and he strictly denied my request not being considerate of the weather or our safety for that matter… I mean he was so rude that it’s ridiculous he even was rude to the Booking.com person who contacted him about it .. he told her to never call him again… I want you to know that I will NEVER RESERVE A HOTEL WITH RODEWAY AGAIN….😡😡😡 1504 South McKenzie street.. 36535 Foley … Horrible Customer Service

  • Extremely disappointed says:

    I have stayed at the same roadway inn two different times both times me and my wife got very sick don’t know what it was something in the room dog poop in the parking lot everywhere garbage overflowing in garbage cans pool drains with garbage in it fence falling down just a big crap hole in omak Washington honestly it needs to be shut down

  • Michael Nelson says:

    my wife left her purse accidentally at Rodeway in castaic california. As she is disabled, this is most difficult.my wife daughter and granddaughter had all passed immediately out when we had left.I did’nt mind however as it was the first peace and quiet i had in days. We were about 75 to 100 miles past the oregon border when my wife looked at me and says she thinks she left her purse in california at RODEWAY. I said F$&#. Since then we have spoken to the manager who has thoroughly insulted us. We were told it has been sent, We were told they would send tomorrow, We were told we should not have left it. I have spoken with CHOICE HOTELS given claim numbers, the manager had promised 3 of their operators he would send the following day……This is the most unprofessional and disturbing HOSPITALITY based business I personally have ever done business with.NEVER will I EVER stay at RODEWAY INN in CASTAIC CALIFORNIA. I cant really afford to drive the over thousand miles back, and the car rental fee, nor the cost of flight and car rental. Our emergency money, her rings and ID are all in it. It also had some other very important items, This ongoing battle is a disgrace. It has been almost a month, I had even contacted a courier to retrieve it to ship back via fed ex. But was told it had been sent, so when i went to confirm was told it would be shipped the following day. Tomorrow being monday, I will be contacting corporate and not CHOICE HOTELS. I had also scheduled time to speak to an attorney to bring suit for this unconscionable hanus company.

  • Albert DeForge says:

    My husband and I stayed at the Roadway Inn in Fargo, ND. on Friday 7/3/20. Terrible. The carpeting in the room was filthy -stains visible. Mirrors looked like they had grease smeared on them. Chair (white!) was stained and furniture was all mismatched and looked more like they went to a rummage sale to pick up a few things. Washcloths were very thin rags. Hall rug was filthy – not vacuumed. The two doors by our room were both broke and propped open (note was posted on them). We closed them anyway because anybody/thing could just walk right in. Grounds had fast food trash strewn through out. There were 3 “shady” looking young people stooped down outside one of the doors doing “something”. There were 2 patrol cars that stopped in and walked around the bldg. Through out the night and early morning hours there were people coming and going either walking or driving. We thought druggies. My husband didn’t sleep – kept looking out the window to check on the car and see who was walking around. I’ll never stay at another Roadway Inn. Their website is extremely decieving. Our recommendation is to stay somewhere else!

  • Gary Dunn says:

    Stayed at the Roadway Inn in Billings, Montana and it was more like a flop house very dirty and unkept.

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