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Where is Rita's Italian Ice  Corporate office Headquarters

Rita's Italian Ice Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1210 Northbrook Dr, Trevose, PA 19053, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-677-7482
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1038
  • Established: May 7, 1984
  • Founder: Bob Tumolo
  • Key People: Linda Chadwick

Rita's Italian Ice Headquarters Location & Directions

Rita's Italian Ice Headquarters Executive Team



Linda Chadwick

President & CEO

John Dombroski

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Lauriena Borstein

Senior Vice President of Operations

Kevin Kruse

Senior VP & Chief Development Officer

Kirk Griswold


About Rita's Italian Ice, History and Headquarters Information

Rita's Italian Ice was founded in the year 1984. The company has been active for almost 35 years now. The founder of the company was Bob Tumolo. In the year 1987, the company had opened its second store as well. By the year 1989, the company started franchising as well. In the year 2005, the company was sold to McKnight Capital Partners. As of the year 2007, the company had moved its headquarters to the Trevose section of Bensalem Township. Then in the year 2011, Falconhead Capital purchased a controlling interest in the company. As of the year 2013, the company had opened its first location outside of the USA, in Shanghai, China. In the year 2017, Argosy Private Equity and MTN Capital had acquired a controlling stake in the company. The headquarters of the company is based in 1210 Northbrook Drive. The name of the place is Trevose, while the name of the state is Pennsylvania, USA. The pin code is 19053.

Rita's Italian Ice is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of sweet dishes and desserts, to its customers around the globe. The current CEO and president of the company are Linda Chadwick. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 19053.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of desserts, that are produced and served by the company itself. The products sold by the company include Italian ice, frozen custard, and speciality creations as well.

Rita's Italian Ice Headquarters Photos

Rita's Italian Ice Company Resources

  • T.G says:

    Good evening. This is to express my discontent and disappointment for the service I receive today at the 108 Chestnut St. location in Roselle New Jersey. The cashier’s name was Melina. (From my receipt) I ordered two small ice for my son and I and I requested that the two small icy’s be wiped off prior to being placed in the bag, because they were dripping and leaking on the counter. Her response to me was “well who actually made the two ice for you?” I explained to her that there was only two other people that were within her perimeter that she could check with and that I’m not sure why the question was posed to me and I just wanted to small ice to be wiped off and placed in the bag. She then began to answer me sarcastically, stating “why can’t she asked me a question and if I didn’t want to answer the question, then I should just say I don’t want to answer the question.” I explained to her that that type of interaction and customer service is not appropriate and that I would be making a formal complaint. She then stated “why don’t you just go ahead and pay is it OK if I ask you if you’re going to pay?” I then again said to her that her tone and her sarcasm was not appreciate it, I then asked for the managers name and someone that I could reach out to you to discuss the situation and my discontent. She then gave me a card that was sitting in front of the register. I took the receipt and I went to go make a call to make the complaint. As i left a message based on the card, I began to further examine the card abs realized that it was someone who is not affiliated with the Rita’s. I then went back to the store as I was halfway home to inquire about who I could speak with. They said they didn’t have a card, and that that was the only card that they had. However, the card was for an outside entity that was placed there to advertise their business not anyone from Rita’s. I was then advised that I could call back to the store tomorrow to speak with the manager and her name is Adaline. I am terribly disappointed in the customer service that was received today and I want to submit this as a formal complaint. I will also make the complaint through the corporate headquarters via a call and email, as well. I will visit the store tomorrow to speak with the manager in person about the situation. If I could have someone contact me back, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • ZS says:

    I was an employee at Rita’s in my hometown Lakeland Florida , I only lasted for two days because the person that owned that particular Rita’s named Gina decided to talk about me to a customer on the phone while I was standing there. So that’s when I decided to quit. Fast forward two weeks later I realized I haven’t been paid for my two days and decided to text to ask her a question concerning that matter because I genuinely didn’t know what was going on . She proceeds to disrespect me and accuse me of having a “tone” and told me not to come back to her store.

  • Francesca says:

    Ritas is ridiculous! My child works there and her “ District manager “ Is a very nasty human being who treats her employees like their garbage. I have dealt with her myself and she hasn’t gotten no response to me every time I’ve asked a question. Most of the staff is younger than 16 and she breaks multiple labor laws by letting them work way over the hours. They have no ethical practices and should be looked at by labor boards and by OSHA. No when you take advantage no matter what age of workers especially when they’re trying their best. I hope for this manager sake she never meets And employee like me in my younger years because I would’ve knocked her out.

  • Kathy Carrington says:

    Employee name: AMBER,
    RITAS store #391 Clinton, Md
    Just provided me with the best customer service I’ve had in years!! Professional, efficient, polite, helpful and a welcoming spirit. I rate her service 120%…above and beyond!!

  • JF says:

    Terrible experience at the location in Upper Darby on Garret Rd ( Barcley Square Plaza). No supervisor or manager on duty. Extremely nasty disposition every time I go. The environment is beyond unprofessional. An employee there by name of Autum threw a spoon at me when I requested to have one. This is unacceptable that this facility has constant turn overs and each person that comes in is extremely rude and doesnt appear to enjoy the job. I greeted them very nicely even still with the lack of respect I still purchased an waterice and as i ask nicely for a spoon it gets thrown at me. Unnecessary, Definitely need to get corporate involved.

  • Diane says:

    Terrible experience at Bordentown, NJ Rita’s today. Very disrespectful staff, poor quality servings and terrible attitudes. Employee named Bella was exceptionally rude; the manager was unable to effectively manage the situation and made it worse. Completely unacceptable experience and it was completely unnecessary that they escalated a simple question to a disastrous customer experience. Sad to say we won’t be returning to Rita’s.

  • Sharon Parthemore says:


    they use to go by the swirls for the sizes why change a good thing

  • Harry Banchi says:

    I have been to several Rita’s…Why is that must of the time their chocolate and vanilla twist custard is always down?

  • Eileen T says:

    Visited our local Rita’s, always get a Gelati, ordered a large ( which we always do) was given a 4 1/2” plastic cup, & was told, that is the large. They did the same thing, 2 years ago, said they were out of large cups, but this cup, holds the same amount????? For $12+ for 2, I will learn, NOT to go to the Woodbridge, NJ Rita’s again!!

  • Robyn Fowler says:

    We went to Rita’s today and I couldn’t believe the guy that was working there. We were in the car deciding what we were going to get , when I got out of the car to go to the window the man that was working there was outside smoking. He asked if I was getting Rita’s and when I said yes he said “ you had to come as soon as I lite my cigarette “ and put it out on the wall, shaking his head taking his good old time getting to the window, when he asked what I wanted I told him and he grabbed the cup shaking his head, the next order we gave him he asked what size and I told him large, when he got the cup I just said I that I wanted a large one, he walked away and when he was done I was getting ready to tell him the last thing he interrupted me and said “ you wouldnt give me a chance to talk but Ritas changed the looks of there cup. I paid and when back to the car to eat our Ritas and when we were there, this was even crazier, a lady got out of her car and went to the window and he told her he was on break and had to wait on the bench. She waited in her car while he sat down in the bench and smoked his cigarette. We couldn’t believe what happened. This man needs to find another job before no one buys Ritas anymore with employees treating customers like he did.

  • Dillon says:

    Linda Chadwick is a joke I would never buy into one of these this lady is a true joke worst boss I could ever imagine working for just a very fair warning right now for anyone even thinking about it just go watch her on undercover boss when she had to break cover because a poor mom had to bring he children to work and she even had a babysitter come up there and watch them while they were working she’s a joke and she needs to go public and address everyone on that episode apologizing because I will make sure I put a review on every Rita’s in the world

  • Marc Zimmerman says:

    I was at my local Rits’s, when I opened the app expecting to use my reward towards payment, when low and behold it was gone. Do the rewards expire??

  • simonejace says:

    Just visited our local Rita’s ice cream. Went for my free ice cream which I found out was ice only to find out I had to not only download Rita’s Ice but open an account. A bit much for a free ice cream. I did pay the 4.75 for the smallest amount of ice cream I have ever received. If the woman wasn’t so nice I would have refused the very small portion. Unfortunately you have lost a customer.

  • Jan Batzer says:

    I love Rita’s. My first experience was in Phoenixville, PA. I live in Spartanburg, SC. The closest Rita’s is almost 30 miles one way from my home. I visit every chance I get. I just watched Undercover Boss. I like that you are open to new ideas. Thank you for being a good company.

  • Chris Osborne says:

    We need a Ritas here in Sarasota PLEASE !!! There are open storefronts on Fruitville and Beneva. We need you

  • Ediberto Quinones says:

    I have things to your stores in Vineland New Jersey at Landis and Lincoln . Every time I go there are given me a smaller amount in a cup that is not a Rita’s Cup.

  • Cameron Gibbs says:

    At 47B Rehoboth Ave Rehoboth Beach, DE today July 31st at 3:38p.m I two small orders 1 Italian ice and an ocean splash gelati. The gelati was not made correctly and I asked for a refund. It had entirely too much custard on the top and the bottom with minimal Italian ice ocean splash. The manager on duty refused to refund my purchase and was rude about compensation for less than satisfactory service.

  • dave says:

    Teenage manager rude about not having mask. When we outside window and six feet away

  • Charles Cox says:

    Why is there no Rita’s Corporate Covid 19 response information?

  • Carol Elliott says:

    Was wondering if you ever bring back flavors that have been discontinued? My all time favorite was your cappuccino cream.

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