Where is Rheem Manufacturing Corporate office Headquarters

Rheem Manufacturing Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1100 Abernathy Rd NE #1700, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 770-351-3000
  • Fax Number: 770-351-3003
  • Email: social@rhe​​​​em.com
  • Number of Employees: 7000
  • Established: 1925
  • Founder: Richard Rheem, Donald Rheem, Edwin Ruud
  • Key People: J. R. Jones, Chris Peel

Rheem Manufacturing Headquarters Location & Directions

Rheem Manufacturing Headquarters Executive Team



J. R. Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Peel

President and Chief Operating Officer

Simon Parfitt

Vice President of Finance

Tim Shellenberger

VP - Tankless Water Heating Business Unit and GM - Tankless Water Heating Business Unit

About Rheem Manufacturing, History and Headquarters Information

Rheem manufacturing is an American based company which is a privately held manufacturer. Its products include residential and commercial water heater and boilers, heating,ventilating and air conditioning(HVAC) equipment.

Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Gerorgia.

The name of the company was derived from the name of its owners brothers Richard “R.S.”Rheem and Donald “D.L.”Rheem. Their father former President of Standard Oil Company of California who also led the construction of a Major oil refinery for the the company in Richmond, California.

They started manufacturing galvanized steel drums in 1925 with Pacific Galvanizing Company as co-partners. The company bought Pacific Galvanizing on January 22, 1930.

22, 1930The company started as a supplier of packaging to the Petroleum Industry. The company basically owns the market for the production of water heating and HVAC equipment. The products also include Water Heaters, air conditioners.

The company has a total of 7000 Employees.

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  • KURT JURLOW says:

    Bought an AC unit in 2015 had to have a service call every year since. Condenser and fan motor been replaced every year. Where is the lemon law for AC units? Paid $6800 for what I thought was the best unit.

  • gene hunt says:

    do not buy rheem water hearters no good had one in stalled would not keep water hot called five times and they would tell me things to do to it no help told me to take back to home depot and get another one got one they said they had no one in my area to install told lady at rheem my son installed water heaters seven years for a pluming co and could install it but wasnt license she told me to get him to install it and they would pay labor to him up to 450.00 he installed it now they will not pay him because he isnt license they are scam do not trust rheem

  • Diana Smith says:

    I would like to give your company a rating of a zero you have not refunded me my warranty money on my water heater since December here we are going on March you say four to six weeks really I haven’t received anything a phone call nothing do I need to turn you in to the Better Business Bureau

  • Lois says:

    So many hours on phone and nothing accomplished on warrantee work! System is so noisy and everyone agrees needs to be replaced. Rheem: Hold times up to 1 hour only to be transferred quickly to another department and put on hold again. If you value your free time then choose a company that has better customer service and product. It now Feb 3 and have been working on this since mid December when Rheem lost the email with sound embeded…. sent twice! Still not resolved. Misinformation multiple times including sending out Plumber on a while goose chase to home depot where our unit did not originate from…..1 1/2 hours listening to music! I beginning to think easier to boil water on a stove 🙁

  • Robert Stong PE, LEED AP BD+C says:

    Do not buy from this terrible terrible terrible company! I have a one year-old Rheem water heater with Econet wifi System, but Rheem does not reply or answer their phones during business hours. Presently logged into their Econet app and seek to transfer account to new iPhone but need password. Rheem and Econet cannot find my account using either email address or phone number that remain unchanged for over 10 years. Rheem responded to confirm my inquiry but provides no solution. How difficult can this be? Recommend buying heater manufactured by OC Smith and purchasing at Lowes, not Rheem at Home Depot. Don’t make the same mistake as mine.

  • Jessica Coffel says:


  • Penny Albiniak says:

    We need a filter number for our R96VA0402317MSA. We cannot find a parts manual on line. Is there one?

  • Kelly says:

    Wow where do I start? Customer service is sorely lacking I called headquarters in Atlanta and pushed one for owner and then it said this is unavailable. What a way to run a company. I’ve dealt with nothing but stupid and I’ve only owned this brand new water heater that I had to pay to get delivered $987 to get it installed plus the cost of it to have a son of a bitch stink but yet it’s my fault according to the customer service yesterday my water is bad I’ve had this water for years the old water heater never stunk but I get this brand new one get the magnesium rod replaced at a cost to me and get an aluminum rod put in and still stink and two contractors don’t know shit from shine Ola. Can’t get a hold of Chris peel. I would’ve been way nicer on the phone but they’ve closed customer service down for homeowners I wonder why maybe they should quit fucking making your appliances in friggin Mexico and bring them back to the US willing to get built correctly. Get them to make them in a Third World country that only gets $1.50 an hour in charge mountains of money for us to buy it back…….can somebody say Tariffs?

  • Shirley says:

    So I just purchased a new Rheem Electric hot water heater. It doesn’t heat the water due to faulty manufacturing. I put in a service call as the posted directions indicate that I should. Technician was scheduled. Received a call this am from Natasha who said there was no one that serviced this area. She said that I could locate a plumber and be reimbursed for the trip. I had a plumber out prior to placing the service call. Plumbers don’t do electrical work. Called the Atlanta office and got the same run around. It seems that once you purchase a RHEEM hot water heater, the problems, and there will be, are yours to fix. I can’t return the heater to Home Depot: DO NOT RETURN TO PLACE OF PURCHASE. SO HERE I SIT WITH A NEW HOT WATER HEATER AND NO HOT WATER AND NO SERVICE FROM RHEEM TO help fix a badly manufactured unit because Rheem has no one in this area to service the RHEEM units. Purchase at your own risk. Oh and by the way, Customer Service will go in circles reading the same script. It’s your problem.

  • Lilly C says:

    Water heater was only 6 mos.old and it failed. Replacement part installed by Rheem tech also failed. Waiting since April 2021 for reimbursement of cost of new intallation of replacement. Called Cust Svc for follow-up at least 6 times. Long hold times minimum 25 minutes. Out of pocket $850 still waiting for $$.

  • Colette says:

    Contacted customer service the hold time was absolutely ridiculous. Purchased a water heater about 14 months ago and I already have problems with it. The contractor they sent to my home did not want to due his job. All he did was put soap and water on the water heater to identify a leak. He did not pressure test it as the gas company requested. I recommend no one purchase a Rheem/Richmond product. I encourage you all to report them on all platforms to prevent others from having to go through what you experienced.

  • Nawar Girgis says:

    Horrible service. Was on hold for at least 5 hours to get through to service department.when we got through we were told we had to be next to unit. We try to explain that the unit is located in a rental property and we asked if there is a direct line for service. They said no. When we asked how can we sit next to the unit for 5 hours until they answered us, they said oh well!!!!

  • Leslie Callinan says:

    I am beyond fractured with the customer service!!! When I purchased 4 of Rheem products I thought I was getting the best!!! The compressor on the AC units is defective and I am getting the run around not to mention getting hang up on a few times!!!

  • Gale Hysler says:

    Unbelievable customer service – there is no one to talk to . . . disgraceful . . . want to buy your product and can’t speak to a person – holding holding holding then disconnected . . .

  • Joan J Thomas says:

    Do you all still make Upright Deep Freezers? My sister purchased one in 1978, and I bought it from her in 1997, 19 years later. Now in 2021, 48 years later, it’s still going strong, do you still make them? Are there any updated version, that are easier to defrost?

  • Vince says:

    We’ve had our unit since 2001 and I believe the only thing replaced was a capacitor. Service and filter changes make a difference and I believe this also speaks for the quality too. We have really enjoyed and glad we choose Rheem, it has been great.

  • Sandy says:

    Purchased ac unit 2015, 2017 needed a major part replaced.
    Need to a maintenance service, I dont know who to call.
    Very concerned.
    Florida resident.
    Mr. Peel, I think you should know the products your company is selling.

  • Stan Bluestein says:

    Please add to previous: Problem is a porous Evaportor coil.

  • Stan Bluestein says:

    My Rheem a/c unit was installed in Dec. 2010. My fan motor is supposedly leaking. Serial Number
    W4510 13063. Please advise if has a 5 yr or 10 yr warranty.

  • rais ahmed says:

    i call several time but nobody cll back my phone 2142292655
    with case #1511859

  • >