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Ring LLC
  • Address: 1523 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States
  • Phone Number: +18006561918
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1300
  • Established: 2013
  • Founder: Jamie Siminoff
  • Key People: Ara Weiss, Sr. Category Manager

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Bob Partridge

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David Levine






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The ring corporate is a company that blends convenience, security, and home monitoring into sleek and simple-to-use devices. The company produced the first ring video doorbell that's battery-operated, Wi-Fi enabled, and HD video doorbell. The company produces home security products that include outdoor motion-detecting cameras and hosts an app, Neighbors, for sharing online captured footage among users. The company also gives video footage from the cameras and data from the neighbor's app to law enforcement agencies upon request. The company headquarters is at 1523 26th Street, Santa Monica, California, U.S. company phone number is +18006561918.

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  • Brandon Lawrence says:

    I have been with Ring for 4 to 5 years now, I have moved but never stop paying for my plan. I added 2 devices to my plan at my new and the company has been taking the money faithfully. I received a message saying that my ring protect plan is no longer valid(but your company is still deducting from my account. I called into the customer service line all they wanted to do is sign me up to another plan! Not address my question or solve the problem all the company. All they want to do is get people signed up! It is like a phone line…. if I am paying for a phone plan then it doesn’t matter the phone I use as long as I link it to my plan or the account to which I did but it did not continue with my service. So by the agents account at your customer service office I will need to take the original camera with me everywhere I move to continue with the current service. Or will have to cancel my service and restart a whole new service plan?!

  • Debra Sherman says:

    Ring has been overcharging me for a year. Please pay attention to your account because I did not and I’ve over paid them and they refused to make any adjustments.

  • John Dandurand says:

    I have the Ring Door bell/camera hooked to my WFYi no issues.

    However my drive way cam will not hook up to my WFYi it says my password is incorrect.

    I tried rebooting it several times but still says my password is incorrect which it isn’t?..

  • SFGAL030 says:

    I replaced my router and was trying to connect my ring cameras and doorbell when I was informed by your employee, that I have to have the QR codes to be able to reconnect to the wifi. No where does it say to keep QR codes. Since I’m registered with you they should be on the files. I’m not a spring chicken and can’t go on the roof or a ladder to get to my cameras. This is not right. This is your equipment you should be able to help your customers not hinder them. I now have to hire someone to go collect the codes so that I have security for me and my disabled daughter.

  • Celinda Mizelle says:

    I’m reaching out after receiving a replacement door bell RING. As per the first one it doesn’t stay charged after you disconnect from USB. I called multiple times and after over an hour plus on phone. 4 different excuses and lies I was told they couldn’t get me an actual one that works. I have been with your company for multiple years and totally am shocked. I asked for corporate number he wouldn’t give it to me and told me to GOOGLE it. That was observed and insulting.
    As I told multiple ppl today I just want I paid for a working RING door bell.
    MY # is 254 466 9205

    • Lynn says:

      I am having the same issue with lie after lie. I too have been on the phone for several days. Each time has been an hour plus. What can be done?

  • Ingrid Thomas says:

    Your customer service used to be good….however, I have been waiting for a replacement camera since September and am continually being told 1-2 weeks…..AND HERE WE ARE….I cannot speak to a manager in customer service because they don’t seem to know what that even means…is there ANYONE AT ALL IN THIS COMPANY WHO CAN RESOLVE THIS WITH AN OVERNIGHT FED EX PACKAGE?!?!?!? THIS IS ABSURD!

  • Jeanne says:

    I am a caregiver for a man who is paralyzed. He purchased the doorbell, eventhough it was hard on his tight budget, as an investment for his independence. He was initially satisfied until the free subscription for the protect plan expired and then he was unable to automatically see the live view feature on his phone. He uses voice control to use his phone, but by the time he is able to “click” on the the live view a lot of the time it is too late to see what has set off the motion sensor. I think it would be wonderful if he wasn’t forced into paying a monthly subscription to be able to use his doorbell as intended simply because he isn’t able-bodied. I believe that disabled customers are often overlooked and forgotten and even taken advantage of because of their disability, when it comes to the company making a bigger profit. It ring would really like to serve their customers nondiscriminatly, they really need to keep in mind the abilities of ALL their customers, not just the able-bodied ones. If he were able-bodied he would not be forced into paying the monthly subscription as he could simply quickly click on the life view feature. I hope in the future corporate can stop overlooking their disabled customers and even taking advantage of them, simply because they are not able-bodied, to turn more of a profit. If they really cared about ALL their customers they would wave the monthly subscription for their disabled customers, as they NEED this feature to be able to use their doorbell as intended and it isn’t optional for them.

  • Mildred Purcell says:

    Ring customer service very bad never captured an incident that transpired in front of my house. Then I had to order new ring and they wouldn’t place me on with a supervisor after calling 3 days in a rows sending me no parts with the new ring. Had to call back again bc she sent me only partial parts and now paying for doorbell that I cannot install yet with no parts and constantly on hold for a wait time to confirm the missing parts. Considering cancelling out when contract is up. Rather pay ADT big money than go thru this. I will be calling the corporate office.

  • Michelle Daricek says:

    Kimberly Charlene and Matthew In ‘USA’ have wasted an hour of my life by not being able to disclose what is in a split shipment. Cost me 1 hour of my life. Apologies are empty and some of the info provided was not truthful. I had good experience prior to this mornings epic inquiry as to what the rest of my order as it was split. I want to run away as quickly as possible after todays call. Lost confidence in support

  • Fallon Bulloch says:

    Hands down worst customer service. They lie left and right and I have been dealing with them not caring enough to ship the doorbell they guaranteed to me a month ago. I’m on my 7th call now and have spent over 10 hours on the phone with the joke of a customer service team in three weeks. The so called supervisor Paul lies more than he tells the truth.

  • sharonktmw41@gmail.comI says:

    I have tried for 5 days to get my last product, the Alarm Pro Base Station for built in error wifi router. 1st agent wrong address &zip code 0802 for Edison 2nd agent sent USPS instead of Amazon box 3rd supervisor correct address AAA route 27 2222 Edison Car Center Insurance 08817 went to Staten Island spoke with next Supervisor Rose 2:00am this morning. And she spoke with Nicholas in shipping promise not to refund but have item in Edison by noon today. Look on my email refund money hcan’t speak to supervisor. Known if not done by noon today have to wait for tomorrow. It’s been 5 days trying to get this product daughter paid on-tech to install the wire Ring doorbell with Wedge kit if needed but still haven’t received Alarm Pro Base Station $269.00paid to get install today can’t. Need Help with shipping dept.

  • Sharkey says:

    Ring Door bell did not capture my catalytic converter being sawed off. Even my car being towed away. Worst security system ever. Called support and CJ reset my settings and still video’s were choppy not getting the entire event of activity. On call again waiting for support….

  • mark st.ours says:

    Terrible time with customer service…my father past away and the subscription expired on their ring doorbell camera..tried to get my mother’s credit card added to the account so as to keep it going and nobody seems to be able to help…I just need to add a credit card to the account but my we don’t have my father’s password so we can’t access it on line…not sure where to turn from here

  • BC says:

    Worst customer service. I received a package of 3 Ring floodlight devices and decided I did not need them. Two 1 hour calls to customer service. I had to read off 3 MAC addresses and 3 serial numbers of each device. Then had to recite what color the device are and my address 4 times. Asked for supervisor and never got response.

  • Kimberly Anthony says:

    I called the ring to see if ring could supply my need. Ring talked me into contacting ontech and having an expert come out to see what I needed.
    I called them and they set up an appointment for the expert to come out on 9/8/22.
    As soon as Jeremy the expert walked into my kitchen I pointed to a large TV monitor hanging from the ceiling and I told him this is a very important to me. There were 7 cameras on the TV monitor that were in live feed mode. On 5 of the cameras activity was going on. I told him this is very important to me and this is what I need, as I run a daycare and I need to see the children when they are outside and I am inside preparing meals. Can you make it happen? He said yes he could and told me I would need to purchase a fire TV cube to attach to my TVs in order for the cameras to show up on them. I have 4 TVs that I wanted to turn into monitors that would display live video of all the cameras. So we made a plan for him to come back Saturday 9/17/22. He got here approximately 830am telling me the job would take five hours. 12 hours later the cameras were installed however he could not pull up the cameras on any of the 4 TVs he installed the fire TV cube on. I had QC cameras up that he took down. So I was left with no visual on any of my TV monitors. He told me by all aspects that they should be working and I had two choices, he could reinstall my QC cameras and leave his cameras and call it a day or he could just take his cameras. I agreed to have him install my QC cameras and leave his. I was very tired and hungry at that point and I actually felt bad for Jeremy because he had worked so hard on it for 12 long hours and I tipped him. I just wanted the experience to be over. The next morning I got on my laptop preparing to order one of the two TVs that will support ring so I could display all 12 camera on them in live mode. I opened up ring on my laptop and it was then I discovered it is impossible to view more than one ring camera in life mode at a time.
    I do love ring cameras. I love how the light comes on when somebody walks up and I love the alarm.
    However this simply will not work for me as I run a daycare and I need a visual of what is going on at all times.
    I made this perfectly clear when Jeremy walked through my door.
    I am so sorry but I was sold ring under false pretenses. Not only do I need a total refund for ring but I need a total refund for installation. I also need someone to come out and please remove ring. I am a 61 year old woman with bad knees and I do not feel safe climbing up on ladders. Please have corporate call me. Thank you so much for your time and have a great day

    Kimberly Anthony
    1112 15th st
    Bay City Mi 48708

    Kimberly Anthony

  • Terri Campbell says:

    I spent an hour and half on the phone with Juvvy, she flat over talked me, was rude, condescending, lied multiple times. She told be I should know better than to trust the Ring app, that it was my responsibility to bypass the app to prevent my purchases through their partnership with Amazon and I should have known to open a browser to complete my purchase. Unbelievable comments from a company representative.

    Now I’m stuck with a camera that glaringly failed quality control inspection. Ring won’t make it right. They want me to pay the electrician another bundle of cash to return the camera and pay them again to replace the camera.

    Absolutely sketchy, despicable behavior. Ring picked the partnership with Amazon. I didn’t.

    We are disabled seniors fighting for our lives in cancer treatment and all Juvvy cared about was getting me off the phone. She lied and said she could refund me the camera purchase if I had the Amazon order number. I researched and found….after 47 minutes she said now she couldn’t do that. She complained about being on the phone with me for so long. Oddly enough, I thought that was her job. Horrible representation of the once amazing Ring customer service.

  • Pat Zawko says:

    The absolute worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. Roland is a complete idiot as is Nina before him.

  • Peter York says:

    My ring doorbell quit working and I replaced it with a new pro2. I was first told the 6 months remaining would be transferred to the new doorbell. They then told me to cancel which I did. I had my new credit card on file yet they sent my refund to either my old card or a wrong number. The bank said they have no record of any transaction when I contacted them. I either want my refund or I want the 6 months I had left applied to my new doorbell. I want to forward everything I have to the corporate offices so please send me their mailing address’s. I will wait a few weeks before filing a complaint to BBB or posting on the forums but if this problem is not solved I will take to social media via Facebook, twitter and ticktock telling the world how I got screwed by Ring.com

    Peter York

    Copy of emails
    Hi James

    I contacted the bank as requested and they have no record of these funds reaching the bank on any of my old or recent credit cards.

    I had my new card registered with ring and any amount should have been applied to the registered card.

    I have no idea where you sent my money but your response in unacceptable.

    I was planning on adding my doorbell back for the service but I will wait and see what the outcome of this problem.

    I will be sending a complaint to your head office and the BBB.

    If I don’t get a satisfactory outcome, as I am retired, I will spend the next year posting on every site I can join about the service I received and I will also let the head office know why I am posting these bad reviews.

    You are trying to punish me for your error and as far as I know you may have sent MY money to another customer.

    I don’t know why you just didn’t transfer the remaining months to my new doorbell like the first agent I talked to said they would do

  • Edward says:

    Had ring door bell installed. I only get notifications on motion or if door bell is pushed about 20 percent of the time. Wont work 80 percent of the time. Called tech support 5 times, no help. They tell me to cut phone off then back on, works for couple hours then no more notifications. Can anybody help?

  • Outhay Phouthavong says:

    I am very disappointed with your Customer Service or shall I say lack of service. I ordered a Ring doorbell for myself through Amazon. My boyfriend liked it so I ordered one for him as well. His box was missing the jumper cable. We realized this after he installed the doorbell. I called Customer Service. All I wanted was the replacement part. I spent 20 mins on the phone with no resolution. The agent would not accept the code off of my box to find the replacement part. My boyfriend already recycled his box. She suggested that we take the doorbell off of his house to get the number. Then she suggested she could give us a website where we can buy a replacement. I have spent over 100.00 on both Rings. I’m so frustrated. We decided we are going to return his doorbell. It’s unfortunate because we really like the way it works. Since she suggested that we take it off the house, we will take it off and return it. I do not recommend Ring.

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