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In a digital world, events are meant to take place at a fast pace hence you do not have to brood over issues for so long when the solution can be actualized by clicking the right buttons. You have likely been prompted to bump onto this page at sighting information about Rite Aid corporate headquarters as you hope to get rid of some pain points or some other concerns. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the main focus of this piece.

Ways to Contact Rite Aid Corporate Headquarters

Address: Rite Aid has its headquarters at 30 Hunter Ln, Camp Hill, PA 17011, USA. You may choose to visit if you will like to have a face-to-face meeting with a member of the management team at the headquarters – but this must be after pinning down an appointment. On the other hand, you can also send a letter to this address.

Phone Number: In case you will like to speak with an executive at Rite Aid, you can dial +1 717-761-2633 on your mobile.

Email: Alternatively, your concerns can be relayed to the headquarters through email message which you can send via eCommerceCustomer.Support@riteaid.com

Fax Number: A fax message can also be sent via (717) 975-5871

Rite Aid Headquarters Info & Photos

Rite Aid corporate headquarters building was completed way back in 1958. The building has undergone series of renovations, and it has been designed in such a way that promotes ergonomics thus guaranteeing a conducive work environment for the employees.

The Class B building has a total size of 205,000 square feet and features several functional areas. The headquarters provides operational support for all Rite Aid’s offices and stores in the US. As such, there are administrative quarters, multiple workspaces, conference/meeting rooms, and so on within the company’s headquarters.

Rite Aid Headquarters Photos

Rite Aid Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

30 Hunter Lane Camp Hill, PA 17011


United States

200 Newberry Commons Etters, PA 17319


United States

451 South St. Johns Church Road Shiremanstown, PA 17011


United States

433 Railroad Avenue Shiremanstown, PA 17011

Rite Aid Headquarters Executive Team

Elizabeth “Busy” Burr

Elizabeth “Busy” Burr

Chief Executive Officer – Interim

Jessica Kazmaier

Jessica Kazmaier

Chief Human Resources Officer

Matt Schroeder

EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Matt Schroeder has been with Rite Aid for more than 11 years, and he assumed his present office in March 2020 – he was previously the Group Vice President, Investor Relations and Treasury. Being the CFO, he manages every aspect of the company’s finances, including financial planning and financial reporting. He holds a BSc. in Accounting from the University of Pennsylvania.

Name Title
Elizabeth “Busy” Burr Chief Executive Officer — Interirn
Jessica Kazmaier Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Justin Mennen Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer
Matt Schroeder Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Chris DuPaul Chief Operating Officer Elixir
Rand Greenblatt Chief Financial Officer Elixir
Karen Staniforth Senior Vice President and Chief Rite Aid
Jeanniey Walden Interim SVP Marketing
Pamela Kohn SVP & Chief Merchandising Officer
William (Bill) Miller Retail Operations

About Rite Aid


Although Rite Aid began its operations in 1962 with the opening of its first chain of stores – known as “Thrift D Discount Center” – in Scranton, Pennsylvania, its origination dates back four years earlier to the time Alex Grass founded Rack Rite Distributors Inc. Rite Aid was publicly traded in 1968 and appeared on the New York Stock Exchange in 1970.

The company’s continued growth saw it becoming the third largest retail drugstore in the US by the early 80s, with over 650 operational stores. By 1984, Rite Aid has generated a sales revenue to the tune of US$1 billion. The expansion of Rite Aid business – which saw Rite Aid moving into other US states besides Pennsylvania – came with the acquisitions of several drugstores and/or pharmacies. One of the major acquisitions of Rite Aid is that of Eckerd Pharmacy which surged the number of stores to over 5,000 with more than 112,000 persons employed in 2008.

More recently, in 2015, the company acquired pharmacy-benefit management firm, EnvisionRx to further boost its business. Likewise, other strategic partnerships have been activated. Rite Aid now has its stores in over 2,400 locations across 18 US states, with sales revenue over US$21.5 billion.


Rite Aid’s services are directed at advancing the cause for human wellness/health. Essentially, the firm, through its numerous pharmacy chain, provides drugs [and prescription refills] to people. It also renders telehealth services – plus consultation with healthcare professionals – which customers can access online. These services are available to individuals in a variety of subscription-based packages. Rite Aid has also designed programs geared at enabling people to adapt to (positive) lifestyle changes.

Additionally, Rite Aid offers some value-added services like sending notifications/reminders about drug prescriptions. Again, there is a service offering that gives customers the avenue to have their prescriptions automatically refilled – just before they run out.

Besides the pharmaceutical business, Rite Aid also sells other products – like personal care items, groceries, beauty products, household appliances, office supplies, pet supplies, and so on – in its stores. Rite Aid has yet made provisions to run COVID-19 test and administer vaccines at accredited centers – this service can be accessed by scheduling an appointment through its website.      


  • Rite Aid services can be delivered in more than 170 languages – although information label on prescriptions can only be provided in any of 12 languages.
  • Rite Aid has its place on Fortune 500 – it is currently ranked 150
  • Walgreens almost fully acquired Rite Aid in 2015 but the plan did not scale through, with the rival company only being able to acquire just 1,932 Rite Aid stores for US$4.38 billion.
  • Rite Aid has a foundation that is devoted to the wellness of children – it makes donations to organizations that are committed to this purpose.

  • Cecelia Bell says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I would like to say something about the Castro Valley, ca store.
    Your staff has changed though the years, I’ve been a long time consumer.
    The reason for this letter is about the parking policy.
    The store is now tagging cars about the overnight parking! 99.9 percent of the people who are parking they’re cars in your parking lot , are coming from the two trailer parks across the street.Where there is very limited park for family’s with more than one car.
    So the overflow gets parked on the street where there is limited 2 hour parking permitted.
    Most everyone in these trailer parks, comes to this store. Past mangers allowed overnight parking to the people who had no where else to park.
    I drive 175 miles to come see my sister who lives across from this Rite-Aid!
    They are your best consumer’s, and security , because we watch our cars .
    So please reconsider your actions , off towing off the overnight cars parked in your lot. (Which by the way is the safest place in CV to park)
    Sincerely one of your over night person, parking her car in your lot!
    Cecelia Bell

  • Delvis Rodriguez says:

    Riteaid 741 Columbus ave New York my 10025 # 212-316-0436 the pharmacist was rude.I made a Covid-19’ appointment an told me to come back next day bit chad an Stephanie that works in the pharmacy department call me a bitch in Spanish an I been a customer in this for 30 years in all my years going to this rite aid never had a problem chad an Stephanie should get fired they been giving customers with a bad attitude can you do something please I always loved rite aid thank you for your time please I would love to go back to riteaid

  • Cheryl Ann Eberwein says:

    Today has totally changed my opinion of rite aid!!! My pharmacy has been closed for 2 days!!!! I have a prescription I NEED!!! And I am informed by another rite aid that it can not be filled by them because the closed rite aid needs to release my prescription!!!! Now I am without my prescription until Monday and until they feel like filling it!!! They do not answer the phone anymore and you need to drive in to get your prescription filled!!! Thanks for making be in pain rite aid!!! Change this process!!! It’s not fair to hold my prescription hostage!!!!

  • Jason Snyder says:

    I would like you to know about the terrible reception I was given at the Rite Aid pharmacy at the North Main st ext. location in Butler pa on Saturday afternoon. My wife and I walked in to get a flu shot. Had our paperwork already filled out. It says every where on signs in front of the store and on line that walk ins are welcome for the flu shot. Well I guess not the case here. She complained to us that they were over run with people getting shots! There was two other persons there getting Covid shots. And no one else in line. We were told rudely that we would have to go elsewhere or make an appointment for another day. So we went to the front of the store and checked on line and low and behold there were openings for flu shots in ten minutes. So we scheduled for them. Went back to the counter and explained that we scheduled for them and she again complained about why we did that after telling us that we should do it another day or go to Giant Eagle! She then proceeded to tell us we would have to fill out paperwork then! Well we already had forms filled out plus we put the same info into your web site to schedule the appointment! She still was complaining about it so I said to her simply that we did what she requested and not to be so rude. One of the other staff asked what was going on and She replied that they just went outside and scheduled. Referring to my wife and I. We waited approximately 20 minutes which I wasn’t complaining about. The pharmacist called for us and she was very professional and nice to us. But the assistant we dealt with was awful and it will make me think twice about dealing with that Rite Aid in the future!!!! Thank you for your time.

  • Pete May says:

    Why does Rite price gouge in poor neighborhoods? UNISOM 32 gel count is $17.49,
    I am going to contact our local news to look into this. In this day and time, these neighborhoods need help, not destruction.
    Awful move

  • Roy Hudec says:

    Store 02527 Manchester, New Jersey.

    I have been a customer for seven years. In that time I have experienced some disturbing behavior at this store.

    I recently transferred my prescriptions to the local Shop Rite in town because the long lines at the Pharmacy and poor service took its toll.

    There is a Pharmacy Tech, a black woman, I do not recall her name that is short with customers, has an attitude and just makes me mad that I have to walk on egg shells around her. The pharmacy is always short staffed? I can stand at the counter and she doesn’t even acknowledge me. She is just rude. Yesterday I was treated in the ER. My meds were called in to Rite aid to my dismay and I called to confirm they were ready. The tech in question informed me that the scripts were not ready to be filled. This was wrong. She went on to say that it was too soon to fill the new scripts written by the ER doctor less that 24 hours ago. She insulted my intelligence. She was going to end the call when I told her I was not finished speaking to her and investigating the problem. She seem irritated and put me on hold.
    When I was a younger man local pharmacies knew your name treated you with respect and went out of their way to help you. The people that work in your establishment have no idea what customer service means. They seem to do the least possible amount of work.They regularly hide some where in the aisles while I stand at the counter waiting to pay for my selections. I have to call out in the store for assistance.
    RiteAid advertising and commercials provide a distinct message “We are there for you” not at this store. The stores culture and employees are far from friendly, accommodating and customer focused. I will be writing my community about these facts and soliciting feedback from residents. I am going to recommend Shop Rite pharmacy moving forward. Why? Because this message will most likely fall on deaf ears. And the company is hesitant create change that may be difficult in the short term.

  • Deborah Fox says:

    Eureka CA, Rite-Aid on Harris St is a JOKE. Unprofessional to say the least, Each & every month since switching to them I have had problems with pharmacy. COPD is bad enough but when you have to constantly call to find out where your meds are just to keep you breathing a little better it makes it hard. Pharmacist says they sent me 3 boxes of SPIRIVA via scriptdrop, delivery service. No no, I did not get all 3 only recv’d 1 box. Now I’m out of this inhaler for 3 days now & have to wait til Monday for my Ins to approve more of this medicine. This has happened several times now but with different medications. Also told out of stock when they know or should know exactly what they need to fill orders already in computer & add extra in case of new scripts being written. Rude, ignorant & they do not train employees well enough.

  • Sandy says:

    So much for speaking to the Chief Pharmacy Officer regarding Rite Aid pharmacy in Denville NJ… lets see how long it takes for someone to get back to me!!! That pharmacy is in major need of in service on how to treat customers

  • Samuel says:

    Its sad when your store pharmacy has no one to keep it open and all the people are having to turn back, inside store said it will reopen 5pm, store is at 2453 Elmwood Ave Kenmore ny

  • Annoyed says:

    Why can’t I convert my points to bonus cash comes up with err try again? This is unacceptable as a corporation

  • Agathi says:

    Headquarter is NO HELP. No one seems to take responsibility for compromising an individual’s information. The state board and Federal bureaus should audit their procedures for upgrading Rite Aid software since it removes individuals listed Drug plans causing incorrect pricing. Also, not everyone has or can afford internet access to process any awards. I’m using a friend’s internet. The public library warn that personal info should not be used on their system so that’s out. Where is the common sense, when a person is getting assistance for med do you consider that they don’t have these luxuries. Wake up don’t sit on your brain.

  • Timothy Gray says:

    Dear CEO Donigan and Co.,q1qq

    I am writing to report two serious instances of harassment by two of your employees at the Rite Aid store near my home in Sammamish, Washington.

    The store in question is #05188, and it is located at:

    3066 Issaquah Issaquah Pine Lake Road, SE
    Sammamish, WA 98075
    Tel: 425-391-1582

    Before I elaborate I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am a businessman with more than 30 years of public relations and marketing experience with the USA and China. In my line of work I have either met or hosted many VIPs including Samuel L. Jackson, Margaret Thatcher, and President George H.W. Bush to name just a few. I am also a former United States Marine in poor health in-part as a direct result of my military service. Above all, fighting to keep America free is my proudest accomplishment.

    The first incident happened roughly 6 weeks ago in the evening just before the store had closed. The woman who first accosted me inside your store is pharmacist technician Marian McCandless. Up until this point I have had very little interaction with her except when filling prescriptions and asking to speak with the pharmacist.

    While checking out, I was discussing with Manager Patric Yap (and another lady who was also working behind the cash register at that time) the lifting of Washington State’s mask mandate. Me and Mr. Yap both agreed and we’re laughing at how difficult it will be to recognize people once everyone desides to remove their masks. Then Miss McCandless rudely interjected into our private conversation, raised her voice in front of customers and staff saying that I was freaking her out, and that she wishes I would stop talking about masks and stop following her. I calmly replied “I don’t even know you, but if you seriously believe what you are saying then you need to see a doctor”. I then said goodbye to Mr. Yap, and he apologized to me on behalf of Rite Aid as I was leaving. Miss McCandless continued to yell at me as I was on my way out.

    After this, I went to my car and did some work before heading home. But before I could head home, two police officers were tapping on my car window and shining flashlights into my eyes. So, I rolled down my window and asked how I could help them. They told me that a woman in Rite Aid claimed that I have been stalking her for 18 months. I was shocked to say the least.

    After I had gotten out of the car, given them my I.D., they concluded their investigation. One of the officers summed up her complaint as “a bunch of woke bullshit”.

    As polite and professional as these officers were, it was still unnecessarily stressful for me. I suffer from congestive heart failure, and I am supposed to avoid stress as much as possible. Upon driving home I began to experience chest pains. Fortunately, however, I was able to get home and take my heart medication in time. This situation could have easily been avoided had your employee behaved properly.

    I had originally called a number listed on my receipt a day later to register my complaint. The person I spoke with told me that the store’s district manager would call me to discuss this matter with me within a few days. After not hearing from the manager I called back. I was then told again that he would call me in a few days – which he did. After that conversation I tried several times to reach him again by phone. I also left a voicemail message to which he never responded. Finally, I did get a hold of him and asked if he had concluded his investigation. He said he had but that no action would be taken. However, according to some of the people I know who work at this store, he never contacted any of those who saw this woman accost in front of Rite Aid customers and employees alike.. He also refused to give me his name just before ending my second conversation with him. His phone number is 503-983-1146.

    I also filed a report with integritycounts.ca , but I have not heard back from them.

    The second incident happened on 5/29/22 at around 5:40 pm. I noticed an older woman wearing a lab coat following me as I was preparing to check out. She kept staring at me as if she was angry. I had no idea who she was at the time or why she was behaving that way. When she was behind me standing in line I asked if I could help her with anything. She did not respond and just gazed at me as if she was furious. It turns out that she is also one of your employees. Her name is Debbie Marovich, and she is a pharmacy manager.

    I later learned from Mr. Yap that she said I was no longer allowed in the store. Once again, please keep in mind that this woman said nothing to me.

    Clearly, in my opinion both of these women at the very least have very poor interpersonal skills that reflect poorly on Rite Aid. At worst they suffer from serious emotional and mental issues that should be addressed before being allowed to continue dispensing medicines.

    In closing, I have two questions for Rite Aid management:

    1. How do you plan on satisfactorily addressing my complaint?

    2. Is it worth the liability of having such unstable personnel dispensing life saving medication to the general public?

    It is my understanding that Rite Aid recently trimmed more than 400 unproductive employees from its payroll. Considering the information I have provided, you may want to think about trimming a few more.

    Please understand that I am not filling this complaint out of anger or malice. But it is a situation that needs to be addressed. It’s difficult enough running a large corporation from Pennsylvania that spans the U.S.. But it is my hope that you will take corrective measures to insure that this never happens to me or another customer again in this distant enclave of yours.

    I look forward to your reply


    Timothy Gray

  • JOHN F. MARKHAM JR. says:

    You have turned somebody loose making forms for vaccination appointments on-line. That person lacks some essential skills.

    My experience today told me I will NEVER use the appointment system again. You required me to enter page-after-page of information you already have, with no option to say “On File” or some other means of escape. The worst was my insurance information, which I was able to find but as soon as I clicked each box, the numbers appeared — proof the information was already on file. (This goes beyond filling a form with ZIP code and email address, which is common to all good web browsers.)

    I’ve lived near your store location (740 Otay Lakes Road) since before it was built. I’ve been a customer since around Day One. My beef is NOT with that one store but with your form. I would rather be a walk-in (and sit in a chair at your store for hours) than spend 30 minutes (yes, 30 minutes) with that form.

  • Golda Hashemzukhn-Viren says:

    In Goleta office, where I get my meds, not one piece of either toilet paper nor searchers. Graffity everywhere. Poor pharmacists n staff. Horrible deterioration of hygiene. And that is a pharmace/drugstore…

  • Katharine Wilson-Davis says:

    I’d like to speak to someone about price gouging. I had a prescription go from $8.00 to $44.00. I was told by Meng the pharmacist that they could not accept my Good RX coupon and would have to pay full price. I’m contacting the state board of Pharmacy and Call Kurtis a local news reporter that reports on fraud and scams in our area. I’d like a call from someone at corporate explaining what’s going on at this Rite Aid. Going through social media their pharmacy department definitely isn’t a pillar of our community.

  • Randie Moise says:

    I called my Rite-Aid in store Los Angeles, CA (Slauson/Crenshaw) and I was unable to reach this location for several days. I called Rite-Aid’s Corporate office and I was connected to complaints. Your representative (Stacy) connected me to my store immediately. I appreciate the service I received. This helps customer’s (like myself) differentiate between Walgreens, CVS, and any other pharmacy store. Thank you Rite-Aid your team member (Stacy) went the extra mile.

  • Linda Taylor says:

    Why has the wellness card that gives you twenty percent off the price when presented been stopped. They have anew program and it is not working????

  • Sharie says:

    Corporate office :I would like to bring it to your attention of concerns that the manager Michael Mungia has removed mmm hour or hours from an employee. The employee only noticed this when she reviewed her pay stub. This happened around the dates between Jan 8 – 22 . On or about Feb 15th , Michael reinstated the mmp hour or hours which was 2-3 weeks later only because the employee had to bring it to his attention. I just wanted to bring this to the attention of the district manager .
    Thank you
    Store # 5855

  • Deb says:

    I live in Santa Barbara which is a small town. I drove to Rite aid to get the shot because I’m 69 and felt it was time. The signs say you can walk-in but it’s not true. The very rude girl behind the counter said she was down one pharmacist and they decided NOT to give the shot to walk ins even though there was only one guy with an appointment waiting and me. She could have given me the shot after giving his shot, it would not have taken that long since no one else was waiting, and there was 4 other people working behind the counter. I guess filling prescriptions are more important.
    In SB we are limited to places giving the shots. Even CVS was not much better they were not taking walk-ins either. The news media nags everyone to get the shot but they do not make it easy.

  • One pissed off customer says:

    I went to pick up my prescription as I have a sinus infection, ear infection and pneumonia. I was told it would be 45 minutes. I told them I would be back in the morning as I didn’t feel good. My sister went back at 4:30pm the next day and it still wasn’t done!!!
    Seriously this is a big issue that needs to be FIXED!!!

    Springfield, VT

    • Another Pissed Off Customer says:

      Sadly, the Springfield VT Rite Aid used to be a really good pharmacy. Now it’s just a big steaming pile of crap. Service keeps getting worse and worse!

  • Gypsy Diamond says:

    On 1-13-22 i went into rite aid to shop. I am disabled in a mobility scooter and this tall women maybe in her late 60s was at the front counter. I paid cash for my items and then asked this women if she would please help me with the door to get out. This women told me no she was not going to help me. This women then walked past the front doors went into her little office by the front doors and closed her office door leaving me sit with no help. This is also the same women that took my money from my card and then told me there was no money on my card. I think she was the manager that worked at the main counter up front. This rite aid store is in East Jordan Michigan 49727.

  • Paul says:

    My wife and I searched for Covid testing in our area online. The soonest we could be tested was on Friday, Jan 7th at the Rite Aid at M-59 and Airport Rd in Waterford, MI. It was implied that this would be a Rapid test.

    When we arrived, we were told that they only had the PCR test and that it would take 24 to 72 hours for a result. Too long for why we needed it, but we did it anyway. It’s now Thursday the 13th, and we still don’t have a result. This time delay renders the test fundamentally useless, a waste of time and resources. An e-mail from Project Baseline yesterday said they would notify us when they had a result, but failed to mention a target date.

    My suggestion is that Rite Aid not use this lab, or stop offering testing. Anything longer then a 48 hour result is worthless for most needs, i.e. travel.

    Fortunately , I was able to schedule a test at a local Walgreens for Monday, the 9th and had the results the next morning. The local CVS was busy in the timeline we wanted, but promised a 24 hour turnaround if we could wait. For reference, that’s your competition in this area. Much better customer service.

    I hope this message will be a help in rethinking your procedures and Covid offerings.

  • john says:

    wow can’t get enough techs to fill orders, pharmacies closed or close early, techs quitting because underpaid and over worked maybe take some of the 9 million heywood makes and pay the little people! and maybe take some of the money and teach some of your employees how not to be so rude and ignorant My business will be going elsewhere!

  • Alan Avellar says:

    I have patronized your store #10198 often times. I have bought several two liter bottles of Coke. The shelf tag says $2.49 When I get to the register, I’m charged $2.79 for the item. This is wrong, and illegal. Since this has occured several times in the past. I don’t feel that I will be going to RiteAid any longer.

  • Marianne says:

    Rite aid should close it’s doors I have empsymia. I developed a sinus infection. It took them 6 1/2 hours to fill the script

  • C says:

    Lemoyne pa location – was there Friday for booster at 1:25 and was told walk in were full – so today went at 1:00 and stood at the window. Got booster but the 6th person in line an elderly lady was turned away saying only doing 5 people – they should tell you this – not walk-in 2-3. Thank you

    • DEB says:


  • rodney searcy says:

    Yeah the rite aid on main st Toledo Ohio 43605 the pharmacy is very rude and smart I drop my persripion off at 9:00 am I went back at 5:00 pm and they still said it will be another hour the he got real smart you need to get this store better workers they never get your medicine right they gave me somebody else medications it a old white guy with a ball spot on top of his head you better get new worker before he be done hurt somebody given them other people medications

  • leroy romig says:

    i would like to thank the DM for the 18252 (Tamaqua store) for the fast way my problem was handled and also Tony who came in and filled the scripts so i can start feeling better…THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.

  • Koontie Mohabir says:

    I purchased 2 12 oz Aveeno Eczema Therapy full price @$19.99 2nd 1/2 price and 20 oz family size Gold Bond @$13.99 approximately 6pm 12/18/2019 …I even left my cell phone cause I was not feeling well so when I got home I don’t my cell phone nor receipt …. I had to return the merchandise cause is the wrong product … why I am getting all merchandise for $9.99 each? The said, store policy when scanned … this is my conclusion the entire stock of Rite Aid is 1/2 price when return without a receipt. I been a loyal customer for many years and the computer programmer programmed to cheat the customer, the merchandise when scanned should tell when purchased. I am kindly asking for my full return of my hard working money. Supposed I had stolen that merchandise I would have been charged full price..yes? My phone # 212-470-5657.. PS: the customer service @1800-748-3243 are unprofessional and rude.. argumentative …. I pray that you will search your soul and do what is right.

    Thank You,

    Koontie Mohabir | 212-470-5657

  • Marsha Viglianco says:

    What Rite Aids are still owned by Rite Aid that are in WV or south west Pa. I used to buy the seasonal flower pots and cannot find them anymore because Walgreens bought the Rite Aids in WV

  • Donna Niewinski says:

    Why is it when I have a medication to be filled i have to wait till 10:00 to pick it up it was called in by my doctor two days ago…they open at eight in Stafford Springs ct I should be able to get it by 8:30 the morning it was able to be filled why do i have to wait I work and need this before work

    • Herve Simon says:

      Sheer incompetence, dear Donna. Competition thrived for years while these guys teetered on
      bankruptcy. Why? Run by dopes who don’t have a clue and never will. They should bow down and
      pray that Walgreens replaces them.

      • Gypsy Diamond says:

        You are so right rite aid has workers that no nothing about treating people right. I am disabled in a mobility scooter and the rite aid worker took my money off my credit card and then told me there was no money on my card to pay for my store items.

  • >